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Goodbye – Chapter One



Alex Russo tried another one.


She tried again.


She tried seven more. They all said the same thing.


After two hours of drinking and peeing, Alex Russo was positive about one thing.

She was pregnant.

She was sixteen years old, and she was pregnant.

She leaned on the wall and stared at the ten pregnancy tests on the floor.

Tears started to fall.

She slid down the wall and bawled her eyes out. It didn't matter, no one would hear her. Her whole family left for some sandwich convention in Connecticut and won't be back until the day after tomorrow.

She pulled out her phone from her pocket and dialed Mitchie Torres, her best friend.

Her call went straight to voicemail.

"Hey, it's Mitchie. You know what to do after the beep."


"Mitchie?" she cried to the phone. "As soon as you get this, please, go to my house." She sobbed.


She dialed Nate Gray, her boyfriend and the father of the child in her.

Damn voicemail.

"Nate's voicemail here. Sorry, but I can't be here with you right now because I have rehearsal. Leave a message and I'll call you back."


She hung up the phone.

She cried some more.

She felt alone.

So so alone.


"Alex?!" Mitchie Torres burst through the Russo home. As soon as she got her best friend's message, she rushed to Alex's loft.

She searched the first floor and when she found no one there, she climbed up the staircase and straight to Alex's room.

It was empty.

She was going to go back out to the hallway when she noticed that the bathroom door was ajar. That's very unlike Alex. She has this bathroom door thing. It always has to be completely closed.

Mitchie opened the door and froze at the scene in front of her.

Her best friend was there, curled up in one corner, staring at ten pregnancy tests in front of her. Mitchie stepped closer and Alex looked up at her with red, tear-filled eyes. They both looked at the positive pregnancy tests. They were both silent.

The silence was cutting Alex to the core.

"Alex?" Mitchie asked.

At the mention of her name, Alex started sobbing loudly.

Mitchie stepped through the pregnancy tests and wrapped her arms around Alex's shaking body.

"Shh, Alex, shh." She cooed while Alex sobbed on her chest.

"It's gonna be fine. We're going to get through this. Don't worry." She reassured.

Mitchie pulled back to look Alex in the eye.

"Does Nate know?" she asked.

"Not yet. I don't think I can tell him. He…he might make me get an…an…abortion." She whispered.

"Aw, honey, of course he won't! If he really loves you, he will take full responsibility for this."



"Please, don't tell anyone yet."

"Of course."



They just stayed there, hugging each other.

They didn't know that someone was there to pick up Mitchie.

They didn't know that he went upstairs to Alex's room.

They didn't know that he heard voices form the bathroom.

They didn't know that they left the bathroom door open.

They noticed him opening the door and staring at the scenario in front of him.

Ten pregnancy tests scattered on the floor.

His girlfriend's arms wrapped around his brother's girlfriend.

His brother's girlfriend with red eyes and tear-stained cheeks. Crying.

"Shane?" they asked in unison.

"Mitchie? Alex? Pregnancy tests?"

He picked up the one closest to him.


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