The Goblin Kingdom

Epilogue: The future is born and the past is but Legend

("Life -- the way it really is -- is a battle not between bad and good but between bad and worse." -Joseph Brodsky ) In reality (and even in the realm of magic) there are no "good guys", there are those whose misdeeds you can accept and those of whom you cannot. Its up to you to determine the compass of your life and follow it to the best of your ability.

Sarah Williams, Queen of the Goblins was sitting in the rocking chair she had made especially for this purpose, rocking to sleep the small pink bundle of soft newborn flesh in her arms. The result of her love of a certain King. A King who at this moment was gazing down at the tiny being in her arms with a smug look on his face. She rolled her eyes for perhaps the one hundredth time since she had given birth to their daughter a week ago.

"If you say 'she has my eyes' one more time, I swear..." she affected his British like accent with eerie accuracy making Jareth chuckle and lift an eyebrow in response.

He cocked his head to the side and leaned against the frame of the window in the nursery, smirking at her. "Well, she does."

"All babies' eyes are blue when they're born," she told him.

"Ah, but not all infants have my mismatched pupils either, love. It's a trait that has been passed down through my line for many, many, generations," he straightened and leaned down slightly to look his daughter over one more time, noting how peaceful she looked after having just been fed and falling asleep in her Mother's arms. "I believe she will also have my hair color as well."

"As long as it's not messy, I'm not concerned over it. So, you can stop gloating," she giggled at his scowl.

"...gloat if I bloody well want to..." she heard him mumble.

She grinned at him and stood up with her daughter in her arms and walked over to the bassinet, placing her in it gently, she hummed softly when the baby made a few noises in protest, quickly soothing her back to sleep.

"No matter what you say love, you're a good mother," Jareth whispered into her ear as he slipped his arms about her waist. "Saeth is a lucky little girl to have such a mother as you."

A small smile curled the corners of her lips. "I never knew anything could be so satisfying," she said in a serene voice, and then swatted him in the arm as he snorted in derision. "Other than you, of course."

"Well, at least you know a good thing when you have it," he nibbled her neck. "When can we...?" he trailed off as he tightened his hold about her pressing himself against her.

Sarah stifled a laugh, he was so one track minded at times. In fact, the healer had told her since it had been an uncomplicated birth and she had taken well to all the healing potions she had been given. She'd be able to start availing herself of her Kings attentions as early as today. Of course, she wasn't about to tell him that. "Well Jareth, human females being different than Fae women, tend to take longer to heal. The normal period for waiting is six weeks."

Jareth's attack on her skin ended abruptly and he swung her about to look him in the eye, she could tell he was about to launch into a tirade but a quick look at his sleeping daughter made him think better of it. He grabbed Sarah roughly about the waist and pulled her to him and transported them directly to their chambers. "You can't be serious!" he released her and scowled.

She smirked inwardly, "Why Jareth, can't you wait?"

He started pacing the floor of their chambers like a caged animal. "There must be something we can do to speed up the process! Haven't you been to my healer?" he stopped pacing and turned to face her.

She nodded, amused by his impatience.

"Well then, I'll have to bog the bastard and get a new one then. If he can't heal you properly after a minor ordeal such as giving birth then he is incompetent at the very least!" he growled.

"Minor ordeal!" she exclaimed. "Jareth that child weighed close to nine pounds and it took me over thirteen hours to have your baby. It was certainly not a minor ordeal!" she was starting to get angry with him. All he did during the birth was sit about looking nervous as she screamed and panted and swore at him. She was the one that did all the damn work! Of course it seemed minor to him. "I'm not sure why you're getting worked up over such a little thing, anyway," the glint in her eye as she said this caused Jareth to pause.

Jareth stiffened and glared at her, "I assure you my Queen, it's not as you put it, "a little thing". It is a very large thing," he grinned mischievously and advanced on her, "and it is hungry." He pounced on her, knocking her down onto their bed. "Wicked woman, how long have you been toying with me?"

