The Goblin Kingdom

A Fan fiction by Bionca Femme

Disclaimer: I don't own a damn thing except those characters, which have sprung forth from the jungles of my twisted imagination.

Jareth was deeply engrossed in a crystal as he stood on the throne room balcony. His wild Fae locks blowing gently in the breeze, that came from his labyrinth. His face had gone from intent to highly unamused quickly. He popped the crystal as if it were but a bubble in his gloved hand viciously. "Chancellor!" He bellowed.

When the emaciated balding old vulture, skulked into his throne room Jareth was highly displeased. "I thought you took care of her." He spat at the aging official.

The chancellor's eyes widened. "Whom, Sire?" The scab played innocent.

Jareth regarded the slimy official with distaste and draped himself over his throne languidly. He relished in the fact that the toad must kneel to make himself lower than the King. "You know very well, whom. I'll give you one more chance, Chancellor. Don't make the same mistake twice." Jareth hissed in deadly warning.

The Chancellor sniffed. "She'd been disposed of, I assure you. I attended the funeral myself. Albeit, closed casket." He sneered. "From the police report, your Majesty. She was cut up badly, so I did not get to see her body myself. But the autopsy was conclusive." He said smugly.

Jareth smiled, an action that clearly did not match the burning rage in his eyes. "Then I wonder if you would kindly explain to me why it is that she is to be part of the security detail, that shall accompany me above, when I meet with the President tomorrow?" He leaned forward daring the toad to lie to him.

"That's not possible!" The Chancellor sputtered, he saw the report himself and even verified with friends and family members that she'd left behind.

"It is not only possible my Lord Chancellor." Jareth spat again. "It is a certainty. The president evidently hand picked her for me, as she's had 'dealings' with our kind before." He snapped his riding crop in two and glared at the man. "Do you have an explanation?"

The Chancellor shrunk back and shook his head in bewilderment. "No, Sire. I do not." He whimpered.

Jareth flicked his wrist in disgust and sent the man to the Bog. "Argoth!!" He shouted.

An elven man only slightly older looking than Jareth himself with dark hair and almost white blue eyes entered, and knelt before his King. "What is it that you desire, my King?" He asked reverently.

"It seems that I am in need of a new Chancellor. You were the odious Grimtongue's assistant. How do you feel about taking his place?" Jareth rose from the throne and gestured for the man to also stand and follow him to the balcony.

Argoth followed his liege, until they were both out on the balcony over looking nightfall on the Labyrinth. "I would be honored of course, to serve you sire, in whatever capacity you ask of me."

Jareth smirked, "Good." He said. He produced a crystal and delicately balanced it on the back of his hand finally twirling it up into his deft fingers, "Look Argoth. Do you see this woman?" he held the crystal before the elven eyes.

Argoth nodded, "She is beautiful, Sire. Were it not for the scar on her face." He commented and then looked to Jareth for an explanation.

"She is beautiful, perhaps even more so, with the scar Argoth. For whatever she endured to acquire it has caused her some measure of pain, and it pleases me that she has suffered in her absence from my sight." He said, "Do you recognize her?"

Argoth's eyes flitted back to the crystal and he studied the woman within it for but a few moments, before recognition passed over his face like a shadow. "The girl, the one who ate the peach and forgot everything." He commented dryly.

Jareth smiled, amused that this is how she is remembered, ten years after her triumph. A mere nothingth of a girl that ate a peach and danced with their King. No one cared that she had taken Toby home with her and refused Jareth. After all. No one knew that he had fallen in love with the girl. Not then, and not now. Certainly, even she did not realize the full truth of his feelings, though they were blatantly described to her once. In a red leather bound book.

"Yes, that girl." Jareth again did away with the crystal and eyed his new Chancellor very seriously. "I should like to acquire her. I'll pay whatever costs the President demands. But I do not want him to know how much I am willing to sacrifice to get my hands on her. You know better than most, how they operate in her country. Tell me," He sat down on the edge of the balcony. "What is the proper tariff for acquiring one of the Presidents servants? What will he demand of me?" He asked solicitously.

The newly appointed Chancellor was momentarily taken aback. This would not be an easy thing. "I do not think that this will be an easy thing, Sire. They value freedom in their country above all else. In fact the President himself is only allowed to be their leader for a term of eight years at the most. He is an elected official. I highly doubt he will bargain away the freedom of another." He shook his head.

"Come, come, there must be something." Jareth prompted.

