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Edward POV – Wedding Night

"This is beautiful," sighed Bella as I set her down on the floor after carrying her over the threshold of the beach house and into our bedroom where the candles and flowers, setup by Alice, were awaiting us.

"Not nearly as beautiful as you," I said genuinely as I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck, while her back pressed against my chest.

"You do realize you don't have to be so sweet right? You are guaranteed sex tonight," said Bella with a sly laugh as my smile fell slightly.

"I wasn't saying that to get into your dress Bella. You are my wife, I was saying it because it's true," I replied sincerely. Bella started to walk away from me, slowly unzipping her wedding dress and letting it fall to the floor behind her. She looked absolutely stunning in her white corset and panty set, complete with ruffles on the ass. "You're killing me Bella. You know how I feel about ruffles on your ass." Bella simply laughed at me as she reached up and pulled some pins from her hair, letting all of her soft curls fall down her back and onto her shoulders, framing her beautiful face. I removed my jacket and tossed it onto one of the club chairs in the corner of the room, as Bella moved closer to me and tugged gently on my tie, pulling my face towards hers for a deep, sensuous kiss. I wrapped my arms tightly around her, letting my hand run down to her ass to finger the ruffles reverently. It was heavenly; they felt even better than they looked.

Bella pulled back from our kiss, reaching up to my chest to pull my tie off and start unbuttoning my shirt. I helped her pull my dress shirt from my pants and she lovingly slid the fabric down my shoulders and onto the floor. I walked towards Bella until her knees were back against our bed and then I swept her up into my arms and gently laid her in the middle of the bed. I pulled my pants off until I was left in just my boxer shorts and climbed onto the bed. I kneeled in front of her as she lay before me, lust in her eyes and white lace all over her body.

"I love you,' I said genuinely as I moved closer to her and admired her corset. I looked like it might be a bit difficult to remove, so I took my time, gently tugging on each string until Bella noticed my frustration and simply pulled it off over her head, leaving her spread before me in just her luscious ruffled panties which I planned to worship for the rest of our lives.

"I love you too, I didn't want to see you get so stressed over a corset," she said with a laugh as I grabbed her thighs and spread her legs wider so that I could position myself closer to her. I leaned forward and grabbed her face in my hands gently, running my thumb ever so lightly along her cheek. I took my time loving her on our first night of wedded bliss. My hands, lips and tongue explored every single inch of her creamy skin, while she peppered light kisses all over my body.

I pulled her panties off quickly and immediately ran my fingers up and down her slit, which was practically dripping in excitement. I watched every single movement and listened intently to every single noise which came from my wife's mouth while I ran my fingers over her wetness, before I plunged two fingers inside of her. She moaned and writhed beneath my fingers as my lips laid a trail of kisses across her stomach and up to her supple breasts. I was worshipping her and I couldn't think of anything better to do with the rest of my life. I continued my ministrations on Bella's body, paying particular attention to her clit as my thumb began rubbing it fiercely, my fingers still buried deep inside her. Bella's hands gripped the sheets tightly and I knew she was near her peak and I couldn't wait to hear her cum for me. I wanted to beg her, plead with her to cum for me, but I didn't need to. Before I even was able to formulate the words, I felt Bella shiver and tremble below me in pleasure.

I released my grip on her and pulled my boxer shorts off swiftly before moving myself forward to kiss her gently on the lips. I felt her tongue graze my bottom lip as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I gently eased myself into her as she tightened her legs, forcing me deeper inside of her. I let out a long lazy sigh as I began to guide myself in and out of her slowly, my hands grasped firmly on her hips. Bella never said anything to me virtually the entire time I was inside of her, with the exception of many loud moans and screams. I leaned forward and began sucking sweetly on her neck as her legs released around me, and I was able to quicken my pace.

I was on the edge, but waiting patiently for Bella, who I could tell was almost as ready as I was. I moved my lips from her neck to her breasts and began to nip at them sweetly at first and then with more fervor. The moment I bit hard on her, she screamed out my name and tensed her entire body in overwhelming pleasure. I followed almost immediately after her, still feeling her quiver beneath me as I came inside her. I moved back from her ever so slowly, desperate to keep a mental image of this night for the rest of our lives.

