I am broken. I am shattered. They have distroyed me, without the smallest of personal harm.

My hive, gone forever. I am alone. I am a loose body in the cosmos, without true purpose.

They say it takes the intelligence of a commander to fly this craft. I wonder why then, I am able, me, a low drone, the original weapons master of this craft, has the capability to fly it. Another mystery of this strange planet I may never find out.

But then there is the matter of them.

They are everywhere it seems, ever since the destruction of the hive, my hive. They have gained an immersurable confidence. I will show them the terrible conciquences such reckless confidence can bring. I will show them what a terrible wrath the last alien on mars can bring.

I will show them.

Miner was just about maxing the speed on the mining rig. He had done, it, broken his own record (which was also the record for all the other miners) for how many crystals he had mined in one day. The truth was, nobody really knew who had mined the most crystals; Miner was the only one anal enough to count. He took a higher pride in his work than most people could ever dream of, thus he acquired the name 'Miner' despite the fact they were almost all miners.

So he wanted to spread the news, he had broken the 'record' (again).

Perhaps it was because he liked the celebration that he felt the need to do this, or maybe his personal pride. Possibly even, it was what was what was eaten as a celebratory gesture. Moon pies. Astro pilot never liked them, and once joked, since mars doesn't have a real moon, they should dunk them in hot sauce and call them Mars pies. Miner did not like this idea.

Others joked over am modified version of the old moon pie and rc cola phrase "A miners lunch- on earth and mars.". Miner noted he had never drank rc cola his whole life.

But no celebration could possibly be bigger than the one they had after the destruction of the alien hive. Since then, nobody had seen anything of the aliens; a welcome relief after the stressfull life before. All they had now were the natural perils of Mars... things most people would cower to, but seemed nothing in comparison with the alien threat. Like the dust storms that passed through here on a near daily bases. Things that would often crush the miners after a long day fending off the aliens. They were bearable now that the aliens were gone. At last.

The celebration went on for three days straight, and there was much rejoicing, and lots of sleeping; too, most of the team was exaughsted after the combination of the battle and the long months before it.

For those who were awake though, they saw some strange kinds of celebration.

For one example, one of the miners had managed to smuggle a bottle of whiskey to mars, and hadn't touched since arrival. One of the miners got drunk, and tried to microwave and energy crystal. As you could imagine, that didn't turn out well. Mission Commander confiscated and destroyed the whiskey, despite the fact there was now only a mouthfull remaining. He wondered how he was going to explain this to the folks back home on earth.

And in the celebration, the astro pilot resserected his UHF tv antenna that the aliens had gotten in the habit of blowing up as target practice. The claw-tank driver watched some alien shoot-em-up movie on tv; the others wondered why, after all the months he had spent shooting aliens.

So, miner drove. He drove and drove, across the seemingly endless red of the martian terrain. He drove, in the direction of Eagle Command Base. Suddenly, his engine died, right then and there.

Miner groaned, fearing that the power crystal powering the miner had died, and he would have to take a crystal out of his precious record to replace it.

He got out of the cockpit, the clear fiberglass door to the cockpit weezing as it opened, clogged with martian dust. Miner walked toward the crystal holder. The crystal had indeed died.

He went back to crystal storage unit, and pulled out a crystal, and replacing the one that had died. He tossed the dead crystal on the ground, and walked back toward the cockpit. He got in, and the door weezed shut, and though pleading with him to clean it.

He started the miner back up and continued his long drive back to base. He looked out at the distant mountains. He saw a small black spec, moving across the horizen.

A small flying black spec?

He slammed the brakes on in horror, and pulled out some binoculers, forcing the neglected cockpit to again open so he could step out. His heart raced as he zoomed in on the target with his binoculers. Could they really be back, after all this time?

He zoomed closer, and the black dot raced closer into his vision, he could make out the green striped. His heart dropped as the lens showed what was now in clear view.

An alien infiltrator craft, hovering a few feet above the ground, far in the distance.

He despite the fact it was only a few feet away, he ran back to the the miner, hopped in, and overclocked the engine back to base. So what if it overheated? There was very important news that needed to get around now.

Eagle Command began to come into view, it came closer. He was sure he would make it. His panic surfaced stronger than before as he began to smell smoke. Were the aliens shooting at him? He didn't feel the impact of the blasts. Then, his engine died again, and the mining vehicle rolled to a stop. Smoke poured into the cockpit.

He pushed the button to open the cockpit. It didn't do anything, not even weeze in disgust. He kicked at it as hard as could, adreniline fueling every blow that connected to the fiberglass shell. Nothing, not even a crack. What would he do now? He looked behind his seat and pulled out a crowbar. That should do it. He turned the other way to keep shards from flying in his eyes as the iron cylinder connected with the fiberglass shell. Cracks spiderwebbed all over, and it exploded brilliantly into thousand of shards. Miner braced for impacted and screamed in agony as some of the shard imbedded themselves deep within his skin, blood pouring out.

He ran, the shards biting at his wounds as he ran for command. He looked back, he was right, the infiltrator had spotted him, it was cruising toward him from its former spot on the horizen, veering softly againts a small mound of rocks, its organic engine humming as it grew closer.

So Miner ran.

He ran, and ran and ran. Despite the fact the infiltrator could outrun him in a second, for some reason, it wasn't. Why. Why wasn't it, when it had his life within its grasp. So many questions, none of which could be answered.

And then he was there, gasping and panting, he raced into their quarters in Eagle Command the infiltrator hovering in the air about fifty feet away, and gapsed, "They're back!!!".

The astros only turned their heads toward him, and asked calmly, "Who?", a little puzzled.

"The aliens!!! Who else!? There is one right outside!".

Mission Commander got up and walked outside, just to be met with the site of the infiltrator, just hovering there.
"Wake up Joe, we need him up pronto.", Mission Commander said into his radio. "Ok.", crackeled a voice from the other side.

They looked back to the infiltrator. It still hadn't budged. The alien was watching them unwaiveringly from the cockpit.
"How many are there total?", Mission Commander asked.

"This is the only one I've seen.", Miner responded.

Suddenly, the infiltrator excellerated, headed right for Eagle Command. They lept out of the way.

"RUN!!!", yowled Miner.

The infiltrator crashed into Eagle Command at full speed; ripping it apart in a firey infirno. Everything came down. The fire raged. Lines of red sparking into the sky, debris flying everywhere. There was no sign of the infiltrator that had caused the destruction inamogst the chaos. A tower collaped down, ashes flying everywhere.

Miner dashed away from the building that he had raced toward so quickly and happily earlier, Mission Commander right behind him. There was no hope for anyone who was inside there, it was a death trap. They were all dead, poor Joe, the claw-tank driver, killed in his sleep, the astro pilot, the gunner, everyone.

Dead. Gone. Lost. Killed by their enemy.

So Miner ran. Just like before. He ran and ran. Away from the death. Away from the sad memory. Away from the infiltrator and the fatalities it had caused.

They will feel pain.