Argoth stroked his beardless chin thinking hard. "They are a cold species when it comes to science. We could offer them one of your goblin citizens for study. They will want to dissect it and look at its parts and find out about its physiology. They will be especially excited when they learn how often they...breed and can be replaced." The Chancellor was proposing an exchange. Sarah, for one of Jareths lowly subjects.

Jareth nodded, impressed with the elf's clever suggestion. "Do we have many scheduled for execution?" He asked.

"Thirteen, I believe. Sire." Argoth nodded.

Jareth chuckled. Thirteen was a lucky number. Lucky indeed. "Good, I want you to accompany me when I go above. We're going to negotiate with the Americans to acquire my prize." He smiled in satisfaction.

Argoth bowed and then rose looking puzzled. "If I may ask a question, Sire?" he asked.

Jareth raised an elegant eyebrow, "Though I believe that was a question Argoth, you may ask me one more."

Argoth frowned. He hated dealing with Fae, noble or otherwise. But such was his fate so he steeled himself in case his question brought on unfavorable consequences. "What does this girl mean to you that you are willing to trade thirteen goblins to acquire her?"

Jareth smiled unexpectedly, "That is a fair question Chancellor. And one I will answer you, if you swear on you life that not a word of what I am about to say, will ever be known by any other but you." He leveled his disconcerting gaze squarely on the male elf.

Argoth swallowed hard. Did he really want to know? Yes, yes he did, "I swear, Sire." He promised.

"Then I will tell you." Jareth turned and looked out at his beloved Labyrinth. "Once long ago, that scarred beauty you saw in the crystal, ran my Labyrinth and won. She took her brother back. A boy I would have made my heir. But most of all," He paused. "She stole away my heart." He said darkly.

Argoths face fell in sorrow. The Goblin King loved this woman. He shuddered when he thought of the fate that may befall her, were Jareth to exact revenge. "What a pity." He murmured.

Jareth laughed bitterly, "Yes. I tried to tell her so. However do not fear for her, gentle Argoth." Jareth grinned as he startled Argoth by reading his thoughts. "I do want my heart back, yes. But I want to steal hers as well. I want to make her my lover, my Queen, my slave. Whether or not she comes to me willingly." He laughed bitterly. "When a woman escapes me unharmed and cheats death only to come within my reach yet again, the fates demand she not be ignored." Jareth waved the elven man off.

Argoth bowed to his King and exited the throne room as fast as he could. Jareth was a volatile King. He was often throwing those who failed him into the bog. Though there were times when he was uncharacteristically kind. There were also times when he claimed generosity when all he'd done was allowed someone to live rather than take out his ire. Argoth only hoped that whatever protective spells or charms this woman had. They would be enough to protect her from his King.

Sarah lit a cigarette as she waited outside the main building of the compound code named Dreamland. Or Area 51 to the average citizen. A smile quirked as she thought how funny it was that people thought that there were aliens out her. Aliens! Ha! She thought mirthlessly. Taking another drag on her cigarette she absently rubbed the scar that ran from the outside of her right eyebrow down to the base of her jaw. A little present from someone she trusted a long time ago. Her lips peeled back from her white even teeth in a sneer worthy of the Goblin King. She snorted in derision. Had he come when she called, she would never had gotten that scar. Or lost Karen, her farther.......Toby. Ten years had not diminished that sharp burning pain that slashed anew at her heart, every time she thought of her family.

When he didn't come. When she'd wished her family away in hopes that he would be able to save them, the Goblin King failed to show up. She'd vowed to make him pay, should the day ever come that they would meet again.

Taking one last drag on her cigarette she smiled the resigned smile of the damned. That day had come.

She pulled her Glock from its holster and fondled it. "Iron." She whispered reverently. Yes, tomorrow. Tomorrow she would make Jareth pay.

It hadn't been hard maneuvering herself up the ranks. She took risks. She did what had to be done, without remorse or weak emotions like pity. Jareths gifts to her long ago were quite useful once she learned what they were, and what she could do with them. Often chosen for black ops, Sarah was nicknamed "Panther". If she did not want to be seen, she was nearly invisible. Not in the classic sense, but rather in that she sort of became something your eye skipped over. And she was silent and deadly as black death. At least, this was the rumor that usually buzzed about her. Though she doubted very much that this is what actually happened when she went into an assignment. She thought herself just luckier than most. She knew instinctively where not to be and when to turn up like a bad penny.

"Williams!" A male voice barked.

Sarah holstered her gun and flicked her cigarette away from her onto the pavement. She turned and regarded her long time partner Arthur Brixby. She raised her undamaged brow imperiously, "Brick." She acknowledged.

