Chapter 31


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I was standing in front of the mirror while examining my new baby bump size from every different angle. Today was one of those days where I felt every bit of 5 months pregnant that I was.

My mother has been telling me "Honey you haven't experienced the worst of it yet." I was too scared to even go further into that conversation. Don't get me wrong I am enjoying the experience of being pregnant and feeling the baby move but on days like today I wish I could have an out of body experience. The only thing that makes today a good one is that in an hour Jake and I will find out the sex of the baby.

I already tried on twelve different outfits and all of them were uncomfortable and Jake would be home from work any minute now. So doctors appointment or not, sweat pants and a t shirt is going to be my outfit today.

Jake has already made assistant manager at his new job at the Part store downtown. My dad also already has a spot in the Police academy for him after he graduates.

It's been a month since we moved in here and it has been a great one. With mine and Jake's salary we were able to start on the nursery and the rest of the house for the baby. Emily and my mother have already begun Baby shower plans, which I preferred not to have but I didn't have a chance after they got together.

After I slipped on my nicest white T shirt that I had with a pair of nice sweat pants I headed downstairs to pour my cup of tea, since I am not alowd to have my coffee anymore. *sigh*

I poured my tea in a to-go cup and before I sat the kettle down I could feel his warmth coming from behind me. I took in a deep breath of his scent that still gave me butterflies and then turned to him. He was standing there with his black t-shirt and baby blue jeans, that were my favorite, on. His smile went ear to ear as he examined my outfit.

"Don't say a word! This is what I am wearing today. Just one of those days." I said after I examined him as well without him noticing and then went ahead with grabbing my purse.

I clutched it to my side with my tea in the other hand while waiting by the door.

"I wasn't going to, but aren't you excited?" Jake asked while turning towards the door and then gently touching the side of my face.

"Yes but I just don't feel good today." I said while leaning into him as much as I could.

He then wrapped his warm hands around me and we just stood there wrapped into our own little world and family. I could stand here on my swelled, aching feet all day like this if it meant that I could be in these arms, it seems as if all of the irritations that I had today and all of the aching fades away in this place.

"We could reschedule?" he whispered into my ear.

I then broke free and looked into his dark beautiful eyes.

"You still think we are having a girl?" I asked with a smirk for we had a bet going.

"Yes. Yes I do." He said while smirking back.

"Well let's go see!" I squealed while I waddled my little yet bulged body as fast as I could to the car.

It didn't take us long at all to make it to my appointment. Jake and I were signed in on the dot although we knew we would be waiting another hour before going in. Its one thing we learned since becoming pregnant, that doctor's appointments take forever.

While waiting I decided to go over our check book to bypass time and to try not to think about the fact that when I leave I should know whether or not we were having a boy or girl.

As I counted back days of grocery shopping I couldn't help but watch Jake. He looked like any other male in a gynecologist office that has been there long enough already. He was leaned back in the chair and had his legs spread as much as he could in the small office area. He also had his head back staring up at the ceiling.

This wasn't any different than any other doctor's appointments but what caught my attention was the fact that his attention was stolen by someone's as well. His head was turned down to the seat next to him and he was grinning from ear to ear while making baby coos.

A little baby boy sat in his car seat while his mother paid mind to her little girl that wasint he other seat. The look on Jake's face was priceless and admirable. I knew from day one that he would be a good father. He was always good with kids, but me on the other hand has never knew how to act around them even when I was one myself. It scared me that I wouldn't be any close to a good parent as Jake was.

I was so lost in thought by now and abandoned my checkbook all together when I heard my name called. Jake and I instantly froze. This was it.

We walked back to the patient room and went over our usual routine of checking on the baby. After coming to the conclusion that the baby was indeed healthy we proceeded on into the sonogram room. My palms were sweating and I could feel my heart flutter. I couldn't understand why I was so worked up, but I couldn't wait anymore. I needed to know. Although Jake and I both had our bets of what we were having we were both on the same side of not caring at all on what the sex was.

I laid out flat on the bed after undressing from the waist down. I was happy to find that this was going to be a sonogram over my belly this time instead of an inward one.

"Would you guys want to know the sex of the baby if I can tell?" The nurse asked.

"Yes." Jake and I said in sync.

I held my breath as the glob fell on my exposed belly while also tightening my grip on Jake's hand. When I began to hear our baby's heart flutter I looked to the screen.

Being able to be connected to another human being everyday and being able to feel the kicks and flips and then finally being able to see the person that's been with you this whole time, is an amazing feeling.

