Title: Daddy's Little Girl
Word Count: 944
Characters: McGee, with a little Tony and Gibbs
Genre: Friendship/Hurt/Comfort
Pairings: Gibbs/Ziva - father/daughter
Line: "In my world you, grow up. Fast. You have no choice." - Ziva, Season 6 Episode 'Road Kill'

"Gibbs," Ziva approached Gibbs in the lobby of NCIS, dashing from the stairs just as he exited the elevator on a coffee/Caf Pow! run.

"Ziva?" he narrowed his eyes, wondering what had impulse her to hurry down the stairs after him.

"Do I really have to do this, Gibbs?"

"Do what?"

Ziva took a deep breath, "this this…psych eval," she said the word as if it made her a little bit nauseous, "I had one after you brought me back from Africa and another as part of standard initiation procedure to NCIS," she threw her hands in the air, "this will be the third one this year."

"Should probably tell you something, Ziver," he said, as close to joking as he ever came, and turned to continue on his way out of the building.

"Gibbs, please," she said, jumping in front of him, "I find the probing questions that seem to come standard in these sessions…unpleasant." She dropped her eyes to the floor, somewhat ashamed of the admission. Gibbs stood and stared at her for a moment.

"Don't we all," he said quietly, pressing a quick kiss to her forehead just before he side-stepped her to continue on his way.

Ziva sighed and resignedly turned to push the button on the wall and wait for the elevator.


Gibbs arrived back at NCIS almost half an hour later and was surprised when he spied the door to the conference room at the end of the hall open and Tony and Ziva's desks empty.

"McGee," he barked, the young agent's head snapping up to look at him.


"Where is everybody?" he said, looking pointedly at the empty spaces.

"Um, Tony seemed a little off so Abby took him out to lunch and Ziva…actually I don't know where Ziva is." McGee frowned, "I know she's out of her eval, I saw her get on the elevator a couple minutes ago."

Gibbs nodded and headed toward the lift.


Abby's lab was always open, and if she was there, there was always music on.

Today the lab was quiet. Gibbs stepped off the elevator and walked a few feet into the lab, looking for any signs of life.

He saw it.

On a lab stool in the middle of the floor, shifting from side to side slowly and her eyes glued to the floor, sat a hunched over Ziva. She looked more like a little girl the day her father deployed than a Mossad officer turned NCIS agent.


She glanced up at him but didn't stop her repetitive movements.

"Abby's not here." She informed him in monotone.

"I know," he narrowed his eyes slightly, the way he often did when trying to figure something out, "How'd it go?"

This made her stop and she stared at the floor blankly for several moments. "It was different than the other times."

"Different how?"

There was a pause before she spoke, "she asked me about you," she looked up at him with dark, guarded eyes.

"Me," he straightened.

She nodded and stood, moving about the lab slowly, examining machines and chemical labels, not really seeing anything.

"She wanted to know how I felt about the way you lead your team. About your relationship with each of us compared to Mossad," she paused, running a slender finger down the side of a glass beaker, "I can only assume she wanted to know where my subconscious loyalties lie.

Gibbs just narrowed his eyes a bit more. Considering.

She paused to stare at her warped reflection in a darkened computer monitor. "My sister Tali was killed by a Hamas suicide bombing," she paused, her voice breaking, "when she was sixteen."

Gibbs nodded, "I know," he said quietly.

"I had just turned eighteen," she continued, her back still to him, "my father," she swallowed hard and dropped her gaze, turning to wander along the walls of the lab again, "he called me into his office, out of training, and told me," she pause a moment, anger and hurt flaring up at the memory, "told me my younger sister was dead. He used…the same emotionless, professional words he would have delivered to any operative who had lost a partner. Said them as if she weren't my best friend…as if she wasn't just a child, just as I was still a child." She turned to bring her eyes up to him, "he never even looked at me."

Gibbs straightened under the intensity of her gaze.

"I told her that Gibbs, I've never told anyone that," she took a deep breath, swallowed hard again, and Gibbs found himself fighting not to move toward her, he wasn't used to seeing such raw vulnerability in Ziva, "and then I told her… I told her about that day in your basement. When I killed Ari. When I followed my father's orders to kill my brother," she paused to push away tears gathering in her eyes. To this day she didn't want to think about what she'd done, "When I was looking at him on the floor, and you walked past me…you squeezed my hand." She looked up at him, almost amazed, "you didn't know me, didn't know who I was or why I'd done it…but you comforted me." The tears won the battle and she dropped her chin to her chest.

"My loyalty is to you Gibbs," she mumbled, "only to you."

Gibbs took a step forward and she embraced him. He tucked her head up under his chin and began rubbing a small circle on her back.

Finally, after several minutes, a small, quiet whisper passed his lips.

"Thanks Ziver," he whispered, "and I'm sorry about Tali."

A/N:Phew! Glad Ziva's done! Only one eval left! I've actually wanted to do this concept for Ziva for a while, between the info about tali in Kill Ari2 and the line from this episode and everything we know about Ziva's father, i can only imagine he wasn't a very loving man growing up. Not that Gibbs is a bucket of rainbows and sunshine, but you know, at least he always lets you know where you stand, and that it MATTERS to him, good or bad. Oh, and speaking of Gibbs...
Next Line: "Anyone ever tell you you're an insufferable bastard?"