Chapter 1 "Leaving Your Comfort Zone"

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Bella's P.O.V

"Flight 188 Departs in 5 minutes"

As I stood in line, at the airport looking down at my ticket for Flight 188, I couldn't help but panic a little. Although trying to keep calm so my mother that stood behind me didn't sense anything, I put on a fake smile and turned around to hug her one last time.


"I love you mom. I will text you as soon as the plane lands" I told her still smiling, but as my mother, she did sense something.

" Are you sure you wanna do this?..You can come to Florida with us!!..Oh you would love it Bella. The su.."

I cut her off before she could say more. I already heard this speech a million times anyway.

" Mom, I told you already. I wanna go. Don't worry. I am actually excited. I haven't seen dad in a while. We have a lot of catching up to do and.."

"Can I see your ticket Miss?"

I turned around looking at the short burnette lady sticking out her hand to retrieve my ticket. I silently thanked her in my head for getting me out of these fake excuses to my mom of why i was excited to leave.

" Alright honey but remember if you want to come to Florida I am one phone call away!"

I said my last goodbye to my now crying mother and stepped onto the plane. As I searched for my seat, that I eventually found that is seated next to a family of five kids. I knew this wasn't going to be a peaceful plane ride. I squeezed my way to seat 16 and sat back with my mp3 player already on and drowning out the whispers and small talk from the everyone around me. Hoping i wouldn't be a victim of small talk.

Leaving Phoenix was hard for me, for it was my comfort zone, but it is for the best. I wanted my mother to be happy. She recently married a baseball player that traveled a lot and she would always stay behind with me not wanting me to be alone. I knew she wanted to go along with him but she would never admit that. So thats why I decided to leave. I also did want to get to know my father more but wished it wasn't under these circumstances of moving in with him. I usually only went to visit him in the summer for a month until i was fourteen, but since then and for the past four years I put my foot down and had him visit me for two weeks, during the now i am deciding to move in with him in his house located in Forks, Washington where i dreaded all those years. It isn't just because it rains 90% of the time or that its population was way smaller than Pheniox, which is actually a plus for me that it doesn't attain that many people, but it is because I feel the most comfortable in my bedroom in Phoenix, Arizona lost in a book. I am not a normal 18 year old. I also am not special in any way. Not an athlete or an artist. I don't have to much in common with most kids my age. I tend to enter conversations with adults before heading to parties with teens. That's just how it is for me. I never had a girlfriend to call whenever I was upset or happy. That position was filled by my mother that is now probably on her plane that is heading to Florida with her new husband and new life. I guess what i am trying to say is that i am not a fan of change. Yet I am changing everything about my life at the moment. So with that I am starting to feel the panic that is emerging from all that is new to come.


I looked around the airport searching for my dad. He wasn't hard to spot. He was leaning against the wall waiting to see me, with a nervous expression on his face. My dad and I don't have the normal father-daughter relationship. We always shared comfortable silence because neither of us knew what to say to each other and we never had emotional conversations. I guess this was from the long absence we would have in each others lifes. Which was fine by me and was one of the reasons I was okay with moving in with him.

I walked over to the nervous man that was straight ahead of me and yelled out to him.


He then met me half way grabbing my bags, not knowing whether to hug me or not. So to not make him feel uncomfortable I simply leaned in for a quick hug.

"Bells!!..You have grown so much since the last time i saw you!"

"and you dad let your beard grow in?"

He chuckled.

" Yea haven't had the time to clean it up. I have been real busy around the station."

I also forgot to mention that I am known as the Chief Swan's daughter in Forks. I should get use to that since that will be my new label instead of erratic mother's daughter.

We walked out to his cruiser and sat mostly silent through the hour drive back to Forks. Only having small talk and catching up a little.

When we pulled into his driveway, memories consumed me as the tied knots of uncomfortableness in my stomach and an urdge to cry and fleet for the direction towards home emerged. Yet my home in Phoenix is empty and this is now my new home. I walked into the house that never changed through the years and started the climb up the stairs to my new bedroom, listening to my dad tell me that all the necessities are in their same places as before. Like i said this place never changed. My bedroom still looked the same since i was a baby, although there was a queen sized bed in place of where my crib sat. The same old rocking chair in the corner and old books i left here long ago on the night stand. I would defiantly be working on this room for the rest of the night trying to make it as comfortable and homey as I can get it.

After hours of working around my new but old room, my stomach began to growl. My dad and I always seemed to give each other space which I loved compared to my mother that wasn't able to be in the same room without me more than an hour at a time. So I thought it would be okay to escape my newly claimed comfort place for an hour to eat. I walked down the steps to find my dad sitting in the living room finishing up a game on the television. I entered the room with another growl in my stomach. Dad then looked up at me.

" Are you getting hungry?"

"Yea..a little. I guess."

"Well I could order a pizza. There is not much in the house to eat at the moment. I am not much of a cook, so I order out often, but i planned on going shopping once you got here to see what you like to eat. I will figure the whole cooking thing out eventually."

He finished explaining with a nervous expression on his face. Probably from the thought of him having to cook for me. I already knew my dad couldn't cook and neither can my mom. I often wondered how they made it without starving when they lived with each other. I guess chinese take out did the trick.

" Pizza sounds good. I can go shopping for you tomorrow. Also I can cook pretty good. Remember who I have been living with dad?..haha..I will cook our dinners every night. I am used to it."

With that said he seemed very relieved and got up to order the pizza. Then turning to me.

"Ohh..Bells I forgot to mention we are expecting company tonight. The Blacks. Do you remember Billy and Jacob Black from when we used to go down La Push together?"

Crap..there goes my plans on escaping back to my room for the remainder of the night. I remember the Blacks. Billy is my dad's best friend and fishing companion and Jacob is Billy's son. We use to play together when I came here in the summer. Although that was when I was about 10 before I grew accustomed to hiding away from people, not feeling that i had to much in common with anyone anymore. I guess you would call that the preteen stage.

"Yea I remember them dad. When are they coming?

With that there was a knock at the door, while my dad gave me an apologetic smile and turned towards the door to open it.

In came Billy that was followed by a much grown up Jacob pushing his father in a wheelchair through the door. When I locked eyes with him an unfamiliar smile spread across my face. Not even caring that our dad's were watching us he then smiled and gazed back at me in return.

It felt comfortable standing in that moment looking at my long lost backyard friend that would chase after me with worms. I was pulled back though when my father interrupted my thoughts by introducing us again.

I grabbed his hand that he held out. Almost gasping by the warmth it held.

"Its nice to see you again Bella"

Before I could say anything back, while staring into his dark eyes still. Billy proceded then holding out his hand. While i reluctantly broke away from Jacobs grasp and reached for Billy's.

"Yes it is Bella. It will be nice to have you around again. Charlie needs somebody to keep him in line."

We chuckled at that and then proceded into the living room while my father called for the pizza. I then started to argue with myself in my head of the reasons of why my knots began to losen in my stomach and where is this feeling of comfort coming from. Surely it couldn't be from Jacob Black. I don't even know him anymore. He surely has changed since the last time i seen him. Extremely and almost unnaturally tall, with jet black hair that looked like it would fall to his shoulder blaids but it was pulled back with a rubber band at the nape of his neck. His face was still sweet from when i remembered it, though it had hardened, the planes of his cheekbones were sharper, his jaw squared off, all childish roundness gone. What did I expect him to look like? The 8 1/2 year old boy that I once knew? No, but I hadn't expected him to look this good or for me to be feeling this way, whatever way this is, about him. Where is this hold coming from?

When I looked up I seen that Jacob was looking at me and had an expression on his face that looked like he was deep in thoughts too.