Brought together by fate

Main pairing: Kenichi X Miu

Chapter 1: The first meeting

10 years ago

A small little town in Japan


Two young boys were standing in front of a run-down grocery shop when they spotted a young blond-haired girl weeping pitifully. Tears were gushing from her eyes like rushing rivers as she held a curious looking badge before a machine that dishes out badges for a dollar. It was both black and white. However, the dark side had a white dot in it while the white side had a dark stain on it. Neither of them understood the meaning of that abstract badge.

She was different from the other girls of their class since she had natural blond hair—Japanese had usually black hair.

"I want the kitty badge!" She cried. The tears on her face barely tainted her beautiful large cerulean eyes. They gleamed with innocence. Her hair spilled around her small shoulders and it looked like the rays of the sun. A rather mischievous strand chose to stand out in a rather adorable curl that drooped over her forehead. With her hair swept neatly behind, it revealed a rather high forehead. A curious mole peeped from the corner of her right eye, enhancing her beauty. Her features promised that she would grow up into an exotic beauty in Japan.

Her genuine sobs moved both of the boys. A little boy, with awkward small curls sticking out from both sides of his head extended his hand to the little girl. There, sitting on his palm was the little kitty badge that she wanted.

"I have one. Do you want it? "asked he politely, smiling at the girl. He couldn't stand her heart-wrenching tears.

Her bawling stopped when she focused her gaze on the elusive badge. Tears clung to her eyes like sheens of pearl. Curiously, she met the gaze of the kind boy offering the badge to her. Her instinct told her that he meant her no harm.

"Grandfather says that I cannot accept things from strangers," said she in a loftily tone, tossing her head in mock disinterest. She had employed this method to refused overly affectionate strangers she had met in her travels with her grandfather.

He caught a sweet faint strawberry scent from her long blonde hair as it swished past.

The smile on his face grew because he knew she wanted the badge.

Unaffected by her rejection, he continued cheerfully, "The badge you have is kind of cool. Let's do an exchange instead. My kitty badge for your badge."

He extended his palm to her kindly and waited for her response.

She hesitated. Melted by his natural warmness, she considered his request. Grandfather only warned her against accepting gifts from strangers. She thought through her choice carefully as she stared longingly at the badge. It was the sincerity in his eyes that convinced her that he meant no harm. It did help that she couldn't resist the allure of having the badge.

With a happy cheer, she placed the badge on his palm and took the kitty badge. Her cheeks pinked with happiness as she hugged it excitedly to her chest.

"Thank you very much!" She beamed. Her smile was like the sun coming up and it took the breath of the little boy away. However, she realised that she had to meet her grandfather soon. She could not be late. Hurriedly, she raced away.

Remembering her manners, she stopped. "Thank you!" She waved hastily before turning away to run into the sunset. The setting of the sun had painted the sky with a magnificent shade of orange, adding a sense of magic into the atmosphere.

Both little boy and the little girl never thought that the badges would bring them together one day.

7 months ago


A petite guy dressed in the traditional black high school uniform had his nose in a book as he walked to school. The unassuming grey buildings that were his school loomed around the corner, passed the quiet neighbourhood.

The passing crowd took no notice of him. If they did, all they could see was his awkward curls that stood defiantly from both sides of his head. A badge of Yin and Yang was pinned on his starched collar. He blended into the crowd because of his average physique and looks. There was nothing worth noticing about him.

"So that is what I should do?" He muttered to himself as he stared absorbedly at the illustration of the book he was reading. The dummy's guide to Karate was his only hope of staying alive in his high school. He knew he sounded desperate! How he needed it when he couldn't learn anything from the karate club. Worse, he had to endure beatings in the name of training. He sighed. He was tired of being so weak. When was he going to be strong enough to stand up for himself?

Shirahama Kenichi was always a target for bullying since he was young due to his petite size, his lack of strength and his un-masculine hobbies. He harboured no love for violence like most of the boys of his age, never engaging in fights to prove his physical worth. In his opinion, it was senseless.

Kenichi enjoyed read. He enjoyed the experience of being transported into another world as he lost himself in a book. He could even learn a new skill. However, he made a decision to step out from his books and fit into the crowd when he graduated from middle, therefore compelling him to join the Karate club. Ironically, the bullying did not stop but increased due to that decision. His situation seemed almost despondent since he was forced to endure the beatings of stronger members from the club daily like a silent punching bag.