She laughed and gave him a peck on the lips. "Not long my King, I only found out today that we could resume bedroom activities. Though you need to be gentle with me," she cautioned as he set about undoing the buttons on her blouse with his nimble fingers.

Grey Wolf stood waiting in the throne room of the castle beyond the Goblin City, his clothing so torn and so dirty that it barely resembled clothing at all. He had a sword sheathed in his belt and on his shoulder was a sack filled with skins of precious water. At his side was Black Wolf, the brave and faithful warrior werewolf, whom he'd come to think of as a brother.

"Do you think I'll have to eat one of the little booger's before they'll get his Majesty's royal ass down here?" Brick plopped down on the floor, his feet dangling over the side of the circular depression in the middle of the throne room.

Grey Wolf sighed in exasperation, it had been a long seven months, "That hungry are you?"

Brick chuckled as one goggle eyed little goblin servant dropped the chicken he was holding and ran from the room in terror. "Nah, they taste funny if you don't cook 'em right."

At that moment Jareth entered the throne room with his Queen on his arm. Brick scrambled to a kneeling position just as Grey Wolf lowered himself to one. Jareth grinned widely. "Rise, my faithful friends. I see you've returned to us safely," he looked between the two of them and then noted with some confusion that Raven Claw was not with them. His eyes rested on Grey Wolf questioningly as he rose from the floor.

"Raven Claw was overtaken in the Land of Darkness. I fear that we have angered the Vampire Colonies beyond reconciliation," Grey Wolf lowered his eyes in shame. "I am sorry Sire."

Jareth's characteristic lifting of the royal eyebrow was accompanied by the lifting of the other eyebrow. "Sounds like you have a story to tell," his voice indicating that he was none too pleased. He gestured to the chamber off of the throne room, "Tell me everything, leave nothing out."

Brick stole a glance at Sarah as they followed his King and his mentor to the room where their latest adventure was about to be told. "How are you, my Queen?" he asked softly.

Sarah smiled at him for perhaps the first time since he had come to this Kingdom. "I'm happy Brick. And you?" she found that she was sincere in her question.

He smiled back at her, his shoulders feeling as if an enormous burden had been lifted. "I'm better now, it's good to be home."

"Yes, it's good to be home," she murmured agreeably. She reached out and squeezed his bicep in reassurance, gracing him with a smile before she stepped over the threshold leaving him to stand outside the room, bewildered. His heart missed several beats and he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. When he opened them again he found the mismatched set of blue eyes of his King, regarding him not with jealousy but with amusement and friendship. He was instantly hit with a simultaneous pang of guilt and a swelling of pride.

Then he realized that while he still had feelings for Sarah Williams, they were nothing compared to the overwhelming love and loyalty he felt for his King. With it came a need to be part of something infinitely more vast and much more noble than he. There was no more Arthur Brixby, son of Clyde and Maureen Brixby, Agent of the United States Secret Service. He was Black Wolf, servant and friend to the crown, citizen of the The Goblin Kingdom.

~**~ The End~**~

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The Spring of the Eternal

(Sequel to The Goblin Kingdom)

A Labyrinth fanfiction

By Bionca Femme

Brick stepped off the 'Sea Nymph' and onto the familiar sandy shore of his beloved home. Finally after a month he'd made his way back from the hell that was the United States.

He stayed behind in that abandoned warehouse in hopes that he could find and kill the would-be assassin of his King and friend, Jareth the Goblin King. Fortunately, Brick had accomplished the task quickly and with ease. Unfortunately, he was left alone in a Country of pissed off, angry and murderous humans. Humans who were quickly wising up to the way the world around them had changed. His right hand involuntarily stole its way up to his left shoulder and stroked the scar he'd received from a silver knife two weeks ago. He winced as there was a twinge in his shoulder. "Fucking humans," he muttered.

