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Chapter 22: Trusting Him

Edward's POV

"Hallo," the man behind the counter greeted us. "Heißen Sie willkommen nach Deutschland an diesem schönen Tag. How may I help you?"

"Can you stamp this for me, please?" Bella asked as she held out her passport. He smiled and nodded.

We had broken from the rest of the group, Angela and Ben opting to join us. As soon as Angela heard Bella's plan to fill a passport, she wanted to do it as well. Ben and I had gone to buy the passports while Bella and Angela stood by the water. We found the passports fairly easily and grabbed the map of which booths held the stamps. The day really was beautiful. The clouds provided cover for most of the day, but it never rained. Ben and I handed over our passports once Bella and Angela's had been stamped. We left the Germany Pavilion for Italy.

We already had a stamp from Mexico, Norway, and China. Bella and Angela had both enjoyed being greeted in all the different languages. Angela had surprised me when she carried on a conversation with the man at the Mexico pavilion. She told us she had taken Spanish in high school then continued in college. Teachers whom were bilingual were paid extra. It was a useful tool.

"I've always wanted to go to Italy," Bella said. "It's the one place in all of the world that fascinates me."

"Where in Italy? Is there a specific place, or is it the country in general that appeals to you?" Ben asked her.

"I want to visit Pompeii, Rome, and take a train ride through the northern country. I used to spend hours reading about Italy or looking through travel websites. I think I want to go so bad because it's not feasible. I don't make enough to travel out of country, but it's still a dream none the less. What about you guys? Is there somewhere you've always wanted to visit?"

"France," Angela answered immediately. "I took a French literature class as an undergrad. It spurred my interest so I took some more classes centered on French history and culture. It fascinated me. It's the place I would go if ever given an opportunity. Ben doesn't really want to go though."

I tried hard to stifle my laughter. Ben told me months ago of his plans for the honeymoon. He told Angela they would be going to Colorado. They had gone there for their second one-year anniversary. He had rented a cabin in Durango, and they spent their time skiing. However, he was actually taking her to France. He already had all the reservations made. They would spend five nights in Paris then three nights in Nice. She would figure it out when he walked her to the gate at the airport. I would have to let Bella in on the secret. She would be so excited for her friend.

We arrived at the Italy Pavilion and Bella took her time looking around. I felt like I was looking at things for the first time through her. It was a nice feeling. I wanted her to enjoy every bit of this vacation. A minstrel approached and played. Bella gave him her full attention. He played for us all but was clearly playing to Bella. She leaned into me, and I smirked when he got the message. I'm sure Bella didn't mean anything by it, but he understood she wasn't available. When he concluded the song, she clapped enthusiastically for him.

"That was absolutely beautiful," she complimented him. He bowed and extended his hand. She reached for his and looked shocked when he pulled her hand to his lips for a delicate kiss.

"Apprezzo il sentimento, la mia signora, ma niente non è bella come lei. Il giovane è molto fortunato per lei averlo scelto," he responded.

"Veramente è oltre bella, e lei non ha idea come fortunato sono," I answered him. He looked at me a bit surprised before chuckling and nodding. Bella looked astonished. Ben was chuckling, and Angela smiled. Ben knew I spoke Italian. Many of the guys at the station liked to tease me about it.

"You speak Italian?" Bella asked as the minstrel walked away.

"I do. Italy also fascinates me. Carlisle has a few friends from there. They visited once piquing my interest. I started trying to learn when I was fourteen. Just before my seventeenth birthday, we took a trip to visit them. We spent two weeks there, which improved my Italian tremendously."

"You spoke it beautifully. Will you teach me how to say some things?"

"Certo." She smiled. "Let's find the stand to get our passports stamped."

Bella and Angela grabbed the piece of paper to find where the stand was then took off at a brisk walk. Ben and I followed. The woman greeted them in Italian, and Bella insisted I interpret then answer. I obliged, and then we left for the next country. Bella was visibly sad to go. She had been admiring the architecture. I told her it was an accurate model, but nothing could compare to actually being there. She waved goodbye to the minstrel that had played for her as well. I could see the longing in her eyes. Italy was a dream for her, and if she'd let me, I'd take her there sometime. She would fall in love with the country.

