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"Pick me up at 7.30pm and don't be late!" I said to my long time boyfriend Mike Newton. "I will, when did I ever came late Bella?" Mike replied to me. I gave him my stare as to said 'several times' and Mike in response chuckled. I half run my way to the place where I work, the tutoring centre. Once I'm inside, I start doing what am I suppose to do, grading the students' home works and answering any questions the students needed. Feeling bored to death, I start thinking about my present life. I've graduated from UW University last December as an English teacher, and am suppose to find a full time job. The reason that I still have not gotten a job yet was simply because I do not feel like finding one. I feel content, working part time here at the tutoring centre from 3.30 to 6.30pm every day except Wednesday, and also, it is not like I need the money to pay any rents or bills. After all, my boyfriend pays all of it considering I'm living with him.

'Ah' I said to myself, yes boyfriend of mine. Mike Newton, we've been dating for more than three years now. I met Mike during my first year of Uni, he was a sweet boy, with blond hair and blue eyes. Good looking if I may say so. Ever we were introduced by my very best friend Jake; Mike has been following me like a golden retriever. He was very cute and nice, bringing me food almost three times a day, driving me everywhere I needed and wanted to go to, and sometimes even buying me an expensive electronics gadgets and even snuck some cash onto my bank account and my wallet much to my chagrin. Though I knew it was nothing for him to do so as his mum was one of the best share market brokers in New York. Me and Mike live in Seattle, living in an one story brand new house where his mum just purchased as a gift for both of us when we graduated from University. Mike was back in UW though this year, doing his master degree in finance, as he wish to be like his mum and maybe take over his mother company one day. For me, all are good. I got a nice sweet caring boyfriend whom his mom loves me like her own daughter and a job that gives me money (though not much) for me to spend whatever I wanted to buy.

Without even realizing it, it was already 6.30pm. My boss told me to pack everything up and then let me go for the day. "See you on Thursday Nita" I shouted as I make my way to the main roads hoping that Mike have already parked there waiting for me. "Thanks for your help Bella, hope to see you soon, have a great day and say hi to Mike for me" My boss replied. To my pleasure, Mike was already there just like I hoped he will. I quickly got inside the car and kiss him on his cheek. "Hi Mike, did you wait too long?" I asked him. "Nah, just got here 5 mins ago, how's work? Did any of the students give you headache?" He asked me back. I chuckled a bit while answering him "just a little bit, some of the students have the worst handwriting and it really made me dizzy having to read 'em. I'm really hungry though, do you want to eat somewhere, take away, or cook something light?" I asked him while he starts driving. "hmm.. How about we take away some Chinese? And invite Jack and Leah to come and eat with us?"Mike said. I think about it for a moment and said, "Can we just take away some Chinese and eat quietly at home just the both of us? I am quite tired today" I replied. "Sure, whatever you wanted Bella" Mike replied. I smiled at him showing him that I am happy with his response.

Once we got home, we ate dinner in silence as there are not so many things that we can talk about. It was not that me and Mike feels that we need to talk about anything anyway, as we had different interests and beside we were eating after all. Who talked during dinner anyway? My parents certainly taught me not to talk during dinner or anytime when we were eating for that matter. So, we ate quietly and then Mike proceeds to do the dishes while I went into the bathroom to take shower. Once I finished my shower, I then went to our bed, grab my I-touch and start listening to some music while browsing through the internet. I hear some gunshot noises and realized that Mike must have been playing Halo at his PS3 at the moment. Shaking my head slightly, I smiled to myself thinking about how good my life is at the moment. I am not super happy, but at least I am somewhat content. I've have a boyfriend who I can somewhat depended on, money that I can use without having to worry, and I don't at least need to live out of my parents. Whom at the moment was living separately. My father was the head of chief at Forks Washington, three hours drives from Seattle where I live at the moment. My mother on the other hand lived at Florida with his not so new, yet, not so old husband Phil. Both of my parents divorced when I was still very young, and ever since, I lived with my mother until my junior high and when my mother got married to Phil. It was then I chose to move in with my father. Not only so that I can bond with my father, but it also gave my mother to have some alone time with her new husband.

"Bella, I have class tomorrow morning at 10am until 3pm. Do you want to drop me in the morning and drive back here so you can take the care to go to work later on the day?" Mike asked me, startled me as I didn't realize that he was in the room. I was so lost in my thought that I didn't even realize that it was almost midnight. "Yes sure, I replied. Just make sure that you wake me up in the morning, and I'll drive you there. But how are you going to come home then if I use the car?" I asked Mike. "oh, I'll be in the library until maybe 7pm and I'll take the bus. Don't worry about me Bella, I will be fine". Said Mike. I can't do that to him though; using his car and let him used that public transport. " No Mike, let me used the bus and you can drive. It was your car after all, I can't just used it and let you used the public transport to go to University." I said to him. "Naahh… seriously Bella, just use the car, I will be fine ok? Please?" He said while putting a somewhat pout face. I sigh to myself and agreed on it as I knew there are no ways I am going to win this argument anyway. "Thank's, let's go to bed then before it's too late.I'm really tired tonight" I said. "Nite Mike". I instantly fell asleep once I hit my pillow. Life is good I said once more to myself.

I was awoke the next morning by the horrible sound of the alarm from my mobile phone. Sighing heavily, I turned my body around and saw that Mike was still asleep next to me on his back, mouth slightly open and snoring a little bit. Shaking my head slightly, as I know that Mike would not be awaked unless I woke him up, I made my way to our en-suite bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face to get ready for the day. After cleaning up a little bit, I crawled myself onto the bad and nudge Mike slightly to wake him up. Mike muttered a few incoherent words and then went into the bathroom while I made my way to the kitchen to start breakfast. I cooked some bacons, toast, and sausage and both of us again ate in silence. We quickly made our way to the car and I start driving to the University to drop Mike off. He kissed my cheek before he got out of the car, and then I drive back home.

Once I was at home, I cleaned the kitchen from our breakfast and thought that I might listen to some music to kill some time before I have to head to work. It was only 11 in the morning and I do not need to leave until 2pm. That means I still have like 3 hours to kill. Setting up my I-touch once again, I listen to some of the Debussy classic and once again I was lost on my own world of mind. I thought about Mike, about how he cares deeply for me, and how I appreciated it. Yet, this past 6 month, I keep feeling that there was something missing in my heart and life. I could not quite figure it out though. I feel very ungrateful as I know how lucky I am, still that nagging feeling of missing something in my life keep on shouting on the back of my head. I talked about this with my best friend Jake, and he said that according to him I was missing true love and soul mate as according to him, Mike was not my soul mate. I scoffed at him then, as I do not believe about soul mate in real world. My world for that matter. I love Mike, and isn't that enough? Not everyone was lucky to meet his soul mate like Jacob and Leah, but how can I be so greedy hoping that I will meet my soul mate when my life at the moment was so good already? I was blessed with more than what I was worth, and that should not have made me wanting more anymore. Sighing heavily, I look at the clock and was surprised to see that it was already 2pm. Time for me to start driving to my workplace. I got into the car, and before I know it, I was inside the building and had stacks of papers to grade. 'Oh joy' I said to myself. Little did I know how that sarcastic little remarks of mine was about to come crashing me.

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