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Thousands Of Reasons To Smile

Chapter Forty-Nine

How Good Do You Have To Be

To Be Considered A "Good Person"?

When Tom finally came down the steps with a bag full of Harry's items, he found his brother seated in one of the chairs, arms braced on his knees, head hung too low for Tom to see his face. Abraxas was crouched down in front of Harry, placing a firm hand on his shoulder. It seemed like Abraxas was trying to comfort Harry.

Charlus met Tom half way across the room. "I think we should just let Abraxas talk to Harry for awhile, you know?"


"Harry's brain sometimes goes ten times faster than ours, well mostly mine and Abraxas seems to be able to help more than we can at the moment. Besides, Harry is happiest when he can sit and mull things over without his over protective brothers overbearing him," Charlus explained to Tom.

Tom frowned. The way Tom saw it, Harry was his responsibility, not Abraxas. He, after all, was the older brother and knew Harry through and through. This meant that not only was he responsible for Harry's safety, but the safety of his existence. Abraxas was over stepping Tom's boundaries. Tom shifted his weight from one foot to another and looked away from his younger sibling.

Charlus laughed amused by his brother's behavior. "Don't be jealous, Tommy."

"My name is Tom."

There was a knock on the portrait door, which all the Slytherins found weird. Abraxas though seemed to know whom it was as he beckoned Charlus and Tom over. Sure it enough, it was Head Boy and Girl Roman McLaggen and Annabel Thompson. Tom was not pleased.

Tom had definitely put up a fight when the Head boy and Girl of Gryffindor came to retrieve them, but it was no use. Not with the attack of werewolves going on. The Headmaster wanted everybody in their respective Houses and accounted for. It was for their safety apparently and rules were rules.

Charlus was the first to step from the floor to the stairs towards the Gryffindor towers, and quickly found himself thrown across the room.

"Students out of bed!" A crackling obsidian eyed man with crooked teeth and two of his minions.

"Can't quite say that I've missed this place, but I certainly have been looking forward to attacking it." A buff wild man stepped closer to Charlus pinned form, only to be pushed away by the Head Boy of Gryffindor Roman McLaggen, whom was standing at the base of the stairs. "Ah Head boy. How could I have forgotten those stuck up pricks," said the second werewolf, laughing as McLaggen went flying by a force from the opposite side of the room.

"You're werewolves?" Tom asked, trying to drawing their attention to him and away from Charlus, seeing as two of them were taking a interest in his brother.

"Smart this one." The third werewolf said, his voice was cold as he looked at Tom briefly, moving his eyes to both Charlus and Roman.

"Why are you helping him? Gellert Grindalwald?" Tom was annoyed with the seventh year Head Girl Annabel Thompson was just standing there rooted to the spot afraid.

"You'd be amazed what a werewolf scorned will do for revenge, kid," The first werewolf answered.

"Silence," the buff werewolf hissed, glaring at Tom with murder in her eyes. "I've had enough. Let's kill these brats and move on to the rest." The force around Charlus throat tightened, restricting his air just a little bit more.

Tom could hear his blood pounding in his ears as he tried again and again to clear his mind and fight back, only to fail each time because of his anger towards the werewolves harming his brother.

"Move again, girl, and you'll watch your little friends die." The third werewolf said to Annabel whom was finally getting her wits back.

Tom looked at the statue of a iron knight and with a small jerk of his hand, he sent the heavy, iron knight flying at the two werewolf's in front of Charlus and Roman. The werewolves fell back, sending both Charlus and Roman crumpling to the ground with a soft groan.

The small distraction cost the third werewolf, and Annabel Thompson cursed him and bind him in rope. This gave Tom time to move to Charlus side.

"Charlus?" he asked, placing his hands on his brother's face, turning it to face him. Charlus eyes fluttered, and a surge of relief washed over Tom.

Tom got a shield up barely in time as the two werewolves charged at him and Charlus. The impact made him lose concentration and his shield broke. Tom got his first close up look at the hideous creatures, something so grotesque, so utterly twisted and obviously evil before he cried out in pain and everything went dark.

Tom woke up with a start. He let out a loud gasp, drawing as much air into his lungs as he possibly could, which caused him to dissolve into a coughing fit. It all came flooding back, all his memories. It was quite overwhelming. Tom moaned pitifully against the insistent pounding in his head that spoke of an on-coming migraine.

"Tom?" Charlus asked sleepily as he rubbed his eyes and yawned. "Are you okay?"

Tom wanted to ask if Charlus was okay. He didn't remember anything after the attack of those werewolves. Was he back in the Gryffindor dorm room? What happened to Roman McLaggen and Annabel Thompson? Where was Harry? What happened to him? All the questions he wanted to ask, but all he could think of was,

"What time is it?"

Charlus looked at Tom half annoyed and tired before flopping back down on his pillows and covering his whole body with his blanket. "It's too early, that's what time it is, Tom. It's still dark out. Go back to bed."

Tom was about to say more, but it was the blood flowing down his noise that got his attention. The blood was smeared across the pillow, where he had been lying face down until a few minutes ago. Tom sniffed, feeling the heavy, clogging moisture in his nose and realizing all at once that he was breathing through his mouth. In the next instant, he became aware of the dampness on his chin and upper lip and tentatively slipped out his tongue to investigate, tasting the unmistakably warm coppery tang of blood.


Just a nosebleed. No big deal. Except maybe it was. Because although he had experienced nosebleeds before, Tom had never had one this bad. It was heavily flowing down his nose.

"Charlus-" Tom began as he hurried out of his bed.

"Wha-?" Charlus sleepily turned back to Tom and then frowned as hurried and sat up from his bed noticing the blood. "Tom? Are you hurt?"

"I-I don't know," Tom responded as he raced off to the bathrooms.

"Are you applying pressure?" Charlus asked when he reached Tom in the bathrooms, even though he could see Tom was pinching his nose with a wash cloth.

"Yeah, but it's not working," Tom replied,"And now my head hurts."

"It's okay," Charlus said, "Let me take care of this."

"Take care of it how?" Tom asked closing his eyes due to the pain in his head.

"Don't you trust me? Come on, let your brother take of you."

Tom sighed, but didn't argue any farther.

All at once, Charlus was gone, and Tom opened his eyes, confused; then gasped softly at the pain that spiked in his head and closed his eyes again. "Charlus..."

"I'm right here, Tom," Charlus assured, glancing over his shoulder. "Hang on a sec..." He closed the bathroom door and locked it to make sure nobody would disturb them and then turned back to his brother. "Open your eyes. I got some potions for you to take."

Tom watched – his eyes mere slits – as Charlus opened one of the bathroom cabinets and pulled out a couple of potion vials, giving it to him before turning to get a glass of water. Tom eyed the bottles – not recognizing it but knowing it must be something for his headache or nosebleed.

"The clear one is for your headache and the blue vial is for your nosebleed." Charlus said as he watched Tom take the offered vials, swallowing down the medication.

"Here's some water, I know that stuff is nasty." Charlus said sitting next to Tom on the floor.

Tom downed the water. "Thanks, Charlus." Tom said as he leaned his head against the wall tilling.

Charlus nodded, taking the glass back from Tom and glancing at him, noticing that the blood from Tom's nose had slowed to a much more manageable sluggish trickle. But the blood from earlier was still smeared on Tom's shirt.

"Okay, shirt off, you need another pair and then we'll go back to bed." Charlus ordered, standing up as he snatched a washcloth from the rack and holding it under the sink's faucet.

Tom slowly stood up and stared at Charlus in wonder at his protectiveness. Tom was about to say something about it, but Charlus interrupted his musings by wiping the blood off his face.

"I'm not a baby, Charlus."

"I know." Charlus said smirking. "Babies can't talk. Maybe gurgle nonsense, but they can't talk."

Tom just gave Charlus a look as Charlus continued to wipe the blood from his nose.

