Underlined speech is thought.

Italicized words signify emphasis put on the words or a change in tone. You should be able to figure it out from the choice of words and the character.

Sentences of thought that are completely italicized were spoken by another character at another time.

Italicized sections are songs/chants; whatever you what to call them. When a word is bolded, it is being spoken by only Naruto. If it is underlined, it is being spoken by only Hinata. A word with (parentheses) around it is echoed. The numbers of echoes are the same as the number of parentheses pairs. Also, if a parentheses pair is (underlined), it is only Hinata's voice that echoes it. Songs will not use quotation marks like normal speech.


These are … interruptions in …speech caused … by things …like laughing,…crying, thought,.. and…others.


Words with tildes~ after them are spoken for longer~ periods of time.

Previously on Edel Raid and Pleasure: Naruto ran full speed out of the village an into the forests with Gaara following right after him. The blond disappeared from sight and used his clones to run a widespread diversion while forcing him into a full transformation. As this happened, Gaara's siblings chased after them, who were followed by Sasuke, Shikamaru, Kiba, and Kin. The four's arguments drew the attention of Kankuro, who was easily defeated by their combined jutsu. Somewhat deeper in the forest, Gaara began getting more and more enraged. After being told off by some clones, he transformed into a monstrously sized beast. This brought fear to just about everyone's eyes. Naruto calmly reacted by dispersing all but one clone and splitting off from the unconscious Hinata to face Gaara alone. The clone carrying Hinata ran into the other genin and dropped her off. As he became certain of Hinata's safety, Naruto summoned the massive Gamabunta to face off against the equally massive Gaara. Some time earlier, Sagesumi was chasing after Shino and noticed the barrier with Hiruzen in it along the way. With Suikomu in hand, she walked over to a corner of the barrier and pierced the heavy-set guy on the other end of the wall.

Writing has started to get too difficult for me. College is getting serious and I have a completely original, non-fan-fiction story that I want to write and publish. I believe that I have gotten all the experience I can from fan-fiction. (More details at the bottom of the chapter.)



The guy's eyes widened as he felt the sharp pain of Suikomu piercing his shoulder. "How did she do that." Even with the large loss in concentration, he managed to keep his end of the barrier from falling apart.

Sagesumi smirked widely. "I'm surprised that you are still holding up tubby. It looks like that isn't all fat on your bones. Now lets see how much chakra you have."

His eyes widened as he felt his chakra reserves dropping suddenly. He glared at the sword stuck in his side. "This thing is draining away all my chakra. I have to do something or I'll be killed."

Sagesumi's eyes widened a bit when she saw numerous connected triangles spread out and form intricate lines all over the guy's body. "What kind of jutsu is that." A sensation from Suikomu directed her to look at the hilt. "His chakra suddenly became something malevolent." The guy grabbed Suikomu with one hand and began trying to pull it out. Sagesumi smirked at his failure. "That won't work. All those spines work just like fish-hooks."

He glared at her. "Then how about this."

Sagesumi's eyes widened when he began trying to pull her in. Even with the chakra she hastily placed at her feet, he was pulling her closer and closer to the barrier. "He's got some crazy power. I can't pull free." Looking at the hilt of Suikomu, she remembered about the jewel set within. She pulled the jewel out, returning Suikomu to its original stalagmite shape. With one strong pull, Sagesumi freed her sword and then put the jewel back in. After that, she stabbed the ground at the guy's feet. "SUIKOMUKEN: CAGING FANG!" Six thin spires of rock formed around him and extended numerous spikes around or into his body. With him completely contained, the barrier began to falter. Sagesumi noticed this and stabbed the ground again. "SUIKOMUKEN: GREAT MAW!" Numerous stone spikes began to rise along sides of the barrier.

As this all happened the ANBU, who had be unable to do anything, watched as a single girl with a chunin rank tore down the barrier as if it were nothing. Rather than spend their time lamenting their failure, the ANBU ran into the openings of Sagesumi's jutsu and of the trees.

The sight they were met with was that of the monkey king Enma holding the blade of a glowing sword as it tried to pass though Hiruzen's body. Enma was being restrained by snakes and Hiruzen was somehow restraining Orochimaru. When Orochimaru noticed the ANBU, he looked at them with absolute fear in his eyes. "What are those four doing?"

