Title: Dinnertime
Word Count: 987
Characters: All
Genre: General/Family
Pairings: None
Line: "We're family, Gibbs." - Abby, Season 4 Episode 'Leap of Faith'

Jenny didn't remember her father being a particularly religious man, but there was one scripture in Proverbs that he loved to recite and it had been permanently burned into her memory.

There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

Now, looking down at her top investigative team, she truly knew what those words meant.

The end of a long case had come earlier that day and the group had gathered in the Squad Room to finish their reports. Granted, they would have gotten it done a lot quicker having stuck to their own designated areas, but it certainly wouldn't have been as much fun.

Tony, Ziva and Gibbs all sat at their own desks. Ducky had commandeered a space opposite Gibbs so he could use the lamp, McGee was partitioned off to a small corner of Tony's desk and Abby was sharing Ziva's chair and her Chow Mein.

"Abby! What is wrong with yours?" Ziva snatched her take-out box from the reach of the young woman's chopsticks and Abby grinned.

"Yours is better Ziva now give it up!"



"Are they always like this?" Ducky asked, his voice not really all that low as he leaned across the space toward his friend.

Gibbs rolled his eyes, "you ain't seen nothin' yet, Duck."

The older man chuckled and they both turned at the sound of Tony groaning, reluctantly handing McGee a five dollar bill, which the junior agent smugly pushed into his pocket. Their eyes swung back to the girls and saw Ziva pouting while Abby happily shoveled the rest of the chow mein in her mouth.

"Abbs," Gibbs sighed, raising an eyebrow.

"What?" she blinked at him innocently, "all I've had to eat today was five Caf-Pows. I'm starving."

"Abigail," Ducky exclaimed, "that's not healthy at all, my dear."

"I know that Ducky but there was literal truckloads of evidence down there for me to process and you know how Gibbs gets when we make him wait," she defended, fully aware she was talking about her boss as if he were not there, and receiving a glare for it, "I didn't have time for anything else."

Ducky turned a glare on Gibbs and he shrugged.

"We solved the case didn't we?"

"Yes, but not at the cost of the young lady's health I hope," he said disapprovingly and blew on his hot Egg Drop Soup, "next time you do well do bring her some actual food instead of all that caffeine, Jethro."

"I'll keep that in mind, Doctor."

"I don't know if that's such a good idea, Ducky," McGee said, his voice almost teasing and he gestured toward Abby with his drink, "you remember how she got the last time she decided to give up Caf-Pow."

Ziva shuddered, "I do not wish to go through that again."

Tony chuckled and then sobered at the look Abby gave him.

"Ah, I do indeed Timothy," then, after a thoughtful pause, "have I ever told you all about the time Jethro attempted to curb his own caffeine vice?"

He received four half shocked, half horrified looks.

"What would a Gibbs without his daily coffee fix be like?" Abby turned wide eyes to her left but Gibbs was pretending to ignore them all as he focused on cutting apart his sesame chicken.

"A scary Gibbs," McGee decided.

"A violent Gibbs," Tony rubbed the back of his head unconsciously, feeling the sting of head slaps not yet delivered, "So that's what happened to ex-wife number one."

Jenny tilted her head to one side as a balled up piece of paper suddenly appeared in Gibbs' hand and was launched across the Unit, expertly threaded between Ducky and McGee to hit Tony square in the forehead.

A riot of laughter awarded the action and she couldn't help but smile. In that moment Gibbs eyes turned up to meet hers and she dipped her chin once in acknowledgment, wanting him to know that 'yes, she had seen everything' and 'no, she wasn't going to comment'. His team, his rules.

At least, that's what she let them believe.

She felt Gibbs' eyes on her all the way down the stairs but she'd almost made it to their Unit before anyone else spotted her.

"Director." A chorus of voices rang out.

"Good evening everyone, how's dinner?" she asked, raising an eyebrow at the scattered take out boxes.

"Great. You hungry, ma'am?" McGee offered her an egg roll and she stepped forward to take it.

"I could eat."

"Well then do have a seat, Jennifer," Ducky said, standing to offer his own chair and then pulling one over from the spare desks, "I was just about to regale these young people with the tale of what happened when Jethro tried to quick caffeine, oh, would have been nearly ten years ago now."

Jen's eyes widened and she covered her mouth as a wide grin spread across her face. She swallowed, nodding, "Oh, Ducky, I'd almost forgotten about that." She turned to her former partner with a devious smile, and was rewarded with a glare, though there was no heat behind it.

"It's amazing anyone made it out of that one alive, Ducky," she spoke to the doctor but her eyes stayed on Gibbs. A few seconds later the glare was broken and a ghost of a smile crossed Gibbs face.

"I agree Director," he turned to his now rapt audience, "it was August of '98, we were in Spain following up on a lead we'd gotten linked to the death of a marine who was smuggling drugs in from the Santa Anna coast…"

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