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Loose Lips

Rated 'M'

Ch. 5

A figure sat against the wall of an occupied living room; head hung low and seemingly unconscious. He twitched. The figure took a breath and started showing signs of movement. Vio's body felt very relaxed, almost nonexistent as he groaned and slowly came back to reality. He rose his head up a bit only for it to be held up for him. He couldn't tell who it was for he was still too weak to open his eyes. While gaining control back, he noticed the presence near his face (mainly near his mouth) as with every exhale he took it seemed to…suck it in. He could have sworn he heard it sniff around him a little.

It whispered into an ear. "Wake up, Vio-Kun."

Vio struggled to open his eyes. When he finally did, he saw a blurry image of someone on top of him.

"That-a-boy." It whispered to him.

A moment later, Vio saw who it was. "…Red."

"Hey sweetie. Have a nice nap?"

"Red…" He slowly started to remember what happened earlier. "Shadow! What…what hap-" He tried to move his hands, but couldn't. Struggling against the hold made him realize that they were bound together. The same for his ankles! "Red! Un…untie me! I have to help Shadow!"

"Don't worry yourself to death. Your lover's right beside you." He pushed Vio's face to the side with a finger making him see the image of an unconscious Shadow sitting next to him against the wall, hands and ankles bound together just like him. Blue sat beside him in the same state along with Green.


"You're so fucking cute sometimes, Vio. Sometimes annoying, but others…very…VERY cute!" Red was stroking a finger against Vio's cheek. "Such seductive lips…" He moved his finger to trace the outline of his victim's lips, then replaced that finger with his mouth. Red's movements were slow and steady, taking his time to enjoy the feeling of capturing Vio's lips with his. He nibbled on one lip…then teased another. Fingers went to tease the flesh of his abdominal area, causing sounds to come from the said throat. He went deeper into the kiss, moving his tongue against the others.

When they broke, Red was the first to speak. "Look at you, panting like that. You really enjoyed that, huh? Yeah. I know you did. I enjoyed it, too." He kissed a cheek. Then moved to tickle the flesh around his ear.

Vio moaned slightly. He tried to figure out how to control the situation, but found it kind of hard since he was tied up and Red was doing everything in his power to keep him distracted and aroused. It became worse when he placed a hand on his leg and a thumb just happened to brush around a specific spot causing a more prompt moan to escape. Vio gulped when Red stopped.

"Mm. Look at this." He grinned. "Nice erection you got there. Nice and big…hard…hot… Can I suck on it, Vio-Kun? Please? I know you want me to. Put it deep down my throat, getting…harder and harder in my mouth… Or I can just do the tip. Whatever you want. Please, Baby? Let me suck that cock? I need to. SOOO badly! Please?" When Vio didn't answer right away, Red stood up and moved towards his feet. He cut the rope around his ankles with a knife, pulled his boots off and proceeded towards his pants. Red gasped when the erection was free. "It's so beautiful!" Pants were ripped off.

"Red," Vio started. "I know what state you're in and I understand that you really, REALLY need to get off, but this isn't the way to go. You know that. If you want, I-"

A finger was put against his lips. "You talk too much. Actually, think." Red took Vio's bare legs and roughly pushed his thighs apart.


"Hey-hey! Don't THINK, just BE!" Red positioned his mouth near the erection, but looked up at Vio, waiting for an answer. After a moment, he got a 'yes'. Mouth moved to the tip-

"No fair!"

Two heads shot to the side - Shadow looked down at Red. "Why does Red get to have all the fun?"

A wave of relief shot through Vio.

"Hey, Red. Let me in on the fun."

Red questionably pointed at the erect penis and looked up at Shadow. He nodded. Red grinned and invited him over with a flexing of a finger. Shadow easily slipped out of the binds (being a shadow) and proceeded to kneel next to Red.

"Isn't it beautiful, Shadow?" Red asked.

"Not as beautiful as you are right now." Red looked over at him to see a wink. He grinned. Then was treated to a breathtaking kiss.

"Of course. Just like Shadow to make matters worse." Vio thought to himself as the two Links were lip-locking in front of him. A couple of pecks later, Shadow moved over to him to give the same treatment. "I hope you know what you're doing."

"Babe, I ALWAYS know what I'm doing!" Shadow declared. He un-hid the black bag and whipped out a small bottle from it, dabbing a few drops onto Vio's erection and coating it on with his hand. This made Vio blush a great deal.

