Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Tezuka/Fuji
Rating: G
Summary: Fuji was hospitalized, and wasn't too happy with the news Tezuka brought him.
Warning: Unbetaed, random, typed directly on my cellphone coz I don't have a working internet on my PC. Bleh.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.

A/N: I wasn't in a particulary good mood when writing this so it might be a bit crappy. Written on a whim in an attempt to distract myself from a sucky RL. Comments would be loved though :D


Silence enveloped the whitish hospital room, as Fuji just sat there, on the bed, propped up by the pillow. His eyes gazed blankly out of the window, to the streaks of orange and pink adorning the sky. Fuji had been silent after Tezuka told him what the doctor had said.

"How long?" Fuji suddenly asked, still looking out of the window.

Tezuka glanced at his roommate-slash-lover, at the pale feature of the lithe man, and answered with a voice barely a notch above a whisper, "Around thirty days..."

Fuji stiffened for a second, before a wistful smile graced his lips. "Thirty days... I see. Well, not a very long time, I suppose."

Tezuka slightly winced at the forced cheerful tone the other was adapting, and he gently called out, "Fuji..."

"It's okay. It's my own fault that I ended up like this." Fuji's smile was deceivingly sweet, and he continued, "I've let my guard down, haven't I?"

Tezuka kept silent as he mentally chided himself for being too busy with everything and not watching out for Fuji's well-being. It was partly his fault that Fuji fell ill.

Absently caressing his stomach, Fuji spoke again, "Thirty days, huh..."

Seeing the grim look on Fuji's face, Tezuka said nothing and settled for gently kissing the other's pale forehead. Letting Fuji rest his head on his chest, the stoic man absently stroke the honey-brown locks.

"I wonder if I'd actually last for thirty days," Fuji mumbled to himself and let out a deep sigh.

Tezuka pulled back slightly to face his lover, and with a disapproving look he said, "Thirty days without spicy food won't kill you, so do listen to the doctor's advice."

Fuji pouted at that, and Tezuka sighed.

Really, he would never understand Fuji's obsession on spicy food.


I'm sorry for the crappyness, but did I get you? XD

Anyway a little explanation: Fuji fell ill coz he didn't eat properly and he ate too much of spicy food. The doctor prohibit him to eat any spicy food for at least around 30 days so his stomach could recover.

...so yeah, I asked my mom and she said it's possible to be hospitalized from a rather silly thing (IMO) like that...

Do tell me if I got you :p, KTHXBYE! *runs and hides*