Underlined speech is thought.

Italicized words signify emphasis put on words or a change in tone.

Italicized sentences are songs/chants; whatever you what to call them. When a word is bolded, it is being spoken by only Naruto. If it is underlined, it is being spoken by only Hinata. A word with (parentheses) around it is echoed. The numbers of echoes are the same as the number of parentheses pairs. Also, if a parentheses pair is (underlined), it is only Hinata's voice that echoes it. The reverse is true with bolding. If a word is bolded at the first letter and underlined at the last, it is when their words are out of sync and Naruto's voice comes first. The reverse is true of this.


These are … interruptions in …speech caused … by things …like laughing,…crying, thought,.. and…others.

Bold words are author notes.

I checked on fan-fiction, and this is the second Naruto story that has anything from Elemental Gelade. I guess I am the first to see how perfectly this fits a Naruto/Hinata relationship. This makes me happy considering one thing I pride myself in is being a bit different in what I do with a story. Make sure you read and understand the large italicized section above. It is very important for you to imagine how each song sounds. This is NOT a multi-chapter song-fiction. The songs activate Hinata's powers.

I do not own Naruto or Elemental Gelade.

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"First React."

Only a few months passed since the devastating attack made by the greatest of the Bijū, the Kyūbi no Yōkō. Damage to the village was minimum thanks to the beast being stopped far from the walls. Even so, the sheer power it gave off was still enough to cause some damage. It was still nothing that couldn't be rebuilt in those few months. The true damage was the mental turmoil everyone felt due to the Kyūbi's killer intent.

Outside of the awareness of everyone in the village, the beast's power did something else. In the moment of its defeat, an invisible rift in space and time was created that continued to exist to this day. After all this time, something finally put this rift to use.

The figure that did this was clearly a woman in an astral form that appeared no older than seventeen. Everything from the shoulders down was transparent and outlined with a soft green glow. She had long, straight baby-blue hair that fell all the way down to her back. Her eyes were an entrancing shade of emerald green. The most unique feature was an emerald-like gem right above the brow of her forehead. The astral figure looked down at the village before flying to it. "I don't know why, but I feel there is something I must do there before returning to my realm."

Down in the despairing village, there were still plenty reason's for hope for the future. One of these reasons slept comfortably in a crib within the Hyuga Clan mansion. The parents of this child looked down at her and smiled. The first to speak was the woman. "Hiashi, what kind of girl do you think Hinata-chan will be when she grows up?"

The man beside her smiled. "If she has inherited as many of your genes as I think she has, Hinata shall grow up to be a beautiful and kind woman. It will be difficult raising her into a fine heir Hiromi."

She gave him a halfhearted glare with light purple eyes. "I don't know. From what I have seen so far, this clan could use a change. I still don't approve of that way the branch members are controlled."

"I know, but there is little I can do about that. If it weren't for the fact that one of those branch members is my own twin, I would also be pro-seal. Until I become a Hyuga elder and Hinata becomes head, this will only continue."

Hiromi let out a sigh. "I know. We should leave Hinata-chan alone so she can get some rest. I could use some sleep myself." Just as they opened the door to the room, they heard the sound of powerful gusts of wind. They quickly turned towards their daughter. Shock was written on both of their faces.

The crib where their daughter slept was surrounded by a dome formed of thick, visible wisps of wind. The transparent girl that slowly became visible before Hinata filled them with even more worry. The woman spoke with a soft voice that held underlying kindness. "I now know what I must do."

Hiashi charged forward, intent on stopping whatever was about to happen. This proved useless as the barrier of wind redirected him to the side no matter how hard he pushed against it. He clenched his teeth in frustration. "I can't do anything."

The girl clasped her hands together in a prayer-like fashion.

On this night, peace and calm;
I sing this song for (you).

Both of the parents felt their worries melt away at the soothing and angelic voice of this woman.

Let my song fill you
Deep into the (depths) of your heart.
Yours is a (heart)
Pure as the crystal winds
Twisting and mingling with the golden (earth).
Now, with this heart
Accept the power I ((grant)).

Both Hiashi and Hiromi shielded their eyes thanks to a bright flash of light. When this light was gone, all that was left behind was their daughter. As any worried parents would, the pair ran up to their child's crib. A gasp of shock escaped the mother's mouth when she laid eyes on her child. "W-what is this?"

Hiashi looked down at his daughter with a serious expression. Much to his own surprise, an emerald green gem could now be seen on her head. Its position and shape was exactly the same as the strange girl. The father activated his Byakugan for a better look. After a few seconds, he let out a sigh. "I do not know what happened. Outside of the gem on her head, absolutely nothing has changed. From what I can tell, that gem is now a part of her. I don't think removal would be wise."