Red licked his lips. Bending down he kissed the tip first, then gradually put him fully in. His ears perked hearing the deep, satisfying groan from his capture making him more aggressive in his work. Shadow caressed his head as he went on.

It was better than anything he could of imagined! Vio thought this through the continuous waves of pleasure seeping through him. He's gotten the same treatment from Shadow numerous times, but having it from someone he NEVER expected it from… Red moved his mouth so he only sucked the tip. He was moving, but was bound. Flying, but sitting. Dreaming, but awake. He stared at Red as he was now licking the thing like candy.

Shadow moved to his ear. "Enjoying it, Dear?"

Vio inhaled deeply. "Fuck yes!"

Shadow playfully licked the sweat off his cheek and moved down to Red. He got his attention to stop. Red moved over. Shadow took his place and continued his sucking. Some point in the middle, the two moved in position as one worked on Vio's penis as the other with his tests. This continued until the prisoner lost control and, with Red sucking on, came in his mouth.

Red sat up, his aching muscles straining him. Flicking some hair out of his eyes, he looked at Vio who saw the image of disheveled hair, a tightly closed mouth and…a little liquid at the side. Red smiled. Then swallowed.

"Here. Let me get that." Shadow scooped the liquid from his face and tasted it. "Mm. Good. What do you, think, Vio?"

"…" He shrugged. Then got a kiss from Red. Vio tasted himself through the kiss and thought it was rather sweet. Possibly from something he ate or just from the fact that it was Red. Possibly both. Red pulled out and looked at him. Then signaled for Shadow to take over. The dark one cut off the binds from Vio's wrists and did as told.

Red walked over to the next victim and tapped a hand to his cheek. "Wake up, Sweetie."

The blue-clad warrior slowly regained consciousness and looked up at the aroused Red sitting on his lap. "R…Red? What…what's going on? What are you doing?"

"Enjoying myself. Did you enjoy your nap?"

"Nap? What are you-" He started remembering what happened. Actually, just barely. "Someone attacked me! And I was knocked unconscious! Red! You gotta get-" And he noticed Green sitting beside him. Turning his head he unfortunately noticed the other two passionately making out. "AW, COME ON! I DON'T WANNA LOOK AT THAT SHIT! Red, what the Hell's going on?"

Fingers traced patterns on the other's tunic. "Nothing much. Just hanging out, enjoying the night…enjoying you." He winked.

Blue finally got the hint. The look he gave Red after realizing it all was priceless. A pale whiteness spread across his face with the expression to describe an event of him accidentally walking in on an incredibly nauseating scene. The one sitting on him grinned evilly. "Red…you DIDN'T!"

"I did."

"WHY? Why the Hell would you-" Blue's mind snapped into place. Vio! His head crooked to the side. "Vio…" He took a deep breath. "What the fuck did you do?"

Vio stopped his assault on Shadow and looked at Blue. He searched for an answer, but shrugged anyway.


Vio rolled his eyes and moved on.

Red watched Blue shout at Vio. "Blue, Baby, calm down." Blue's head violently shot at Red's direction. "Look, who cares that Vio told about me. It's actually better this way. At least everyone knows that you got a great lover on you. Don't you agree?" Blue bit his lip and nodded. "Good. Now, someone deserves a kiss…" Red leaned over and kissed Blue. This seemed to help calm him down as he breathed in and relaxed through the kiss. It only lasted for a minute though as Red broke off and rubbed his nose against the other.

Blue chuckled a little in his throat. "So, Red-Kun. Sweetheart. Umm…when…when were you planning on untying me?"

"Untying you? Hmm. Let's see. How about…never." He smiled. "I like seeing you like this. Makes me feel good inside. But there IS one thing that's been bothering me. Something I've been meaning to talk about."

"Really? W-What about?"

Red caressed a cheek with an opposite hand and sighed. Then backhanded Blue across the face.


Blue's cheeks were suddenly squeezed together by the grasp of Red's fingers as he made him look at him. "Don't you remember, Blue-Kun? That morning I woke up after a night of hot sex and you weren't in my bed? Remember? You never, EVER do that to me, Blue-Kun! NEVER! What if I wanted to fuck your brains out a little more, huh? HUH? You don't just get up and leave! You stay like the little bitch that I raised. Understand?" He shook his head 'yes'. "Good." Red let go of Blue's cheeks. "But that doesn't mean you're off the hook. I still gotta punish you." He stood up and after stretching for a moment, walked over to Green.

