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Genma used all the willpower he had to hold back the urge to emerge from the shadows and rip the woman from Tsunade's grasp. His body craved for another taste of her blood, his inner beast roared in need of it. From the small taste he had his power had increased and he felt better than he had in centuries. He wanted it so much he could feel the pressure weighing down on his chest. If he had known that innocent lick he had taken on the rooftop would have caused this he would have never taken it at all. Or maybe he would have sunk his teeth into her right there.

He shook the image from his mind and fought back the urge. Kakashi would have probably killed him on the spot. He was overprotective of the slayer. Genma glanced at Kakashi as he finished his conversation with Tsunade. Maybe he knew something? Maybe that was the reason he was so protective of her? He too craved her blood. Is that why he could never kill her? He wanted it for himself? No. He shook the suspicion from his mind. It just wasn't possible. Genma would have known if another vampire had previously taken her blood. He had been the first to taste her pure, innocent and powerful blood. A growl rumbled up from his chest and snarl formed on his lips as the two women disappeared from the mansion entrance.

Kakashi must of noticed the action because he looked over his shoulder meeting Genma's gaze through the darkness. His gaze questioning. Genma pursed his lips and averted his gaze. Perhaps he should tell Kakashi the effect her blood had on him. If Sakura truly was producing such powerful blood she would be very useful in their upcoming battle against the Akatsuki Clan. The thought brought on a wave of strong emotion that crashed through him, but it wasn't anger, it was more like jealously. Which is something that was unfamiliar to him. His kind didn't deal in such emotions. But when it came to her, or rather her blood. Genma licked his lips in remembrance of the taste. He didn't want to share even a single drop.

"Genma" Kakashi called, no doubt sensing his strong urge to feed. "Gather some men and go for a hunt."

Genma stepped from the shadows only after he gained his composure and cleared his thoughts. "My pleasure" That would no doubt fill the hungry hollowness that formed inside him but he knew it would not sate his real hunger. For now he'd keep the power of her blood to himself. Knowing that it will probably be his only way to get another taste of it.

Sakura slowly gained consciousness. She was sitting and her head was resting against something hard and cool. She could faintly hear a familiar angered voice in the distance. Where was she? Who was it? Her body suddenly jerked hard to the side and her eyes flew open thinking she was gonna fly through the air. After grabbing onto the door and the dash in front of her, she took a few steadying breaths and she finally realized she was in a car, and the distant voice from before was Tsunade's as she screamed angrily into her cell phone.

"I don't give a damn if it's the middle of the night! Call everyone back this instant." She practically growled into the phone.

Sakura could faintly hear Shizune on the other end give her usual 'Yes Ma'am' response. She looked at Tsunade who briefly met her gaze with a glare that sent chills through her. She was beyond angry this time seeing as how she was the one who apparently had rescued her. A harsh punishment was no doubt waiting for her in the near future.

The older woman put her focus again on the road in front of them. "And prepare the compound for a guest." Disdain laced her voice as she gave the order. Her anger seemed to have heightened as she slammed the cell phone closed.

Sakura wasn't sure if was because of this so called guest or her, either way it wasn't good. She lowered her gaze to her hands that were now settled in her lap fidgeting. She didn't want to take any punishment from this woman knowing first hand how horrible it could be. She could hear the deep breaths coming from the older woman to try to calm herself and Sakura could hear the sound of her grinding her teeth holding back her words.

"I'm sorry" Sakura whispered. It was her own doing sneaking out and chasing the rumors of sightings of the clan that held her friends hostage. She had to go in hopes of finding them. A small flicker of anger appeared and her hands clenched into fists. She had been so close to them, but she still couldn't reach them. A image of Kakashi flashed through her mind. It's his fault. His mask less face with that all knowing smirk smeared across it flashed in her mind. Her neck heated over her pulse and her anger instantly disappeared replaced by a warmth spreading through her body and pooling in her lower abdomen. He had been so close to taking her, sinking his fangs into her neck to suck the life from her. And yet he didn't. How strange. Her hand unconsciously rubbed over the spot, silently wishing he had pierced her flesh like he should have done years ago.

"Do you know how much trouble you have caused?" Tsunade hissed through clenched teeth, knocking Sakura from her thoughts.

Sakura lowered her hand. "I know. I apologize."

"An apology isn't going to fucking cut it!" The dam had broken on her anger. "You just about died tonight and for what?" She heard the woman's grip squeak against the leather steering wheel as it tightened. "To save your friends who are beyond your help! I thought you were smarter than that."

Sakura felt the sting of her words in the depths of her heart. That little flicker of hope that she clung to grew smaller. "I just thought that maybe..." Her words faded as she fought back threatening tears.

"Maybe what?" Tsunade scowled. "You'd race in there and your friends would be waiting for you with open arms? Their dead now Sakura. Cold-blooded killers and you better come to terms with it soon because there's not a damn thing you can do to change it."

A tear slid down her cheek and she bit her bottom lip to stop a sob from escaping. That little flicker of hope disappeared and was replaced by an empty dark hole.

Tsunade caught site of the tear from the corner of her eye before Sakura turned her gaze to the world outside her window. The words she said had been harsh. She had never spoken so coldly to her before. And something tugged at her, making her feel like she should apologize for it. But she pushed the feeling aside. There was no more coddling her anymore. She wasn't the broken little girl she used to be. Sakura was a grown woman and the best damn slayer she had. Plus Sakura didn't know it yet but she is one that will take her place when she steps down from command. That's why she has to be more careful. She is going to get herself killed with all these silly notions she has about saving her friends. They have to come to an end. Especially now that a truce has been formed between them and the Konoha Clan.

At she had Kakashi's word that he would keep his distance from Sakura. The look she saw in his eyes as he licked her neck was not one she wanted to see again. It was hungry for blood and something else that she didn't even want to think about. Tsunade eased up on the gas and took a left down the dirt road leading to the compound. But still she knew for a fact that soon Sakura would meet her friends again. She would be working along side them. It's better that she comes to terms with reality now rather then have to face the cold hard truth later. But how fast should she push it on her. "Sakura" Her angered tone turned stern ready to give orders. "I'm putting you charge of the dealings with the Konoha Clans representative over battle tactics."

"What?" Sakura head spun to glare at her questions reeling her emerald eyes. "What the hell are talking about?"

Tsunade brought the car to a jerking stop as they reached the gates to the compound. She threw the car into park and ignored the guard that appeared at her window as she turned to meet the young woman with her own threatening glare. "In order to safe your ass I agreed to a truce with the Konoha Clan." She watched as anger filled Sakura's features and her body tense. But before she could argue Tsunade threw her hand up to silence her. "It's only to join forces to take out the Akatsuki clan. It's not something I enjoyed doing, but it works to our advantage. So you better get rid of those childhood fantasies and face reality."

Tsunade turned in her seat to give the woman a moment to let it sink in. She knew Sakura was more then capable to take up the task. She'd stake her life on it. And it was something Sakura needed to do to snap her out of whatever mind state she was in and back to things that truly mattered. Tsunade rolled down her window and showed her ID to the guard. He bowed and ordered the gate to be opened. "This is our chance Sakura to take out our biggest threat and I can't afford to have your emotions getting in the way." She threw the car into drive and slowly pulled forward. "So don't fuck it up."

Sakura squared her shoulders. "Yes Ma'am" She forced the words out through gritted teeth.

"Oh and one last thing." Tsunade began as she pulled into the underground garage. "Stay away from Kakashi."

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