"I think you're good. So take your shirt off. The house elves will clean your shirt later on today, come on." Charlus said pulling Tom along and out the bathroom.

"What you say, another red pajama top?" Charlus asked.

"I can get it myself." Tom said not wanting Charlus to see the sentimental stuff that he had in his trunk. Which involved belongings of his family and friends.

"Whatever you say." Charlus said shrugging as jumped back onto his bed. "How's your head?"

"Nonexistence," Tom responded, putting on his red pajama top. "Thanks." Tom added reluctantly.

"Anytime." Charlus said yawning.

Tom crawled beneath his sheets and cover; eager to get warm after being in that cold bathroom for practically half an hour. Though really, Tom had no attentions of going back to sleep. Not when his brain was full of questions that needed to be answered.

Tom waited till Charlus fell back to sleep before he got out of bed and out of the room still in his pajamas. Tom needed to go see his godfather and head of house. Making his way up to a different hidden spiral staircase in the Gryffindor dorm room, which was the way to the head of house bedroom, Tom hoped that Albus would wake up for him despite the current hour.

Taking a deep breath, Tom knocked a couple of times on the nicely polished wooden oak door to Albus Dumbledore's room. When Tom didn't hear any acknowledgment, he tried knocking one more time.

"Dumbledore, sir?" Tom called out.

There was sounds of footsteps and then the door opened with Albus Dumbledore in view. He was wearing yellow pajamas and a red robe over it. Very Gryffindor.

"Ah, Thomas, why are you doing up this early? It's quite early out, even for you." Albus asked looking at Tom concerned.

"I needed to talk to you, Albus." Tom said hesitantly. "Please?"

Albus eyebrows raised in surprise and then he gave Tom a knowing smile. "Tom, you know you are always welcome. How rude of me, please come in."

"Thank you." Tom said walking inside as Albus closed the door behind them.

"I'll just make us some tea."

Tom went and sat at on the cushioned sofa in the living room. This wasn't the first time that Tom had been in Albus private room. Albus went over to the cabinet and began rummaging through it, looking for tea. From what Tom could see, the man had years worth of supply of tea. Tea of all kinds: Peppermint tea, mint tea, gingersnap tea, chocolate tea, almond tea, strawberry tea, lemon and lime tea, vanilla tea, and all other different kinds of tea.

"It's been some time since we've had a nice chat." Albus said to Tom as he searched through the cabinet, "How about some lemon tea?" He suggested.

"That's fine, sir."

"Tom, you know to call me Albus when it's just us." Albus said smiling over at Tom.

"Yes, of course." Tom said slightly smiling back.

Albus smiled again as he grabbed a teapot and placed a tea ball full of tealeaves in the teapot.

Sitting down next to Tom, Albus handed the boy a cup of hot lemon tea.

"You seemed to be a bit disorientated, Tom. What has happened?"

Tom took the cup of tea but didn't down its contents. "Sorry for waking you, Albus. And I'm not disoriented – I just don't understand what's going on."

"Perhaps you should start from the beginning." Albus suggested genteelly.

So Tom told Albus everything he remembered of the werewolf attack.

"Then I woke up in my dorm room, in my bed. What has happened since the attack? I'm guessing that everything has calmed down of course."

Albus nodded his head and then smiled. "Drink your tea, Tom before it get's cold. As for what has happened since? I'm afraid you received a blow to the head along with that werewolf scar on your neck," Albus touched lightly over Tom's scars, "don't worry," Albus said knowing what Tom was going to ask, "you will not receive the curse of turning into a werewolf on the full moon."

"Though I will get some kind of permanent damage from it?" Tom asked.

Albus sighed looking down at his own cup of lemon tea. "I'm afraid so. Though it does not seem to have that much effect on you. Just occasional cravings for red meat and some heighten senses, but nothing overwhelming serious."

"You say all this as if you witnessed-?" Tom stopped talking thinking, before he looked back at Albus. "You said I received a blow to the head? Does that mean I had amnesia?"

"Smart boy you are, Thomas."

Tom looked horrified as he placed his cup on the coffee table. "What horrible things did I do?"

"Tom, you had amnesia, nobody faults you for your memory loss. Unfortunately, your persona did revert back to when you resided back in the orphanage, before you met the Potters."

Tom covered his face ashamed. He'd never realized how lonely he was before he met his family. Now that he knew what it's like, it made being alone again even worse. Tom liked being normal. It Having friends and people to love… was actually something he had been waiting for his whole entire existence.

"Tom," Albus said softly, "what's wrong?"

"They must hate me. My brothers, my parents, my friends, Minerva, you." Tom couldn't make himself look at Albus. He was trying to suppress the tears that were threatening to come out. He had ruined everything. Tom just knew it! He knew what kind of person he was back then. He was full of spite and hate. He didn't care about anybody, he didn't love.

"Thomas," Albus put his cup of tea on the coffee table as well and then pulled Tom into a hug. "I will always be your godfather. I will always care for you no matter how much you might hate me or despise me. I'll always be there for you because you are my godson. As for your brothers, one little memory loss can't change three years of love and affection that they have for you."

The feelings of adoration and gratitude that that simple sentence made swell inside of Tom were so overwhelmingly powerful that he did the next thing he never thought he would do. He hugged Albus back fiercely and held on tightly.

"You still like me?" Tom asked fearfully. Tom hated that he sounded like a little kid just then, but he hated not having somebody that he liked a lot not care for him.

What Albus said next washed that fear away.

"I care for you, Thomas. As if you were my own son."

Tom smiled his first true smile as he pulled back from Albus.

"I must warn you, though Tom, that your family and friends have adjusted to your other persona so they may act and treat you cautiously until they figure out the truth or you tell them. Just don't do anything rash simply because you're paranoid."

Tom blinked at Albus a few times, furrowing his eyebrows a little. "Paranoid? Me?"

Albus gave him a pointed look.

"Okay, I understand. Thank you for your time, Albus."

"Always a pleasure, Tom my boy."

After talking with Albus, Tom decided that he would do better studying and doing homework than falling back to a restless sleep.

The sun had risen an hour ago and Tom had three books and parchments laying around trying to redo everything that he apparently had written, but he had no memory of doing so. The work and theory was all wrong and Tom just had to rewrite it. That had looked like 'Acceptable' work to him and that just was not allowed. He was better than that.

Closing his eyes, Tom took a whiff of that wonderful peppermint scent.

"Good morning, Thomas." Minerva said timidly to Tom whom had stood up to greet her. Tom frowned not understanding Minerva's timidness. They had greeted each other on numerous occasions, which also involved kissing. Unless he, amnesia Tom, held her at a distance.

"Good morning, Minerva, luv." Tom said putting Minerva's odd behavior in the back of his mind.

"Are you ready for breakfast?" Minerva asked smiling. She seemed to be in a more happier mood after hearing Tom calling her 'luv'.

"Yes, I'm quite hungry," Tom said, closing the space between Minerva and himself, "but I haven't had my morning kiss first." Minerva perked up at that almost shyly before she leaned forward to kiss Tom's lips gently, cautiously.

Tom thought back to the times when Minerva had kissed him like that before, which was when they were first starting to date. No more than two years ago!

Frowning Tom held Minerva closer to him and leaned in again and kissed her more thoroughly. Minerva opened her mouth when Tom's tongue brushed across her lips. He tasted Minerva once, twice, and pulled back, searching Minerva's eyes for something. "Hmm."

"What?" Minerva asked confused.

"You taste even more delightful than usual."

Minerva smiled and blushed at the same time.

"So," Tom said as he pulled back, keeping his hand in Minerva's reassuringly, "why don't we go to breakfast? It'll be awhile before Charlus and the others finally wake up."

"Ye-yes. I agree." Minerva said still blushing.

"I just need to get my things together." Tom said finally letting go of Minerva's hand as he went to gather his books and parchments and put them in his book bag.

