Summary: After the fashion show fiasco, Davis and TK are both on very thin ice with Kari. But what happens when Davis and TK both find a way to get back in her good graces?

I Scream: Part 1

So far it had been a very quiet day for a certain group of three friends. It was really easy for twelve-year-old Davis Motomiya to notice the awkwardness in the air, because he was usually the one making the most noise. But today, both he and twelve-year-old TK Takaishi were both very quiet, being careful not to say anything wrong. They were lucky that twelve-year-old Kari Kamiya was even giving either of them the time of day after everything that happened one week ago at the STMT fashion show, which luckily didn't turn out as disastrous at they all first thought.

That didn't mean, however, that Kari was happy with either of them, because she really wasn't. She didn't appreciate the two boys losing control and getting in a food fight and she especially didn't like that TK hit her with a pie. Davis knew that it was partially his fault, too. He knew he should have just taken the hit rather than ducking like a coward and letting the pie hit Kari. Both Davis and TK felt horrible about what happened and they were both desperate to make it up to Kari. And they both felt lucky that she was even letting them come with her to lunch after that whole catastrophe.

Now the three were on their way home, with Kari in the lead and Davis and TK sheepishly lagging behind. They hadn't said much and weren't about to say anything, knowing that if they said anything stupid, they would be sure to pay for it.

Kari suddenly turned and frowned. "Guys…I know I'm still a little mad at you, but I don't want things to be like this. Don't be so nervous. I won't bite either of you."

That was all Davis needed to hear. He quickly ran to Kari's side. "I knew you couldn't be mad forever, Kari."

"I didn't say I wasn't mad anymore," Kari reiterated. Suddenly, her face brightened. "Oh…!"

Kari ran towards one of the shops, leaving Davis and TK practically in the dust. Both boys shrugged and followed right behind her to see what she was looking at. They stopped right in front of a window display. Kari was looking at a certain something that was on sale.

It was an add-on pack for a digital camera. And it looked like a series of add-ons for the particular digital camera TK had bought Kari for Christmas. Davis knew that camera well. It was the one he saw TK give to her during the whole 'Davis Claus' fiasco on Christmas Eve. Kari looked like a kid at a candy store.

"This is just what I've been looking for!" Kari squealed. "It's just what I need for my camera!" Then her face fell upon seeing the price tag. "Oh…$200? I can't afford that. Well…I guess there's always next Christmas…or even my birthday."

"But isn't this the sale price?" Davis pointed out.

Kari groaned. "Oh…you're right! It'll be up to $350 in two weeks! I'll never be able to afford it!" Then she shrugged it off. "I can't even bear to look at it. Let's just go home."

Kari started on her way down the street, but Davis and TK stopped for a moment. They looked over at the window display and looked at the camera add-on pack. And at the same moment, both boys reached into their pockets.

"Not a dime," TK muttered disappointedly.

Davis found a little more. "$1…and a Jolly Rancher!" He happily ate the candy, then frowned. "Ok, now I'm down to $1."

Suddenly, there was a brief moment of silence. Both boys slowly turned their heads to give each other a cold stare. They knew what the other was thinking. It was the best idea Davis had thought of, but TK looked to have the same idea. They both wanted to get that camera add-on pack for Kari…but neither of them had the money. But with both of them having the same idea, there was a brief hint of tension between them…again…

"I…have to go now…" Davis slurred slowly.

"Me too…" TK replied.

Both Davis and TK were about to run off in opposite directions…until they stopped…and sweatdropped.

"But first I'll walk Kari home," TK said sheepishly.

"Me too," Davis added.

With that in mind, both boys scrambled to catch up to Kari and walk her home. Davis knew TK had an idea of his own to get the money, but he knew it couldn't rival the one he had. Davis was ready to get the money for that camera add-on pack…

…and Kari would love him for sure.

The Next Day

"You did what?"

Davis struggled to move around the pigpen that was his room. It was easy enough for Veemon, Davis' loyal Digimon, to find a place to sit. He sat on Davis' bed. But it wasn't so easy for the goggle boy, who realized he'd eventually have to clear that mess.

"I got a new job!" Davis told Veemon proudly.

"You're getting another job?" Veemon asked. "Even after everything that happened on your LAST job?"

Davis shrugged at the obvious inference to his last job at the Akakura Mountain Lodge where he worked as a bellboy…for free. Each of Davis' small odd jobs turned out to be nothing less than disasters and he eventually got fired. It wasn't a particularly fond memory for Davis.

"This isn't anything LIKE my last job," Davis replied. "It's a lot better this time. Trust me!"

Veemon sighed. "I just feel like you've lost your touch, Davish. Usually, you'd come up with something a lot more original to raise the money."


"You're a very original person, Davish. Unique, even. Who else's lifelong dream would be to run a noodle cart?"

Davis frowned. "Hey! Are you making fun of my noodle cart?"

