Ch 4

They were outnumbered and losing badly at the time he arrived into the battle.

"Stay back guys!" he boomed, summoning a ball of manna the size of a small golf cart to his hands. They dived out of the way as he began bowling, using his opponents as the pins. Rage was unleashed as he made a manna katana in his grasp.

He landed and raced forward, slashing fiercely at his enemy.

"BEN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" he heard Gwen call.


"YOU HEARD THE GUY!" Kevin shouted almost gleefully, breaking two DNAlien necks at the same time.

Gwen sighed and summoned a dual bladed staff, stabbing an enemy in the gut before slamming it back into another's. Ben somersaulted through the air, slicing through the necks within his reach. Greenish bluish reddish blood spurted as bodies fell.

"WHERE ARE THE OTHERS?" he called; the first time he fought this battle they numbered at least in the twenties.

"BLOODY COWARDS DIDN'T SHOW!" Kevin replied, shattering skulls against each other.

"PARADOX CAME AND TOLD US WE'RE ON OUR OWN!" Gwen added, having changed from a dual bladed staff to a manna bow and exploding arrows.

He summoned twin daggers and began gutting the enemy as they circled him.

"You bastards," he whispered, "you destroyed my life once and now I'll make sure your stupid species is driven to extinction, hell I'll do the driving myself!"

The feel of their flesh giving way under his blades delighted him, excited him, aroused him like nothing in his thirty something years of life had before. And the fact that he was doing it to protect the woman he loved made it all the sweeter.

He arched an eyebrow at the aliens that ringed him, swiftly pulling his blades from their comrades, "Who's next to coat this ground with their blood?" he grinned as they swarmed over those he already dispatched. This was way too much fun. He now understood why Kevin walked the line.

But Ben could never do that all the time.

He spun, killing his victims with a long sword though he allowed the last to suffer.

"Be not ashamed of your death," he told the DNAlien, twisting the dagger in its' gut, "you've fought well but I fought better. Now tell me where your commanders are!"

"I…shall…not," the creature rasped, "this…planet…shall…be…cleansed of its' pestilence."

"You're a pathetic excuse for a minion," Ben growled, "Do you really believe for a second that after you guys do all the dirty work they'll let you live?" He barked laughter, "You stupid little creature. I release you to death now." He ended the alien's life. He stood up and looked to see Gwen and Kevin staring at him.

"C'mon," he called, "I know where to find the Highbreed."


He led them further into La Soladad, "Keep sharp guys." They crouched behind a piece of rubble. He saw the oscillator key and, taking the risk, made it explode with his mind.

"What?" he whispered to his comrades, "I'll explain it all later…Shhhh!"

A Highbreed came by and Ben silently signaled to attack. "You two go left, I go right." He mouthed. They nodded. "One…two… three!"

He summoned his dagger and pushed it through the monster's heart before decapitating it. He saw Gwen break another's neck in a fist of manna while Kevin snapped a third's. He summoned fists of manna to snap two necks, then two more as they rushed him.

"This's too easy," he muttered. But it was soon over with. No more enemies to fight, no more parasites to destroy, no more jumpgate to worry about; they had won!

He saw the other two home before atom bombing La Soladad; he contained and neutralized the radiation in a protective barrier, and heading back to Julie.

He found her cocooned in his pelt, the fire still roaring. She was sleeping peacefully, breath even.

A portal opened behind him and he spun, daggers already summoned to his hands. He found Paradox.

"You come to take me back?"

Paradox sighed, "Benjamin, I'm sorry. The body you inhabited did not survive the translation into your new future. Your mind is stuck in this body."

"It's alright. Thank you Paradox."

"No, thank you Benjamin."

The time traveler left.

Ben, still in Anodite form, knelt before Julie, laying a hand on her shoulder and beginning to shake her awake, "Jule, Julie wake up. It's over, it's all over. We won."

She blinked, waking up, "Ben, you're back."

He chuckled, "Course I am. I told you I would be. You wanna go home?"

She yawned, "Do we have to? I just got comfortable."

"Nah, your parents think you're over at my place for the night." He settled against the wall, turning to the wolf-alien who had re-grown his skin, "Go back to sleep, I'll keep guard."

"You should rest too…"

"No, I need to keep you safe. I'll be fine."

"Nothing will happen to me."

"I just can't take that chance."

She curled up to his side, "You shielded this place before you left, it'll hold 'til morning. Just rest Ben; I'll be fine I swear it."

He yawned, showing off rows of pearly white capable of tearing off her arm in a single twist and a scarlet tongue that lolled out of his mouth, as he blinked wearily, "Fine, I'll rest. Not sleep, but doze. Happy?"

She nodded against his shoulder, "Yes, very."

And so, without a thought as to what the now bright future might hold, our hero and the woman he loved bedded down for a night of well deserved rest and peace in a remote comfortable clearing in Canada.

The End

Question for Reviewers: Should I make a sequel detailing Ben's new life as a 30-something year old trapped in a 15 year old's life and body?