The Hero snoozed soundlessly. In the vast regions of his mind, Green dreamt of a young woman around his age. Golden locks atop a head of pure splendor. Her face like porcelain, eyes like the great river, soft, radiant skin; a soul filled with love. Green would take her hand, tell her stories of his vast adventures as they walk the great plains side-by-side with no one to stop them. They would fish and sit on a tree. And sometimes she would even stroke his cheek with a hand and blush a little.

" Princess…"

She, at one point, leaned in to whisper in his ear. But he couldn't hear her. Everything suddenly went silent. There was a soft mumble, but nothing else. She looked at him worryingly and held a cheek with a hand.

Then Green woke up…and saw Red. "Oh. Hi, Red-Kun. Why…why are you sitting on me?"

Red held a hand to his cheek, caressing the skin with a thumb. "I was watching you sleep."

He raised an eyebrow. Then trying to move his hands and feet, realized that he couldn't. "Red! I'm tied up! What's going on? Have we been atta- Zelda! Zelda's in danger! Quick Red! Untie me! We have to get-"

Red slammed his hand on Green's mouth. "Shut up, Green. Everything's fine. I just decided to kidnap the four of you, that's all."

"KIDNAP? FOUR?" Green looked to his side. Blue sat beside him with his usual scowl and for some reason Vio and Shadow were busy having very passionate sex just a few feet away. This made him quickly avoid the gaze and blush embarrassingly. "Red…what's going on?" He gulped.

"What's the matter?" Red avoided the question, "You like that? Does that get you hot downstairs? Eh? I could do that too if you like. Or maybe you can be on top. Whatever you want, Hero. I can put on the dress and we can play pretend. You can rescue me and take me to your great master bedroom in the sky. You be the prince and I'll be your pretty, pretty princess. 'Oh great Hero! Please, take me now! I need you! I want you so badly! Show off all that great masculine strength to me! PLEASE! I NEED it! I want it! CRAVE it! Please! Fuck me, Green! I need you to-'"

"WOAH-WOAH-WOAH! N-NO, Red! W-What are you taking about? I'm…I'm not gay!"

Red leaned back and raised an eyebrow. A sudden hiccup arose in his throat. Then a chuckle. A giggle. Then a full blown laugh. Red slapped a hand in front of his eyes as he convulsed in laughter leaving the one under him positively confused as to what was going on. He put his hand down. "BULLSHIT! That's bullshit, Green! I…I can't believe you would even THINK that! Come on! The signs are everywhere! Here. Look at it this way: Blue's gay, I'm obviously gay, the two over there," *Insert whatever Vio and Shadow are doing now* "Well, they're a lot more than they lead on. Which means that you definitely HAVE to be gay as well! There can't be five Links and only one of them is straight! Unless you're Bi, but that's highly unlikely."

"What do you mean 'unlikely'?"

"But don't worry," Red continued, obviously ignoring him. "I can show you toward the light, the way that was meant for you. Just relax Green and let me kiss you. Let the warm, tender feeling rush through your blood and slowly take you over. My lips on yours, tongue begging for entrance."

"B-But Red-"

"Shh…just relax." He inched closer, noses touching at the tip. Red's capture shivered at the feeling of his breath on his mouth.

The ignored Blue watched on. "Green, I swear. If you enjoy it…"

Red licked his lips. With one last glance at Green's virgin mouth, the two finally connected.

"Oh…oh, Goddesses! What's going-why's Red acting like this?" Green thought. He was in quite a predicament, no doubt. Red. The Link that's usually very childish, sweet, sincere was now admitting to kidnapping the other four Links and teasing Green into believing that's he's GAY? And kissing him on top of that? What happened when he was asleep? Who (or what) suddenly possessed Red? He was NEVER this forward! NEVER! Green felt the other suck on one lip then move to the next. It was incredibly weird for him. Green had never been kissed by a guy before and was really never planning on doing it himself. …Right? NO! That was the hormones talking! Stop thinking like that! But if the others were gay…

Fingers found a nipple under the tunic and was pinching it.

A moan appeared. Then a tongue made entrance in the noisy mouth. Green was even more shocked. Possibly scared. The turn of events was routing for Red and there was nothing he could do about it. He couldn't breath or think. Then, in the middle of all that was going on and Green's great mental desperation, whether or not it was what it seemed like, Green's eyes…drifted closed.