We visited Japan and Morocco before finally reaching France. Angela was just as excited as Bella was for Italy. There were troubadours, which we stopped to enjoy. They were wonderful, and the girls enjoyed them very much. We took some pictures with them before finding the booth to stamp our passports. Angela was enjoying every second telling Ben that since they wouldn't visit, they could pretend 'this is the real Eiffel Tower.' I smiled to myself; I could just picture her reaction to the real thing.

The last two places to visit were the United Kingdom and Canada. Each place was fun and we were able to fill our passports. Bella collected all our passports and placed them in her drawstring bag she was carrying. She said she would keep them safe, and this way we wouldn't have to worry about keeping a hold of them. We met back up with the gang and decided to get in a few more rides before we found a place to watch the light show over the water that happened every night once dark descended.

When the sun began to set, we made our way over to the IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth lake. We found a spot we could all fit comfortable. I sat down with my legs in front of me, my back resting against a small square pillar. I held my hand out to help Bella sit. I pulled her down between my legs so she could lean her back against my chest. She relaxed into me immediately. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed the crown of her head.

"Did you enjoy today?" I asked once I leaned my head down to her ear.

"Immensely," she responded immediately. "Today couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you for everything."

"You're welcome." I kissed the sensitive spot behind her ear I had found two nights before and felt a small shiver run through her. "Although, I think this day could get more perfect. Wait until you see this show. It's spectacular."

My last words were drowned out by the start of the music. Bella sat up a bit straighter and was soon drawn into the show. The music was superb. The symphony worked so well to sound as one. The fireworks were bright. They lit up Bella's face each time, and the joy was shining in her eyes. The lasers danced on the water to the music. It was entrancing and perfectly timed. The show lasted a good while, but soon the finale approached. Bella grasped my hands as the fireworks grew in intensity to match the music. She turned to look at me.

"It's so beautiful," she said. It was whispered so quietly I almost missed it. I smiled at her softly.

"Not as beautiful as you," I answered honestly.

I pulled her to me for a long, sweet, innocent kiss. I wanted her to know how much this moment, how much she meant to me. I felt her sigh, and I pulled back knowing I had made my point. The show had ended, and people were gathering their belongings to leave. Our group stood and walked with the crowd back to the monorail. It was already late, and we had another full day planned the next day. Bella sat in my lap on the ride back and almost dozed off like the other girls on their partner's laps.

We finally hailed two cabs and made our way back to the hotel. During the ride, Bella fell asleep against my shoulder. Once we arrived, I paid the driver and very carefully got out of the car. I picked Bella up easily and cradled her to my chest before heading to our rooms. Alice, whom was in the other cab, jumped out and ran in front of us. She pulled out a camera and took a picture. The woman was a picture Nazi, but I didn't mind.

I finally reached our rooms and waited for Emmett or Rosalie to unlock the door. Rosalie helped me pull the drawstring bag off her back, then I took Bella to her bed and placed her gently under the covers. I pulled the blankets up so she wouldn't get cold. I found her phone in the drawstring bag and set the alarm so she would have time to get ready in the morning.

"Buona notte, il mio angelo."

The next morning I woke with a start. I was going to kill Emmett. He should not be jumping on my bed. I took the pillow and swung it at his legs. I made contact, but was very confused to hear a giggle. I opened one eye a fraction to see the spiky black of Alice. I groaned and covered my head with a pillow. I felt her plop down next to me and yank the pillow away.

"What are you doing?" I asked as I peeked at the alarm clock. It was 7:00am. I should be asleep for another thirty minutes.

"I'm ready early," she stated matter-of-factly. "I'm waking everyone up, and telling them to get in gear. I'm ready to go now."

"You're so impatient sometimes."