"What are you doing?" asked Bella breathlessly as she moved back against the headboard and sat up slightly.

"Just trying to memorize this, since there is no way you'd let me take a picture," I said with a gentle laugh. I sat beside her and pulled her into my arms, and we both looked out the open French doors to stare at the night sky.

"I can't believe we're married," she stated with a smile. "It still feels so unreal to me. I know it only happened a few hours ago, but it hasn't sunk in yet." I watched as Bella pulled her hand up and examined her ring finger on her left hand, touching the new wedding band and antique engagement ring reverently.

"You have the rest of your life to let it sink in Bella."

Bella POV – September

"Are you ready for this?" asked Edward calmly as we pulled into the driveway of his parent's house for our monthly dinner. Instead of us going to the Cullen's' whenever they called, we now had a set night when all of us would gather for dinner and drinks, and today just happened to be the third Sunday of the month, so here we are.

"No time like the present right?" I replied as I gave his hand a tight squeeze and we stepped out of the car into the warm September air. I grabbed Edward's hand as he helped me from the car. Emmett and Rosalie had been at the house for a few hours already. Ever since their daughter Emalie was born on August 23rd, they had been coming to the Sunday dinners a bit early so that Esme and Carlisle could spent some quality time with their first born granddaughter. When we walked in, Emmett was in the living room giving her a bottle and talking to her about pre-season football. I seriously thought he was the only Seahawks fan in all of Chicago.

"Hey Emmett," I said quietly as I walked over with Edward and gave Emalie a tiny kiss on her forehead. Babies always smelled so good and Emalie was certainly no exception. Rosalie and Emmett had been extremely lucky because Emalie was a very happy baby. In fact, I have never heard her cry once. It probably helped that she had such excellent parents. Emmett was very hands on and Rosalie seemed to be able to determine her needs before Emalie could even express them. She had a sixth sense when it came to her daughter. After the news Edward and I got a few days ago, I doubt we would be as lucky to have such a happy baby.

"How's it going?" asked Emmett as he gently eased Emalie onto his shoulder and patted her back to burp her. "Rose is in the kitchen with Carlisle, Esme and Lunchbox." Just as he said this, they all walked into the living room to join us, including Lunchbox who practically started humping Edward's leg he was so happy to see him.

"Edward, Bella… we didn't hear you come in" said Esme as she came over and gave us a welcoming hug. "How's the pregnancy going?"

"Are you over the morning sickness yet?" asked Carlisle curiously as I nodded my head slowly. I had just started my second trimester and thankfully the morning sickness was subsiding. It wasn't completely gone, but it was definitely better than before.

"Things are going well," started Edward as he was interrupted by Alice and Jasper walking into the house. Their relationship had changed significantly when they got engaged on vacation in France in June. Alice and Esme had been busy planning the biggest wedding Chicago had ever seen, when they weren't fussing over Emalie.

"Where's the little angel?" cooed Alice as she walked into the living room, looking for her niece. "How's the pregnancy going Bella?" asked Alice as she started to stroke Emalie's hair softly while Emmett returned to feeding her.

"It's going good. We went for our first ultrasound on Friday morning," I said nervously as I looked up at Edward and pulled the sonogram from the envelope in my purse. "The doctor said the babies are doing fine and are very healthy." I handed the sonogram over to Esme and Carlisle who both looked over at us in shock. The room was quiet for a few minutes as Edward and I looked at each other with nervous smiles. Emmett was the one to break the silence, which didn't surprise anyone.

"Slow your roll, did you just say babies? As in more than one?" he asked incredulously.

"Yes Emmett, there's more than one. Thankfully there's only two," laughed Edward as he kissed my forehead tenderly. It still felt surreal to me. Edward and I had gotten pregnant just three months after the wedding and now we were expecting twins. Even though Edward and Alice were twins, it had never occurred to me that we might have them as well. Esme and Carlisle wrapped us up into another big hug, followed quickly by Rosalie, Jasper and Alice.

