What If Julie Yamamoto Died?

Disclaimer: Although I would love to I do not own Ben 10 and/or Ben 10: Alien Force, or their characters and/or concepts. Those are copyrighted to MAN OF ACTION and Cartoon Network Studios. I do however own this plot and the wolf-alien.

Notes: Ben may seem OOC for the first part of this story but you've got to bear in mind that if someone loses a loved one it could send the survivor into a downward spiral of self-destruction. Add into it the fact that Ben tends to take responsibility for things not his fault and that with the Omnitrix on he walks the line between sanity and insanity every day that something like losing Julie or someone just as close (Grandpa gave him a mission before he 'died') may allow the aliens to influence his choices from there on out. Also, VENOM is a combination of two things; DC Comic Universe's Venom, as used by the villain Bane, and an theoretical mixture of most known Earth drugs. I went to such extremes in Ben's choice of drug because of his alien physiologies; plain old Earth drugs probably wouldn't even get him buzzed. And in my story Kevin used to use VENOM, during his Null Void days. He's been sober since he's been human and therefore knows what Ben has gotten himself into. Also I wrote this upon seeing the commercials for Ben 10: Alien Force episodes 26&27 "War of the Worlds" Parts one and two. When I finally saw the episode, I find I like my battle sequence much more called for considering how they've been fighting the Highbreed and DNAliens.

Ch 1

He clutched her cold form to his chest, rocking the shell that held no life. "I'm sorry, so sorry, so so sorry." It became his mantra. He murdered her, it was all his fault. How could he have been so blind as to allow her to help in the final battle? His enemies laid dead and dying, felled by his grief induced rage. His allies, bloody and beaten though still alive, gathered loosely around him. They had known to watch the normal human's back more than any other and so they all carried a lump of guilt. This was so wrong. He had worked so hard, so selflessly to protect the world and this was how the universe thanked him?

Kevin and Gwen cleared everyone out, with silent looks and muted thank yous, until only the original trio and Julie's corpse remained.

"Ben," Gwen started out quietly, hesitantly, "Ben, she's gone. It's okay now, she's not in pain anymore. You need to let her go; she's gone."

He bit back a sob and gently laid her down, soothing a lock of hair from her face. He stood up and backed away. He looked around to the battlefield they had created; "We need to clean up," his voice was emotionless, his eyes dead, and face blank, "the police will be here soon. Kevin, you still got that Null Void projector?"

The older boy nodded.

"Send the bodies to the Void, except hers and a Highbreed. Guys don't touch anything; especially you Kevin, your prints are already in CODIS. Gwen, can you make some manna clothes for you and Kevin?"

She nodded.

"Good, we all need to strip down; our clothes go to the Void too. Then I need you two to go back home, don't tell anyone. The police will question us; the story is we last saw her this morning at Mr. Smoothy's. We haven't seen or heard from her since. Understand?"

They nodded and quietly got to work.

An hour later the two took off. Ben turned to Big Chill and went to the nearby payphone and dialed 9-1-1. "911, what's your emergency?" a female voice said and he breathed harshly into the phone for a moment before crushing it, snapping the cord. Sparks flew as he took off. He phased through his window and transformed back to human, getting into his pajamas and climbing into bed, even though he knew no sleep would claim him. He just laid there in a near catatonic state until morning.

His mother roused him, her face sympathetic, "Honey, you don't have to go to school today." she told him gently.

"Why Mom? What happened?" he asked although he already knew. "Come into the living room." She said just as gently as before.

He did so to find two police officers waiting for him. One stuck out his hand. "Hello Mr. Tennyson, I'm officer Crockford. I am sorry to have to give you such terrible news this early in the morning. We found a Ms. Julie Yamamoto murdered last night, her parents informed us that you two were involved. Do you know…"

And so he answered their questions, playing his part perfectly. His alibi was that he was studying with his cousin over at her boyfriend's place all day.

The officers tipped their hats and offered their deepest sympathies and bid them goodbye. Ben ignored his parents as he trooped back to his room, locking the door and shutting the curtains before curling up into a little ball on his bed and finally letting forth his tears.