*glare* because some of us have the courtesy to limit ourselves to HARMLESS, NON-HEART ATTACK CAUSING, APRIL FOOL'S DAY FUN (you JACKASSES). Here is my first crossover.

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Disclaimer: We the fandom would have totally fucked the series up by now, if today's anything to go by. Be GRATEFUL, Mirage. Oh, Batman doesn't belong to me, either.

New York City.

A cesspool of criminal activity overflowing with millions of tainted souls: cockroaches scuttling about in search of decaying carcasses to pick apart, reflecting the lights of a twisted civilization in the eyes of the slowly dying. Wasted potential and criminal masterminds, eagerly awaiting the chance to rise up from the dregs of the underworld and make themselves a name.

Eyes narrowing into dangerous slits behind his mask as he overlooked the smog-laden scenery, the Dark Knight scowled. This place was just like Gotham, almost enough so to make him homesick.

Almost. At least in New York he stood less of a chance of unforeseen complications.

A misplaced footstep, a near-silent exhale, the sharp whisper of metal cutting through the air: the man stepped coolly backwards and observed the throwing stars embedded in the concrete rooftop before him.

Well he hadn't thought there to be no chance of unforeseen complications.

"This," a low voice uttered with nothing but the utmost icy hatred, "is my brooding spot, you son of a bitch."

Arching a single eyebrow, Batman turned to face his would-be attacker. He only managed to catch sight of fluttering blue fabric and an oddly shaped green foot before it made contact with his chest and he went flying off of the building.

For the sheer sake of fic-dom: yes, this is 4th season Leo. And yeah, sort of a pointless drabble.

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