"I know. You and Ben are the only ones I had to wake up. Rose, Angela, and Emmett are in the shower. Bella had trouble sleeping so she's been ready too, and Jasper was up with me since I couldn't sleep so he's ready. Don't you want your girlfriend to have all day at the park to enjoy the animals?" Her voice had turned sickly sweet.

"You're being manipulative now." I yawned and stretched. "I'm up. All I have to do is get dressed since I took a shower last night."

"Okay." She popped up and hurried out of the room. I could only shake my head at her.

Once dressed and ready I went into the living room to find everyone except Emmett and Rosalie watching television. All the sofa and love seat spots were taken. I walked over to Bella and leaned down to give her kiss. I picked her up and sat down with her on my lap. She giggled while she held onto my neck. Angela also giggled before Ben pulled her closer to his side. They were good for each other.

"Buon giorno," Bella said her voice a bit raspy.

"Sì, è," I answered. I couldn't contain my smile. Her slight southern accent she picked up from living in Phoenix could be heard. It made her speech quite adorable. "Alice said you couldn't sleep last night. Are you too excited?"

"I don't know what it was."

"Does your throat hurt? You sound raspy."

"It's a little itchy, but that's all. It's nothing to worry about." I knew she tended to downplay her illnesses so I made a mental note to keep an eye on her throughout the day.

"Let me know if it gets worse. We'll treat it before it can turn into something worse." She reluctantly nodded before leaning into me and focusing on the television.

Emmett and Rosalie finally emerged from the showers around 7:25. We left the hotel and decided to get a quick breakfast at a café. We sat down and pulled a menu from behind the napkin dispenser. The waitress came by to take our drink orders. Bella asked for a hot tea hoping it would sooth her throat a bit. Once she brought us our drinks, everyone ordered. Bella only ordered toast. I leaned over and kissed her forehead. She didn't feel like she had a fever.

"Are you okay?" I asked her quietly.

"I just feel funny," she answered. "My stomach's a bit queasy so I figured I'd stick with something bland, and my throat's a little itchy but not sore."

"Let's take it easy today, and if you start to feel worse, let me know. Okay?" She nodded. "Promise me, Bella."

"I promise."

"Thank you." She smiled at me.

Animal Kingdom was a great place to take things easy. We spent a lot of time walking around looking at the different animals. Emmett insisted we all go on the safari. We stood in line for an hour and a half before getting a seat for the Kilimanjaro Safari. The tour guide spoke of things we might see. She said that the animals all lived together as they would in the wild. We might not see all of the animals since they were allowed to roam.

Warthogs were the first thing we saw. Emmett, and to my surprise, Jasper began to have a conversation imitating Timon and Pumba. The other kids, as well as us, on our safari car were laughing at the two. The next thing we came across were zebras. The kids started quoting some Disney Channel Movie, which kept us all entertained. Throughout the ride, we saw rhinoceroses, giraffes, and many antelope. Finally, we came to the lions.

The car came to a stop and we watched as the lions lounged in the sun. Emmett took the opportunity to pretend he was hiding behind Alice. The sight was so humorous no one was immune to laughing. One of the lionesses stood up to stare at our vehicle, and everyone got quiet. She never looked away. She took one-step forward and stopped. It was very menacing. Then, without warning, the vehicle moved forward. We watched as she lay back down and continued to bathe herself. We all let out an audible sigh of relief, which caused the tour guide to giggle.

We exited from the safari and thanked our tour guide on the way. We convinced a fellow passenger to take a picture of our group with her, Tara. She had been great and allowed Emmett and Jasper to act like children, so she deserved some recognition. We left the area and took a few minutes to decide where we would head next. Rosalie suggested Expedition Everest. It was a high-speed roller coaster on the other side of the park.

"I really want to go, but I'm not feeling up to it," Bella said. "I think I'm going to walk through Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. There are tigers, meerkats, and many different birds. It looks cool. Call me when you get done, and I'll catch up with you."

"Are you sure?" Angela said. "I'll go with you."

"No. Go ride the roller coaster. I really don't mind."

"I'm going with her," I said. "She won't be alone." The others nodded and left for the ride. I turned Bella the other way and placed an arm around her waist as we walked. "Still not feeling well?"