I looked to Jake whose mouth was wide open with amazement, and then looked back to the screen. I watched as the heart beat fluttered ever so vastly like humming bird wings and then I watched as our baby began to move all around all the while also feeling it here and there.

"Well.." the nurse began to say.

"Can you tell what our baby is?" I interrupted while also sitting up just a smidge to get a better look.

"Yes I can." She said while rolling the ball around and around. Different objects moved around the screen, but nothing that I could see clearly.

"Congratulations. It's a Girl." She said and before the words left her mouth a tear escaped down my cheek. A girl!.

"Our little girl!" I tasted on my mouth. It seemed to fit so perfectly. Jake began to spread kisses over my cheeks and then lastly onto my lips.

"I won." He whispered and I could have hardly cared. I was swimming in pleasure.

I was in a daze as I let Jake lead the way to exiting the building while I held our picture of my little jelly bean girl.

Before Jake started the engine, he placed his hands on my stomach and turned towards me.

He gently kissed my stomach and then whispered "I love you baby girl."

"Isn't this great? We can go ahead with the pink paint and oh! We can buy that cute little dress at Penny's that we saw." I began to ramble.

"Yes it is great. I am very happy and we only have 4 more months to see her." Jake said while now starting the car.


"Yeah?" He said while turning off onto the highway.

"What do you think about Sarah Renee Black?" I asked.

Jake suddenly became very quiet and didn't say anything at first and I almost began to give another option, but it was when I seen the glisten in his eyes and the way his eyebrows sat, that i realised that he was crying. I was hoping he would like the idea.

"It's perfect Bells." He said while wiping at his eyes as if nothing was wrong.

"Are you sure? I mean it doesn't have to be.." I began to say.

"No. No. I love it. It's just that it upsets me that I didn't even think of it."

"Well honey we have only known that we were going to have a daughter for twenty minutes now." I said while looking towards my watch.

"Sarah…Its beautiful." He said again.

The ride home was filled with comfortable silence as we both thought of our life that has just paved a new path for us, a path with a daughter in it. I couldn't quit thinking of the possibilities ahead.

We turned into our drive way only to find Seth sitting on the bed of his truck waiting for us.

We both got out of the car giddy as can be, because this was the first person that we could tell our good news too.

"What's up with you guys?" Seth asked.

"Oh nothing. What are you doing here?" Jake asked as he began to unlock the door.

"Umm..I am not sure. Just bored and wanted to stop by before heading home." He said while following us into the house.

"How long have you been waiting?" I asked while getting the phone book to order dinner. Since today was something to celebrate.

"Only about twenty minutes." He said while plopping down at the table with Jake.

"How are you feeling today Bella?" he then added.

"Oh I have been better. Today is one of those days I guess." I said and then mine and Jake's eyes connected and instantly we began to giggle.

"Okay what's going on!?" Seth then yelled.

Jake then cleared his throat and we both began to try to act serious.

"You go ahead babe." I said while placing the phone book on the table.

Seth then looked to Jake.

"We found out what we are having today." Jake began while also forming a huge smile that displayed his perfect set of white teeth.

"We are going to have a girl! Sarah Renee Black!" Jake said proudly.

"Wow congratulations man." Seth said while giving Jake a hug.

"You to Bella." He added while also trying to give me a hug without disturbing the undeniable bump between us.

After we broke apart, I could tell Seth seemed worried.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

He then began to straighten up.

"Oh nothing, but I will see you guys. I told Amber that I would meet her tonight at 6. So I better get home to get a shower and get ready." He said while quickly giving Jake a hand shake and then sprinting out the door.

"What was that about?" I asked.

"I don't know. Maybe he forgot about his date tonight." Jake laughed.

That night while cleaning up for bed, I began to feel anxious. I couldn't understand what brought it on or why. I had nothing other than the usual stuff to be anxious about but tonight it felt different. It had an edge to it. As if everything right now was just an illusion. That the pure happiness that filled my day was going to vanish.

I tried to dismiss all of it while I curled up into bed to cuddle Jake, whose warmth brought me comfort but as I settled in, I could still feel the goose bumps that now lined my shoulders to my elbows and my thighs to my ankles.

"Bella Are you okay?" Jake then whispered to me.

"Yea i am fine babe. Goodnight and I love you." I said back to him while pushing everything behind me at the moment.

"I love you too, Bells. Goodnight." he said while nestling his head onto the top of my head.

How could I be so worked up at a time like this? When everything is exactly how i want it to be?

I then let myself melt into Jake as i tried my hardest to fall asleep and escape all of the serious emotions that were racing through my body.

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