"I've been standing out here baking in this God forsaken sun for a full ten minutes, trying to get your attention! Something on your mind?" He looked worried.

He should be worried, Sarah thought. Though not for Sarah. No. He should worry about himself and his career. Which Sarah might effectively end tomorrow. She'd no idea how deadly the fallout associated with killing Jareth would be. She shrugged inwardly. The words "reckless endangerment" were often applied to her. And rightly so. Though she'd always managed to stay on the right side of the law, whenever a formal inquiry was launched because of her. But this was murder. Not risking herself for her country. Murder, sweet as peaches.

"I was thinking how sexy you look with pit stains on your white shirt." She commented sarcastically.

He looked under his left arm and then back up at her and smiled flirtatiously, causing her to chuckle. "I know, no woman can resist the Brick. But for the sake of our working relationship Williams, I'm going to have to ask you to get a hold of yourself." He grinned and motioned for her to follow him inside. Obviously, he'd come to get her so that she could go to the briefing on tomorrows meeting, between King Fancy pants and the President.

She followed him into the coolness of the marble interior of the building and into an elevator at the far end of the hallway. Entering the elevator she watched Brick push the button for level nine. Nine stories below ground waited a detailed description, of how she was supposed to behave herself when she escorted Jareth to the President. From the Rabbit hole located over seven hundred miles east at the base of Mount Sneffel in Colorado.

She smiled remembering the answer she had gotten when she asked her captain why it was that the King and his entourage couldn't just magic themselves to the facility. He'd looked at her as if assessing whether or not he'd like to slap her. The answer was of course a matter of national security. Jareth was not allowed to use magic when he was here on "official" business. Meaning when he wasn't spiriting away the wished away children. Brick had also pointed out to her that when others from Aboveground visited Jareth, they were not allowed to use their guns or any other equipment. It was part of the peace agreement between the two dimensions. Being that he could not transport himself here by magic they had to retrieve him from the nearest portal to the facility. This place was one of the few facilities that had enough security that they could risk bringing Jareth too. That and everyone assumed the government had high tech secret experiments out here anyway. Nothing however odd, would seem too out of place here. So she had to go get Jareth and bring him here. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Entering the briefing room Sarah was confronted with a cork board at the front of the room. It was full of pictures of the members of Jareths party, that were likely to be in attendance. And the Fae King himself. She noted with some minute satisfaction, that it seemed as if the picture had been used as a dartboard target before the meeting. She grinned at Brick, "Ready Brick Baby?"

Brick winked at her, "Whenever you are Panther lady."

She nodded and proceeded to the head of the class, when she turned around she faced about a dozen of the agencies finest. These, were her sacrificial lambs. The unwitting tools in her vendetta. She gestured to the picture of the King. "Gentlemen." Her strong voice carried over the low murmuring which died down instantly. "This is the Goblin King. He is untrustworthy, cunning, arrogant and cruel." She smirked. "And these are just his best qualities." She said eliciting a few chuckles from the agents in attendance.

Jareth had spent the next day making preparations for his journey aboveground. He had the Goblin prisoners put on stand by. Wanting them ready for the exchange when he and his prize made it back to the portal. Finally the time had come. He'd spent a few moments during the preparation looking in on Sarah. Taking mental notes of her odd behavior. The long minutes she spent in a room with desks and chairs staring at a photograph of him. At first he entertained the thought that she missed him. But then, he'd switched views to look closely at her face as she gazed on his image. To his relief, her eyes glinted with cold hatred. Jareth wanted her, true. But if she was going to just throw herself into his arms without a fight he could easily find himself banishing her to an oubliette.

Her fire and passion was what he wanted. What he desired. Its what his kingdom demanded of a Queen. She was no good to him if she was totally complacent to his whims. Then again he couldn't help but wonder, what it was she was so angry with him about. It was true they had played a marvelous game of wits and he had let her go. Too old to turn, too young to keep. He had not planned on sending a piece of his heart with her. No. She had taken that on her own. When he had fallen, a crystal shard had flown upwards as she fell. She caught it and absorbed its energy. She never seemed to realize. And he could not go to her himself to retrieve it. Not even if she had wished it. It was not part of the bargain. She could never again wish away another. If she had taken her dreams. Well that would have been something else altogether. She would have forgotten everything. Toby, her parents, her life above.

Jareth had been reflected in her dreams. He was her dream. The wild and dangerously handsome Fae King, to love her forever, and make her a princess in her own private fairy tale land. If she had only taken the bait, she would have been his and all this heart ache in both their lives, could have been avoided. The little bitch always had to do things the hard way.

