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Loose Lips

Rated 'M'

Ch. 1

Blue found himself in an empty room. The room was black. Such a black that it swiveled around him like a chilly fog. Drawing out his sword was his protection, for he knew that things like this led to bad news.

A distant cry was heard. "BLUE-KUN!!!" Footsteps were heard running toward him. As the figure grew closer, it turned out to be Red. Blue let out a happy sigh and put the sword away. Opening his arms for his love to enter, the two shared a warm embrace which followed Red crying in the comfort of the other.

"I-It's s-so scary here, B-Blue-Kun!" Red cried in his ear.

Blue comforted Red with kind words and gentle expressions. "It's alright, Red. I'm here. I'll help us get out of here." Red sniffled one last time and looked up at Blue. "Ok?"

"Ok, Blue!"

They smiled. Blue took the opportunity to place his lips on the others cheek, causing Red to blush slightly. Lightly chuckling at Red's expression, Blue persisted on by kissing different areas all over his face. On his forehead, his tiny nose, at the other cheek; to his chin, even. When he got there, however, Red seized the opportunity to quickly peck Blue on the lips, jolting the other by surprise.

Blue blinked at Red. Red blinked at Blue. One kiss was stolen. Then another, then another. They grew faster and more dominant as they continued. Anyone that knew the two would automatically think Blue would be the dominant one in this fight since he tends to be the aggressive one out of the 5 Links. If that's the case then why was the softer one now shoving his tongue into the sweet cavern of the other causing moans to escape his throat as a hand roughly pushes him towards him? They brake and start panting.

"…Damn!" Someone said suddenly. Blue opened his eyes to see Red staring at him. "You were always a good kisser, Blue."

Blue's cheeks turned to a very dark shade of red. He knew what this meant. That time when the two of them would start making out or randomly in the middle of the night…

"I can't wait to see what tonight has in store for us!"

Red's wild side would come out.

Blue gulped. Red stared deeply into the others eyes, luring him to look wherever he went. That's what Red did to Blue. Hypnotizing him to a state of pure escape. Sinking into the moment…

"Get on the bed, Blue." Red demanded while pointing at…nothing.

No matter how strange…

"I said, 'Get on the FUCKING BED!!" Red grabbed onto Blue and roughly pushed him down onto the ground. But the bed was invisible.

Or painful…

The surface was hard: painfully hard. Blue didn't have time to notice as Red suddenly climbed on top of him and attacked his ear with his mouth. Throaty moans and shuttering gasps were Red's reward.

Yet painfully erotic.

A warm welcoming fog was engulfing Blue's senses, slowly losing sight on anything around him as being there. Or was he losing sight on what was happening? Something wet covered one of his hands. But he hadn't done anything for that to happen. Right? Blue lifted the hand up.

He was bleeding.

'WAIT! How did-' It didn't matter. This was his fate. The fate that was excruciatingly pleasurable pain. Another moan escaped Blue's lips as Red continued his assault to a different area of his body. Pain mixed with pleasure, that's what Red did to Blue. He wondered about this as the last of his senses drove away. Even when Red decided to take it upon himself to stick his hand down his pants-

A light moan came from Red as he slept that night. Sleeping in the circle of Blue's arms. But this startled Blue. Everything startled Blue! Ever since that one night. The night when he was awoken by his lover's call only to be led to a trap that would haunt him for then on in. It never exactly comforted Blue, who was supposed to be the, 'man' of the relationship, to be taken control of by the more sensitive one. Especially since he was so GOOD at it!

Not wanting to spend another night trying to sleep in a puddle of his own sweat, Blue finally let go of his partner to sit on the side of the bed. But that wasn't very smart. Not at ALL! Blue suddenly shot up from the bed in extreme pain to collapse on the floor from his legs still being weak.

"Damn it!" He tried to stand up only to fall back down. Then the bed shifted. Blue's head suddenly shot a look in that direction…but Red was still asleep.

"Thank the Goddesses!" Blue sighed. After some time, he mustered up the strength to gather his clothes, put them on and start walking again.


"SHIT!" Red's awake?! He looked over…still sleeping soundly. No matter how badly he wanted to get out of there, Blue 'walked' over to Red's sleeping form to plant a kiss on his forehead. That seemed to comfort Red.

Shutting the door to Red's room, Blue decided to go downstairs for some reason. Wasn't his bedroom the other way? Forget it. Too much pain to think! Arriving downstairs, he suddenly grew very tired. Too tired to walk back up! Thank goodness there was a couch! Blue grabbed a pillow and planted his aching body in a stomach-laying position (since he OBVIOUSLY can't sleep on his back!) . Within seconds, he fell asleep.