Summary: A Time Travel Story; Harry goes back in time as his eleven year old self and ends up in a orphanage with Tom Riddle at age eleven whom is going to start Hogwarts, can Harry change history? Not Slash between Tom Riddle and Harry. Slash involved. Don't like it, then don't read it!

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Harry's Roommates in Orphanage:

Benson Amy, Bishop Dennis, Riddle Tom, Stubbs Billy, Whalley Eric, Ziliac Aurora, Ziliac Francis

Thousands of Reasons to Smile

Chapter One

Cheer up the Worst Is Yet to Come

Harry was now staring through the wired fence of the local London orphanage with two muggle men social service at his side encouraging Harry to follow after them. Harry had made his appearance at the police department claiming that his parents had abandoned him and that they were poor and couldn't afford to take care of him anymore.


"Harry, Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, what if you can't come back? Is this really worth it?" Hermione said to Harry trying to convince him to not go back to the past.

"Mate you're talking about going back in time in 1938 in the infamous orphanage with Tom Riddle?" Ron ranted to him for the fifth time that day.

"I've discussed this with you guys already, I have a chance to change history for the better and I'm going to do it." Harry said quite agitated now.

End of Flashback

It had been three years since Harry had defeated the Dark Lord and today in actuality was Harry's 21st birthday, but to everybody else Harry was an 11 year old now orphan kid.

The ministry had come up with a new form of time travel that merged with time-turners and there was only one in the world which Harry had with him around his neck. Ron was training to be an unspeakable and had sneaked the artifact with him on Harry's request. This could get his best friend fired or even worse, put in Azkaban, but Harry had good intentions to rewrite history, he had to take that chance. He had to start at the root, which was Tom Marvolo Riddle.

A few minutes later Harry and the social service were at the door of the orphanage. The man that knocked on the door was slightly tanned with brown hair, dark brown eyes; his face had a small smile. The man next to him in his brown business suite had short black hair with gray eyes that held a fatherly comfort as he put his hand on Harry's shoulder. However, he currently had a somber pitying expression on his face as he surveyed the young boy along with the other social worker. They had both read the report on the poor boy that had been abandoned and needless to say they were shocked and repulsed that someone could do that to a child. Both officials looked up when someone opened the door.

"Hello there I have been expecting you Mr. Potter." The blond haired woman began with a faint smile and a gentle voice.

Harry nodded his head in recognition. Harry felt like he was being force to live with the Dursley's all over again, but for once he wasn't dressed like it. Hermione had shrunk his clothes the right length for his 11 year old body. Harry had to pull in some favors from Draco Malfoy to make the illegal de-aging potion.

"My name is Ms. Cole and I'm the owner of this orphanage."

Once again Harry nodded his head and then licked his lips.

"Harrison Potter."

"Hello, my name is Francis Ziliac. I'm your roommate." The timid boy said to Harry shaking his hand.

He was the same height as Harry and was wearing the orphan uniform which apparently Harry had to change into. Francis had short clean cut brown hair and greenish blue eyes.

"Hi, my name is Harrison Potter, you can just call me Harry." Harry said back to the timid boy.

Francis nodded his head and led Harry to his bed. "Your other roommates, Stubbs Billy, Whalley Eric, they have the chicken pox, so they are not going to be here in this room for awhile till they're better. My twin sister Aurora, Benson Amy, Bishop Dennis, and I sleep on the other side of the room." Francis pointed towards the other four empty beds on the other side of the pale white room.

Sighing loudly Francis looked down at his shoes fidgeting. "Tom Riddle is your roommate also. He's…he's scary." Francis finally looked up into Harry's eyes. "Benson and Bishop haven't talked since our last vacation because of Riddle… he did something to them, I know it. Just…watch your back Potter." Harry frowned but nodded none the less.

Both Harry and Francis looked up when they heard the loud creak of the door opening.

Harry closed his eyes and placed his hand on where his scar use to be; rubbing it as his head started to bother him, it was kind of like a itch that he couldn't scratch; it didn't hurt though, he would have continued to rub it, but heard a quiet shuffle from the door way. Harry quickly jerked his head up and looked in the direction of the person coming through the door.

Of course it was the one and only, Tom Riddle strolling into the room with a look of curiosity on his face as he took a look at his new roommate. Tom was also wearing the orphanage uniform Harry noticed as Tom made his way towards them, Francis was fidgeting at Harry's side nervously looking down at his shoes. Emerald green eyes met with bright blue ones, staring at each other intently.

Once again, the tingling in the middle of his forehead where his scar once was caught Harry's attention. There was no pain, rather just a simple tingling, that was not unpleasant but rather annoying. He resisted the urge to raise his hand and scratch the spot, which was currently hidden by his fringe.

Tom narrowed his eyes at Francis before turning his attention back to Harry. "I'm Tom Riddle, one of your roommates." Tom said offering his hand to Harry.

Hesitantly Harry returned the hand shake. "Harrison, Potter."


"What exactly are you going to be doing there, Harry? Befriend Tom Riddle? Why can't you just leave the past alone? We finally have the future that we've always wanted and now you want to change it!" Ginny said to Harry upset with as Harry was brushing his teeth in their bathroom of the house that Harry had bought for his fiancé.

Spitting out his toothpaste in the bathroom sink Harry looked back at Ginny. "It's just… Ginny I feel like this isn't the life we were meant to have, that this isn't the future we were meant to have!"

"Harry I just don't understand…" Ginny said frustrated.

"I want to change the future for the better and even if it doesn't work out and Tom Riddle still becomes Voldemort, then at least I will know how to stop him earlier. Then at least I would save so many people from dieing!"

"And what if by stopping him, we never have a future together? What if you somehow prevent your own existence?"

Harry smiled sadly at Ginny. "I owe it to everybody to at least try."

End of Flashback

Tom looked Harry up and down. "Ziliac, leave us alone." Tom ordered Francis without looking at him. Francis looked irritated about being bossed around, but did not voice his opinion as he did as he was told.

"I'm in charge here Potter-"

"Oh?" Harry raised an eyebrow curiously, angering Tom, "And do you really think I'm going to listen to you?"

"I could easily hurt you where you stand." Tom said threatening taking a step closer to Harry.

"And that is supposed to scare me?" Harry said folding his arms to his chest, standing his ground.

"It will. I'm so much better than you, you think you're greater. You have no idea what I'm capable of."

It took a few moments to realize what had just transpired as Tom was smirking deviously at Harry's confused look thinking that Harry was now afraid of him. Tom had just spoken to him in parsltongue. Well, two can play at that game.

Harry's eyes flashed in defiance. "I don't believe I'm greater than you, Riddle. I know."

The look on Tom's face was priceless Harry mused to himself just as Ms. Cole walked in on them. "Ah, Mr. Potter I see you have met Mr. Riddle."

Harry gave Tom a sly smirk before looking back at Ms. Cole. "Yes madam, I have." Harry said politely to her.

Ms. Cole smiled politely at him. "Tom let Harry get dressed so that he can have lunch with everybody else downstairs so he can get acquainted. You'll have time to speak with him later."

"I know I will." Tom said lightly before taking his leave, Ms. Cole leaving right after him, shutting the door behind her.

Frowning Harry ran through the whole conversation that he had with Tom in his head. Wait a second... How can he speak parsltongue! That part of him left once he defeated Voldemort, how was it possible that he could have the skill once more? That and the continued tingling of where his scar use to be. Harry reached there to feel if in fact his scar had returned. It hadn't.

Harry heaved a huge sigh. "I can't believe nobody could talk me out of this."

Author's note: As I have said earlier, their will be slash in this story, but absolutely not between Harry and Tom!