His head snapped up as the clock in the throne room struck thirteen. Jareth grinned. "A lucky number, indeed." He laughed and used his powers to transport his entourage to the portal. Vanishing the crystal he was gazing into, he transported himself there as well. Leaving behind his laughter echoing throughout the halls.

Sarah stood at the entrance to the portal. Or Rabbit hole as it was so aptly named. It looked like a big cave in the side of the mountain. She looked around at her fellow agents. All of them were waiting expectantly. Of course, only a few of them had been on this mission before. And never had the King himself visited. There had been a rumor that he wanted to trade for some things and that these things must be acquired personally. Sarah's instincts had screamed at her when she heard that. More children. She had immediately thought. He could get a more steady flow of them this way than by relying on video game obsessed children who never read anymore, to do it for him. But then, this was Jareth. He could easily have the labyrinth story magicked into a video game, or an elaborate computer game and achieved better results. Then what? And then she knew.

He'd found out that she was alive. She could only hope he hadn't been looking in on her frequently and had guessed her intentions. The element of surprise was her only hope. Jareth didn't need magic to kill her. Of that she was certain. If she missed her chance and couldn't kill him without witness's, then she was prepared to blow herself, and the rest of her party to pieces and messy bits. The only one she would regret killing was Brick. In her own way she loved him. Perhaps not in a healthy way. He was the only one that she had ever slept with who she hadn't wanted to kill directly after. After the first and only time, he had asked her if they were still friends. She'd responded, "You're still alive aren't you?" Somehow they'd never gotten around to a repeat performance.

Suddenly there was movement in the cave and Sarah's hand went to her gun. She held out her hand for the others to stand by and be ready to draw their weapons. Her gaze narrowed piercing through the darkness, she could make out several forms. Finally a tall man with elvish features and dark hair emerged, followed by a few others. Sarah's breath caught in her throat and she fought the urge to run.

Behind them, emerging from the black cavern in a dragon skin jacket, poet shirt and dove Grey breeches was the Goblin King himself. He immediately locked eyes with her and stepped forward. His approach was smooth, calculated like a great cat. When he was three feet away, she retreated a step and held up a hand. "Stop." She said firmly.

Jareth chuckled and bowed keeping his eyes on her. "Sarah. You look, ravishing my precious thing." He purred. He made no move to come closer but he stood his ground. No doubt in Sarah's mind that he would be circling her right about now. Were they alone. Even now she could feel the weight of his devils gaze on her body. She sneered. "Jareth." She mock curtsied and then gestured to his entourage.

"Friends of yours?" She asked nonchalantly.

Jareth laughed, "Sarah, love. You above all creatures should know that I do not have friends. Just play things." He leered at her and then gestured for the tall elven man to join them. "Allow me to introduce my Chancellor, Lord Argoth. Argoth, this is the Lady Sarah Williams." He said with what Sarah could almost swear was....pride.

And the honorific also was puzzling. Sarah chose to put that aside, for now. "Lord Argoth, it is a pleasure to meet you. I hope your travel here was pleasant?" She offered her hand to shake and flushed slightly as he took her fingertips in his, and kissed them. Oddly Jareth seemed a little upset at this display, and removed her hand from Lord Argoth's and tucked it under his own arm. Sarah stiffened under his touch. If he had noticed, he gave no indication. Instead he launched into a slew of questions. How had she come to be an Agent? How did she like her job? It unnerved her that he was being so, polite. Whatever his game was, she was going to end it. One way or another.

After the odd display of pleasantries was over they started the hike down to where the armored SUV escort was awaiting, Jareth rode with her, Brick and Lord Argoth. She turned as they were pulling away.

"It will be thirteen hours before we reach the President, Goblin King. No more, no less." A small smile pulled at the corner of her lips. She had to admit that she was loving this. A chance to taunt her enemy before she skinned him alive. Sarah decided, to kill him on the way back. It would be easier to lose herself in the wilderness afterwards.

Jareth nodded and regarded her with approval. "It seems Lady, we shall have ample time to get reacquainted." He seemed genuinely pleased by that fact.

Sarah turned around in her seat and repressed her rage long enough to tell Brick to get moving. After that she managed to repress her feelings further. Closing them off into a dark patch in her mind. Soon. She soothed herself. Soon.

