Last Time: Veemon went around chasing a hyperactive Patamon. And TK got a phone call from his boss. Now he and Davis are racing against the clock to clean the Baskin Robbins before he gets back.

I Scream: Part 4

TK wasn't feeling very pleased with what's been happening. Davis has been out for almost half an hour, leaving him to do all the cleaning on his own. There was no sign of the goggle-headed boy anywhere. TK didn't like that he had only ten minutes before his boss got back.

But it wasn't all a futile gesture, though. Through quick and backbreaking efforts, TK managed to clean the entire back employees only area on his own. He had been unable to undo all of the mess from a result of Patamon's sugar rush. And hopefully, his boss wouldn't notice there was ever a mess.

There was still one fly in the whole ointment, unfortunately. There was still the matter of all the ice cream Patamon had eaten. There were many empty containers and no profit to show for it. That's what Davis was going to address, but he hadn't been seen for a while now.

"Hey, TK! I did it!"

That was Davis. He sounded very happy and that got TK's curiosity to a peak. So he looked around to make sure everything was clean. The back area was spotless and it was a good thing, because his boss would arrive at any moment.

So TK put his mop away and ran over to the front area to see what Davis had done.

Veemon ran as fast as he could, but there was no way he could catch up to speedy little Patamon, especially with him on such a sugar rush. But that didn't mean he wouldn't try, so Veemon quickly chased after him…back to Baskin Robbins' back entrance.

It was a simple task. All Veemon had to do was catch Patamon and keep an eye on him. But Patamon proved to be a total handful. Catching him wasn't easy at all. Of course that didn't mean Veemon would quit. There was no quit in the little blue Digimon.

Veemon pushed the door open and ran back to the employees only area. And when he got there…


Veemon sweatdropped. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Unfortunately…

…Patamon was at it again.

Davis was still sweating over the huge line that had formed by this time outside the Baskin Robbins. Everyone had lost patience and they were all waiting for service. Of course, Davis still had one thing to do. And now that he had done it, all that was left was to show TK. As if on cue, TK came running up to Davis, who was calmly standing behind the cash register, removing the 'On Break' sign.

"What is it, Davis?" TK asked.

"I did it!" Davis said proudly. "I solved our problem!"

"You did?"

Davis pointed at the previously empty containers of ice cream. They had all been filled with ice cream. Everything was just as it was before.

"How did you pull that off?" TK asked in shock. "There wasn't enough ice cream to fill all those containers and there's no way you could have MADE all that ice cream in half an hour."

Davis was ready to explain his genius plan. "Well…"

But the front door suddenly flew open and a very cheerful Mr. Chuck came walking in. Davis and TK immediately ceased anything and everything and turned to face their boss, both with huge grins on their faces.

"Ah, there's that team spirit I love so much!" Mr. Chuck grinned. "So how'd everything go, boys?"

"Great!" both Davis and TK replied.

Mr. Chuck turned to see all the full containers of ice cream. "Hmm…all full. I guess it hasn't been as busy as I'd hoped. But from the lines outside, I can see business is about to pick up. So there's reason to smile! And I trust everything's perfectly clean?"

TK nodded. "Oh, of course! All clean, sir!"

Davis felt like he had dodged a bullet. If everything went this smoothly, he'd have enough for the add-on pack for Kari's camera in no time. But in one moment, things started to fall apart.

Much to Davis' horror, one of the customers was heading to the freezer…and he pulled out one of the pints of ice cream.

"Hey! This pint's empty!"

Mr. Chuck frowned. "Empty?"

Two or three customers started searching through the pints. "These are ALL empty!"

"How could they all be empty?!" Mr. Chuck demanded. "Who's responsible for this?!"

TK shot Davis a glare. "You filled the containers with ice cream from the PINT CONTAINERS?!"

"This is all coming out of your paycheck!" Mr. Chuck boomed. "Both of you! But luckily, since I'm in a wonderful mood, I won't fire you two. Let me just go make a note of this mishap."