"I can't believe it. Twins," exclaimed Alice happily. "A month ago there were no babies in the Cullen Family and before we know it, there will be three of them. I am going to go so broke buying them so many little outfits. Do you know if they will be boys, girls, one of each?"

"We have no idea Alice, but we are going to find out, so I promise to let you know," I said with excitement in my voice.

"Have you told Charlie and Renee?" asked Rosalie as she gave me another congratulatory hug.

"Yeah, we told them last night on the phone. Charlie was visiting her, so I think it helped that they were together for the news. Of course they were both ecstatic. She's still not doing well, but it is as good as can be expected. She's lasted a lot longer than her doctors thought, so we're not complaining." Edward and I had managed to go visit Renee last month, when I was only two months along in the pregnancy. We stayed at Charlie's for a few days and would go to her house and go through our wedding video and photos with her while she knitted more items for the baby. It had been a pleasant visit, even though she had clearly deteriorated since we saw her last. I did my best not to be upset about everything though, knowing full well it wasn't good for the pregnancy to worry. It was even worse now that I had two little bundles to worry about.

"Are you worried?" asked Jasper with concern as he moved beside Alice and was looking down happily at Emalie.

"No. Mom and Dad handled twins just fine, and they had Emmett to worry about too. I'm sure Bella and I will do fine," said Edward with a laugh. "Anyways, Emmett had the energy of triplets, so it was like they had five kids at once. I always wanted a big family anyways."

"Yeah, but I don't want to be like that family on TV that had twins and then sextuplets. No thanks Edward," I said as I poked him in the ribs.

"Jon and Kate plus Eight right?" asked Rosalie in curiosity. "I saw it a few times while Emalie was napping. Jon always looks like he's ignoring his wife or trying to find ways to kill himself."

"Yeah, they always make fun of his blank stares and awkward responses on 'the soup'. Joel McHale is still so dreamy," I said with a giggle as Edward looked at me with a hint of jealousy. "But not as dreamy as my baby daddy," I replied as I patted him on the stomach gently.

EPOV – January

Life was getting more difficult by the day. Ever since Bella had been forced on bed rest by her doctor just before Christmas, things had been awkward. Not between us, just in general. Bella was frustrated that she had to rely on either myself, Rosalie or the in home nurse who stopped by once a day to help her. She spent the first few days reading various baby books, and picking out names, which she would later decide she didn't like. We still hadn't picked anything that we could both agree on, and the babies were due on February 14th, one month away. Our doctor kept telling us it was perfectly normal for twins to be born early, but Bella was determined to last as long as she could, so that both of them would be as healthy as possible.

We lay in bed that night, my hand on her stomach, where it rested most nights. I was talking to the babies, as I usually did, while Bella offered up some name suggestions from the baby book she was reading. When we had our last sonogram, the doctor told us he thought it was both a girl and a boy, but he wasn't one hundred percent certain. We were preparing ourselves for all possibilities.

"What about Liam?" she asked curiously as she started saying his full name out loud… Liam Cullen. "Ok, scratch that one."

"Do you hear your mommy, she's going crazy," I said to her stomach as I moved my hand around, eager to feel them kick again. Bella was certain they were beating each other up in there because some days there was constant movement.

"Shut up Edward. What about Logan?" I thought about it for a moment, and I wasn't totally against it.

"I like it. Logan Cullen. Very manly," I replied with a smile. "We're not going to pick rhyming names are we? Like Logan and Lara or something stupid like that?"

"No, I don't like that. What about Tristan? Tristan Carlisle Cullen?"

"Since when are we using Carlisle for a middle name? I thought you wanted to use Charlie?" I asked curiously. I should have known better than to question her. Her mind changed every five seconds these days.

"We haven't decided on a middle name, I'm just making suggestions," she replied sweetly as she flipped to another page in the book and one of the babies moved slightly. "They always like to make my bladder into a bean bag chair." I let out a small laugh as she made another suggestion. "What about Maddie for a girl?"

