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"Izumi-chan!" Akira called out, finding her at the river bank. He waved his arms around as he ran over to her.

"Akira-kun! I'm so glad you are here!" Izumi said, getting up from the floor.

"Akira-kun wants to know more about Izumi-chan." Akira said, plopping himself on the ground where she was before. Izumi smiled really big and sat down next to him.

"I'll tell Akira-kun anything." She said, leaning her head on his shoulder. Akira tried to hold back his gag at her closeness. He reminded himself why he was doing this; for Shuji.

"Tell Akira about Izumi-chan's family." Akira suggested.

"Well, my mum works at a local grocery store, my dad works at Akira-kun's father's company! You knew that, silly! My brother also wants to work there, but he is too dumb. Mum would have worked there too, but she couldn't get the job. If it wasn't for Akira-kun's father, then we wouldn't have any money to live with! My aunt also lives with us. She is just as useless as my brother and mum; but all of us look up to Akira-kun's father!" Akira couldn't believe what he was hearing. This girl was quite rude to her family.

"Now for some general knowledge! My favourite colour is pink! So I expect pink chocolates on Valentine's Day, Akira-kun! And I like Pokemon, so for my birthday I want Akira-kun to buy me a giant Pikachuu!" Akira was getting really annoyed with this girl, and he didn't get annoyed very easily. She wouldn't stop talking, and she seemed to be getting closer and closer to him. He wished Shuji-kun would hurry up and get the photo.

Just as he was beginning to give up hope that they would ever find it, he saw Shuji out of the corner of his eye, giving him a thumbs up.

"Shuji-kun!" Akira yelled, getting up and leaving Izumi to fall to the ground.

"Hey. I'm sorry I had to put you through that hell." Shuji said to him once Akira had landed in his arms.

"That's ok! Anything for my Shuji-kun!" Shuji blushed, but smiled all the same.

"Wait, what is going on here?" Izumi asked, watching herself being surrounded by Dai, Hajime and Shuji.

"I came to tell you that the game's over, Maruna." Shuji said.

"Are you sure you want to do that, Shuji? Remember that photo I have."

"What, this one?" Shuji pulled out the photo from his jacket pocket and held it up to her.

"Arh! Where did you find that?" she asked, trying to snatch it up from Shuji. "I only made two copies! Give it back!"

"What you did was wrong, Maruna." Dai said.

"But what I want to know is how you got my mobile number, and knew of the Pig I had in my suitcase." Shuji said.

"Easy! I read your number when you sent that text to Akira-kun on the bus. I was confused about the message you wrote, so I decided to follow you around and spy on you. That's when I saw you take out that pig and you said Akira gave it to you. The look on your face said that you treasured it, so I thought I would take it and make you find it!"

"But why?"

"Because! I wanted Akira all to myself, and if he thought you lost the gift he gave you, he wouldn't like you anymore. I wanted him to like me!" Izumi yelled, "And I thought then since my plan wasn't working that I would scare you by making that puzzle. When that didn't work, I knew there was only one way of getting you to leave Akira alone; and that was blackmail."

By now a small circle had formed around the group. Shuji was getting nervous. If she mentioned anything about the photo here, the class would still find out. What would his classmates say if they found out?

"And when I saw you and Akira in the tent that afternoon, I knew my plan was perfectly formulated! I would take that picture and blackmail you with it! You would make Akira hate you, and I would step in and take your place as the one he loved!"

"Surely if you spent so much time spying on Shuji and Akira you would be able to tell that they wouldn't allow anything like your blackmail to get in the way of their friendship." Hajime said.

"But I was going to ruin that friendship! Because Shuji would break up with Akira, and Akira would be upset!"

"Your mean, Izumi-chan! You wanted to cause me pain for your own gain!" Akira yelled. The whole class was watching with anticipation. Shuji was unsure if they knew what was going on, but this was bad. They would eventually find out, and if they didn't, they would ask questions about what was going on. Well, he guessed they'd find out sooner or later. If it wasn't now, it would be a few months down the track when something else came up to try and expose the two's relationship. Shuji took and deep breath and 'chyuu-nuu'ed in his head.

"I would never break up with Akira, no matter what anyone tried to blackmail me with. I love him." Shuji noticed a blanket of silence covering the crowd around them.

"Akira and I have been best friends for a year now, and we have another friend back at our old school that would make sure we stayed that way. It is because of these reasons that I would never let anything get in the way of our relationship."

"Akira too! Akira loves Shuji-kun!" Akira yelled, his voice echoing around the forest and even causing a couple people to cover their ears. All of a sudden, Izumi started to laugh.

"You realise you've just told the whole class what I was blackmailing you with?"

"Yes, I am well aware of that, and it doesn't matter what they think. Akira is my most important person, and I would do anything to keep him." Shuji smiled and Akira jumped on top of him in his joy. A few people in the class smiled at them, knowing that this was real love that they were witnessing.

"That's not fair! I want Akira! I want him all to myself!" Izumi started to yell and hit her fists against her thighs.

"Life's not always fair, Maruna, but what you did was wrong. You should apologise." Dai said. Izumi didn't reply, instead just storming off. That left the rest of the class around Shuji and Akira.

"Is it true? Are you guys really a couple?"Someone asked.

"Yes." Shuji said, confidently.

"I thought you guys would never say that! Finally!"

"Yeah! You've always been together since we've known you. It was bound to happen sometime!"

Shuji and Akira stood there together and smiled. If they had known their classmates thought this way, they would have let the secret out ages ago.

--- ---

Shuji stepped off the bus and found his Dad and brother waiting next to a taxi. He waved to them, and they waved back.

"Hello Shuji! How was your trip? We missed you!" Shuji's father cried.

"It was really good." He smiled at his family.

"That's good. We thought you'd be tired from the trip so we booked this taxi to come and pick you up. Do you want us to drop you home on the way, Akira?" Shuji's father said, turning to Akira who had just arrived with his luggage.

"No, that's ok Dad. Akira is coming to stay with us tonight. Then we might go visit Nobuta in Tokyo this weekend." Shuji replied, smiling at Akira.

"Yay! Nobuta visit!" Akira cried, flinging his arms around. Shuji smiled, and once he was still, took his hand and led him into the taxi.

"Bye Shuji! Bye Akira!" Some of their classmates called out as they drove past. Shuji smiled and waved back, glad that he no longer had to hide any part of himself. He didn't even mind that Akira had broken all the rules he had set in place before they left.

---- ----

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