Thank the Goddesses Blue was tied up. "GOD- …I swear, Green! You're so FUCKING LUCKY right now! If I was-when I GET free, I'll make sure that the next time you use your mouth you can't 'cause you'll be unconscious after I get done kicking the ever-loving SHIT OUT OF YOU! You fucking…BASTARD!"

The mouths stopped kissing. Red finally got off of Green to cut the restraints off and take care of his boyfriend. Green looked at the bruised wrists; they did a nice number on him. Red and a little swollen. Yup, some nice black and blues would appear there soon. Gently rubbing the ach away, Green forgot to notice one little minor detail…

A fist colliding with his face. Blue, now free, jumped at the stunned Green and gave out another punch. "YOU FUCKING BASTARD! I'LL KILL YOU!"

"Stop it, Blue!"

Two Links struggled on the floor. Green, while on top of Blue, tried to control the situation. But was overpowered by Blue rolling the two over so he was on top of the other. This continued for a bit until Blue wrapped his fingers around Green's throat.

"You traitorous bastard! How DARE you kiss Red! In FRONT of me, no less!"

"Blue…" Green spout out. He eased Blue's death grip by pulling at his hands. "Red…came on to me."

His mind snapped. "SHUT UP!" Releasing a hand to strike at Green, Blue suddenly lost his balance and fell on top of him. In getting up, however, he noticed something rather unpleasant (or good, for that matter) that Green seemed to notice, too: their hips were connected. Redness appeared on both their cheeks at this realization as they stared at the other figuring out what to do. Blue shifted a little, but the friction caused the one under him to groan. Green tried to move, but the blue-one groaned as well. They stared at each other for some time until one of them moved again.

Green sat up…and hesitantly kissed Blue. They parted. Blue bent over and did the same to Green. Then they kissed again. And again. And again. And they decided not to stop. Blue gently placed Green back on the floor as they kissed, wrapping his arms around the other. Fingers went through Blue's hair, a moan went through the kiss, spare hand slowly felt his chest…

Things went faster. The one on top started to grind against the other. Electrifying heat built up. Two Links started to hastily rid the other of their clothing, feeling the sweat-drenched muscles under their fingertips and mouths. Blue then urged Green to suck on his two digits.

…That's when Red came over. "Enough…Blue." His voice was filled with lust. "On your knees…now." Blue didn't answer fast enough. "Get on your knees…NOW!" He immediately obeyed and went to position. Except that he was still on top of Green.

Red, with bottle in hand, started to coat his fingers and tease Blue's entrance. First digit went inside. Second digit. …then third. Blue groaned when the fingers moved away. "Watch Green," Red said. "Watch as I take this incredibly strong man…and melt him into pudding!" He playfully spanked a cheek. Red placed himself at the entrance, "I hope you two cum all over each other." and went inside. Red and Blue simultaneously closed their eyes as Red put himself in. Red was in a state of pure bliss, feeling the warm, throbbing tightness around him. Blue on the other hand... not so much. Having something in an orifice that's used to having things come OUT of it isn't exactly pleasant. At first. He sucked in his breath and waited a moment before giving his partner the go-ahead. He slowly pulled out, Red waiting with frustrated anticipation for the REAL ride to begin, and slowly reentered. This kept up until he was sure Blue could handle it a little faster. With the 'ok', Red pulled out carefully one last time...before thrusting himself back in at full force.

Two pairs of eyes stared at the other as a revved up Red tore through Blue's special hole. Green saw the lust in Blue's eyes as his partner claimed him. Blue stared down at Green's. Neither one planned for this predicament. But it was inevitable; their erections were frantically rubbing together. Meaning Red was forcing the Green and Blue Links to hump each other.

"…Blue…" Green began.

"S…Sorry, G-Green." Blue apologized. "Red, he…he gets like this…"

"SHUT THAT COCK-LOVING MOUTH, SLAVE!" A hand roughly slapped one of Blue's cheeks after Red screamed his demand at him. "Do something useful with that thing and tell Green how much of a slut you are!" When he didn't say anything, Red thrust his penis back in Blue and continued on. He humped him roughly, panting and moaning with every ounce of energy left within. Fingers rewrapped around Blue's hips as the sweat made it difficult to hold on for long. His lover's sounds filled his ears along with Green's. This made him work harder. At one point Red was going so rough that Blue's top side collapsed on Green, rubbing two noses together.