Hiromi looked down at Hinata will concerned eyes. "I wonder who that girl was."

Far above the village, that same girl flew back to the spatial rift. Because of her existence as an astral being, she could see it. Just before reaching it, she stopped and looked down at the village. "By giving that girl the same Elemental Gelade I possess, I have turned her into an Edel Raid. It is good that her life will still be no longer than a human's. I hope she and her daughters find kind pleasures as partners." Her head and eyes drooped a bit. "So tired. I should return. Cou might worry if I am not there when he wakes." After she flew through the portal, it closed, never to open again.

Just under three years later.

Fireworks lit up this night of celebration. After over two years, the war with Kumo was finally over. Only a few hours ago, the Head Shinobi of Kumo signed a treaty with the Hokage. Even with the great losses from the Kyūbi attack, Konoha was still able to bring the battle to a draw. Everyone was there, except for one clan. On this day, Hinata Hyuga, the heiress of the Hyuga clan turned three. The girl held all the cuteness a child of her age should posses. The only distracting feature was a set of bandages that where wrapped around her head. If it wasn't for the fact that these bandages were over her brow, one would think that she was branded with the curse seal of the branch family.

The three year old Hinata slept comfortably in her bed. She was completely unaware of the figure entering through her window. As soon as he placed his hands over her mouth, her eyes opened. She looked at him with fear in her eyes. "If you don't want to get hurt, stay quiet." The first thing he did was gag her mouth. After that, he tied her arms and legs together. He let his fingers glide over her skin in a sick form of pleasure. "I should check under those bandages to make sure you are the heiress." The man removed the bandages and chuckled. "Interesting. This is quite a pretty gem. It could sell for a lot." The man tried to take it, but the gem was too close to her skull for him to get a grip on it. "It looks like this thing is stuck in there. I wonder how you can grow your hair under it."

The man hoisted the child onto his shoulder and exited through the window. He ran along the building's side before suddenly stopping. The reason for him stopping was the fact that Hiashi stood in his way. "STOP: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" The man quickly decided that a confrontation would be impossible for him. He turned right and leapt over the compound's walls. Hiashi's eyes widened when he noticed that the man's cargo was his own daughter. "HINATA!"

Hiashi chased the man through a pre-planned route. Because he didn't now this, Hiashi was caught off guard by a hidden trap. The delay created considerable time for the shinobi to increase the distance between him and the Hyuga clan head. As part of his route, the man turned into a short alley. This turned out to be a mistake that would cost him his mission. Without warning, the man tripped over something. As he did so, the object he tripped over and the girl flew out the other end of the alley. "What was that?"

The object he was wondering about turned out to be a very young boy no older than the girl he was kidnapping. He had spiky blond hair and three whisker-like marks on each cheek. His clothes were a simple pair of shorts and a t-shirt designed with an orange spiral. The boy winced in pain as he opened his eyes for a look at what hit him. Instead, he got a look at a girl that was tied up like a hog. His confusion was quickly replaced with concern as he ran up to the girl. "You okay."

The first thing he did was removed the gag that was preventing her from talking. This was a useless effort as the girl was left speechless by the boys shining blue eyes. In all her memories, not even the sky was capable of this brilliant shade. "Who is he?"

The blond moved for her hands. He tried to pull at the bindings, but doing so only proved futile. For some compelling reason, the boy decided that he would interlock his fingers with hers. As soon as their palms touched, an unfathomable energy filled their young bodies. Both could only look at the other in surprise at the effect this connection was having on them. The thoughts they shared were the same. "What is this?"

Outside of her own control, Hinata's mouth began to move. She did not understand why she spoke the upcoming words. She only knew that she had to say them.

On a helpless but pretty night
Soothing and comforting
And prospering on the (eyelids)

Naruto's eyes widened. "Is she singing?" His thoughts blocked out one of her lines. "I can feel what she will sing next."

As I, at this moment
Make this promise to join like twins
Like a string of (breaths)
Winds grab a hold of (us)
I, at this moment
And through eternity
Wear the winds of the red soul
As I make this promise
(And bind my soul to yours)

The Kumo Head Shinobi looked on at this with an awestruck face. The very young pair was surrounded by an ethereal column of wind. He shielded his eyes as a bright flash of light surrounded the pair. Just as they finished the song, the light faded. "What was that?"