"You were up studying?" Minerva asked concerned. "How long were you up?"

"Not long at all." Tom said offhandedly. "You know me, I like to brood when I can't sleep."

Minerva gave Tom a sidelong glance and opened her mouth to ask a question, but before she could, Tom finished putting his things away and went up to her and gave Minerva one of his charming smiles, which always made Minerva blush and forget what she was going to say.

Tom went up to Minerva once again and ran his hands through her black wavy hair, messing it up so he could grab it in handfuls as he kissed Minerva. Over and over again, they kissed getting reacquainted with each others lips and tongues.

A loud cough was heard and Tom reluctantly moved away from Minerva's lips kissing her forehead and finally broke away from her face, but kept a hold of her hand.

Looking towards the stairway, Tom saw his brother Charlus and his friend Conall. Charlus was looking everywhere but at Tom and Minerva and Conall was trying to hide his laughter.

"Is it safe to look?" Charlus asked out loud.

"Yes, you big baby," Tom said rolling his eyes. "It's safe."

Charlus finally looked at the two as he walked down the final step of the stairway and walked towards them with his book bag slung over his shoulder, Conall was right beside him. "Right. I came down to...ah, screw it. How long has this been going on?"

Tom raised an eyebrow at his brother. "How long has this been going on? What do you mean? You know Minerva and I are together, Charlus. What's the matter with you? You've seen us kiss plenty of times you twit."

Charlus blinked at Tom then turned to look at Minerva whom was shrugging her shoulders. Tom didn't like that. What secrets were they keeping from him?

"Tom, who is Joxer?" Charlus asked. Tom had yet to meet Harry's phoenix.

Tom scrunched his eyebrows together in a frown. "Joxer? You're asking me about Harry's phoenix? Why on Earth-"

Tom didn't get a chance to finish his sentence as Charlus picked Tom up and both Minerva and Conall backed away from them as Charlus started swinging Tom around.

"You have your memories back!"

"Charlus Jamie Potter, PUT ME DOWN!"

"Sorry! I'm just so happy!" Charlus said, letting go of Tom and jumping up and down in excitement.

After a minute or two, Charlus sobered up and hugged Tom one more time. "Tom, about that night, I'm s-"

"It wasn't your fault." Tom interrupted.

"I'm still sorry," Charlus whispered, "You got hurt because of me." The regret and grief in his voice made Tom lean in and hug Charlus once more.

"It could have easily been you, Charlus. You would've done the same for me. Now shut up about it."

"There went that brotherly moment."

"Come on, Tom." Minerva said trying not to laugh as she wrapped her arm around Tom's. "I overheard that our Charms professor, Professor O'Bryne has disappeared."

"What?" Tom asked distracted as they left out the Gryffindor common room.

"I think he went and finally joined Grindelwald." Conall spoke up from behind the group.

"Professor O'Bryne joining Gellert Grindelwald? You think so?" Charlus asked Conall as the group headed to the Great Hall.

"What other reason is there for his disappearance?"

"I actually think I'm going to like Huffelpuff. It's full of fun people and all sorts of wackiness!"

Harry stopped in his tracks, recognizing that voice. Harry had been on his way to the Great Hall for breakfast along with Alphard, Ignatius, Dorea and Lucretia. Jared was nowhere to be found in the Slytherin Common room.

"Nixie!?" Harry asked shocked as Nixie skipped the rest of her way towards Harry and gave him a big hug. Harry's eyes locked with excited, sapphire blue eyes as Nixie smiled at him and Harry almost involuntarily, smiled back.

"Nixie, oh Merlin, it feels like I just woke up from a bad dream." Alphard said.

"Al!" Harry said disapprovingly to his boyfriend.

Nixie let go of Harry and went to hug Alphard. "I dislike you a great deal." Nixie said smiling up at Alphard as she pulled away from him.

"Then why did you just hug me?" Alphard asked scowling.

Nixie ignored Alphard's question and went to hug Dorea and Lucretia.

"So you're a Huffelpuff?" Dorea asked Nixie. Dorea had managed a strangled smile for Nixie.

"Yup! I'm a Fourth Year!"

"Oh you'll be in the same year as Minerva." Lucretia commented.

"Tom's girlfriend, right? She's nice." Nixie said folding her arms behind her back.

"Yeah... so erm, let's get to breakfast, yeah?" Harry suggested as Nixie jumped up and down in excitement.

"I haven't been to the Great Hall yet! Is Charlus and Tom going to be there?! Oh goodie!" Nixie walked ahead of them.

Everybody looked at Harry once Nixie was turned around. Harry sighed and shrugged his shoulders. Harry knew that Nixie could be... a bit out there, but she always meant well.

"...I may have only talk to Hagrid a couple of times and hung out with him a little bit, but he does not seem like the kind of person whom would get involved in dangerous things," Dorea said, "I mean the rumors about him lounging in the forbidden forest."

"Dorea, you don't know anything about Hagrid." Harry said to her as he placed more bacon and eggs on his plate. Nixie had joined them at the Slytherin table.

Nixie hadn't explained why she came to Hogwarts yet.

To be fair, she hadn't needed to. Harry didn't have all the social skills a guy needed to understand a girl, but he did know how to take a hint. Harry knew there had to have been a reason; hopefully not a horrible one, as to why she was at Hogwarts. She loved her school in America, so she had to have a pretty good reason to want to come to Hogwarts, well besides the fact that Harry resided in it. No, Harry decided it would be best to just let it be till Nixie felt comfortable enough to tell him. Or if Julius tells him, whichever comes first.

To say that Nixie drew attention from the other students was an understatement. Nixie is sort of a half-breed of sorts, but looking at Nixie, you would think she was just another witch. She was more of a witch than a water faerie, but that wouldn't stop anyone from feeling the glowing power that radiated off of her. Nixie can control water, breath underwater, and she can heal any minor wounds that she has with water. Of course she was supposed to use her powers to nurture, but hey, she was half witch as well.

Harry wouldn't be surprised if somebody mistaken her for a Veela the way the guys were looking and examining her with such interest. Pretty wasn't a word Harry thought to use when describing Nixie. He hadn't actually thought about it. Nixie, though, Harry didn't think there was another word he could use. She was pretty. She fit the profile, blonde hair and blue eyes, but that was just the stereo type. Nixie had no Veela powers, but Harry was sure that Nixie was going to have male groupies.

"Oh and you do?"

"Uh yeah? I hang out with Hagrid more than anybody in this school."

Harry looked up when he saw his brothers and friends Minerva and Conall finally walk through the doors of the Great Hall. Charlus was practically radiating happiness as he came to the Slytherin table and sat next to his girlfriend, giving her a kiss on the lips. Dorea was speechless.

"Oh come on you two, there are children here!" Alphard said making a face.

Charlus looked at Harry and grinned at him and Harry couldn't help grinning back as Charlus joined everybody by making his breakfast.

"Hey spread some of that happiness this way." Jared said to Charlus.

"Thank you for deciding to grace us with your presence." Alphard said sarcastically Jared whom flipped him off in return.

"Nice to see you again Nixie." Jared said sitting next to her.

"I'm breaking up with you." Nixie said to Jared whom looked at her mystified.

"We were never together, Nixie." Jared said confused.

"I know, I just didn't want to take that chance."

"Ha!" Alphard snickered.

"Are you sure you're comfortable sitting here Minerva? I know how-"

"No, it's fine Tom." Minerva said reassuringly as she smiled at him as both she and Tom sat across from Harry and Alphard.

"Is it okay if we go to the library on our free period? I know you wanted to go to the lake, but it's freezing today-"

"I quite agree actually." Minerva said fixing her plate. "Winter is right around the corner and I need to get on board with the up coming weather."

Harry looked at the couple, calculating them.

