What Happens in Vegas…

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Ben 10 and/or Ben 10: Alien Force or any of the related characters and/or concepts. MAN OF ACTION and Cartoon Network do. But the plot is my original idea, as far as I know. I don't own CSI: Crime Scene Investigation either.

Notes: Companion to Love Letters. Gwenvin.

Summary: Where were Ben, Gwen and Kevin during the first few chapters of Love Letters? Who started the dare? How do her parents react?

Ch 1

February 13th

The barren landscape moved like a filmed background strip from an old movie as the nondescript RV drove on. The wildlife knew that survival in the desert depended upon the cool nights. The RV was inconspicuous on the outside, but it was anything except normal on the inside. Using space warping technology the contents of a three bedroom apartment/crime-lab/medical clinic were comfortably nestled inside the vehicle.

Ben was unconscious, the stress of the Vilgax Clone fight having overwhelmed him. More powerful than he was at ten; he was still pushed to his limits, as were they all. The entire left side of Gwen's body was bruised, including her cheek and it dusted her eye. Her lip was swollen from having split. Her wrist was broken and there was a cut running the length of her forehead diagonally. It had been expertly stitched by Kevin who's right eye had been swollen shut. He had a jagged slice along his left cheek that curved under his chin. The fingers on his right hand were sprained beyond belief. Ben had several broken ribs, and his cranium suffered a hairline fracture. His alien DNA would repair the damage within the day, as long as he slept.

Kevin drove relentlessly, hoping to be back home by the 16th. Gwen kept him company; curled up in the reclined passenger's seat with a blanket and pillow.

It was in the rare moment when she was awake, she was heavily dosed with painkillers, that she turned somnolent eyes onto him, saying, "You need to rest. Just pull over for awhile and sleep."

"Nah, we're almost to Vegas," he muttered to her, "then we can find a motel and rest."

But his sight was becoming blurry so he did as she suggested. He pulled over, set the security system, picked her up and headed to the bed they shared.


February 14th

"Las Vegas; city of overpriced hookers, quickie marriages (after drunken binges) that everyone involved regrets the next morning and the start of many a gamblers' addiction." Ben introduced as they entered the city via a back road. Gwen was actually driving as Kevin was too out of it from painkillers to even think of fighting for control of the wheel.

"You've been watching too much CSI. It really isn't that bad."

"Yeah it is." Kevin mumbled, "It's much worse."

"So, I have an idea," Ben continued as though uninterrupted, "why don't you two take the plunge, get married."

"WHAT!?!" shouted both parties concerned.

"C'mon we're in Vegas, perfect place to take the plunge!"

"No." Kevin growled.

"He has commitment issues." explained the redhead with an exasperated sigh.

"I do NOT!" he said loudly.

"Sure you don't." she said with a patient air and an eye-roll to match.

"Well Kevin," spoke Ben with a malicious tone, "I dare you to marry Gwen."

It was well known that Kevin Levin could not refuse a dare. There was silence.

"Fine, pick a chapel Gwen; no Elvis impersonators though." he agreed.

"I am not getting married because of some stupid dare!" she protested, "For one you're half out of it and two my parents would kill us!"

"Are you chicken then?" her boyfriend asked as her cousin began making clucking sounds and flapping his arms like wings.

"No I'm being smart, something you two obviously cannot accomplish at this point." she said.

"Chicken!" Kevin continued crowing as Ben continued doing his best impression of a hen.

Ten minutes later, "FINE I'LL DO IT. NOW SHUT UP!"

"Cool." Ben pulled out his cell and headed towards his bedroom, "Gotta make a call."

"Who the hell is he calling at 4 am?"

"I dunno. So no Elvis?"

"No Elvis." And he was back asleep.

"Oh lord, what have I gotten myself into?"