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Summery: Little Bella played with a hammer. All the kings horses and all the kings men, could do nothing. So Edward put her together again. Little seven year old Bella hurt herself with a hammer. She can't call Charlie so she punches random numbers in and waits for someone to pick up. Enter Edward. "You can be my phone pal. I'll tell you my problems and you fix them." Fast Forward ten years. Add Love.

"Don't touch ANYTHING." Charlie had said, "I'll be back in five minutes." He looked back at me one more time before hurrying out to the car to buy some emergency toilet paper. As soon as I saw the dusty red car pull out of the driveway I galloped down to the basement, to Charlie's workshop. I had spontaneously decided to build a birdhouse with the wood and tools in his workshop.

I picked up the hammer uncertainly, it was heavier then it looked, but it shouldn't be too hard. I hesitantly took two pieces of wood and nail and placed it on the table. Closing both eyes and hoping for the best, I brought the hammer down on the wood. Correction, my finger.

I let out a surprised yelp, staring shocked at the hammer. Tears sprung up in my eyes and I angrily wiped them away, shoving the tools away. Building bird houses were overrated. I clambered up the stairs and picked up the phone, my pudgy finger hovering over the nine, about to call Charlie. Guiltily, I remembered him not telling me to touch anything. I can't tell him. I bit my lip, I couldn't call Alice either. She'd just tell me she told me so, and then play Barbie on me.

My logic was to simply press random numbers and hope for the best.

"4..5..6..5..1..2..3..." I said to myself, pushing the buttons. The phone started ringing, and I panicked. Daddy told me to never talk to strangers! I was about to hang it up when I heard a click.

"Piano Prodigy speaking." the voice sounded as young as I was. I relaxed a bit. Obviously if they were kids, they weren't strangers.

"Hello. I hurt my finger." I stated into the phone. The throbbing thumb was all too a reminder, and now that I had an audience, the tears sprung up again, "And it huuuuuurrttss!" I wailed, "And I dunno what to do because my daddy said don't touch anything and I touched something!" I gasped, covering my mouth, "I'm gonna be in so much trouble when he gets home."

"Excuse me miss? I am also a doctor as well as I piano prodigy so I might be able to help you." I hiccupped and giggled. This little boy obviously was a very smart person.

"How old are you?" I questioned suspiciously. You can't be little like me and a doctor.

"Eight." the boy replied proudly, "And a quarter." A year, and a quarter, older then me I noticed.

"Are you really a doctor? You seem a bit young." I demanded.

The voice hesitated before reluctantly answering, "No... but my daddy is one! He can help you. Say what's your name?" I was instantly suspicious. Number one rule was don't talk to strangers. Number two was NEVER, EVER, tell anybody your name.

"What's yours?" I retorted.

"My dad said never tell a stranger your name." the little boy responded confidently, and I could almost picture him smiling smugly into the phone. At least we were on the same page.

"Same here." I replied sadly, because I did want this fantastic boy to know my name. "Hey!" I brightened up, "How about we give each other nicknames!"

"Like superheroes?" the boy asked excitedly, "Awesome! You can be Disaster!"

"What!" I protested, "Why Disaster?"

"You called me after you hurt your finger." he said slowly, as if he was saying the earth was round, "You must be clumsy." he giggled, "Your power is whenever you fall you make earthquakes."

"Fine tell me something about you and I'll make up a name." I was determined not to be upped by a boy who uses big words like prodigy...whatever that means.

"My mom tells me I'm going to be a heart breaker." he said proudly, "Although that doesn't sound good because that means I break people's hearts, and then they die. That's what my daddy says at least."

"Heart breaker's a good thing silly." I rolled my eyes, "It means your pretty. Hey!" my face brightened, "I'll call you Adnis!"

"Adnis?" he replied uncertainly, "What is that, a brand of apple?"

"No, no, no!" I said impatiently, "My daddy told me of this Greek guy that was apparently really cute and all the ladies fell in love with him."

"So my power is making crazy girls with cooties run after me?" he asked skeptically.

"No you put them in a trance, I fall, earthquake, we win!" I giggled. The logic was so simple.

"That makes sense!" he said excitedly.

"My daddy's going to come home soon." I said sadly. I didn't want to hang up with Adnis. He was so much more fun then the other boys who tripped me.

"Disaster?" his voice sounded uncertain.

"Yes?" I replied hopefully.

"Wanna be phone pals?" I made a face, confused. I had heard of pen pals, but phone pals? It sounded interesting.

"What's that?"

"We talk to each other when ever we need somebody to talk to." he said happily, "It could be fun. We'll never know who each other is, so we never worry about them knowing who were talking about. Besides we probably don't even live in the same state." I grinned, this sounded like fun.

"So I tell you my problems and you fix them?" I asked, making sure we were on the same page.

"And you fix mine." he added. I could practically see him beaming, proud of this ingenious plan.

"Okay Adnis." I heard a car pull up and my eyes widened in panic, "Oh crap my daddy's home! I gotta go. We'll talk later Adnis, kay?" I hopped back and forth impatiently, waiting for his answer as I watched my dad walk up to the front door.

"Okay." he agreed cheerfully, "Bye D!" I heard a click and I hung up the phone, blushing. The door opened and Charlie stuck his head in, suspicious. He looked me up and down, looking for any damage.

"Bella what happened to your thumb?" he asked warily.

"Huh?" I looked at him confused.

"Your thumb." he repeated, his eyes narrowing.

I held up my thumb, studying it. It was bright red and had swelled enormously.

"Allergic reaction?" I said innocently, flashing him a grin. Before he could ask any more I scampered up the stairs and closed my bedroom door.

I stared at my thumb once more. I wasn't playing dumb when Charlie had asked about my thumb.

Truth was, Adnis had made me forget all about it.

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