"I'm just not feeling 100%," she answered. "I feel funny. I don't know how else to explain it, but I don't feel sick."

We took our time walking through the exhibit. I could tell Bella enjoyed the animals, but something was off. I hoped she wasn't coming down with something. It would be horrible to be sick while on vacation. We saw gorillas, hippos, meerkats, and naked mole rats that caused Bella to fall into giggles after reading their name. We lingered at the meerkat exhibit. She found them to be adorable and wondered aloud if she could take one home as a pet. I laughed and told her I'd buy her The Lion King so she could watch them whenever she wanted.

We spent probably around an hour walking the Pangani Trail. The animals were playful which made for a good time. Bella seemed to become more and more withdrawn the longer we walked. I caught her rubbing her throat a few times and clutching at her stomach. When we exited the trail she excused herself and went to the bathroom. I took a seat on a bench to wait after buying her a water bottle. Ten minutes later, she emerged and sat down gingerly next to me. I handed over the bottle.

"I don't feel so well," she said. I kissed her forehead and could tell she was running a low grade fever.

"You're a little bit warm," I said. She was still playing with the water bottle. "Drink that. You don't need to get dehydrated." She huffed before opening to bottle and taking a sip.

Rosalie called within the next fifteen minutes, and we met back up with everyone. They raved about the rollercoaster and said it was a lot of fun. We walked around some more until we came to the dinosaur exhibit. We walked around and took some hilarious pictures. There was even one of Emmett running from the T-Rex. I was glad Alice was so into taking pictures. We were going to have some great memories captured from this trip.

Around four that afternoon Bella was visibly not doing well. She constantly clutched at her stomach, her eyes stayed scrunched, and she had barely taken three sips of her water. She had also taken an additional six trips to the restroom. If she was vomiting, she needed to be drinking fluids. Becoming dehydrated was one of the worst things she could do. I pulled her over to a bench to rest for a moment.

"How are you really?" I asked her. "Please, don't edit." She was quiet for a few moments.

"I feel awful," she whispered while looking away. I used my finger to pull her face towards mine.

"Don't feel guilty about that. Let me take you back to the hotel. You need to rest and be out of the heat."

"No. They're not done. I don't want-"

"Bella, you're sick. You need to be thinking about you right now. They will understand. I'll take you back, and they can stay. Please, let me take care of you." She dropped her shoulders in defeat and reluctantly nodded. "Stay here. I'll be back in a second." I walked over to the group as they were taking pictures.

"Is Bella okay?" Alice asked while looking over my shoulder.

"No. She's sick. I'm going to take her back to the hotel so she can get some rest. While she's sleeping, I'll find a store and get her some medicine and juice."

"Okay. Give us five minutes. We'll be ready."

"No. Bella didn't want to say anything, because she's worried you would want to leave. I told her I'd take her back, and you guys could finish out the day here. She doesn't want to ruin your fun." Jasper walked over and pulled Alice into his side.

"It wouldn't be ruining our fun. She's my best friend. If she needs me, I'll be there." I smiled at her.

"Ali, sweetheart," Jasper said. "You know how Bella is. She'll feel guilty if you leave. Let Edward take care of her. We'll stay a few more hours then head out early tonight. We can go watch a movie with her or something if you want. Okay?"

"Fine." She finally conceded. I asked them to tell the others and returned to Bella.

"Come on." I offered my hand and helped her up.

We walked back towards the entrance her leaning into my side the whole time. I pulled her into my lap once we were on the monorail. I rubbed her back hoping to provide some comfort. We made our way out of the park and quickly got a cab. Once back at the hotel, I sent her to change into pajamas. She came back out fifteen minutes later with a heavy blanket. I grabbed a cold bottle of water from the minifridge and the pillows off my bed before walking back into the living room. I found Bella curled up on the couch with the blanket pulled tightly around her.

