Lost Lullabies

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Time seemed to slow like honey flowing from a jar as Hinata looked blankly at her hands while the car brought her closer and closer to the manor. The main house as Kurenai called, was the original Uchiha clan lived before the Uchiha Massacre occured. The main house was where all the Uchiha's secrets were kept as well. It was rare for an unwed bride to live in such a house. It seemed Uchiha Sasuke was bending all the rules in order to keep the chain around her neck. She subconsciously touched her throat, it didn't hurt anymore but she knew that the memory would never fade from her skin. An invisible tattoo that reminded her that his power would always be enough to crush her at moment's notice.

Kurenai sat silently beside her, looking straight ahead,"Hinata-sama, Uchiha-sama will be arriving tonight, please give him a proper welcome."

"Proper welcome?"

"He needs to feed. Since you are his wife to be, it is your duty to satisfy his need in both blood and carnal need. If you refuse, Uchiha-sama may stray away to others to fulfill his needs. If he choose to do so, your position would be greatly affected. "

"My position..." murmured Hinata, to herself. A position that females would die fighting over, yet she is only one who dreaded and feared this position. Sakura's eyes filled her mind, she cringed at the memory. She would love to give this position to Sakura, any day.


Hinata shook her head and replied, "I-I'm just a bit tired."

Kurenai nodded, and silence resumed. Hinata closed her eyes, forcing herself to keep her mind blank. A few moments later, they arrived at a beautifully structured traditional japanese manor. Kurenai explained it was newly renovated, they had added a few new rooms and garden with pond in the back. Maids dressed in simple kimonos greeted them at the front door and as Hinata stepped inside, she notice the floor shined as if it was newly polished.

The smell of oak and pine filled her nose, the house reminded her of the forest that she used to love when she used lived at the "Berceuses Perdue." Hinata followed Kurenai through the house, passing beautifully crafted paper sliding doors and straw mat flooring. Hinata was lead to a similar room with straw mat flooring. A simple scroll drawing of plum flower hang on the wall, her luggage were already placed in the corner of the room.

"Hinata-sama, is there anything you would like?" asked Kurenai, lingering at the doorway.

"Could you prepare a bath for me?"asked Hinata with a faint smile. Kurenai nodded and slide the door shut behind her. As soon as Kurenai left, Hinata hurriedly started to unpack everything from her bags. When the book that she had hidden in the bottom of her clothes appeared, she hugged it close to her chest. The book was called Lost lullabies, a collections of forgotten bedtimes stories which intended to lulled kids to sleep. It was only thing they allowed her to keep when she was banished. It was only thing that made these lonely night bearable before Kyuubi came along. The memory of him, telling her its stories filled her with an indescribable longing and sadness.

"Are you going to read that again?" asked a voice behind. Kyuubi's body rubbed against her arm. He turned to look her.

"Kyuubi, I can't stay here," she whispered. He stared at her for long moment before sitting on his hind legs, "then, where do you suggest we go?"

"Anywhere but here," replied Hinata, clutching the book to her chest. She had to get out of here. She never wanted this position nor did she ask to be his wife. There has to be more suitable person than her, he wouldn't have to look hard. In the deep recess of her mind, she knew he wanted more than her blood or body, he wanted something that she simply could not give to him. The box containing the ring caught her eye, slowly letting go of the book. She picked up the ring box and opened it. The ring she never wore glittered and winked at her, showing her a future where she would be simply like a trophy, sitting in the back of his shelf. She quickly shut the box, she wouldn't let that happen.

"Kyuubi, I need your help."

Kyuubi sighed and scratched his left ear, "I don't think I am going to like this."

When Kurenai arrived with the news, he had just returned from his mission. A few piece of paper work before he would head to the manor. His little bride to be must be excited to see him after the time they spent part. He wondered how much she had grown under Ino's tutelage, he wondered if she was going to be more obedient and let him mark her tonight. His mouth watered at the thought, her delicate neck exposed to him during their joining. He could almost imagine the feel her fingertips digging his arms. He would make sure that it was his name that she screamed from now on.

A knock on door took him away from his thoughts, "come in."

Kurenai stood at the door, her face was pale and there was a fearful look in her eyes. In her hands clutched a box and a piece of paper.

"What is it?"

"Uchiha-sama, Hinata-sama has disappeared," said Kurenai, her hands shaking as she spoke the words. The pen that Sasuke was holding snapped in half, "What?"

"There were series of small fires set off around the manor and she must have slipped out during the commotion. This was left in her room. I have already sent people out to look for her. We will-"

Kurenai's throat closed up, and items that she was holding fell to the floor. Sasuke was standing now, approaching her slowly. Kurenai clutched her throat, trying to release the hold that he had there. He looked at the items, it was the engagement ring box that he had given to her. The letter simply said, "I can't never give you what you want. Just let me go. Please."

Sasuke cursed under his breathe. He waved his hand and Kurenai's breathing returned, she was lying on the floor motionless, catching her breath.

"Uchiha-sama, forgive me. I will make sure she is found," choked out Kurenai before getting up.

He waved his hand, and Kurenai hurried away. He was furious. He crushed the letter in his hand. Did she even know what he wanted? Did she know how many rogues he had kill in order to reach the position he was in, so he could have her, did she really think that he would let her go so easily? He wondered how stupid can she be, did she forget that he was a rogue hunter? It simply meant that he had to show her. He went over to his liquor cabinet. He poured himself, a shot of brandy. The liquor took the edge off of his rage. He had been too easy to on her, allowing her space and time to learn. He should have just done it himself. His mind filled ways that he would teach her properly but first, he had to get her back. Simply because, he didn't want to lose her again.

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