Lost lullabies

Summary: (vampire) Hinata was banished from vampire society for 100 years because of consorting with a human boy. When the vampire lord, Uchiha Sasuke, chooses her as his wife, Hinata is forced to enter "society" again. However, isolation did not teach Hinata how to deal with spoiled high-class "ladies", nor to dodge affection from unwanted "gentlemen," and most of all, to be the wife of the "enigma and blood thirsty vampire lord".

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The mansion that was once known as "Berceuses Perdue" had become no more than a rundown building that continued to exist in southern forest area of Konoha. The small town, which was once situated near the mansion, had been long deserted. There was only one person who remained in this town who continued to live in the "Berceuses Perdue." This resident had silently watched from her glass window as the people fled and cursed the town that was once their home. About sixty years ago, it was rumoured that a demon arrived in the village and it slaughtering the inhabitants at random. The townspeople were terrified at the sight of more and more bodies turning up without a single trace of the culprit. This incident caused much of populace to move away or into the city. One day the demon that was terrorizing the town just seemed to vanish into thin air. Nevertheless, it was too late for the town to recover, and it was gradually abandoned.

The townspeople never questioned the sudden disappearance of the killer, nor decide to pursue the incident any further since it was oblivious that town was no longer a safe place to reside in. It was good thing they never decided to pursue it, since they wouldn't have believed who the vanquisher really was. The vanquisher was a rather young vampire known as Hyuuga Hinata. Since vampires only aged once every twenty-five years, she looked nearly the same as she did a hundred years ago. She looked no more than twenty-years-old. Her long hair was still the same shade of shiny black-blue that resembled the night sky at the peak of midnight, and her eyes were two large, pale pearls set into a slightly round face. Her smooth, unblemished skin was as pale as the fresh snow, and it suited her delicate facial features, resembling a doll. She was the sole mistress of the "Berceuses Perdue." Hinata lounged in the window seat of the upstairs parlour room, admiring the last ray of sunlight and enjoying the warmth it provided. She loved the last minutes of dusk and dawn. They were the only times when a vampire could enjoy the sunlight and not be afraid of being harmed by the sun's rays.

The warmth from the sun reminded her of happier days of her life, when she was with him. However, it was hefty price she had to pay for the few years of happiness she was given. When someone found out about her meetings with the "human boy she was trialed and found guilty by the vampire elders. Her punishment was banishment from vampire society for a hundred years. Therefore, for the past hundred years, Hinata steadily adjusted to being in isolation. In isolation, no one scorned or teased her about acting like a human. She could be as human as she wanted, and no one, especially her father, would care. However, she didn't always feel this way. The beginning of her banishment was when it was challenging because of her overwhelming guilt and the shame she must have brought upon her family. For the first forty years, she was withdrawn, guilt-stricken, and even considered taking her own life. Although vampires can live longer than average human being, it wasn't impossible to kill one. She knew vampires could die in combat once its heart or brain stopped and direct sunlight could render them blind and powerless.

The demon that had been terrorizing the town, had wandered into the "Berceuses Perdue." The demon had nearly killed her with its demonic strength and agility. In a desperate attempt to save her life, she drew on every ounce of her psyche vampire abilities to take over demon's body and extract its spirit. Using her blood as a seal, she sealed the spirit into a fox statue. The use of her blood and the demon's essence allowed the statue to come to life. Due the blood she used during the sealing, this creature was bound to her, which meant as long she was living, the demon's essence remained trapped in its container. At first, Hinata thought it was merely an average animal; on the contrary, she discovered this creature possessed intelligence and a distinct personality.

Hinata even dubbed the fox as "Kyuubi" after its ninth birthday. Little by little, the fox became the official companion of Hyuuga Hinata in the lonely, rundown mansion. The existence of Kyuubi managed to save her from the darkness and gave her a reason for living. Hinata looked out at courtyard of the mansion, watching the shadows play on the ground. She narrowed her eyes, even though everything looked fine outside, but she felt that there was something wrong. There were no birds or clouds in the sky. In her chest, an uneasy feeling began to build up. At back her mind, she could feel odd vibrations as if someone was trying to tap into her mind and a buzzing sound filled her eardrums. She closed her eyes and started to build a stronger barrier around her mind.

"What's wrong?" asked a raspy, rough voice across the room. The red fox rested on a chair, watching her with lazy, brown eyes.

"Something is coming," she replied without opening her eyes, trying to push out the buzzing sound.

"A demon?"

"I don't know…maybe," she said, cringing as another wave of vibration hit her mind. Whoever was trying to break into her mind possessed an extremely strong psyche power since it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep him out of her mind. The buzzing noise was replaced with a clear voice.

"You are a few hundred years too early to keep me out."

Hinata's eyes snapped out; it was a voice she didn't know, but the sound of his voice made the hairs on back of her neck stand up. This voice was cold, superior with the edge of authority, and she didn't like it one bit. Her breath came faster as the unknown force tore down the barriers around her mind. She shivered as the feeling of cold, imaginary fingers touched her subconscious.

"Who are you?" She asked.

All she could hear was a light chuckle from the unknown person.

"You will find out very soon, Hyuuga Hinata."

Images flashed through her mind at amazing speed. She saw a giant mansion in one of the flashes. She felt her mind zooming into an image at an amazing speed. She saw a poorly lit bedroom decorated lavishly in black silks and satin, and there was someone sitting a chair, but she couldn't see this person's face. The only thing she saw were a pair of red eyes, which seemed to hold flames of hell in its depths. She let out a scream, and just then, both the voice and images disappeared from her mind. The barriers around her mind were intact. It felt as if it was nearly an illusion. She felt something soft push against her leg. Hinata picked up the fox and held the creature to her chest.

She knew it was a vampire, since it was nearly impossible for a demon to possess such strong telepathic powers. Vampires were separated in two basic categories, one was type was possessed strength and agility while the other type possessed psyche powers, but only a few vampires ever possessed these two attributes at once. It would make the vampire who possessed them extremely dangerous and powerful depending on how they decided to use these powers. She knew that in vampire society, most of individuals who possessed both of these attributes had high ranks as general or lord.

She felt weakness take over her body. The fox in her arms continued to struggle a little before giving up and becoming content to loll in her arms.

"Purgatory is finally over?" asked the fox with a hint of curiosity.

Hinata nodded and murmured into the darkness that surrounded the room.

"Hell is next."

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