The young three year old boy took a look at what became of his right arm. Everything looked normal from the elbow up. Past that, the boys arm was encased inside of a massive sword. Most of it was a shade of green that could best be described as an Easter egg that has only been in the dye for a few seconds. The blade itself, which started at where the boy's wrist would be, was a salmon pink color with the blunt part the same shade of green as the rest. The hilt, if one could consider it a hilt, was decorated with a few golden designs, two small indigo sphere gems that levitated a few inches off of the hilt, and a long indigo ribbon that spiraled around the hilt without touching it. Both ends of this ribbon pointed directly at each of the indigo gems. The last design was an oval shaped gem of a deep emerald color embedded deep into the weapon. This gem was about the size of the boy's hand, but still only covered about fifty percent of the hilt's width. Extending away from the hilt was an extension one-third the length of the hilt and blade that had a golden strip all the way down its length. If the extension were not to be included, the weapon would be as long as the boy was tall. This weapon could only be described as beautiful because of how light reflected off of it like any well polished blade. Because it would be very hard to imagine what was described, I suggest looking it up on you-tube or something.

The boy appraised the weapon that was now on his arm. Despite its massive and cumbersome appearance, lifting the blade felt no more difficult than lifting just his arm. "What is this?"


A few seconds earlier. The Kumo Head Shinobi also appraised the weapon. He shook his head to snap out of how impressed he was. "I don't know who this kid is, what that weapon is, or what he has done with the Hyuga girl; but I have to dispatch of this witness and find her quick." He charged forward with a short sword ready. He saw the boy look up at him with a shocked expression, but it was too late for the child.

With no other idea crossing his mind, the blond swiped at the man with the blunt end of the blade. Although the boy didn't feel the weapon's weight, the man certainly did. Not only was he hit by an object with the inertia of something weighing fifty pounds; but he was also blasted by a powerful gust of wind that hit him twice as forcefully. He could not think in time to avoid crashing into the corner of the building. He maintained consciousness long enough to see that the ground between him and the boy was completely devastated.

Attracted by the racket, Hiashi ran for the location. In all his haste, his Byakugan has yet to be activated. He finally remembered to do so at this time. What he saw shocked him. The jonin level shinobi that kidnapped his daughter now lay battered and unconscious on the ground. The only person there was a young boy. "It can't be. That boy is Naruto Uzumaki, the one with the Kyūbi sealed inside of him. Where in the world did he get a weapon like that? Not once have I ever seen anything like it." Before he could reach the location, Naruto fainted from a strange drain in his energy. Hiashi arrived in the moment he hit the ground. The Hyuga clan head could not believe his Byakugan as the weapon was surrounded by specks of light and disappeared. The part he couldn't believe the most was how at the same rate the weapon faded from existence, his daughter materialized behind the blond. Hiashi noticed how she was tied up and unconscious, so he caught her before she landed on her side. "That boy defeated this man because of that weapon. Based on what I have seen, that weapon was Hinata. Just what exactly has my daughter been turned into." Hiashi turned to the unconscious Kumo shinobi. "I should take him to Ibiki. He will find out what this man knows."

In two days.

Hiashi looked at Ibiki with his cold Hyuga eyes. "Do not bother me with the reasons behind why he committed this act. I care only for how he was defeated."

Ibiki narrowed his eyes at the strange demand. "From what he tells me, he was defeated thanks to a strange weapon that one Naruto Uzumaki summoned out of thin air. He says that he was thrown back by both the bulk of this weapon and by the powerful wind it gave off. That is all we can gather."

Hiashi nodded his head in a form of thanks. "Your information is most helpful. That will be all."

As the Hyuga left the room, Ibiki narrowed his eyes further. "Hiashi-sama, do you have any more information in this matter."

Hiashi stopped halfway. "I do, but I will only discuss it with my wife and Hokage-sama. No one outside of this list has a right to know."

"I see. I will speak with Hokage-sama to ensure that you indeed spoke to him. Rest assured that I will not inquire into private matters."

Hiashi stopped at the door. "Ensure that you don't." He left on that last note.

Miles away, at the summit of Myobokuzan Mountain.

A man with long spiky white hair looked up at a large wrinkly toad that was three times his height. Seated next to this toad is a pair of toads that looked just as tall as the man's shin. "The largest was the first to speak. "Jiraiya, do you know why you have been called here."

Jiraiya spoke to the large being with only respect in his voice. "You have called me about a change in the prophecy."

"Hai. It appears that the peace from the student you train will come sooner than before, though I still do not know the time. The reason for this change is because the student will not be alone in his quest. I can feel great feelings of compassion and love between this student and the companion."

Jiraiya looked up at the toad with a smirk on his face. "Did you just say love? Maybe I can put the two to use in this series I plan on writing. You did say I am supposed to become a world renowned pervert."

The large toad smirked. "I do not know if the two will appreciate you doing so. It may be hazardous to your health."

Jiraiya's smirk grew. "I am good at stealth."

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