Ok, so after much debate I've decided to end this. Sorry sorry. With my crappy updating and writing skills I think I should leave it like this.

When I can finally think straight again I'll do another cycle of 25 if any of you are interested.

Me = Fail. (at life)

Only kids crushed. Mostly all of them were little girls wanting their own perfect fairytale. A crush was something naive children had on someone they barely knew.

So no, Lassiter didn't have a damn crush on Shawn. That was ridiculous. Completely absurd.

Shawn however, did have a crush and pretty much everyone knew about it. He was totally crushing on Lassiter. After much poking and prodding Shawn bluntly asked if Lassiter had a crush.

"Of course not!"

Shawn had started pouting and Lassiter gave in and kissed him.

He hadn't been crushing. There's a difference between crushing and liking.

I know you all hate me now *everyone unfavorites*

*hugs you all anyway* Sorry I'm such a complete mess.