Jareth could feel Sarah's hatred hanging in the air between them like an evil spirit screaming in agony. In fact her aura tore at his, as futile as it was he could not deny that her anger with him was unnerving. Had he succeeded in having her disposed of long ago, he could understand her spirits rage with him. But since he had been thwarted and she had been free to live out her life, he was confused on what the fuss was about. After all she rejected him not the other way around! There must be something. They would have to stop along the way somewhere. He would ask for a word with her alone and get to the crux of it.

And when he and the President decided on terms, he would ask permission to have her bound into his service. She would not be able to commit offenses against his person then. He grinned inwardly. Not that it would do her any good. Though he'd promised not to use magic while meeting with the President. He'd promised no such thing in regards to his personal safety. He could throw her into an oubliette from here. Or take away all her dreams, leaving her a shell.

Brick was the one who finally signaled for the caravan to pull into a gas station. It was dark and they were low on fuel. Sarah had gone into the store to use the bathroom, when she came out she found Jareth waiting for her. She looked up into his eyes. Much like that night so long ago. Somewhere back in the dark recesses in her mind she heard then fifteen year old Sarah's trembling voice, "You're him aren't you? You're the Goblin King." To her surprise at that moment he cocked his head to the side and smiled indulgently. The same way he had that night. She shivered involuntarily.

Suddenly he reached out with a gloved hand and traced the length of her scar. She pulled away violently, "Don't touch me." She spat.

"Come now, Sarah." He raised an eyebrow at her display of bad behavior. "I wish to know how it is you came to receive that scar." He said converstaionally.

Sarah's face turned stormy, "Don't toy with me King Rat. You know very well where I got it from." She

said bitterly.

Jareth looked at her in genuine confusion. "I know only that you disappeared. I can only guess at where you'd gotten it from Sarah. Don't be difficult." He frowned. "I was only allowed to visit you just once. And I used up that privilege when you celebrated your victory over my labyrinth the night of your return. Since you stopped calling on your friends, I couldn't question them either." He leaned against the door jam to the bathroom, "So I ask again, where did you receive that scar?"

Sarah had gone pale. "You couldn't visit me?" She asked.

He frowned and looked her over. "No. I could not." He said honestly. "Not for lack of trying. I had sent someone to kill you, once. But you were already assumed dead." He admitted. "However, after some time, I did manage to come to terms with my defeat." He smiled at her. "Have you?"

Sarah shook her head, "I don't believe you. You heard me call to you and didn't come. I wished them away and you stood by and did nothing!" She hissed.

Jareths eyes became angry, though he kept his temper in check. "Believe what you like. However, once one beats my Labyrinth, one cannot simply wish others away endlessly with no fear of repercussions, otherwise it would mean that you didn't learn to appreciate what you have. Its not the way of things. You cut yourself off from the underground when you refused me." He moved in on her dangerously, "Whatever you think of me, my girl. Had I been able to come to you I would have. If only to strangle you myself!" He sneered.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Instead you chose to let Toby die!" She accused. Jareths expression turned from anger to horror.

"No." Jareth looked pained. "What did you do to him?" He asked angrily. "My heir, my son! What did you do?!" He grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. At that moment they both heard the safety being taken off from a gun and they both turned their heads simultaneously to see Brick had drawn and was pointing the gun at Jareths head.

"Take your hands off her." He growled.

Sarah had been stunned momentarily by Jareths outburst. Brick having drawn his piece on a distraught King brought her swiftly back to reality. "Put it away Brick. Its ok. We're hashing out old arguments. I can take care of this." She said reassuringly.

He looked at her as if she'd gone mad, "But-!"

"Now!" Her voice took on a hard edge signaling for him to get lost.

Brick put the gun away and stormed off. Hopefully to pay for the gas.

Sarah turned back to the Fae King who still gripped her upper arms almost painfully. She did not show him any fear. For to do so would be to admit that she did still have fear of him. Instead she smiled bitterly, "Though I'm sure you know already, Goblin King. Shortly after I'd gotten back from the labyrinth I came home from school to find my Father and Stepmother brutally murdered, and Toby had been drowned in the bath tub. The murderers were still going through the house. I screamed for help, they grabbed me. They raped me and beat me, and when I wouldn't stop sobbing in pain, they cut me." She gestured to her face and lifted her t-shirt to show him a slash above her navel. "I was left to die." She gave him a scathing look.

Jareths eyes were haunted, "You called for me?" He asked finally.

She grinned at him sickly. "I called for all of you! None of you came. You abandoned me, you abandoned Toby!" Crack! She'd pulled back her arm and slapped him hard.