Tom Potter did things like ask permission. Amnesia Tom just took what he wanted unless you stopped him and told him otherwise. Tom Potter was possessive of his family and friends. Amnesia Tom could careless about his friends or his girlfriend unless it benefit him. Tom Potter put his family first before himself. Tom Potter would willingly let his brothers confine to him. Tom Potter protected his brothers no matter what cost to himself.

"Harry," Tom's voice snapped Harry back to the present, and Harry stared at Tom in question. "Stop thinking so loudly."

Harry blinked in confusion and in slight hope. "Stop invading my privacy!"

Tom rolled his eyes. "How can you invade someone's privacy when they leave the door wide open?"

Harry just scowled.

"You have your memory back, Tom?" Alphard asked surprised. "When did that happen?"

"Yes, I am fine, thank you. Recovering quite well from my ordeal." Tom said sarcastically to Alphard.

"I didn't know that you two shared such a close link! Can we practice doing that, Harry?" Nixie asked hopefully.

"No." Tom said immediately as he glared at Nixie, his eyebrows drawn together in a menacing scowl.

Nixie pouted in return. "Well I'm gonna."

Why is she here? Tom asked Harry in his mind link.

'She transferred here like Jared. She's a Fourth Year Huffelpuff. I don't know why all a sudden she decided to come here, but hey, she's not all that bad. She's like a sister to me. A really eccentric sister.'

Tom frowned in distaste. I don't like it.

'You don't have to, Tommy dearest.'

'My name is-'

'Tom, yeah, yeah. It's nice to have you back with us Tomlin.'

'Did I treat you-?'

'You watched over me, even when I didn't notice. So yeah, you did your big brother thing even with memory loss. Gee, I didn't even have time to thank amnesia Tom for that.'

'Shut up you git. We are the same person.'

'Amnesia Tom let me call him Tommy.'

'I highly doubt that, but in any case, you absolutely may not call me that. EVER.'

'You're no fun. No fun at all.'

Harry was so engrossed in his thoughts, he almost missed Charlus and Dorea's bickering of the day.

"…so if someone cute approached me on the street and made me a proposition, you'd rather I turned them down?"

Charlus opened his mouth shocked. "Firstly, I'd kick their ass, secondly I'd curse them till they were unrecognizable to the public, and then yeah, thirdly I would like for you to turn them down. I think I'd rather have you all to myself, thank you very much."

Overjoyed, Dorea said, "Char, did anyone ever tell you you're a gem?"

"All this happiness is making me sick." Alphard said making a face. "It's too early."

"Somebody's grumpy." Nixie commented as she took a sip of her orange juice.

"Just ignore him, Al gets this way in the mornings now that he can channel his empathy powers with our piers around him." Dorea replied as she went back to talking to Charlus.

"I'm not grumpy." Alphard scowled as he started stabbing his scrambled eggs with his fork.

"Where has the obnoxiously cheerful Alphard Black gone?" Ignatius asked teasingly.

Alphard stuck his tongue out at Ignatius whom returned the favor.

"Children." Tom said sighing and rolling his eyes.

Harry smirked in amusement as he wrapped his left arm around Alphard's waist, pulling him closer. Alphard blinked a little and turned to Harry, his face easing into that sweet smile. Harry leaned forward to press their lips together in a gentle kiss, his tongue cautious until Alphard responded, sighing into the warm sweetness of it.

"Why? Why do you guys have to do that right here?"

"Just shut up Charlus and let them be." Dorea said to her boyfriend.

Of course, there was some sense of amusement from the fact that it appeared to be making Jared Morgan rather flustered.

They parted, matching goofy grins, half their attention back on their half eaten breakfast, but hyper aware of each other. Alphard was in a much happier mood, which was Harry's goal.

"I think we should go to the next Hogsmeade weekend together for your birthday."

"Just the two of us would be nice." Alphard agreed then he looked at Harry doubtfully. "You promise?" he asked hopefully.

Harry laughed at him. "I promise," he said softly.

Alphard grinned at him again.

"Well I think we all can take a hint when were not wanted." Ignatius replied.

"Hello! I saw a Huffelpuff sitting at the Slytherin table and found it odd cause I've never seen a Huffelpuff sit here and I never seen you guys really talk to Huffelpuffs-"

"This is Nixie Conway, she's-"

"I'm Harry's honorary sister." Nixie cut in with an air of authority.

"Erm... right, what she said, I guess." Harry said shrugging his shoulders once again at the stares he got from his brothers and friends. "Nixie, this is Myrtle Langlais and her boyfriend Livius MacDermott."

"Hello Nixie! It must be fun to have Harry as a brother? I wish Harry and I were that close." Myrtle giggled.

Alphard grimaced in distaste.

"Yeah, Harry's a sweetie. It's nice to meet you Myrtle." Nixie replied as she delicately tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

"I hope you'll like Hogwarts and fit in nicely with Huffelpuff." Livius said politely to Nixie.

Nixie smiled at him, something flirtatious and flashing pearly white teeth. It was something that was going to make everything incredibly awkward if she kept that up.

Livius hesitantly smiled back. "We should get ready for class, Myrtle." Livius said steering Myrtle away.

"Okay. Bye guys!"

When Livius and Myrtle were a safe distance away, Harry rounded on Nixie.

"Don't you dare-"

"What? I was just being friendly! He is pretty cute after all, how could I resist?"

"You're dating Lasely!"

"Oh Liz? Nah, wasn't working out."

"What?! You guys just started dating-"

"Is class starting soon? Practically everybody is gone."

Harry looked around and saw that students were indeed leaving for class.

"Minerva do you you have Transfiguration next? I saw that my class is with Gryffindor."

"Oh, erm, yes actually. I guess we'll be in class together?"

"Would you mind showing me there?" Nixie asked standing up from the Slytherin table along with everybody else.

"Yes, of course. I can even introduce you to my friend Pomona Sprout. She's in your House and she's a Fourth year as well."

Everybody made it in the dungeons for Potions on time. To everyone's disappointment, Professor Slunghorn had not only decided to set a project for the rest of the term, but had also assigned each of them to a partner; a partner who usually tended to be of the opposite house, attitude and level of skills in potion making. Whether it was a coincidence or not that Harry was put with Eric Prewett, again. What Harry did know, was that Tom was shooting glares at his partner Demios Avery, whilst Alphard was paired up with Harmony Burbage, Ignatius was paired up with Kayode Jenkins, Jared with Elanor O'Donnell, Dorea was paired up with Charlus and Lucretia was paired up with Livius MacDermott.

Harry glanced at Eric as he took his seat next to him, before training his attention back to the task at hand.

"So, you have a sister?"

Harry watched as Prewett began to chop up different ingredients along with him. "I suppose so," Harry said finally shrugging his shoulders.

"You suppose so?"

"Were not actually related by blood. She's my godfathers step daughter. If Nixie want's everybody to believe that were brother and sister, I'm not going to stop her. She is my family regardless after all."

"So you don't care that you have a girl claiming to be your sister and a Huffelpuff?"

"No. If some random girl did that, than of course I would, but I know Nixie, she's my family. Why would I care about what House she's in?"

"Good set up boys! I'm expecting a good potion from the pair of you." Slughorn said nodding to himself.

"So, where are you celebrating Christmas?"

Harry started at the question and looked suspiciously at Eric. Eric Prewett looked uncomfortable as if he'd forced himself to ask the question.

"With my family." Harry answered, slowly lifting the cauldron of the fire to have it cool down. "And you? Are you going anywhere special?" Harry asked in return.

Eric just shrugged his shoulders. "Probably just go to the McGonagall's ball and then I think father wants Ignatius and I to go visit more family. Of course that all depends if he decides to spend the Christmas holidays with your family."

"Do you miss Ignatius or something?" Harry asked amused.

"I said no such thing."

"I mean, I'd understand if you missed your brothers company."

"Shut up, Potter."

