I told myself that I would never post one of these, but I'm afraid it has to be done.

There has recently been a death in my family, someone that was very close to me, and I haven't been able to get my mind in a good place to write. That and the fact that I have been having some health problems. (I am going to the doctor soon.)

I stayed up all night a few days ago trying to force myself to write a chapter for Rebellion but nothing would come out the way I had planned it.

Unfortunately, I am putting ALL of my stories on HIATUS until further notice. I could wake up tomorrow and feel like writing again, or it could be a month from now.

I truly am sorry that I have to do this, but I didn't want everyone to think that I was abandoning my stories-which I will NEVER do. All I ask from everyone is to just be patient and understanding with me and my situation.

I will make it up to everyone by posting two chapters in one day when I return.

-Heart496 (Amanda)