"Blue!" Green shouted. Blue tried to silence the one under him with a passionate kiss. Green pushed him away. "I'm…gonna cum!"

Suddenly, two strong arms wrapped themselves around Red's shoulders pulling him out of Blue. Then another set pulled Blue off of Green.

Red struggled against his capture. "WHAT THE HELL, VIO! I wasn't done yet!"


"Now-now Blue. Little sex slaves shouldn't talk like that." Shadow teased.


Vio piped in. "Ok, Shadow-kun. Calm down! Don't forget about the little game we want to play."

His ears perked. "Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Hey Blue and Red! You guys wanna play with a new toy that just came out?"

"Huh?" They said in unison.

"What? You don't know? You two created it!" Shadow moved Blue's gaze at a certain area. So did Vio with Red. All four Links stared at the new 'toy' and smirked. Green.

Two couch cushions were set on the floor. The different colors placed the green colored one atop one as they set up position. Red kneeled in front of Green. "Enjoying this yet?"

"I…don't know."

Red chuckled lightly. He moved closer to Green, caressing his lips on his as a couple of fingers found their way to caress his erection. Green moaned. This gave Red the intention to kiss his lips. Cranking Green's head to the side gave Blue the intention to suck his neck. Red's moving from his lips to slowly pump the erection gave Vio and Shadow the intent to play with his nipples. After some time, Green got lay down on those cushions for a little more treatment. Red stayed at his legs.

"Green-kun," He started. "I'm…gonna suck your cock. Ok? I'm gonna put your penis in my mouth and suck on it. Like a juicy piece of steak. Ok?"


Shadow reassured him. "It's ok, sweetie. Having someone suck you off is never anything to be ashamed of. It's just another hole to stick it in, that's all. But complete with a vacuum!"

"What Shadow is trying to say is," Vio interrupted. "It's better if it's with us than having some stranger do it for you. Besides, it'll be like giving yourself oral…kinda. No big deal, really. But if you don't want to you don't have to. No pressure. What do you say?"

Green looked over at Red, then at Vio and Shadow…then Blue. Blue blushed a little. Then quickly nodded. He looked back at Red. "Do it."

Red smiled. Before the assult on his new victim, Red moved to give the green warrior a gentle kiss on his already abused lips. It was soft. Not demanding or subtle for Red's state at the moment, but tender. When he moved back down, the violet and dark Links did the same. Blue just placed his hands on Green's shoulders."It'll be ok." Vio slowly parted Green's legs. He decided to start slow since this was Green's first experience and going too fast might startle him. Red placed gentle kisses along his inner thighs. He moved from the knee going carefully down near his genitals, but not to touch them of course. Same story with the second leg. Before he went further, Red grabbed onto Green's hips knowing what would happen if he didn't. He then blew a soft breath onto Green. This made the receiver's hips jerk a bit.

"Watch me, Green."

Green obeyed. He sat up on his arms only to witness something truly beautiful: the sight of Red gathering his erection into his open lips, sucking on the tip a bit, for it to be engulfed in a canvas of warm moistness.

Green gasped. Pretty hard.

…And exhaled a nice, loud moan. At that moment Green's eyes never left Red. He watched as the other was enjoying himself at tasting Green's length, bobbing his head every now and then and adding new movements to his tongue for the boy to enjoy. Green became hypnotized. Blood boiling, shaky breathing, he watched Red. Watched how much of him was being sucked, watched the licks, the caresses, the sudden glances back up at him… Vio even helped Green realize at one point that he could caress Red's head as he worked. Red moaned at this, vibrating Green's penis into more pleasure.

Shadow moved over to Red's side, licking his lips and giving a playful spank to his behind. He bent over to whisper in his ear-

"N-NO!" Shadow looked up. "Don't make him stop! G-Go! Go away, Shadow! Let Red continue!"

Shadow smirked. "I'm not." He whispered to Red. Then went back to Green. "He's not working hard enough."

"D-Do it faster, Red! Suck me faster! Harder! Do it now!"

Red looked up at Green. Then pulled away. Before he could protest, Vio placed a hand on his chest to lay him down. He tried to push away, but Shadow helped.

"Just relax, Green."

"Trust us."

