Chapter 77

The steam billowed through the clear sky as the students pushed their way along the platform towards the train. There was giddy energy in the air as the excitement of returning home for another summer encompassed the students.

Lily stood against the stone wall and watched. It was so strange to see how eager they were to get on. She didn't feel like that, not this year. In the past she had been just like them. Among the first on the train but knowing she wouldn't be coming back slowed her down now.

"Lily come on we don't want to be left behind?"

"Why not?"

Branwen side stepped a rowdy fourth year who was having a screaming match with a boy who was clearly becoming her ex.

"Come on this isn't the end Lily."

"It feels like it."

Branwen gave a little nod as she looked towards the gleaming red paint of the Hogwarts Express. Lily wondered if her friend was thinking about all the times they had travelled back and fore on it. Never had it occurred to Lily just how quickly that tradition would come to an end.

"I think this is a new chapter. Nhad told me that it feels like the world is ending when we leave and then we get out there and find that it's only the start."

"But everything is about to change."

Branwen took Lily's hand gently and gave it a squeeze.

"Things have to change. Now come on before James gets back off to come and find you."

Branwen towed Lily through the thinning crowd and onto the train. As she stepped up off the platform her stomach gave a little turn. This was it. She was saying goodbye to childhood and about to embark on adult life.

I know its not much of an ending but Hogwarts isn't the ending. So get ready for the last part of the story Friends Forever Maybe Not life after Hogwarts it'll be coming soon.