Jareths face snapped to the side at the impact of her assault. He made no move and did not meet her eyes. He only spoke quietly. "Even if we had heard you. They were already dead, Sarah. I could have done nothing for them, and perhaps you would not have wanted me to help you." He put a hand to his cheek and closed his eyes. "Consider my anger with you absolved. I'll take no vengeance. You have suffered enough." He finally met her hard gaze with one of sorrow and strode away from her. Leaving her stunned and her anger without an outlet.

Sarah sat in silence for the rest of the trip. Not getting out of the car whenever they'd stopped. Her thoughts went back to that day. To the night she'd come back from the Underground. She had seen Jareth in the tree outside of her window. The look in his owl eyes had said 'goodbye'. She really had thought she'd seen the last of him. And was relieved. But like her friends she just took for granted that he would always come when she'd called. Now it turns out that nothing is as it seemed. Even aboveground.

She thought on Jareths conversation with her, she reflected on the fact that he said he had

sent someone to kill her but she'd been already dead. True, when she had woken in the hospital she'd been approached by the agency. They claimed her magical "taint" had brought her to their attention and they offered to give her a knew life. Rather than give up and die she accepted. So they had saved her from Jareth. Strangely, the fact that he wanted her dead all these years, as much as she wanted to kill him, comforted her. His forgiveness of her however, made her uneasy. Given her unfounded hatred of him all these years, would it be alright to just lay down her vendetta now? What would she have left to live for, if not revenge?

She'd turned to look at Jareth once, startled to see his head in his hands and Argoths hand on his back. She could have almost sworn he was crying. She turned hurriedly to face the road again. Ashamed she had seen him in a moment of weakness. For whatever she had thought of him over the years, she never once thought he would be able to mourn anyone. Least of all, her baby brother. He called Toby, his son. Had he never intended to turn Toby into a Goblin? His heir? She rubbed her temple gingerly, the beginnings of a migraine screaming in her skull like a mad banshee.

They reached the boundries of dreamland. Jareth had resumed his haughty Goblin King demeanor before daylight. Though Sarah found him to still seem a little bit distressed. Oddly she found herself becoming concerned for him. She buried that feeling deep inside. When they reached the base itself Jareth was taken to his own quarters and Sarah went to report to her superiors that she had returned with him safely.

Days went by as did negotiations. Sarah was not allowed to be present during any of it. In that time she'd played her conversation with Jareth over and over in her mind. By the third day she made up her mind that she had to let go. As much as she wanted to believe it had been Jareths negligence that had killed Toby. She had to admit now that it had never been his fault. Soon after this realization, the President himself wanted to see her. She made her way down to the room that had been turned into his office.

"Ah, Williams. Come in and sit down. We have a lot to discuss." The President was a middle aged balding man. Sarah hated working for him. She was often sent out on horrible assignments. Magically related half of the time. And in her opinion, he had her murder innocent people. People, who just happened to be different. But it didn't matter to him. They were invaders. He was keeping the human world pure. Sarah sneered at him mentally. No better than Hitler. But she stayed, to get close to Jareth.

Now that that was no longer her goal. She would resign. Her evaluation was coming up in a month, she could choose a new assignment.

"Sir." She said and sat down in the red leather chair in front of his desk.

The President leaned back in his own chair and took a sip of scotch. "King Jareth has asked that we give you to him." He studied her for a reaction.

"Give me to him, Sir?" She asked in confusion. Two scheming tyrants had made a decision about her future. She was not at all going to be happy about this.

"Yes. Amusingly, we find that this works to your advantage as well as our own." He put the glass down and leaned forward, his elbows on the desk his fingers interlaced in front of his face. "He wants to take you back with him. We want you to go back with him. Only, when you get there we want him.......taken care of." He said.

Sarah stared at him for a long moment before finding her voice. "I'm sorry Mr. President, did you just order me to assassinate the King of the Goblins?" She asked incredulously.

The President smiled, making him look like a snake. "Don't seem so surprised, Williams. We know the reason you joined up with the agency. This is your chance. Revenge. That should be appealing to you!

Gain his trust, find a reason to be alone with him once you're back at the rabbit hole, and kill him." He said.

"May I ask the reason?" She knew it was highly unlikely that she would receive one but she felt as if it couldn't hurt to try and get one.

The President smiled. "Its classified." He said simply. "You may want to start getting close to him now. Report to me anything of interest he tells you, before you leave tomorrow morning. As of this moment you are to act as if you belong to him. Report straight to his quarters. Obey his every request. You've done that sort of thing before, Williams." He grinned. "I have confidence in you." He gestured for her to get out.