He finally listened and lay down. Red changed his position and started to suck on his tests, paralyzing any defense from Green. That's when Vio and Shadow came in. Shadow proceeded to take one of Green's nipples in his mouth, teasing it playfully while Vio wetted the other with a finger only to pinch and pull at it. Red started to pump him.

"GODDESSES! YES! PLEASE…DON'T STOP! I'm…I'm gonna cum soon!"

At hearing this, Red went faster. He pumped Green with gentle, breakneck speed. He stopped to lick and suck on his length a little before continuing with the previous task. He felt Green getting closer minute by minute.

Meanwhile, Blue watched everything going on wondering what to do himself. He was aroused, of course, but positively confused. Was he supposed to enjoy this or hate it? He saw his partner sucking Green off and knew he had to have him. That hole. It HAD to be his! But with what to do about Green…


Blue knew. He suddenly held Green's face in his hands and roughly kissed him. Blue didn't know why, though. It just…happened. Green pushed him away just in time to cry out his release.

Everything went quiet. Three out of the four Link's stared at Green for his reaction. Green's grip on Blue (who was now blushing madder then before) lessened and his arms collapsed in exhaustion. Red carefully crawled over the other to look down at him. And swallowed something in his mouth.


He bent down and kissed him. Red's tongue entered his mouth, which made Green taste a variety of flavors. Cream. Sweet. Sour. Is this what tasting yourself is like? It was like a banana boat of choices. Each to be picked out and enjoyed. But also all at once. Red pulled out and licked his lips. "Tasty?"

Green chuckled a grin.

"Good." Red pecked another peck and got off him. He let out a deep, unsatisfied exhale as he stretched wondering how and who was finally gonna get HIM off! Red looked at Blue.

Blue had just sat Green against the wall to recuperate for a bit, leaving the cushions free. He turned to Red and grinned. "Well, you've been doing all the 'lesson teaching' around here, so you should take a break for now. But don't worry," An arm swiftly pulled Red to him. "I'll take over. How do you want it, Red? Tell me." Two hands pressed against two rear cheeks, grinding two sets of hips against one another. "How…do…you…want…it?

"...Goddesses! Damn it, Blue! Don't...don't tease! Just fucking take me! Take me now!"

Blue smirked, feeling a bit playful. "Wait. WHEN did you want it?"

That, unfortunately, didn't suite the other. "I SAID NOW, GODAMNIT!" Red then grabbed a startled Blue and threw him onto the cushions. Then himself next.

The two wrestled around for a bit each in a heated debate of kisses and who should be on top. In the end the winner turned out to be Blue who had Red pinned underneath. Red tried to protest but was silenced when Blue began to suckle on the tender flesh of his neck, marking his territory. While sucking, Blue decided to gently grind into the one underneath: Red's throaty moan was music to his ears.

"Heh. Look who finally dominates who." A millisecond passed as Blue quickly scooped Red into his arms and stuck two fingers near his mouth. "Suck."

Red obliged. As quickly as it began, Red coated the digits and was now having them gently put inside him. And as quickly as it took Blue to fully stretch his partner, he positioned himself.

"Ready, Babe?"

Red shook his head 'yes'.

He entered.

A pair of eyes shut tight as the one underneath felt Blue penetrate him. Pain filled moans escaped Red's lips. It always hurt at first. Very rare for it to barely hurt. But the pain was always worth it at the end. Always. After a minute, Red looked up at Blue.

"Let me know when you're ready. 'K?"

He chuckled. "Bitch, please. You KNOW when I'm ready!" He pulled Blue's head so they touched nose to nose. "Fuck me already! Do it now!"

Blue obeyed. Positioning a comfortable stance for his legs, Blue grinned at Red's cockiness. He'll show him! Slowly pulling out…

Over and over each hard, loving thrust sent the red-one into a never-ending spiral of rhythmic moans each more delicious than the last. Blue's pants were almost as rhythmic with the occasional moan and grunt here or there. One Link moved his arms to wrap the other closer. The other with their legs.


"D-does…does this feel good enough for you?"

Red grinned and shook his head.

"Well, what if I did this?" He eased himself off his partner to move his legs, getting them into a deeper thrusting position. Grabbing the bottle, Blue moistened the area further while playfully thrusting his fingers in and out to tease his beloved. Red's disapproved groan made him take them out only to reinsert himself, thrusting as fast as before but with a different goal in mind. Searching for a certain spot. Where is it, where is it…


There it was.