Veemon shook his head. "Oh, nobody's making fun of the noodle cart. Love the noodle cart! I think it's a great idea! Nobody's saying the noodle cart's a bad idea. But you know what I mean. I thought you'd come up with something…more zany."

"I can't afford to be 'zany' right now," Davis pointed out. "If I mess up anymore than I already have, then I'll never get Kari. I have to play it safe."

"So…where is this new job?" Veemon asked.

Davis stayed silent…

"Welcome to your first day on the job, Mr. Motomiya. I am your boss. I am Chuck. But you can call me Mr. Chuck."

Davis nervously adjusted the uniform, which felt unusually tight, as he looked at the balding mustached man standing in front of him. He looked rather big and muscular to be working in a place like this. Davis could only hope some day, he'd be as big as this guy.

"Now…I called your previous employer and he's said…quite a few interesting things about you. He said something about you messing up the simplest of tasks. But he also said you have unparalleled enthusiasm and I like that in an employee. You should be a perfect fit here…at Baskin Robbins!"

It wasn't Davis' most original idea to date. It was actually a rather simple one, but it was still a good plan nonetheless. A week or two of working here at Baskin Robbins and he would have more than enough to get the add-on pack for Kari's camera.

"I'm sure I will be, sir!" Davis said with that unparalleled enthusiasm. "You couldn't have found a better man for the job!"

"That's good!" Mr. Chuck grinned. "I like enthusiastic employees who are totally into their line of work. I hope the next new employee has that same eagerness."

"There's one more?" Davis asked.

As Davis asked that question, he heard the back door open. Someone else was coming in through the employee's entrance.

"That should be him now," Mr. Chuck nodded.

Mr. Chuck walked to the back, leaving Davis alone with 31 flavors of goodness. But Davis wasn't here to eat (otherwise this would be the PERFECT job), but he was here to work for enough money to get Kari her camera's add-on pack. He wondered who he would have to work with, though. Then he heard the natural loudness of Mr. Chuck's voice.

"Ah, nice to see you, Mr. Takaishi. You're right on time!"

"Hey…I have a friend whose last name is Takaishi," Davis said to himself. "I wonder if they're related or something."

Naïve Davis didn't even see it coming. But soon enough, Mr. Chuck brought in Davis' partner. He was wearing the same exact uniform…and a very familiar white hat. Davis couldn't believe it, but indeed it was him.

It was TK.

Both boys immediately groaned upon seeing each other. "Oh no! Not YOU!"

Mr. Chuck grinned. "Ah, you two know each other?"

"Unfortunately," Davis answered. He shot TK a cold glare. "Can't you find your own job, TQ?"

"If I had known you'd be here, I wouldn't even have bothered!" TK retorted.

"I can tell you two are going to be just fine," Mr. Chuck said. "You both look to be full of energy and that's what we need here at Baskin Robbins! And since you two seem to know each other very well, there should be no problems in terms of teamwork. So…are you two ready?"

Davis turned to Mr. Chuck and nodded. "Oh yeah! You bet!"

"I'm ready, too!" TK added.

"Great! Then let's get started!"

Davis couldn't stand that he would be forced to work alongside TK. And he could sense that TK was here to raise money for Kari's camera add-on pack, too. It frustrated Davis that TK was actually thinking on his level. Then he thought about how unusual that sounded. TK was thinking on DAVIS' level. It sounded so…wrong…and so unlike TK. What Sora said a few days ago was true. TK really wasn't being himself. The fight for Kari was changing TK and not for the better.

But for the moment, Davis would have to concentrate on getting his job done without messing up. He couldn't afford to get fired this time. Because if he did, then TK would be the one to raise the money first and Davis would be out of luck. But there was a confidence running through the goggle boy on this day.

He couldn't think of a single thing that could possibly go wrong.

"Hey…do you see what I see?"

Veemon could hardly contain himself. He had followed Davis here in order to try and lend him a hand, but he found so much more. He couldn't even look through the window without drooling. He could see the delicious 31 flavors of ice cream and he hungered for a taste.

"I see it! I see it!" Patamon squealed cheerfully. "It's ice cream! And lots of it!"

"Now why do you think Davish would go to such a wonderful place without telling me?" Veemon asked. "He should at least have the courtesy to bring me along."

Patamon frowned. "TK didn't even tell me he was working here."

"So aren't you glad you followed him?" Veemon smiled.

Patamon nodded happily. "Uh huh! I'm glad I found you here, Veemon! I didn't want to be here all by myself."

The two Digimon didn't exactly come together. Veemon and Patamon got there at the same time and once they discovered each other, they decided to sneak around together.

"Think nothing of it, buddy. We're in this together now. And as long as we're both here, we might as well give Davish and TK a helping hand…and maybe…JUST MAYBE…we'll have a little time left over to pig out!"

Patamon nodded with his childlike enthusiasm. "All right! Let's do it!"

Veemon and Patamon made their way to the back door. When they saw no one looking, the two rookie-level Digimon snuck inside and began to look for a hiding place. They were both determined to help their partners today…

…and they were also determined to EAT.


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