Mr. Chuck walked to the back and all Davis could do was think about how his plan went awry. He didn't think it would all fall apart this fast. But now he was back farther than he was before.

"Nice going, Davis!" TK groaned. "Any other bright ideas?"

Davis tried to put a positive spin on things. "Well…it could always be worse."

"HOW could this possibly get any worse?" TK asked.


The ground nearly shook at the loud bellow of Mr. Chuck. Davis and TK both ran into the back employees only area…and saw that the whole place was in shambles once again. All the cleaning that was done was completely undone, because the whole place was a mess.

"I leave you two alone for a few hours and you make a total mess of things! Well that's it! You're both FIRED!!"

Davis and TK both sweatdropped. After the last excruciating hour, it was all for moot. Both boys found themselves on the unemployment line. But Davis couldn't think of any way this could have happened. Then he glanced at the back door…

…where he saw little Patamon was waving cheerfully…and speedily.

"Well…what now?"

"I don't know. Don't ask me."

Davis and TK were both sitting on the couch in TK's apartment. Both were bummed over getting fired and having to abort their plan to get Kari the add-on pack for her camera. In fact, the whole atmosphere was a dreary one and everyone was sad…except…


…for Patamon, who was STILL flying around at blinding speeds.

"You think he'll ever stop?" Davis asked.

"This could go on for a while," TK sighed. "Maybe I should send him back to the Digital World and let him roam there."

"Couldn't hurt," Davis replied.

Veemon nodded sadly. "Sorry I couldn't catch him, guys. I guess I'm not much of a super genius. Maybe Wile Vee Coyotemon should call it quits, huh?"

"Could have been worse," Davis grinned. "You could have fallen off a cliff."

TK shrugged. "I just can't believe we got fired on our FIRST DAY!"

Davis blinked. "It's been a long day. It feels like it's gone on for so much longer."

"But you know something? I learned something today. Maybe I was going about this all wrong. Sure, wanting to get the add-on pack for Kari's camera SOUNDS like a good idea. But ultimately, I'd just be doing it as a way to buy her love. And that's just not who I am. If Kari's ever going to love me, then she'll love me for me."

"That's a good point, TL. I don't need to BUY anything to get Kari to love me. She'll love me because I'm such a stud!"

"You just keep telling yourself that, Davis. And MAYBE you'll start to believe it someday."

"You think so?"

"Somebody has to. Because Kari sure won't."

"You take that back, TB! You know Kari will eventually pick me over you!"

"The way things are going right now? I doubt it! She's mad at you, remember?"

"She's mad at you too!"


That's when both boys remembered that they weren't exactly on best terms with Kari. She was still mad over the whole fashion show incident. And they both still wanted to make up for it.

But thinking up elaborate schemes was the area where Davis excelled. He knew it would only be a matter of time before he thought of a cunning plan to get back in Kari's good graces. Then it hit him. A light bulb appeared over his head.

"I'd…better go…" Davis grinned. "I'll see you later, TJ!"

TK blinked. "Yeah…later…"

Davis took Veemon and walked out of TK's apartment. And he quickly rushed out. He wanted to get home before it got any darker. And he was excited about this new idea, so he wanted to start on it as soon as possible.

"You have an idea, don't you, Davish?" Veemon smiled.

"Of course I do!" Davis answered. "And this one will work for sure!"

TK knew that look. He saw the look Davis had in his eyes and that could only mean one thing. The goggle boy had an idea. And while TK knew that Davis' ideas would usually wind up blowing up in his face, he didn't want to take any chances.

Suddenly, Patamon quickly landed on TK's lap. "What's up, TK? Something wrong?"

TK smiled. "No…everything's fine. I think I have an idea to cheer up Kari. And when it's all over…she won't be mad at me anymore."

"Ooh! Ooh! What are you gonna do, TK?" Patamon asked eagerly.

A twinkle appeared in TK's eyes.

"Well, the first thing I'm gonna do is hide the caffeine from you. And after that…"


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