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Shinji Ikari looked up from his wanderings, his breathe clouding the air before him as the chilled night air dived down into his lung with each breath, a shiver gently coursing along his body. His soft hues settling in both surprise and disbelief on a slender, blue haired and red eyed female perched on a bench, her body drenched in the current shower of rain matting Shinji's own hair to his forehead, and leaving a constant stinging in his eyes, causing him to blink repeatedly.

"Ikari-kun?" The female lifted her head up, blinking in turn as she repositioned her body on the bench, seemingly oblivious to the cold and wetness surrounding her, a frail hand lay resting, shivering, on the back of the bench.

"What do you think you are doing out here in the rain?" Shinji quickly covered the distance between them, a few yards at most, quickly pulling off his jacket he wore beneath a larger coat and slid it along her shoulders, Rei seem to ignore the action.

"I am sitting." She stated.

"You should be at home, in the warmth, you'll catch a cold out here." Shinji's voice echoed gently with concern, watching her.

"If what you say is true, then what are you doing out here?" Her question left Shinji slightly taken aback, blinking as he shrugged the question off slightly, shifting under the slight uncomfortableness of those red orbs as they lay claim to him.

"Well, I had an argument with Asuka, and I came out here too... Cool off." He finished. "I didn't think that it was going to ran though." He added, slightly disgruntled.

"Yes, the rain is quite cool." Rei shivered again slightly. "I am cold."

Shifting his position, he reached back with his hands to grasp hers gently, rubbing his thumbs along the back of her knuckles. "You're fingers are ice cold." He looked at her accusingly, pulling her hands with his and softly cupping her palms to his mouth, exhaling once, a warm gust of his breath touching her finger tips before the steam rose from their interlocked fingers and drifted heavenward.

Without realizing what he had done, he felt Rei's fingers twitch slightly, softly brushing across his mouth, her red orbs watching him intensely, a look of bewilderment and wonder capturing her features.

"Ayanami-san!" Shinji cried suddenly, dropping her hands as if his had been burned. "I apologize, I didn't mean-- That is, what I meant---"

Rei quietly listened to him stutter momentarily, her fingers curling into her palms, pressing tightly together before she leaned over and softly rested her body against his, lowering her chin onto his shoulder and bringing her arms up, awkwardly at first, gently clasping Shinji to her.

"Do you find this position uncomfortable?"

Shinji could not only hear, but feel her breath as it murmured past his ear, shaking his head mutely before bringing his own arms up and echoing her actions, holding her from atop his jacket, still draped along her shoulders. He mutely shook his head.

Before registering the act, her body acting somehow of it's own volition Rei found herself slowly burrowing against Shinji, curling her body until she nearly sat on his lap, the warmth of his form radiating against hers, the cold grey clouds staring down at them, forgotten. Her eyes sliding shut.

"Is this acceptable?" Her voice quivered on the night air, tilting her head slightly. She could feel her cheek rubbing gently along his, an unknown sensation dancing across her very soul.

Before she even received an answer to her query, Rei Ayanami, First Child, fell asleep in the cold, in the rain, in utter contentment as she lay curled against Shinji, who in turn had rested his head upon the soft blue locks of the woman residing in his lap, as well as his heart, and fell into his own sleep.

Many people past by in the night, couples, loners, the odds and ends of Tokyo-3, yet as each gazed upon the sleeping couple on the park bench, beneath the shower of rain, wrapped around each other, none had the heart to wake them back up to the harsh realities momentarily nonexistent in the state of bliss the two had achieved from each other.

None, except a single woman who did stop in front of them, smiling softly to herself, a badge bearing the name Misato Katsuragi gleamed from her chest, her presence overshadowing long enough to wedge a small umbrella over the duo, shielding them from the rain before moving silently on.