"You're more than welcome to come over for the holidays if Ignatius decides to come over to my house."


"Time's up! Hands away from your cauldrons." Slughorn ordered.

Slughorn walked around the room sometimes nodding and sometimes shaking his head. He came last to Eric and Harry, smiling even before he looked into their cauldron.

"What do we have here then? Very good boys! Not that the two of you would have the need for this particular potion, eh!" He said before patting Eric on the shoulder and nodding at Harry.

Harry almost sagged in relief.

"What? You thought we'd fail?" Eric teased Harry in a good mood.

"It was a possibility."

"Don't knock down my skills in potions, Potter." Eric said standing up along with Harry. Harry had Care of Magical Creatures with his brothers next and Tom was already waiting impatiently to be on his way. Charlus and Dorea were arguing with each other again. Their potion work didn't turn out so well.

"What did I tell you Dori?" Harry said to Dorea in triumph. "We bet ten sickles that I'll get an Exceeds Expectations or higher and I got an Outstanding!"

"Give me that!" Dorea snatched Harry's parchment out of his hand.

"Mr. Potter, so tell me, has this success gone to your head?" Alphard pretend that he had a microphone in his hand.

"It's hard to be humble when you're as great as I am, Mr. Black."

"Detailed description on Hippogriffs feelings? Did Professor Kettleburn really write that?! You prat! You half-arsed this and you still got an Outstanding!" Dorea threw Harry's parchment back at him.

Harry did a little dance in his seat in front of Dorea.

"I tried to warn you-"

"Shut up, Charlus." Dorea snapped.

"Oh, Dorea, dear, what did you get?" Harry asked teasingly.

"Acceptable." Charlus said smirking at Dorea's glare directed at him.

"What about you, Char?" Harry asked.

"Exceeds Expectations." Charlus said smirking even bigger at Dorea's outraged look.

"High five!" Alphard said to Charlus. "Iggy, you to right?"


"Even with my memory loss I still got an Outstanding." Tom rubbed in Dorea's face. Harry had told his tale on his experience with Hippogriffs to his brothers and Alphard and Ignatius, so they had better had gotten a good grade on it.

Dorea just huffed out in annoyance. "Whatever, who cares about stupid Hippogriffs anyway! I'm sure I wasn't the only one, Lucy-"


"You to!"

"Sorry, Dori." Lucretia said shrugging her shoulders.

"Guess you should have studied, huh?" Harry said smirking deviously to Dorea. "Is there anything I can do for you, Dorea?"

"Notify your next of kin." Dorea said flexing her fingers.

"Hey! None of that!" Alphard said shielding Harry. "Charlus control your girlfriend!"


"So, Nixie, you still didn't tell me why you broke up with Elizabeth?" Harry asked.

Harry had decided to sit with the Gryffindors for lunch along with his friends.

"Lizzy is a pretty cool girl, but she's book smart and… well, not really good at anything else."

"Meaning you don't like nerds. Don't date any Ravenclaws then, luv." Alphard said winking at her.

Nixie just rolled her eyes in response.

"So Morgan-"Conall Norton started as he made his plate.


"Okay, Jared, I've been meaning to ask, do you vampires he eat human food or sleep?"

"Both actually. I can anyway." Jared answered turning to face Conall.

"What do you mean?" Conall asked.

"It varies from vampire to vampire. Some can eat and sleep, some can't. You'd think it would be universal, but it depends on what kind of vampire turned you."

"There's different types of vampires?" Alphard asked shocked.

"Well, yeah. There's the nocturnal vampire and the diurnal. I'm diurnal so is Harry's godfather Julius. There's the ones that have to sleep in coffins during the daytime because it rejuvenates them. The sun actually kills the nocturnal vampires."

"What about the garlic myth?" Dorea asked.

Jared smiled in amusement. "Vampires have sensitive noses and can momentarily be driven off by pungent odors, Alphard-"

Alphard flipped Jared off.

"However, this method of deterrence is unreliable and certainly wont work on an experienced vampire."

"Crosses?" Lucretia asked.

"Crosses have no effect on vampires."

"Really? Not even holy water?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Holy water hurts, but it doesn't kill us. It'll piss us off, but it wont kill us. Well, I guess a vampire could actually drown in it if there's enough of it."

"But if I wanted to, I could kill you with a stake through the heart, right?" Alphard asked.

"Because vampire blood is circulated by skeletal muscles, vampires can easily survive injuries to the heart. Nice try though."

"Okay one more question. Can or can't you, turn into a bat?" Conall asked.

Jared laughed at this. "The answer is no. Definitely not."

"But why did you come here, Morgan?" Minerva asked.

"For Harry of course. Were gonna be together some day."

"Care for a drink, Jared?" Alphard asked heatedly.

"Being nice won't change anything, Alphard."

"Not being nice, I was threatening." Alphard said with a sly smile.

"Mr. Charlus, Harrison, and Thomas Potter, Headmaster Dippet would like to speak to you and has dismissed you from your classes for the day."

"Did something bad happen, Professor?" Tom asked frowning.

"Oh it's nothing to fret over, Mr. Potter. It just requires you and your brother's attention is all. Your parents are at the Headmaster's office as well." Professor Dumbledore said cheerfully to the Potter's.

"Mum and Dad are at the headmaster's office?" Charlus asked.

"We should be on our way then, huh?" Harry asked taking two more bites out of his macaroni.

"Why does the world constantly try to take us apart?" Alphard said with a dramatic sigh.

"Not to worry, I'll be back before you know it." Harry gave Alphard a quick kiss on the lips before he hurried and followed after his brothers.

"Do you think it's something bad?" Charlus asked Harry as soon as he caught up with them.

"I don't think so, I mean Dumbledore-"

"Why is it that you never call him Professor Dumbledore?" Tom asked Harry with a fake annoyance.

"Probably for the same reasons that you're allowed to call Professor Dumbledore, Albus." Harry said with the same fake annoyance as Tom.

"Still it's not right to be so informal-"

"Are you two seriously going to have this same argument again?! My word! Drop it, Tom! Harry is obviously very familiar with Dumbledore- Professor Dumbledore and he's obviously considers him family- which technically he is. It's hard to act professional with family and a lot easier to just be normal around them."

"I think Tom just doesn't like sharing." Harry replied.


"Sharing is caring, Tom. You can't have Dumbledore all to yourself."

"You prat! Don't tell me-"

"Boys, not arguing I hope."

The three brothers turned to see Professor Dippet waiting in front of the gargoyle statues that led up to the staircase to his office.

"No, not at all Headmaster Dippet." Harry said putting an emphasis on the Headmaster to annoy Tom.

"Good, good. Your parents are waiting for you boys up in my office. Let us not keep them waiting."

"Yes, sir." The boys said together.

Harry nudged Tom with his elbow and Tom returned the favor. Charlus just rolled his eyes, pretending to be oblivious to his brothers antics.

When Professor Dippet opened the door to his office, the boys were immediately greeted by their parents whom looked very worn out.

"Mum, Dad, are you guys okay?" Charlus asked as he immediately ran up to his parents and hugged them both.

"Yes of course." Valerie said gathering Tom in a hug as well.

Harry's attention though, was focused on a ginger headed girl with anger in her honey brown eyes directed at Harry and his family. She was wearing Hogwarts robes, but no house patch on it. The girl couldn't be no older than elven or twelve going by her height.

"Harry?" Charlus beckoned Harry over.

Harry turned his attention back to his family and walked over to them.

"What's going on?" Harry asked confused as he watched Valerie cry and hug Tom all at the same time.

"Tom just told Mum and Dad that he got his memory back. Weren't you paying attention?"

"Oh, no, I suppose not."

"Well pry tell what did grab your attention?" Charlus asked sarcastically.

"I don't want to interrupt your social life with my petty problems so why don't I just leave-"

"This girl-"

"I have a name." The girl snapped at Professor Dippet.