He shook his head, as if he wanted to clear those depressing thoughts. His eyebrows narrowed into a frown of determination. With enough perseverance, he would succeed! With that thought, he returned his attentions to the illustration on his book.

He should have heeded the warning that one should never read while walking.

Suddenly, a faint strawberry scent assaulted his senses. Everything happened so fast that his mind couldn't keep track of the events that followed.

Someone caught him by the arm.

His world turned topsy-turvy. A loud 'thud'. The calm blue sky greeted him. Intense pain.

His body groaned painfully as he was thrown onto the hard concrete floor. He blinked continuously, too shocked to even react.

What on earth was that? He panicked.

Confused, he lifted his head, hoping to understand what had transpired.

"Are you alright? I am so sorry-"

His eyes fell upon a lean nerdy-looking bespectacled girl bowing and apologising profusely. She was flustered as if she was the perpetuator of the whole affair. He frowned when he noticed that she had blond hair—it was tied in a long plait. She had a bang drooping over her forehead. His attentions were soon elsewhere.

Despite her small physique, she had an inversely proportionate front that strained against her blouse when she bowed. Almost instinctively, his eyes trailed to her small waist and he almost let out a whistle.

His face burned.

I must behave honourably and not like a beast. He chided himself as he tore his eyes from her and picked himself up.

Unconsciously, he rubbed his sore back as he looked at her. His mind had finally concluded that she was the reason he was on the ground, although he did not remember bumping into her. He discarded the possibility she might have been the aggressor due to her petite physique.

"It's alright. I was careless." He smiled in a goofily as he scratched his head embarrassingly. Realising that he had nothing else to say, he busied himself with picking his fallen stuffs. His books had spilled from his satchel on the ground.

He cursed inwardly when he realised that he was going to be late for school.

"Here." She handed him his books that she picked up hurriedly. Their gaze met. Those sapphire eyes hiding behind her nondescript round glasses were looking apologetic at him.

Enthralled by her beauty, his pulse raced.

There was a nagging feeling deep in his heart that she was familiar. He couldn't take his eyes off her, in any case.

"Hi, I'm Furinjin Miu. I'm new to the school. Nice to meet you," introduced she as she looked meekly at him.

He was tongued-tied. Did she just introduce herself? Noticing that she was waiting for his responses, he cleared his voice.

"Hi, I'm Shirahama Kenichi. Nice to meet you too." He returned, smiling affably. He took the books that she had offered. To his surprise, she blushed shyly. Her porcelain fair tainted with a flush as she focused her all her attentions on the ground.

He grew confused—he had never induced a blush from the fairer gender. She must be incredibly shy.

After a few moments, she met his gaze. A friendly smile was on her face. "Would you mind showing me around? I don't know anyone here. I was wondering if you could be my friend." She requested bashfully.

Her cheeks became enflamed.

Her forthrightness was absolutely endearing and awkward.

Not knowing how to respond, he scratched his head as he laughed idea that someone would actually want to be his friend was ridiculous and she was the first.

Misinterpreting his awkward laughter, she sighed and frowned. "I must have done that wrongly again."

Wrongly again?

The frown on her face ceased her brow. Furinjin Miu looked genuinely upset and appeared to be on the verge of crying.

"No, don't get me wrong," he added quickly as he waved his hands anxiously. "I would love to be your friend." He grinned ludicrously. Nervously, he raked through his hair.

Her face lighted up immediately, like Christmas lights.

"Really?" She questioned optimistically, clenching her small fists in excitement. Her eyes shone with excitement and anticipation at his acceptance.

Why would anyone rejoiced for being his friend?

Kenichi jerked his head in a nod to reaffirm his answer.

To his astonishment, a large smile spread across her face as if she won a prize. He smiled tenderly in return when he realised that she had begun skipping with elation at the very thought of being his friend.

His first friend in high school, he thought fondly.

Peace washed through him in gentle waves. It felt almost natural to fall in step with her and walk to their classroom together. The sense of peace was strange to him. For some odd reason, seeing her in high spirits made him strangely contented too.

They made it for class in time. Their homeroom teacher assigned Miu a seat two tables behind him when she arrived. Soon, they fell back to routine. The teacher began her Science lesson, droning about small particles known as atoms.

Turned off by the less, he was left to wonder about his new friend and the feelings she evoked in him. Why did she looked familiar to her? He thought as he fingered his badge subconsciously. Why would he feel so peaceful around her?

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