"Baby?" I asked quietly as I knelt in front of her. She opened her eyes heavily. I sat the water on the coffee table and propped her up while I placed a pillow under her head. "I'm going to run to the store and get some supplies. Promise me you'll drink that whole bottle of water." She just nodded looking too tired to protest. "Bella, it's important that you get plenty of fluids. You're going to get dehydrated if you're not careful. That would be very bad. Okay?" She nodded again and picked up the water bottle. "Do you need anything before I leave?" She shook her head. "Do you want anything from the store?" She shook her head again. I took her phone from the drawstring bag and placed on the coffee table within her reach. "Call me if you need anything, okay?" She nodded. I kissed her forehead before heading out.

I returned thirty minutes later. I found a convenience store within a ten-minute walk from the hotel that had everything she needed. I shut the door quietly hoping she was resting. I crept quietly to the couch and found her fast asleep. Her water bottle was empty and a second one sat beside it half empty. I took the thermometer and medicine out of the bag and lay it on the coffee table. I put the orange juice and Gatorade in the minifridge. I decided to take a shower while she was still asleep so I could be with her while she was awake.

I returned to the living room within twenty minutes in my sleep pants and wife beater. Bella was awake and flipping through the channels. I saw she had opened the Dayquil bottle, pepto bottle, and the thermometer package. I poured her a glass of orange juice before returning to the living room. She lifted herself up and motioned for me to sit. I did and she laid her head in my lap. I handed over the glass and she scrunched up her nose.

"You need to drink it," I answered. "It's got a lot of vitamin C. It's going to help." It took her a while to drink the whole glass. "What was your temp?"

"100.4," she rasped out. No wonder she's not talking. Her voice sounded worse than earlier. "I'm sorry you had to come back early."

"Don't apologize. I want to be here with you. Now, drink your orange juice. Is there something specific you want to watch?" She shook her head as she took another drink. I flipped through the channels until I settled on a rerun of Bones.

"I love this show."

"Me too." We had been watching for about fifteen minutes when I saw Bella fighting sleep. "Try and get some rest. You'll feel better once you've slept." She nodded and let her eyes slide closed. I ran my fingers through her hair as her breathing evened out.

I watched the show as I continued to play with her hair. I hoped the medicine would help and she'd wake feeling better. She slept hard for three hours. I heard the door rattle around 8:00 and looked over to see Emmett and Rosalie walk in. They saw us on the couch and attempted to keep their voices down. They inquired about how Bella was doing, and I told them everything from the time we left the park. They both left to take showers after saying Alice would be down after she took a shower. Bella woke up ten minutes after they left the room.

"Hey," I said softly. "Did you sleep well?" She stretched then pulled the blanket back up to her chin.

"Yes. I slept hard," she answered her voice a bit less raspy. I took the thermometer off the table and handed it to her.

"Let's see if your fever's gone down." She placed it under her tongue and clicked it on. Rosalie came back from her shower as the thermometer went off. "99.9. It's come down a bit. Will you drink another glass of orange juice then take some more medicine?"

"Can I just take the medicine?" Rosalie smirked as she stood and took the glass from the table.

"I want you to drink some juice. You're still in danger of becoming dehydrated." She came back in and held the glass out for Bella. Bella took it with a glare and Rosalie quirked an eyebrow.

"He's knows what he's talking about," she said causing Bella to drop the glare and nod. She drank it much quicker this time.

"What medicine do you want?"

"Can I have something for my throat and stomach?"

"Do you want to stay awake for a few hours or go ahead and sleep?"

"Sleep." I took out the Nyquil.

"Take the Nyquil and then thirty minutes from now, I'll give you the pepto pill."

"Can't I take them both now? I'll be out in half an hour if you give me the Nyquil."

"The pepto is going to coat your stomach and not allow the Nyquil to take effect if you take them together. I'll wake you if you're asleep." She nodded and took the offered pills. She downed them with the water left in the bottle and settled back onto my lap.

Emmett came back in while Bella was taking her medicine. He walked over and placed the back of his hand on her forehead. He felt around her throat before pulling back. Alice and Jasper walked in while Emmett was checking Bella. Alice sat on the floor by Bella, and Jasper took a seat at the end of the couch and pulled Bella's feet onto his lap. He tucked the blanket under her feet.