"Cynthia, don't be rude!"

"It's quite alright, Valerie, I understand what she is going through."

"What's she going through?" Charlus asked his parents confused.

"This is Cynthia Maximilian, Pyrrhos Delacour's younger sister-"

"He's my step-brother. We don't share the same blood, nor do I share his mothers blood."

"She's Aunt Marlene's step-daughter?" Charlus asked.

"Well in case you haven't caught on by now, this girl is going to do what she's going to do no matter what you or anyone else says, so we've go two options, help her adjust to Hogwarts or send her back to her father and step mother in Tokyo." Boniface Potter said with a look of annoyance on his face.

"Boniface, must you be so hard on the poor girl? Cynthia just lost her mother!"

"Okay, can we start from the beginning please?" Harry asked confused.

"My mum died from dragon pox and my father didn't want to deal with me so Marlene suggested Hogwarts." Cynthia said disgusted.

"Why not be sent to the same school as your brother?" Tom asked.

"My step-brother is half Veela among other things, so naturally he would be schooled at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. I on the other hand, I'm just an ordinary witch with no special qualities."


"I didn't ask to be here!" Cynthia stomped her foot down like a child in mid tantrum.

"What school did you go to before?" Charlus asked.

"I didn't. I just turned eleven today." Cynthia snapped once again. "I lived with my mum."

"Yes, we thought it would be in Cynthia's best interest to come here, albeit late, but with no one to watch out for Ms. Maximilian-"

"I'm nobody's charity case." Cynthia sneered.

"So you're going to have to catch up on a lot." Tom commented.

"Has she been sorted? What House will she be in?" Harry asked.

"Ms. Maximilian has just been sorted to Gryffindor." Headmaster Dippet said.

"Wow...really?" Charlus asked shocked.

"You and me both." Harry muttered to Charlus.

"I still don't understand. Why are you guys here, Mum, Dad?" Tom asked.

"Well Cynthia will be spending the holidays with us till we can figure out a better arrangement for Ms. Maximilian. Also your mother and I wanted you boys to make sure that you looked after Cynthia."

"I don't need anybody to look after me! I'm not some mindless twit! I can take care of myself!" Cynthia ran out the Headmaster's office.

"I'll go after her, she probably doesn't even know the Gryffindor password." Tom commented.

"I'll go with you, we Gryffindor's have to stick together after all." Charlus said following after Tom.

"Be nice to Cynthia, alright? Oh and here's Cynthia's schedule." Valerie handed Charlus the parchment.

"See ya, mum!" Charlus called back.

"And what will you do, Harrison?" Professor Dippet asked.

"I think I'll ask you for a late note to my Charms Professor if you don't mind, sir."

"You're not going to go with your brothers?" Boniface asked.

"Cynthia is a Gryffindor. Tom and Charlus can handle Cynthia just fine without my help. Besides, you can't force a person to stay where they don't want to be, but I promise I will do everything I can to make Cynthia want to."

"Here's your note, Mr. Potter."

"Thanks, Professor. I'll see you guys during Christmas break!" Harry said waving his great grandparents off.

"See you then, son." Boniface replied back.

"Password?" The portrait of the Fat Lady asked.

"What?" Cynthia asked annoyed.

The Fat Lady stared at the small girl. "The password, girl. Either tell me the password now or run along."

"But I'm new! I don't know the password!" Cynthia exclaimed.

"Shoo!"was the irritated reply.

"That's just great."


Cynthia turned around to see Tom and Charlus.

"What do you guys want?" Cynthia asked rudely.

"Why aren't you in class?" Tom asked impatiently.

"Class? I don't-"

"Here's your schedule, firstie." Charlus said in a cheerful manner as he handed Cynthia her schedule for the school year.

"Right now you're supposed to be in your History of Magic class." Tom replied.

"So what if I am? You're going to make me, go?"



Both Charlus and Tom looked at one another.

"We can't force her, Tom."

"Yes we can."

"I don't want to-" Cynthia started.

"Well that's to bad, because you are."


"I'm not going to miss all my classes because she doesn't want to go to hers." Tom said to Charlus.

"Nobody's asking you to!" Cynthia snapped back.

"Look, how about this, how about we go to your classes with you, Cynthia? We already have passes to miss classes for today."

"No, no, no! I don't want to!" Cynthia was about to make another run for it, but Tom had caught her by the collar of her cloak, pulling her back.

"Look here Potter, I don't know what you think you-hey!-Put me down!"

Charlus eyes widened. "Tom-"

"She's going to History of Magic. Kicking and screaming, so be it. You tried to be reasonable." Tom said as he carried Cynthia away on his back and shoulder.

"We'll sit with her though, right?"


Charlus smiled happily at this.

"Nadia?" Harry asked, looking surprised but not in a bad way.

Nadia looked up from her desk and smiled up at him, "Harry. Welcome to Charms. I had heard that you had a pass to miss classes for the day."

"You're our new Charms Professor?" Harry asked handing Nadia his note from the Headmaster.

All the students were currently practicing spells in small little groups, not paying attention to Harry. Alphard though, noticed Harry's appearance right away as he made his way to him, along with Ignatius.

"Oh it's only temporary till the headmaster finds somebody more suitable."

"Is that why, Nixie, is here?" Alphard asked trying not to sound rude, but failed miserably.

"I suppose it's one of the many reasons. You don't like Nixie, Mr. Black?" Nadia asked Alphard curiously so.

"It's not that..." Alphard blushed at Nadia's intense look at him.

"Alphard is just... annoyed about the overzealous amount of attention that Nixie gives me and not him." Harry finished for Alphard whom glared at him in return.

"Oh." Nadia laughed. "Nixie has always been that way to people she likes. Nothing to fret over. It's just the faerie in her. She's very protective of her family. After all, you are her younger brother." Nadia said winking at Harry whom blushed in embarrassment.

"Besides that, I think Nixie's attitude towards Mr. Black is based on resentment, distrust, and a little bit of thinking that Mr. Black is not good enough for you."

"Oh." Was all Harry said as Alphard gaped at Nadia in shock.

"Ouch." Ignatius muttered.

"She thinks I'm not good enough-!"

"Ah it's getting to that time, boy's take your seats." Nadia said as she started to address the students before her.

"But I don't want to go!" Cynthia yelled, completely frustrated with the events that had played out.

"Cynthia, listen to what were saying, you're not the only one going," Charlus said as Tom dropped her back to the ground.

"I don't care about being summoned to this stupid castle! I'm not taking a single class here!" Cynthia stomped her foot for emphasis. Cynthia's anger had been rising and was to the point that her face was flushed. She folded her arms in her robes and pointed her nose in the other direction, clearly fuming.

Charlus looked at his brother to see if he had an idea on what to do. Cynthia just had to be the one to decline to something you just can't say no to.

"Would you excuse us?" Tom said to Charlus, pushing Cynthia away from his brother, not caring whether Charlus cared or not.

"What's your problem?" Cynthia hissed at Tom, her expression becoming more dangerous than before.

"My problem?" Tom hissed back, surprised that girl showed such animosity towards him.

"Yes! Why are you forcing me to do something that I don't want to do!" Cynthia all but shouted at Tom.

"Maximilian! Listen to yourself! You're a kid, this is what your suppose to do. You're supposed to go to school and learn. Yeah it sucks about what happened to your mother, and you have my deepest apology, but you have to digress. And don't you dare show such disrespect to me or my family. Were not going to put up with your attitude. Now go to class!" Tom pushed Cynthia forward harshly than necessary.

"Tom!" Charlus scolded Tom before catching Cynthia before she fell on her face.

"Get off me." Cynthia pushed Charlus away.

"You're not to leave our sight," Tom said warningly to the girl, "now stop wasting our time and let's go."

"Yes, father." Cynthia said menacingly.

"Little girl, you have no idea." Tom said smiling in a eerily way.