The ANBU in white walked over to the white skinned Sannin and looked him in the eyes. "Give it up Orochimaru. It is over for you."

Hiruzen smiled. "He's right. Your barrier is gone. You have no way to defend yourself."

There were all surprised when the ANBU were all wrapped into what looked like flying spider webs. Three of the four who created the barrier quickly appeared. "OROCHIMARU-SAMA!"

Orochimaru smiled at the change. "KILL HIM NOW!"

They began to carry out that order without hesitation. "SUIKOMUKEN: RISING JAW!" Stone spikes rose high from the surfaced and impeded all three's actions.

Recognizing the voice, a look of urgency crossed Hiruzen's face. "Quickly, give me all the chakra you can spare Sagesumi!"

With the same reaction speed of the other three, Sagesumi appeared next to Hiruzen. Moments later, a stream of chakra began to flow from her to the Hokage. With the connection that her chakra provided, Sagesumi began seeing just what the other two saw. "What kind of jutsu is this!"

The aged Hokage smiled widely as blood dripped out the side of his mouth. "It is the Reaper Death Seal and it will be the end of Orochimaru."

Down in the stands Haku let out a sigh of relief as the signs of fighting began to quiet down. "This has been the most difficult test of my skills yet. Hitting blurred images of enemies in their weak points while making sure they aren't from Konoha is a true challenge. I wish I could use my jutsu, but there is too much room for error without my sight. If it wasn't for my training to fight in complete darkness, I'd be useless."

A person suddenly appeared behind him. "Is that you Kakashi-san?"

"Yeah. You've done pretty well here."


Out of the corner of his vision, Kakashi noticed that the barrier around the Kage was gone. "I think there is somewhere else that could use my help."

As Kakashi noticed this, Sagesumi looked down at Hiruzen's stomach and noticed a creepy hand pulling on something out of the one she guessed was Orochimaru. She easily saw that Orochimaru's eyes were also concentrated on this. The man tried to speak, but his voice was caught by something.

Hiruzen's expression turned highly solemn. "I noticed the darkness in your eyes years ago but I chose to ignore it due to the talent you possessed. In the end, I was forced to accept that you lacked the Will of Fire and chose Minato to be my successor. When the time came for your true nature to be exposed, I couldn't bring myself to stop you." The elderly man's expression went fierce in an instant. "Now you've attacked the place that I call home and threatened the lives of every one there. This is the repercussion of your actions."

The hand extending from Hiruzen's body pulled back one last time, wrenching what was in it's grasp from Orochimaru's body. It all then receded into Hiruzen's body, leaving behind a complex seal. When he let go of Orochimaru, the man's body fell to the ground with a thud. The snakes disappeared around Enma, allowing him to stand up and then pull the sword out of Hiruzen's chest.

As she watched the blood spill from the wound, Sagesumi took Hiruzen's arm and placed it over her shoulders. "We have to get you to a medic."

Enma placed a hand over her arm. "There is no point. The Reaper Death Seal is a S-classed forbidden jutsu that costs the users very soul. It is a price even greater than death."


Hiruzen chuckled. "Enma is right. I don't have much longer to live. These are the repercussions of calling on the Shinigami."


Hiruzen started to laugh but coughed up blood instead. "It does not matter if I die so long as the village survives. As Hokage, protecting the village is my job."

Sagesumi closed her eyes tightly and clenched her fists. "Curse it all! In all my time with the Genso, I was told that villages were nothing to be trusted. I would have never dreamed of them having leaders like this."


Sagesumi looked up and saw the three from before coming once again. A main difference in their appearance was that numerous intricate designs of different types covered their bodies. She stood up and then took Suikomu into her hands. No sooner did she do so, Sagesumi noticed an aggressive presence to her rear. She looked back to see the same person she trapped in her stone spires. His appearance had changed drastically into having red skin and large warts along the upper parts of his arms and on his forehead. His hair became brighter orange and grew into a mane. "SUIKOMUKEN: CLENCHED MANDIBLE!" She stabbed the ground with Suikomu, causing a number of spikes to rise up and from a complete barrier around her. "Suikomuken: Drilling Tooth."