"You've got a slight fever, but your glands aren't swollen," he said absently. "How do you feel?"

"Exhausted," she answered, and I tried to suppress a chuckle.

"You just took Nyquil. Of course, you're going to be tired. That's its job. Now answer the question truthfully."

"My throat itches, but it's not sore. My stomach's upset. I've got a bit of a headache, but I think it's from sleeping so hard."

"What do you mean by your stomach being upset?"

"I'm queasy and nauseous."

"Did you vomit today?" She nodded. "How many times?" Her cheeks tinged pink in embarrassment. "There's no need to be embarrassed. I just want to check on you."

"Three times." I was surprised. I figured the number would have been higher.

"Did you get Gatorade?" He looked at me as he asked. I nodded. "Rosie, will you get her a glass of Gatorade and refill the orange juice." Bella started to protest, but Emmett put a finger over her lips. "Don't argue with me. It sounds like you've got the stomach flu, and it's something you just have to let run its course. I'm trying to make sure you get over this quickly. I don't want you to hurt, Bellaboo, and this is going to do that. Okay?" She looked up at me for backup.

"I'm on his side," I said as I ran my thumb over her cheek. "I want you to get better too. He's not telling you anything I haven't been doing." She sighed and held out her hand for a glass. Rosalie handed her the Gatorade and sat the other glass on the coffee table.

"I'm sorry you had to leave early," Alice said. "I would have come back with you if you had asked."

"I know," Bella said as she smiled. "That's why I didn't ask you. I wanted you to enjoy the whole day. Don't worry about it."

"I'll watch a movie with you."

"I'll watch the start of one with you. I'll probably fall asleep soon thanks to the medicine."

Alice grabbed the remote and flipped channels before settling on a movie. She scooted further down the couch and leaned against Jasper's legs. Emmett took a seat next to Rosalie on the love seat. We all started watching the movie, and Bella was asleep within ten minutes. I woke her after a while to have her take the other medicine and drink the other glass of orange juice. I readjusted the pillow before she lay back down. She turned towards me and fell back asleep almost instantly.

Once the movie was over, I carried her to her room and tucked her into bed. I kissed her forehead again and could feel her temperature had gone down. Placing an extra blanket over her to insure she wouldn't be cold, I left the room after whispering goodnight. I went back into the living room and said goodnight to Alice and were getting ready to go back to their room.

Plans were made to meet up at 9:00 the next morning to go to breakfast then the beach. Ben and Angela had been informed before everyone split. I told them Bella and I would join them if she felt up to it but not to expect it. Even if she felt better than today, she would be taking tomorrow easy so as not to cause a relapse or make it worse. I saw them out before shutting the door and going to bed. It was another fifteen minutes before Emmett walked in and passed out on the bed.

I woke the next morning and went straight to Bella's room after brushing my teeth. I knocked lightly so I wouldn't wake either of them if they were asleep. Rosalie's voice called for me to come in, and I opened the door quietly. Bella was curled up on her side, her cheek resting on the palm of her hand. Rosalie came out of the bathroom with a wet washcloth and placed it on Bella's forehead. She left it there and walked to the door.

"She got up twice last night to vomit," she said as she passed me. "She took medicine each time. Other than that, she slept. Her fever's back, but it didn't feel too high. I'll tell everyone you two won't be joining us at the beach."

"Thank you," I answered softly. She nodded and left the room. I followed her to pour a glass of orange juice before returning to Bella. I sat in on the end table before sitting down gently next to her. I ran my fingers through her hair. "Bella. Wake up." She stirred but remained asleep. "Baby, I need you to wake up." I spoke a little louder. She groaned and turned toward me and opened one eye slowly. "Hi." I leaned down and kissed her forehead. Rosalie was right; it wasn't as bad as last night.

"Morning," she whispered. I handed her the thermometer and she placed it under her tongue without protest. I rubbed her arm as we waited for the beep. I took it from her and read 99.2. "What is it?"