"Let's go, shall we?" Charlus said standing awkwardly by the door that led to Professor Binns History class.

Cynthia swallowed and turned away from Tom and walked straight into Professor Binns History of Magic class.

Charlus and Tom sat in the back of the classroom, observing Cynthia whom was sitting in the middle rows.

"I can't believe you're treating her like that." Charlus whispered to Tom.

"You've never complained about my methods before."

"I'm not complaining."

"You're not? What do you call this?"

"Look, Tom-" Charlus said point a inked feather at Tom, "you've got to do a better job-"

"Get that out of my face."

"It's not in your face, it's in my hand."

"Get what's in your hand out of my face."

Charlus sighed. "Perhaps Harry should handle this."

"What's Harry got that I don't? She's a Gryffindor, not a Slytherin, so we can relate more to her than Harry can."

"Don't underestimate, Harry. You know as well as I do that Harry is just as brilliant as you are. And possibly more devious."

"Mr. Charlus and Thomas Potter. How terrible is wisdom, when it brings no profit to the wise? Please be quite or leave." Professor Binns said.

"Sorry, Professor Binns!" Charlus called out.

Cynthia turned back around and huffed out in annoyance as Professor Binns went back to his teachings. Cynthia sat slumped in her seat and glared out at the chalk board, seething with anger. She had no idea how much longer she would be forced to sit there, but she hoped it wouldn't be too much longer. The longer she sat there the longer she had to stew in her own anger which wasn't good for anyone, especially her.

Cynthia avoided eye contact with Charlus and Tom once class was over. No words were spoken, the only noise being the students chattering away as they headed off to dinner.

"Hey, little cousin, to what do I owe the pleasure?" Harry asked noticing how Cynthia immediately made a bee line towards him as soon as she spotted him. Tom just rolled his eyes and walked to the Gryffindor table followed by Charlus whom had an annoyed look to his face.

Harry had been in the process of making his plate when he noticed his brothers walking in.

Cynthia looked at Harry perplexed. "Cousin?"

Harry smiled at Cynthia. "Yeah, your my cousin,"

"By marriage of course," Alphard added.

"But my cousin nevertheless." Harry replied.

"Am I going to get in trouble by sitting here?" Cynthia asked noticing how the younger group of Slytherins were sneering at her and giving her evil looks.

"The evil looks they give have never stopped me and I'm a Slytherin myself." Harry joked as he pulled Cynthia to sit down in-between Alphard and himself.

"Besides, you're with us." Alphard replied adding more food to his plate.

"Cynthia, this is my boyfriend, Alphard Black and this is another friend of mine, Ignatius Prewett." Harry introduced Cynthia.

"You've been telling people about me?" Cynthia asked Harry frowning.

"Well... no. Just the two." Harry then shrugged his shoulders. "When new people come here, it spreads quickly. I don't even think Abraxas knows about you yet."


"Aunt Marlene favors her brother Constantine Malfoy more than her sister Valerie. Uncle Constantine and Aunt Marlene are very close, so it surprised me that Aunt Marlene asked Mum to watch over you instead of Uncle Constantine."

"Are you kidding? Abraxas father making his son watch after Cynthia after that whole magic bond fiasco with you?" Alphard said before stuffing his mouth.

"Oh yeah." Ignatius laughed.

Harry just scowled.

"Like I've been trying to say to everybody, I don't need anybody to watch over me." Cynthia said scowling as well as she folded her arms to her chest.

"Cynthia, I have two, two older brothers. Do you think they listen to me when I tell them I don't need them to watch over me? Nooo. They're always hounding me and breathing down my neck and then the spying-"

"You know what, Cynthia, Harry's ranting will go on forever so lets just agree to disagree." Alphard said smirking at Harry. Cynthia could help, but have a small smirk of her own.

"And I'm assuming you're at this table because Harry's brothers annoyed you." Ignatius replied.

"More than annoyed." Cynthia muttered.

"Tough love?" Harry asked putting a spoon full of mashed potatoes in his mouth.

"Tom absolutely loathes me." Cynthia exclaimed folding her arms to her chest. "And I the same for him."

"Uh, Tom's brother is sitting right next to you." Alphard whispered to Cynthia and pointed at Harry.

Harry smirked in amusement. "Good timing though, are you hungry?" Harry asked her.

"A little bit." Cynthia muttered.

"Well, help yourself." Harry said nodding his head towards the food.

"So, Harry, what do you think about Nadia being our new Charms Professor?" Ignatius asked.

"Oh, personally, it doesn't matter to me,-"

"Well it matters to me. Nixie is here." Alphard said with a scowl.

"If it makes you feel any better, Nadia said it was only temporary. So maybe Nixie will be here only temporary?" Ignatius said shrugging his shoulders.

"Who's Nixie?" Cynthia asked after having swallowing her food.

"Harry's sister, so she claims to be." Dorea said coming up behind Harry along with her cousin Lucretia.

"Where's Charlus?" Dorea asked.

"At his house table." Alphard replied.

"Oh, I guess I'll go eat there than." Dorea replied walking away.

Lucretia, though, took a seat next to Ignatius whom smiled sheepishly at her. "H-hey."

"Hey, Ignatius." Lucretia said making her plate.

"Why did that girl say that, Nixie, claims to be your sister? Is she or isn't she?" Cynthia asked.

"Who's this shorty?" Jared asked sitting on the other side of Harry.

"Jared, Lucy, this is Cynthia Maximilian. My cousin. Cynthia, this is Jared Morgan, he's from America, he transferred here and this is Lucretia Black, Alphard's cousin."

"Oh, it's a pleasure sweetheart." Jared said winking at her.

Cynthia blushed heavily at Jared's words and turned away from him.

"Nice to meet you, Cynthia." Lucretia said as well.

"How many family members do you have anyway?" Jared asked making a plate.

"Right, so my godfather, Julius married Nadia, or should I say Professor Bellamy and Nadia's daughter is Nixie."

"Oh, I-I get it." Cynthia said.

"I mean, I've know Nixie for awhile now and I guess I do see her as my sister."

"Are you older than her?"

"No, she's a year older than me. She's a Fourth Year Huffelpuff actually."

"You'll know her when you see her. She's a perky blonde." Alphard said.

"I saw you come over here not too long ago," Minerva explained sitting down next to Tom at the Gryffindor table, "sorry, I got caught up with Pomona. She was telling me how all the guys are practically drooling over Nixie. She's not even a Veela, so my guess is because she's a bubbly blonde."

"Do I detect jealousy, Minerva?" Conall asked shocked.

Minerva huffed and stuck her nose in the hair. "Jealous of what?"

"You have no reason to be jealous. I mean you already have, Tom. Every girl here would fight tooth and nail to be with him." Lauren Sullivan, one of Minerva's Fourth year friends said to her.

Tom looked at Lauren before turning his attention back to Minerva. "Is she serious?"

"Well," Minerva said blushing, "I've heard that we are a pretty popular couple."

"You need to catch up on your gossip, especially if it includes you." Conall said piling more food onto his plate.

"Conall, I pay no heed to gossip." Tom said.

"Oh, but the latest one is that you have a cousin visiting." Dorea said taking her seat next to Charlus.

"Though Nixie Conway still beats that. Nobody is interested in a first year." Conall concluded.

"Her name is Cynthia Maximilian. She's more Abraxas cousin than ours anyway. Aunt Marlene's step-daughter." Charlus said taking out of his pork chops.

"It doesn't matter who she's more related to, Charlus. Mum and Dad appointed Cynthia to us and were supposed to help her fit in, but she's not making that easy on us." Tom said frowning.

"Oh? Well she seems pretty happy right now." Conall commented.

Both Charlus and Tom turned around to see Cynthia eating and laughing with Harry and his friends.

"Didn't I tell you, Tom? Harry's more devious." Charlus exclaimed.