She rose from her chair and saluted. Once out of the room and far enough away from the guards she let out a long breath. Kill Jareth. She wished he had asked her to do that before she'd had a chance to speak to Jareth. Now. Now she wouldn't be able to follow through. She surely wasn't going to be able to come back here. And how was she going to get Jareth out of this alive? Well she was going to have to talk to him about it. Considering that his room was bugged and there were hidden cameras in his room and all over the base. The only place she could talk to him was....Oh God. Well she could only hope she could get him in there without too much trouble.

Soon she was at the door to Jareths quarters staring at two very large guards outside, "I was told to report to his Majesty." She said. The one on the right nodded and opened the door for her. Entering she found Jareth sitting on his bed which was large and opulent, given the military bases gray and white metal d├ęcor. The whole of his quarters had been modified much the same as the Presidents. It looked like a bedroom in a fancy hotel. Without windows of course. Being that they were miles beneath the surface of the desert. She inclined her head. "I was told you have acquired me as your personal servant, Sire."

Jareth raised an eyebrow at her odd behavior as she crossed the room to him and knelt before him, positioning her back so that the camera could not see her face. "Would you like to take a shower with me?" After which she mouthed the words 'follow my lead' and made a gesture in front of her to indicate they were being watched.

Jareth nodded and then responded, "Why yes, I think that would be lovely Sarah. I have missed that delicious skin of yours." He purred and got to his feet.

Sarah made a face at him before painting on a smile. Takin his hand she led him to the bathroom adjoined to his room. Knowing that the sound of the shower and the steam would drown out their voices and make it impossible to be observed, she quickly removed her clothing and turned the water on. She got in and indicated that Jareth should also disrobe and get in after her.

Jareth stood staring at her as she got undressed. By all thats decent and holy she is a marvel! Though she had scars, they did nothing to diminish her physical attributes. She was shapely, her breasts not overly large but ample and smooth. Her hips were well rounded and her long dark hair cascaded over her shoulders and down her back when it was unbound.

"Are you getting in?" She asked in amusement. "I'm sure you've seen a naked woman before, Jareth. Come on, I haven't got all day." She smiled with mischief in her eyes.

Jareth swallowed hard and took off his clothes leaving on only his amulet. When again his eyes met hers he was shocked to see that she was admiring him. She held out her hand and he took it and stepped into the warm spray. She closed the curtains and put her arms around his neck.

Finally Jareth could stand it no longer, "Sarah,-" he started and was silenced with a dainty finger to his lips.

"Jareth, I want to first apologize for my behavior and for what I may have done had we not talked." She said in a hushed tone. "But now things are different, and though I don't want to kill you anymore. The President has ordered me to."

Jareths eyes grew dark with anger and he made as if he wished to get out and Sarah stopped him by moving her body in closer to his so that her breasts pressed against him. He growled low in his throat and he had to restrain himself from touching her back.

She grinned as she felt his distress pressing firmly against her belly. "Its alright Jareth." She assured him. "I am not going to carry out the order." She said seriously.

He searched her eyes for her intentions. Not being able to read them he asked the inevitable question, "Why?"

"You loved Toby, and I was wrong to blame you. All that I believed in over these last ten years has been wrong. I think, that they've always meant for this to happen. Think about it Jareth. Soon after the attack, after my family was killed. They found me, they trained me. And the President, picks me to be on the detail that retrieves you for this charade of a meeting. They've meant for me to kill you, for a long time. What I can't figure out is why." she looked up into his eyes, which were having trouble focusing on her given their close proximity. She quirked a smile and she reached down and took his hand and set it on her hip. She wasn't going to lie to herself and say she wasn't enjoying this.

He squeezed her hip gently and looked down in her eyes. So she was playing heroine again was she, well he'd let her. "Sarah, what is it that you want? And why are you telling me this in the shower?" He snaked his hand around her waist. "I can't believe its because you wished to shower with me." He already knew that this might be the only place she could get to talk to him in, but he'd be damned if he'd waste such a perfect opportunity.

Sarah sighed, she couldn't deny that he was attractive and she was feeling a bit aroused. Alright, very aroused. But before anything she needed to plan this out. "I needed the cover from the cameras and listening devices. Jareth, I want to go back with you." She said. "I can't serve this monster anymore. What I need to know, is why they want you dead?"