"It's 99.2. Maybe it'll go down today." I picked up the glass and handed it to her. She frowned.

"I think I've had enough orange juice to last me a year." I chuckled at her. She drank it fast and looked a bit more awake.

"Since we're not going to the beach today, do you want to stay in bed or move to the couch?" She started to protest, but I cut her off. "I'm staying with you. There's nowhere else I'd rather be." She sighed heavily and squeezed my hand that was clasping hers.

"Couch. We can watch a movie." I nodded. "I'll be out in a little bit. I want to take a shower." I kissed her forehead again.

"Take your time. I'll set up the living room and order breakfast. Is there something you're craving?"

"I'm not really hungry."

"You still need to eat something. Does anything sound good?" She scrunched her face in thought."

"How about eggs? They sound safe."

"Okay. I'll see you in a bit."

I went into the living room and ordered breakfast through room service. Once the order was placed, I got pillows and the blanket for Bella and piled them onto the couch. I poured another glass of orange juice, grabbed a water bottle, and placed them on the coffee table. I turned on the television and after looking through the television guide decided purchasing a movie was in order. There wasn't much on, so a movie would be a better choice.

Bella came from the bedroom twenty minutes later. She laid down on the couch with her head in my lap. I gave her the glass of orange juice, and she drank it with only a scrunch of her nose. There was a knock at the door before we were really settled in. I answered the door and let the worker bring breakfast into the room. He set everything up near the couch, I tipped him, then he left.

Bella sat up and took a look at the spread. I asked what she wanted. She said she would try and eat eggs, some fruit, and toast. I placed the food on her plate while she insisted she could fix her own plate. After handing the plate to her, I made one for myself and joined her on the couch. We ate in a comfortable silence. Once she had eaten all she could, I placed the tray in the hallway and pulled up the movie choices. She took some more medicine and told me to pick the movie. She was worried she wouldn't be awake much longer.

I chose a comedy, and she settled back into my lap once the movie began. It started out to be a funny movie, but Bella was asleep within twenty minutes. I pulled the blanket further around her so she wouldn't be cold and continued to watch the movie. Almost fifteen minutes after she fell asleep, she said my name. I looked down to answer her, but her eyes were closed. I waited a moment to see if I was hearing things, but she mumbled my name again. I smiled at the realization she was a sleep talker.

"Emmett," she mumbled, "no cheating." I smiled and wondered what Emmett could be up to. "Alice, no donut. Don't want giant, talking donut."

I couldn't contain my chuckle that time. I abandoned watching to movie to watch her. She looked so peaceful when she slept. Between her brows, it was always creased with worry when she was awake. When she slept, it was perfectly smooth, as if there wasn't a care in the world. I waited a few minutes, but it seemed to die down. I turned back to the television to watch the movie. About ten minutes later, I heard her whimper. I looked down. The worry crease had formed, and she looked scared.

"No," she said. "Please, don't. I don't want this." She started squirming a bit; I could tell she was having a nightmare. She whimpered again. I smoothed the skin between her brows with my thumb as I quietly shushed her.

"It's okay, baby," I whispered. "It's just a bad dream." I rubbed her arm with my free hand. She sighed lightly, and the crease slowly disappeared.

"Edward," she said on a sigh. "Don't leave."

"I'm not going anywhere." She snuggled closer to me, and the tension left her shoulders. I leaned down as best I could, and kissed her head. "Not unless it's with you."

* Translations

"Hallo. Heißen Sie willkommen nach Deutschland an diesem schönen Tag." German for, "Hello. Welcome to Germany on this beautiful day."

"Apprezzo il sentimento, la mia signora, ma niente non è bella come lei. Il giovane è molto fortunato per lei averlo scelto." Italian for, "I appreciate the sentiment, my lady, but nothing is as beautiful as you. The young man is very lucky for you to have chosen him."

"Veramente è oltre bella, e lei non ha idea come fortunato sono." Italian for, "Indeed she is beyond beautiful, and you have no idea how lucky I am."

"Buona notte, il mio angelo." Italian for, "Good night, my angel."

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