He hit it again. And again. And again. Red desperately clung onto Blue as the white-hot bolts of pleasure shot through his core singing a song of half moan/screams with Blue's name. Blue held Red while panting into the crook of his neck. They both felt their releases coming soon. So soon.

Vio sat there and watched. Watched Red's sweat-faced expressions of the purest of pleasures. Watched as Blue gave all his strength to his lovemaking, working every muscle to its limit. Watched how everything moved and reacted going as far down as-

His erection twitched. So sinful, yet beautiful. Vio looked up to see Shadow on his knees pumping his length. Of course Shadow would do such a thing right in front of them!

Shadow shot a look at Vio. "What? Oh, come on! Don't tell me you don't want to, too!" He went back to doing so.

The violet-one looked back at the two on the cushions. It WAS starting to get harder... Vio moved to his knees staring at Blue and Red and looking back at the aching organ. Wrapping his fingers around it, he slowly started to pump.

"Good boy, Vio! Good boy!"

He pumped faster. Watching the two on the cushions, his love stroking himself, the tension in the air...

"Blue. ...Baby! I'm almost there!"

"So am I!"

Blue slowed down for a moment to move a hand to Red's neglected penis giving it a firm jerking. Red threw his head back suddenly. Thrusting into Red and pumping his penis, Blue felt he would cum soon. He lay a gentle kiss on his cheek.


Mind spinning,


Red gave one last twitch as his hot semen painted them both, his scream filling the room. Blue, feeling Red's inner walls closing around him, gave one last thrust as his orgasm filled the last bit of space in Red. Seconds later another splash of semen landed on Blue's back courtesy of Shadow as after that the same happened with Vio. The two collapsed on their legs as their bodies cooled. Red and Blue just clung to each other.

A minute later though, something sprayed near Shadow. The dark-one looked behind him: Green sat with a satisfied grin holding his erection. Shadow grinned as well. The others looked over at their green counterpart. Blue sat up and pulled himself out of Red making a pillow from his one shoulder. Red called Green over with the flex of a finger. Green obeyed. Vio moved over to his Shadow as they lay together on the tampered floor.

Fatigue set in on them all. One Link clinging to another, their nighttime adventures came to a close as they closed their eyes. They said their good-nights. Red, the one that started the fiasco in the first place, gave the two on each arm a kiss each and with that satisfied grin, he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Light shown from the windows as morning awoke in Hyrule. It settled into the house accompanied by the five Heroes of the land, each taken to the world of slumber. A pair of eyes twitched as the sun got to them first. Blue was the first to wake, groaning in response as his moving frame felt the presence of another next to him. Arms wrapped around it.

"Good morning."


Blue's eyes slowly opened. So did the other. They quickly separated.


"Me? What's wrong with you?"

"You're the one trying to make out with me!"

"Like Hell I would!"

"Oh? Then what WERE you trying to do?"

"I don't know! I don't even know how I got near you in the first place!"

"Keep on denying! Even while I take the liberty of punching your face in!"

"Go ahead and try it you loaded sack of-"

"HEY! Do you guys MIND?"

Blue and Green shot a look at Shadow. "SOME of us are trying to SLEEP! Go take your lovers spat somewhere else!"

The two looked at each other and blushed. "LIKE HELL HE'S MY LOVER!" Green and Blue looked over each other and blushed deeper being reminded of the previous nights events.

Vio decided to chime in. "Guys? That's great and all, but could you keep it down? If not for us than for Red."

Red. The four looked at the cushions. Where was he?

"Good morning sleepy-heads!"

They looked over. Red stood at the doorway of the kitchen hair wet from a shower wearing his regular tunic with a cute, white apron. He held a tray of cookies. "I just baked these - fresh from the oven! Come on! I got a nice breakfast waiting for you, too!" He went back inside. The Links just stared at each other.

After getting dressed and straightening up the four went to have their meal. On the table were five sets of ham, eggs, toast with jam and glasses of OJ. Red placed a cookie next to each plate. "Ok! Now we eat!"

When the Links went to sit down, however, Green got startled as Vio, Shadow and Blue suddenly jumped from their seats. And worried when they carefully lowered themselves back down. Picking up their forks to begin, they stole a quick look at Red. He just ate his cookie and smiled cutely.

END. ^_^