So, here to start out my new Psych thingy (I'll try and update Colors of the Rainbow soon, promise) is this random thing.

Lassiter had had an awful day at work. Too much crime, paperwork, and annoying cops all around. So, his plans were to go home and just relax.

Shawn had other plans. Lassiter opened the door, dropped his stuff, and headed to the bedroom.

"Lassieeeeee!" Shawn screamed as he appeared from seemingly nowhere. Carlton didn't even have time to object before Shawn tackled him to the ground and started kissing him.

"Shawn!" Carlton snapped.

"No! You've been too busy or too tired for too long!" Carlton nodded and gave into Shawn's gentle touch.

Maybe he wasn't that tired. "I missed you."

Hehe yeah, sucky.....but what else was I supposed to do in homeroom?