He closed his eyes, "Our worlds are merging, my love." He said sadly. "The Goblin Kingdom, in fact the whole of the underground. Our two realities are coming together." He brought a hand up and smoothed back the hair that was now plastering itself to her face. "We've been negotiating to prevent War. My Kingdom will materialize in seven days in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Roughly a little bigger than Great Britain." He said.

Sarah looked confused, "How is that possible?" She asked.

Jareth could barely think with her pressed into him as she was. But he could understand, the curtain was opaque and on the other side was a camera on the opposite wall. It could see them pressed together but it could not hear the conversation. "We were once a whole reality. My ancestors tore the realm of magic from the human world to avoid a war. Now it seems, that we cannot prevent the pieces falling back together. After we merge, Sarah. Your science will be useless, for science and magic cannot dwell together. Its development was only ever allowed in the absence of magic and magic will always be stronger. Meaning, your Presidents military capabilities will be thrown back to the middle ages. War, famine, Armegeddon." His voice softened as her face reflected horror.

"We can help, prevent diseases, teach how to survive without all your technology, but my people will always be superior to yours. And your President wants to seize power over my kingdom to keep that from happening. Greed is an ugly creature, Precious." As he explained his theory on why the President wanted him dead, he noticed her growing anger.

"That bastard!" She hissed.

Jareth chuckled. "I'm certain you've said that about me quite often, love. Amusing how things have turned out, eh?"

She reached around him and adjusted the water. "Jareth. I want to help you." She said.

Jareths eyebrows shot up and then he pushed her backwards until her back rested against the wall of the shower. "Oh but my dear. You are helping me." He purred.

She pushed at him as he tried to nuzzle her neck. "I mean, I want to help you get out of here alive."

He straightened and looked down at her, "What a kind offer. However, I can leave whenever I'd like. The fact that I promised not to use magic only applies when I am not in danger. In matters of my personal safety, per the agreement, I can transport myself and my party back to the Goblin Kingdom immediately." He grinned. "You didn't seriously believe I would ever agree to total vulnerability did you?" He asked.

She breathed a sigh of relief. He was in danger and they could leave right now. "Well, what are you waiting for?" She asked in exasperation.

He pulled her to him with a smile on his lips, "You have been pressed against my body, woman for ten minutes now." He said meaningfully.

"You're right," She smiled and kissed him teasingly, eliciting a groan from him as she slipped her tongue into his mouth caressing it with hers. She reached around behind him as he pressed her against him, grasping the the water faucet knob, she twisted it to the right causing the water to turn freezing cold. She laughed and got out hurriedly as the King yelped and fumbled with the faucet trying to turn the water off.

"Brazen hussy!" He berated her in mock anger.

"You like it." She commented as she wrapped a towel around her self, and dried her hair with a smaller towel.

"I would have enjoyed it more had it not been cut short." He pouted.

Sarah chuckled and finished drying off. "You've changed." She said, watching him step out of the shower and dry off himself.

"No, Sarah darling." He said. "You've grown up."

She frowned at this. Many things are not as they once seemed. Who was Jareth really? Cruel King, tempter of young girls, a man who longed for children of his own? She thought of his reactions to Toby's death. It had been a long time since she'd shed any tears for anyone and she'd come dangerously close to shedding them for this man now, Toby's loss had been painful for both of them. "Jareth." She said quietly.

He looked up at her, the towel now resting low on his waist. She smiled, promising herself she would compliment him on the fine view he presented later, "Why did you ask for me?"

He approached her slowly locking his eyes on hers and when he was close enough, he caressed her cheek and ran his thumb along her bottom lip gently, "I should think that had always been obvious," He whispered. "You did steal my heart."

Sarah gaped at him, "Jareth-" It was his turn to shush her. He put a finger to her lips and replaced it with his own lips. It was a soft and gentle kiss. When he pulled away, he regarded her tenderly. Which startled Sarah further. It was not an emotion she was used to seeing on his face.

"Sarah," he looked her over, hair sopping wet and plastered to her neck and shoulders, a towel wrapped around her, barely hiding her womanly curves from his greedy eyes. He looked back to her face, his gaze settling on the scar. "Someday, if you wish it. I can take those away." He traced it lightly with his finger.

"Someday." She agreed with a blush. "Leaving? Now? Please?" She was anxious to get out of there.

He raised an elegant eyebrow at her and produced a crystal. He made the clear orb dance within his grasp, it started to hum and glow a bright blue as it glided over the backs of his fingers and over his palm. Just as the two agents outside the door rushed into the room Jareth smashed the crystal at Sarah's feet, and then all was blackness.

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