Author's Note:

I haven't published a fic in awhile, and when I do, I do it in the DC universe. Ha. Thank you, Kingdom Come. This fic is based on the pairing that I follow in the DC universe. Please feel free to review.

I Find You

The rain beat around without mercy, the winds cutting against them like tiny ice blades. Visibility was low, the dark skies of no help whatsoever. Panic was evident and rampant, no semblance of order in sight. Cries for help were never ending and pleas for deliverance all tinged with despair. Any normal being would find this the direst of circumstances considering the current tasks at hand.

But she was no normal human being.

Clad only in the skimpiest outfits out of them, she worked through the challenges of the elements without complaint. Her ebony black curly hair tussled violently yet never provided distraction. Her shoulders tensed at the strength she exerted as she lifted cars, trees, boulders, but never wavered. Her tall frame, lithe with the finest womanly curves at the right places, never shivered nor evidenced complaint. Her clear blue eyes that would mirror his own, intense, only focused at the task at hand.

All in all, she was the person whose name was rightly deserved.

A complete wonder.

He had known her for years, possibly making her his most trusted comrade. Some would beg to differ considering the improbability of such trust ever existing as it is. Only spouses were deserving of such degree.

But she wasn't his.

At times he found himself wavering, pondering what could have been if she was. Would he be happier or would he be more content or would he be more unrestricted, or would he be more complete, he would contemplate in those moments.

Then the ring on his left hand would suddenly feel heavy, suffocating. He would be forced to stop such thoughts.

But on some nights, he knew, where dreams were beyond his conscious control, he would have those answers. Stolen kisses beyond human eyes. Touches of pure affection beyond judgment. Glances of understanding beyond explanation. Unspoken thoughts of passion beyond what he has known.

He wondered if his wife ever witnessed those moments. His guilty conscience hoped never.

He knew that if those thoughts ever overtook him, consume him...

Then he would know.

Then he would be tormented.

Then he would want.

Then he would be tempted.

Then he will have.

Then it will be definite.

He knows he'll want no other after that.


He blinked, realizing that he'd been staring too long, enough that he forgot where he was, what they were doing.

She gave him a questioning look. "What is it?"

And suddenly the ring felt heavy again.

"I was caught up in a moment. Sorry. Are we done here?"

"Yes, Batman and Hawkgirl are also done. Are you ready to go back?"

No, he wasn't. He wanted another moment to linger.

But lingering moments were not allowed for him.

"Yes, let's go."