"I like that too. How about Maddie Grace Cullen?" I asked curiously. It was rare that I make suggestions, but Bella smiled happily at this one, so I knew she approved. "I also like Abigail. We can call her Abby." I watched as Bella nodded slowly and then winced slightly and let out a low groan. "Are you okay?" I asked with concern as I sat up from the bed, still holding her stomach.

"Either I just wet the bed or my water broke," Bella said with concern as I flew into a panic. I quickly called our doctor to let him know that her water broke and he suggested we come into the hospital as soon as we could. Bella and I got changed out of our pajamas and I grabbed her overnight bag, which had been packed for a few days, and we walked nervously yet quickly to the Volvo and headed to the hospital.

On the way, I called Esme and Rosalie to let them know we were going, but told them not to come unless we knew for sure she was having the babies. Rosalie promised to call Alice and Charlie to let them know. Bella had made every single one of us a phone tree to call the important people once she had the babies. It was a little OCD of her, but she was stuck in bed for almost a month and a half, so I couldn't fault her. It kept her from knitting more blankets, which she learned to do the moment she was forced into bed rest.

"Isabella Cullen for Dr. Rollins," I said breathlessly as I walked into the emergency room, holding Bella at the waist. She had a couple of contractions in the car, but I was so focused on getting us to the hospital safely, I never had a chance to time them. An orderly came along quickly with a wheelchair for her as they handed me a clipboard with medical forms. "We're pre-registered," I replied in frustration as I handed the forms back to her.

"No problem Mr. Cullen. We're going to get Isabella up to a room. Dr. Rollins called and said he was on his way, so we'll make her as comfortable as possible until he arrives," said the head nurse as I glanced up at the clock on the wall. It was nine thirty at night on January 16th.

Dr. Rollins showed up just after ten and did a thorough exam of Bella. He spoke some sort of medical jargon to the nurse before he ushered me out into the hallway, to speak to me in private. I automatically assumed the worst and started to grab at my hair in a panic. "Relax Edward. She's doing alright. She's dilated a few centimeters already and we're going to keep her here until she has the babies, okay?" he said with a genuine smile.

"So, there's no problems right?" I asked anxiously.

"None at the moment, but that doesn't mean she's completely in the clear. The babies are a month early, but they seem extremely healthy. However, if Bella hasn't progressed enough in the next couple of hours, we may decide to do a c-section, just as a precaution." I nodded my head in acknowledgement and stepped back into the room with Bella, who was smiling up at me while they hooked a fetal monitor up to her stomach.

"I think they like it in there too much to come out," said Bella with a laugh as I sat beside her and gripped her hand gently. "Can you call Charlie and let him know what's going on?"

"Rosalie already called him. Esme and Carlisle want to come down to be here with us. They were out of town when Emalie was born and I said that it was okay. I hope you don't mind?" I asked nervously. Bella shook her head in agreement and I relaxed a little bit. Bella and I had taken classes for new parents, but it felt so different being in the hospital room with her, awaiting the birth of our children. Esme and Carlisle walked in just before midnight, their smiles brightening the room. It was actually a bit of a relief to have them around and I hugged my mom for support the moment she came into the room.

"How's it going?" asked Carlisle as he grabbed the chart from the end of her bed and analyzed it carefully.

"You tell us," laughed Bella as she watched him intently, before she had another contraction. I grabbed her hand in mine as she squeezed it while she suffered through the pain.

"You're looking good. I'll have two beautiful grand babies in no time," he said as he hugged Esme to his side and kissed her forehead. At least now I know where I get my forehead kissing habit from. Dr. Rollins came in after one in the morning and recognized Carlisle immediately.

"Dr. Cullen, it's wonderful to see you up here in maternity. I see your about to be a grandfather, congratulations," he said as he reviewed the print outs from the fetal monitors and then did a quick examination of Bella. "Nine centimeters Bella. We're at the home stretch, so I hope you are ready, cause we're gonna be having some babies any time now."

I sat down on the chair beside Bella and rested my head in my hands. I was so tired, but excited at the same time. Esme offered to go and get me a coffee from the cafeteria, but I turned her down. I needed to focus all my attention on Bella, who was now watching a Gilmore Girls repeat on the small TV mounted on the wall, in between her contractions.

