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Character List

Mitchie Torres : Demi Lovato

Shane Gray: Joe Jonas

Miley Stewart: Miley Cyrus

Alex Gomez: Selena Gomez (creative, I know)

Nate Gray: Nick Jonas

Jason Gray: Kevin Jonas

Justin Henrie: David Henrie

Taylor Fast: Taylor Swift (:P)

Troy Efron: Zac Efron

Chelsea: Chelsea Staub

And more added later!


I sat in my attic going through some old photos my mother and Denise made. In bold, black letters it read "Summer of 1998". I smiled through my tears at the memory of my best friend and I playing doll house for hours on end. I was truly going to miss him when I moved to Texas with my mother next week. We did practically everything together. I was his shield from heartbreak and he was my shoulder to cry on. I was the one he came to for his first girlfriend problem and he was the one I cried to over my first break-up. I tutored him in school, though he was 2 years older, and he made sure I loosened up and enjoyed my life every once in a while. I remember wishing that he was my real brother so I could be with him all the time.

My parents had recently split up just about a month ago, and I had been staying at my grandmother's house since my actual mom refused to stay under the same household of my father, Patrick. Everything had come down hill lately with loud fights almost every night about small, casual things and usually my mother ended up in tears. It was heartbreaking to my whole family.

He helped me through everything. I guess I should explain more about my life. My name is Michelle Devonne Torres; I have golden brown locks that brush down my back, deep chocolate eyes, and pale, clear skin. I like to go by Mitchie, which is what my sisters and other family call me, the nickname my mother devised. Shane and his brothers –Jason and Nate—often call me Mo-Mo though.

Shane and I met when he was 4 and I was 2 years old in his backyard for a welcome to California party. After my grandpa died, my parents insisted on moving here to comfort and look out for my grandmother Rosalina. Shane offered me some gold fish crackers and we instantly clicked. His brothers Nate and Jason are some of my other closest friends. As you can see I grew up with boys.

So on Friday at 2:42 I have to get on that plane and fly to Dallas, Texas to spend the rest of my life away from everything I'm used to, like seeing Shane every day. We were joined at the hip and now I was moving states away. I sighed, slamming my suitcase and grabbed my fluffy white pillow, screaming my lungs out in frustration. I had already cried until my eyes burned with Shane, for 3 days. He wasn't so enthusiastic about the news either.

I was only 11 years old and I was being ripped apart, piece by piece from my entire life. I felt a soft, hand rubbing my back. I groaned and turned over. The lights flickered on, immediately stinging my eyes and I fluttered my lids open groggily. My mother's face pulled up into a smile, trying to be cheerful.

"Good morning, sweetie." She chirped and took another slurp of her morning coffee. I snorted, still trapped in my awful mood with my mother for the change of lifestyle. I was a really good kid with high grades, but lately my behavior had been bratty.

"What's so good about it?" I questioned, my tone soaked in bitterness glaring at the calendar marked "end of happiness" on this particular day. My lips wavered, smashing into a scowl. I did not want to move away from my entire life. California was my home where my friends lived, my school was located, and just everything and now my mother was taking it all away.

I guess I shouldn't be so selfish. With an internal sigh, I violently stroked my half closed lids and prepared to reveal them to the deathly light of my bedroom. My mother had always put me before everything else in her life, so a simple move to Texas couldn't really be that bad. I'm sure the Grays would come visit.

"Well honey it's time to get up and get going because today is moving day! I made some bacon for you downstairs so let's dress quickly, alright!" My mother proceeded to gather my luggage scattered around the clean wooden floors of my room. Choking back a sigh for her sake, I climbed from the warmness that called me in my bed and tramped to my walk-in closet.

"Great, it will be burnt." I whispered beneath my breath and began to undress and pick something comfortable for the plane ride. Dianne scooped up the rest of my things and stepped behind me as my purple sweater slithered over my body.

She dropped a gentle kiss on my hair. "I love you, Mitchie." As my mother uttered those words, she thawed out my icy heart. My grimace shifted into a light smile before she strolled to the kitchen with a merry spring in her step. It's a good thing I love my mom.

* * * *

There I stood in front of the massive, white plane, as it groaned, ready for takeoff. The clear and glossy windows were screaming at me, as if when I sat next to them, I would be locked away from Shane forever. The wintry, salty liquid sledged down my cheeks as I clung onto Shane's soggy maroon T-shirt. I had already mumbled my goodbyes to everyone else and saved the best and hardest for last.

"Shh. It's not like I'll never see you again, Mo-Mo." His husky, changing voice whispered in my ear. I shook my head and another sob echoed hollowly from my aching chest. I never wanted to leave. Shane caressed my back, speaking to me gently with his soothing voice. He tried to be strong but he was slipping, as I saw the tears collect in his warm, hazel eyes.

He detached my fingers that dug into his shirt solemnly and kissed my forehead. His thumb traced my face with a soft touch as he cleaned away the tears. I sniffled and he smiled grievously at me, keeping a bold face, as tough as he could for a 13 year old.

"Goodbye Shane." I whispered hearing my voice croak out, almost begging for him to stop my mother from doing this. I waded onto the plane, my feet heavy tugging me back to his safe arms and saw the crystal tear flow down his cheek before the doors shut, sealing my away from Shane Gray for 6 more years.

If I only knew what I knew now, how much things would change, I would have never stepped onto that airplane.

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