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Spencer looked at Carmen and tried to keep herself from flinching. She wanted Ashley to hurry up and get here, but was also nervous about what Carmen might do if the two came face to face.

"I heard you were moving," Spencer said a little coldly.

Carmen adjusted her bag, "Yeah, that's my mom for you. When things get rough she packs a u-haul. But, I'm kind of tired of moving. I mean, I would like to stay here, if I had a reason."

Spencer looked her dead in the eye and knew she was referring to her, to them. But she couldn't give Carmen another chance, not after being shoved like that. Carmen seemed to read the rejection and nodded her head sadly.

"So I guess I'll be leaving then," she turned to leave but whipped back around when she heard screeching tires.

Spencer turned too and everything seemed to slow down. A car was fishtailing, aiming straight for her. She barely registered Ashley's Porsche pulling into the school lot and the look of horror on her face. The car kept coming closer and closer, but she couldn't get her feet to work. Instead she stood there until the world went black.

Ashley watched with horror as Spencer stood in the vehicle's path. She slammed on her breaks and jumped out of her Porsche, the only thing on her mind getting to Spencer. What she saw broke her heart, Spencer lying unconscious on the ground, blood pooled around her. Others started to rush over and Ashley fought so hard not to panic. She pulled out her phone and dialed 911.

"911 what's your emergency?"

"I'm at King High and my girlfriend was hit by a car, she isn't moving," Ashley breathed, ignoring the glare Carmen sent her for saying girlfriend.

"We'll send an ambulance immediately. Don't move her."

"Ok." Ashley hung up the phone and bent down next to Spencer, her entire body shaking. "Don't you dare die on me Spencer."

Carmen looked at her, "Why'd you say that she was your girlfriend?"

Not taking her eyes off the blonde, "Old habits die hard."

"Oh my God, Spencer!" Chelsea shouted when she finally fought through the crowd. "What happened?"

"I…I lost control of my car, it just started fishtailing. I tried to miss her, I swear I did," the bloody driver whispered, his face contorted in pain and guilt.

Ashley finally rips her eyes from Spencer to glare at the driver, "If anything…if she…there won't be a place in L.A. you can hide."

It was a couple of minutes later before the sounds of sirens could be heard and two ambulances and a couple of cop cars pulled into the school lot. The EMTs quickly started working on Spencer, and judging by their facial expressions it was fairly serious. As they started to load her up Ashley and Carmen moved to go with her.

"I'm sorry, but unless you are family I can't let you ride with her," one of them said not unkindly.

Carmen looked disappointed but Ashley wouldn't just let it be the end and pulled her cell phone out once again. It rang a couple of times before the other end picked up.

"Paula, this is Ashley."

"Ashley? What's wrong?"

"Spencer was hit by a car, the ambulance is here, and someone needs to go with her."

"Give them the phone."

Ashley tapped one of the EMTs on the shoulder and handed him the phone. He looked completely puzzled but put it up to his ear. His face changed after a second and he started to briefly explain Spencer's injuries. He went silent, then said ok and hung up. "Miss Davies, you can ride with us to the hospital."

Ashley, while completely concerned with Spencer's health, couldn't repress the smug smirk shot at Carmen as she climbed into the back of the ambulance. The sirens started up again and Ashley was speeding with Spencer towards the hospital.

Paula was waiting for her daughter when the ambulance arrived and went straight into doctor mode, although Ashley could see the panic in her blue eyes. Ashley sat in the waiting room for all of five seconds before she started pacing. She was interrupted by the entrance of Chelsea and Carmen, and a few minutes after them Arthur and Glen. No one said anything, talking would only make the situation real.

After what seemed like hours Paula came out, a pained yet relieved expression on her face, "She'll make it. She broke a couple of ribs and fractured her arm."

"Thank God," Ashley whispered, finally sitting down.

Arthur looked at his wife and dared to ask the question he was scared to, "What's wrong?"

"She…she hit her head pretty hard. She…she seems to have amnesia."