"This is the one where Sookie gives birth to Martha and she tries to make Jackson get a vasectomy," she laughed to me with a smile. How she could be so focused on this show when she was in labor was beyond me. I laughed right along with her as Esme told us that Rosalie had called and was coming down to offer some support. We had been there for the birth of Emalie, so it didn't surprise me that she wanted to be here for us.

It was only an hour after Rosalie had arrived, they ushered everyone from the room but me, because Bella was going to try to start pushing. I was so nervous and scared the entire time. I wanted a shot of something, anything to take the edge off, but I couldn't do that. I was the strong one right now and I grabbed onto Bella's hand and did my best to be supportive while she gave birth to our beautiful son and daughter, Tristan Lucas and Maddie Grace.

Bella POV -April

Some days I still couldn't believe it, even when I watched them sleep in front of me; Tristan and Maddie quickly became our entire world for Edward and I. Sure we didn't get a lot of sleep in the first few weeks, but we worked well together and eventually we had a good routine down. Unlike Emalie, Tristan and Maddie were criers, but only when they needed something. Maddie especially had a set of lungs on her that reminded us of Alice; even Esme commented on how alike Maddie was to Alice when she was a baby. She would definitely be the talker of the two, just like her aunt. Tristan was a lot more easygoing, he smiled first and fell asleep a lot easier than Maddie, but could be just as cranky as her some days. They complimented each other well. The first month seemed like an endless marathon of diaper changes, midnight feedings and phone calls to Charlie and Renee.

It was only two months after the birth of the twins that Renee passed away. She was finally moved to a hospice in Port Angeles at the end of February and ended up passing in her sleep on March 18th. Renee and I had talked a few times before she passed, and she had talked mainly about the babies and how cute their pictures were. Charlie was a doting grandfather and was always bringing her new pictures of the twins when we would email them to him. Charlie and Phil were devastated when she finally passed, but it was to be expected.

Edward and I ended up going to Forks for the funeral with Alice and Jasper tagging along to help care for the babies while we were at the funeral. Renee would have loved the babies more than anything in the world, and I knew she was watching over them. Charlie even said so as he gave a sweet eulogy and bid her goodbye. He never really got over my mom leaving him, but at least now he had Sue and they were still going strong and I was certain I would have yet another wedding to go to in the near future. Edward and I kept joking that they were waiting until the twins were old enough to be the ring bearer and flower girl.

While we were in Forks, Charlie spent every possible second with the babies. We even took them to the police station so that Charlie could show them off to his co-workers. Thankfully this time, he kept the babies away from the inmates, unlike when he made me bring Edward to the station over a year ago.

"Do you hear them?" I asked Edward nervously as he cuddled up next to me in our bed and I listened intently to the baby monitor on my night stand.

"Bella, they are fast asleep. Can't you just enjoy the next hour or two before they wake up and want to be fed again? You know Tristan is a boob man, he won't be able to wait, just like I can't," laughed Edward as he grabbed my breast gently and then leaned up to kiss my cheek.

"You're right. We should get a little nap in before the little munchkins wake up," I said sleepily as I curled up in his arms, resting my head on his chest. "Edward, did you ever think when we met almost three years ago and had that one night stand that we would be here… married with twins?" I asked curiously. I knew I never thought that. Then again, I just thought he was a good lay and possibly a future booty call. I didn't want or need anything serious at the time, but here I was, married to the man of my dreams, the father of my children and I couldn't think of anywhere else I wanted to be.

"I hoped we would end up together. Did I think about the twins, not initially I just wanted you to go out with me again and then have sex with me again and again and again," he said with a sincere laugh. "I practically begged Alice to call you and give you some sort of job just so I could meet you, but instead she became friends with you and invited you to the party, which forever changed my life for the better."

"Are you happy?"

"I don't think happy is the proper term. I am over the moon ecstatic about every single aspect of my life right now. I have a sexy gorgeous wife and two beautiful health babies, what else could I possibly need?" said Edward as he kissed me gently on the lips. "Well, maybe a minivan and every season of Gilmore Girls on DVD for my wife, but that's about it."