The big guy drew his fast back then punched the spires despite the spikes covering them. This proved pointless as she was already gone. "Where'd she go?"

The lone female of the four found the answer. "BEHIND YOU FATTY!" He turned around then quickly fell to the side.

Since he moved just in time, Sagesumi only stabbed air. In that single instant, she decided to take the appearances of the other three into mind, the trait they all had being a oversized purple rope tied into a bow around their light brown tunics as well as the same white bandage socks and tight black shorts. One had darker skin than normal and two extra sets of arms and was the only one wearing his head-band. His short black hair was tied back into a fan-like shape. The black marks all over his body looked like numerous interlocking hooks.

One of the others had blue-gray hair covering half his face and had what looked like an extra head coming out of the back of his neck. His markings looked like lines of dots.

The forth, the only female, had dark red hair under a black cap with small spikes and some bandages around her forehead. The marks along her body looked like two lines making a right angle. This one broke her attention from Sagesumi and focused on the one who fell. "HOW PATHETIC DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO NEED LEVEL TWO FOR ONE WENCH!"

The blue-gray haired one glared at her. "Enough Tayuya. We have to get Orochimaru-sama out of here."

"Sorry, but that won't be possible." Hearing the unknown voice behind them, excluding the larger one, their eyes widened and they turned around. They instantly recognized the person as Kakashi Hatake; one of the few they were told to never try to face.


As they prepared to move, a rain of senbon flew towards them. The one with extra arms failed to dodge them and immediately fell down. Kakashi looked in the direction the senbon came from with an apathetic expression. "I didn't want someone who is nearly blind to go this far for us but he insisted."

Haku stepped out from behind a tree and looked towards Kakashi. "Blindness is not as great a handicap for me as it would be for others." He looked towards the others. "Should we capture them alive?"

"Considering your skills, that's a viable option."

Haku nodded. "Understood." He quickly ran towards the large one behind Sagesumi.

As he watched Haku bring down that one's limbs one by one, he looked down at the deceased bodies of Orochimaru and Hiruzen with a sad expression. "It's so sudden. Hokage-sama was alive and well not one hour ago." Despite the urge to reminisce, Kakashi turned his attention to Haku who was taking out someone looking like a twin of the grey haired one as he jumped out from behind a tree. Seeing the other begin running away, Kakashi acted to intercept.

Seeing all her teammates fall one after another, the red-headed female began transforming even further. Her skin turned the same kind of brown as the trees around them. Her now much longer hair became a bright pink and the bandages covering her head fell off as five thick white horns grew from her head with irregular shapes. She started to pull out a flute, but was forced to drop it as a senbon pierced her wrist. After pulling the senbon out, a frustrated expression. "What kind of guy is he? I can't even move my hand anymore."

"Do not worry about your hand. I merely paralyzed it." He began to slowly walk forward. "Why haven't you tried to run away yet?"


Haku smiled softly at her. "That is a kind compliment. She seems to have a real loyalty towards her leader. Her voice reminds me of how I sounded when I learned of Zabuza-san's death."

"O-out of my way."

Haku shook his head side-to-side. "I do not think that you want to do that. You have no hope of escape as you are now. Doing so as you carry a dead body would be impossible."


Haku lowered his head and closed his eyes. "I understand. I won't allow escape … but you can go see the truth for yourself."


"It is not sympathy. I am merely offering that which I would want. Whether you take it or not is your decision."

She glared at him for a few seconds. "Don't you think I could attack you from behind."

"I know that I'm not your priority."

After a few more moments of tenseness, she relaxed. Her form changed back to what it was at the beginning. As she started to run past Haku, she turned towards him. "That softness will get you killed."

Haku only smiled. "Two of the softest hearts I know are some of the strongest. I wonder how they are doing in the middle of this."

Back in the forest:

A certain dark-haired Hyuga girl's eyes started opening.

First, about this chapter. None of you really thought that being just about blind would really hold Haku back if he ever found himself in a situation where he had to fight. Remember that Zabuza said that he could hit vital points with absolute precision in absolute darkness. The reason for the defenseless act was because that was the kind of life I would imagine Haku wanting with Zabuza gone.

Now about me stopping my writing. You read that I'm going to stop so now I'll tell you what I'm doing with my stories:

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