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The night shadows climbed the wall as Sakura pressed her injured body flush against it to hide in the darkness. She gritted her teeth as the pain from the large slash on her arm throbbed as she applied pressure on it. If she didn't hurry, she would be the one being hunted.

The alleyway was narrow and her chance of escape was looking slim to none. Ripping the bottom of her shirt off she shivered as the cold night air hit her bare flesh. Quickly she wrapped the cloth around her wound, hoping it would work for the time being. She fought back the urge to scream in pain as she tightened it.

She caught the movement of a shadow out of the corner of her eye. Stay calm. She repeated over and over in her head. They had found her quicker then she expected and now wasn't the time to panic. Doing a quick glance around, she took a running start before jumping up on nearby fire escape.

Her body moving at almost lightening speed up the rickety old metal stairs. Her heart skipped when a crash sounded below and the whole contraption shook under her feet. Her pace quickened as the shadowy figure quickly closed the distance between them.

Reaching to rooftop she reached for her weapon and cursed out loud when her hand felt nothing but an empty belt. She had only seconds to make her decision. Stay and fight.....or jump. She glanced over her shoulder in time to see the figure step onto the roof before she took off again at full speed. She hit the edge of the roof and with all the power she could muster in her legs, she jumped.

The seconds while she flew through the air were tense, it wasn't until her feet hit the neighboring rooftop, that her mind kicked into gear. She looked once again over her shoulder to see the figure watching her, making no attempt to follow. This isn't good.

"You are an interesting one aren't you?" A man's voice rumbled with laughter. She turned back to see her enemy towering over her.

"Well you're becoming a pain in my neck!" She hissed and threw her right leg in the air. He dodged it without breaking a sweat.

"Now that's not very nice to say." He mused with a playful glint in his eyes. "I haven't even sunk my teeth into your neck and you're already accusing me."

"I don't have to be nice to a vampire." She met his gaze with a cold stare. "I just have to kill you." She made a move, but fell quickly to her knees and let out a grunt in pain as she grabbed her injured arm.

"You can't do much of anything with that injury." He said from behind her suddenly, his warm breath brushing against her cheek. "Mmmm" She flinched as his hand brushed over the blood soaked cloth on her arm. "Your blood smells so pure, so sweet."

"That's enough Genma."

"Hmph...." Genma stood and licked the blood from his fingers. "I was just playing with her."

Sakura growled under her breath as she glared at the one who intervened. "Who said I needed any help from the likes of you......Kakashi." His name rolled off her tongue laced with venom.

Kakashi gave a half smile from under his mask covered face as he walked towards her to stand in front of her. "Been a long time Sakura." He knelt down and lifted her chin to get a better look at her face. "You were just a child the last time I saw you."

She snapped her mouth in an attempt to bite his hand. "And you are still a filthy vampire." Kakashi gave a small chuckle before lifting the eye patch covering his greatest weapon. Within seconds she fell to the rooftop unconscious.

"What do you want to do with her?" Genma asked as he gave her a nudge with his foot.

Kakashi replaced his patch before standing back up, staring down at her. "Bring her with, she might just turn out to be useful."

"What did you bring her here for?" Sasuke hissed as Genma, holding an unconscious Sakura, followed Kakashi into the large foyer of the mansion.

" She's our new bargaining chip." Kakashi stated, sending him look that dared him to try and argue.

"Where you want me to put her?"

Kakashi looked back at her unconscious face. "Take her to the west wing and get her healed up before she drives everyone in the house mad." He ordered. He himself had to hold back after catching the scent of her blood.

"I smell fresh blood." Naruto bounced down the stairs, practically right on queue. "Who'd you bring this........." The words caught in his throat as he saw the pink-haired woman lying limp in Genma's arms. "Sakura?"

"Stay away from her." Genma hissed as he passed the blonde man going up the stairs. "She's our hostage."

Naruto sent a glare to Kakashi that the silver haired man just ignored as he walked into the study. "Why Sakura?" Naruto was bewildered by the fact that she was here.

"Why not?" He shrugged as he unscrewed the lid of a decanter on the small bar and poured himself a shot of Scotch.

"You know why." Sasuke stated leaning in the doorway with his arms crossed. "She's annoying."

Kakashi swished the liquid around in his glass and chuckled before downing it. "No." he took in a sharp breath from the burning sensation as the liquid slid down his throat. "You're just scared cause you know she could kill you if she had the chance."

"This isn't good." Naruto mumbled as he slumped into a nearby chair.

Sasuke held the man's gaze before pushing from the wall. "No, it's you she hates." He smirked and turned away, disappearing up the stairs.

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