Tom just rolled his eyes and turned back around. "As long as Harry can get through to her, that's all I care about."


"If not, you guys can haul her off to Abraxas." Dorea said smirking.

Harry was startled when he was encircled in a hug around the waist and a wet kiss on the cheek.

"Hello, Harry!" Nixie said with a ridiculous goofy grin on her face. "You have no idea how many friends I've made today! I'm so lucky! Everybody is so friendly here."

"You must be, Nixie." Cynthia said studying the girl.

"Oh my gosh, what a lucky guess! Have you been talking about me, Harry? All good things I hope? But anyway, I'm going to go sit with my fellow Huffelpuffs." Nixie giggled and jumped up and down. "I'm a Huffelpuff. I feel so exclusive! See ya, Harry!"

"She acts like a twit." Cynthia said frowning at the girl walking away to her house table.

"See, Harry? I'm not the only one that thinks that." Alphard exclaimed.

"It's in Nixie's nature. She's a water fearie. They're all a bit..."

"Annoying nut jobs?" Alphard supplied making Cynthia snicker.

"Eccentric." Harry said glaring at Alphard.

Harry needed a break from Alphard and Jared, they were constantly fighting for his attention and he need some air. He was outside the courtyard laying down on one of the stone benches.

"You've been following me since dinner. I insist that whatever problem you have, you work it out with Tom and Charlus. It's them your avoiding right?"

"That's absolutely ridiculous." Cynthia said leaning up against one of the pillars, watching Harry stare up at the night sky.

"Uh huh. Look, I'm a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them. And I can read you quite well. Tom and Charlus are my brother's, they're my family and I know they would never hurt you on purpose."

"I know I've been acting horribly and making this really hard, but I like you and I really don't wanna mess this up because you're the only one that's not mad at me yet."

"You don't have to worry so much. I wouldn't let you follow me around if I didn't like you."

"You like me?"

Harry sat up and patted the spot next to him for Cynthia to sit. Cynthia, hesitantly, went and sat next to Harry.

"I know this is hard for you and I'm not trying to force you to do anything that you don't want to, but Cynthia, you just gotta trust me on this. Tom has lost family to, he was an orphan for quite awhile before the Potter family came along."

"Were you an orphan to?"

"Yeah, kind of, but not as long as Tom. The Potters adopted both Tom and I. So, we both can relate to what you're feeling right now."

"If Tom and Charlus still don't like me, will you still-?"

"You're my little cousin, Cynthia. Nothing tops that."

Cynthia felt the knots in her chest slowly start to release, and she smiled for the first time since that morning. "Thanks, Harry," she whispered, "it's so easy to talk to you."

"I'd really like to see you come visit me again. You know, if you don't mind coming to the dark side of Hogwarts." Harry joked.

"I'd like to visit you to." Cynthia said shyly.

"Tom, you know, he pretends to be all tough and macho but really, he's just all soft and squishy inside." Harry said smirking.

Cynthia laughed a little, but nodded. "I'll try to keep that in mind."

"Oh! And he absolutely hates it when people call him, Tommy."

"So use it quite often?" Cynthia joked making Harry laugh.

Alphard got in a few more useless whacks to Jared's face and raised his had with a small fireball held in it just as Harry and Ignatius walked into their shared bedroom. The two of them stumbled in, laughing uncontrollably, Harry literally doubled over in laughter. Alphard froze, hand still formed to hit Jared with a fireball.

Taking that brief opportunity, Jared shoved him off him and halfway across the room with his vampire strength. Alphard's fireball diminished as soon as Alphard was distracted. Standing, they both stood to face Harry, Alphard crossing his arms over his chest defensively and Jared leaning against Harry's bedpost.

"Is this fight," asked Ignatius sobering up, "something we should all be discussing?"

Alphard and Jared looked at each other briefly and answered, "No."

Harry regarded them in a way that made you feel like you were two arguing school boys who had been caught fighting by the teacher.

"I think we need a time-out." Ignatius looked at them expectantly, eyebrows high on his forehead.

"I personally don't care." Harry said taking his cloak off. He was still in a kind of good humor despite seeing his boyfriend and Jared Morgan fighting with each other.

"No blood no foul, eh?" Ignatius asked Harry.

"Something like that." Harry said rolling his eyes.

"'ello, luv," greeted Alphard as if nothing had happen. Alphard with his air of confidence, and affectionate.

Harry just gave Alphard a look saying that he was not fooled by Alphard trying to act all innocent.

"Jared, what are you doing in here?" Harry asked the boy as he undid his tie.

"What, you're not excited to bask in the pleasure of my company? Clearly I'm doing something wrong, half the upper years would give an arm and a leg for the opportunity." Jared said pouting at Harry.

"Well you should find that somebody, Jared." Harry replied.

Jared just sighed. "I'm sure there really is somebody out there for me."

"Hiding no doubt." Ignatius smirked.

"Hey! That's my line!" Alphard scowled at Ignatius.

"Vampires are quite irresistible. I'll find my mate one way or another. Jerks."

Cynthia found Tom in the back in the library writing, most likely doing homework. Cynthia went and took a seat on the opposite side of the table from Tom.

Tom looked up and then went back to his work. "Any particular reason for honoring me with your presence?" Tom asked.

Cynthia rolled her eyes in half- amusement and half-exasperation, "Still a little bitter?"

"No, just slightly annoyed." Tom answered.

"I've been hanging out with, Harry, as I'm sure you've notice."

"Mmh." Tom said as kept on writing.

"So, Tom, what do you remember about your parents, before you met the Potters I mean?"



"I was an orphan at birth. The Potters are all I care to know."

"My father, he's cold, calculating, he's never told me he loves me, so it's a bit hard for me to let people in. The only family I've ever had is my mother and now she's gone."

Tom sighed and stopped his writing. "Cynthia, look, I'm sorry,-"

"Don't be,-"

"No, I shouldn't have been so hard on you,-"

"I'm the one who made it hard on everyone. I understand that you-"

"No, it's your fault. I just wanted to say I'm sorry about how I went about it." Tom replied going back to his parchment.

Cynthia huffed in annoyance and folded her arms to her chest."This is so hard," Cynthia finally croaked out quietly, her gaze focus down at her shoes. "I mean, I know I'm being irrational's just...I'm scared, Tom. Scared of what could happen if..." Cynthia exhaled again as she bit her lip against the tears that were welling in her eyes. She didn't finish her thought though; she didn't have to.

"It's not fair," Cynthia said sniffling and rubbing at her eyes angrily.

"The way I see it, you've got to just keep going forward, you know? You can't just start avoiding entire world because you're afraid of what could happen. You do that...eventually you'll have nowhere left to go. You'll paint yourself into a corner, Cynthia."

Tom felt bad for putting that sad look on Cynthia's face, but this was something they really needed to talk about. Tom had to get through to Cynthia and usually the only way to do that, the thing that Harry had taught Tom and understood the most, was physical contact. So he got up from his chair and knelt down to Cynthia's level. He grabbed Cynthia's upper arm with one hand, moved it up to clutch Cynthia's shoulder.

"You have family in the Potter's, Cynthia. We protect our family. That, you can put your faith in."

Cynthia smiled for the second time that day. "Thanks, Tommy." Cynthia said.

"Don't call me Tommy!"

"Why not?"

"I don't like it."

"I do."

"It's not up to you! It's my name."

"Yes, but I'm the one who has to say it, and I want to call you Tommy." Cynthia said standing up as she quickly kissed Tom on the cheek and hurried out of the library.

Tom sighed and stood back up. "Unbelievable, how do you argue against that?"

Author's Note: Sorry for the late arrival. Life and other things. Also, why do you guys insist on telling me about my grammar? I already told you that my beta person, misa-chan46, whenever it happens, will fix it up, so chill out. The world is not going to end because I misspelled something. If it offends you so much, stop reading it. Anyway, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!