Leaving Your Heart Behind

What happens when two lives become one?

When one person becomes dependent you…

So dependent that you are its only source of life?

What happens when you don't care about your life anymore?

You want to die, but if you go, the other will go down with you.

You love the other.

You care about the other.

You want the other to live,

Strong and healthy.

What happens when you care about someone else more that you care about yourself?

When you love someone more than you love yourself?

You have to give up what you want

Forget about yourself

And do what's right for the other

It doesn't matter what you want anymore

Because you eventually become dependent on them

They are your reason to live

That someone is your only source of life.

Most importantly,

You have to forget what you want to do

And do what you have to do.

You have to leave your heart behind.