He was met at the docks by a familiar sight, Grey Wolf, Moon Shadow and Midnight Hunter (who was wearing a silly grin) were waiting for him. He assumed that it would have been Grey Wolf or even Moon Shadow that would have been the first to greet him. But Midnight Hunter stepped forth and embraced him in a bone crushing hug. "Its about damn time you got back!" he pulled away and shoved Brick playfully when he noted the confused look upon his face. "Oh don't look at me like that, its been dull around here without you."

Bricks eyebrows shot up and he smirked, "Dull? For the love of Kermit man, you live in the fiery forest!"

"Not anymore," Midnight Hunter's grin spread from ear to ear. "We're living in the castle now. Queen's orders."

Bricks eyebrows shot up and he looked to Grey Wolf for an explanation.

Grey Wolf stepped forward and hugged Brick. Though he had bulked up quite a bit since being turned, Grey Wolf was still a massive fellow and it was reflected in the strength of the embrace he'd given his newly returned clansmen. Brick let out an audible 'oof' before Grey Wolf released him long enough to appraise him. "You've not been eating young pup," he commented on Bricks slightly thinner frame.

"Look here old man, I've been eating. Just not regularly. It doesn't matter anyway. I'm home now and I'm certain that Midnight Hunters little scullery maid can find me something up at the Castle to sate my appetite," he threw a wink at the lithe werewolf.

"She'd eat you alive mate. Believe you me, she's a spitfire that one. A terror with a mop bucket and a scrub brush," he smirked at Brick.

Moon Shadow stepped forward then and clasped hands with Brick. "We've missed you Black Wolf."

Brick nodded and then turned back to Grey Wolf his body going rigid as if bracing himself for bad news. "How is he?" he asked.

Not having to ask whom Brick was referring to Grey Wolf smiled. "His Majesty is well, for the most part. He is still a bit weak. Although, the healer expects a full recovery it may be near the end of the Queen's pregnancy, before he'll be able to move around as he used to without being drained."

Brick relaxed but only marginally. "The pregnancy is going well?"

Grey Wolf's eyes gained an uncharacteristic twinkle. "It is. Although, between his Majesty's tendency to brood and Queen Sarah's alternating between crying and shouting, no one has been sleeping well for the last month. Danny has taken to bunking in the guard quarters with us just to get away," he said chuckling.

Midnight Hunter clapped Brick on the back. "Come on Black Wolf, let's you cleaned up and feed your sorry arse."

Brick smiled, perhaps the first genuine smile of happiness in weeks. "Lead the way my dear fellow!" he grinned.

Brick's eyes regained focus as he snapped out of the memory of his home coming. He looked about as if finally remembering where he was. His eyes focused on the King whom was sitting in a very un-kingly fashion in a chair. By all rights, such a position shouldn't have been comfortable in that particular chair but Jareth made it seem like the most natural position. Sarah was concentrating on Grey Wolf in a pose that always made Brick think seriously about choosing a new career. She listened and recorded information. Mentally cataloging it away for future use. Not only information but observations about the speaker of said information. She would make a mental profile of every person that crossed her path. Later on when she needed it she would use what she learned to her advantage. She used personal weaknesses like tools. He had known this before he even met her. As in the case with Hoggle. He was a reluctant partner when she was first introduced to this land and its King. However, within the first five or six hours of knowing him, (with very little interaction) she had surmised that he had a weakness for jewelry and used it to manipulate him.

Right now she was listening to Grey Wolf go over the mission he was about to drag Brick on. Not that he didn't want Sarah to live forever. Though he wasn't entirely convinced that the lifespan of a shape shifter was relatively short compared to Jareths'. Little to no literature existed on them in the kingdom's libraries nor in the great libraries of Atlantis. He and Moon Shadow had just come back from their second trip to the island and Brick had barely escaped with his sanity. What with Minos's abrupt fixation with randomly launching into love ballads at inappropriate intervals in conversations. And practically seducing a serving wench in the middle of dinner one evening. Moon Shadow seemed to believe that it was Minos's way of implying that their presence was becoming irritating to him. Brick himself suspected that the old wanker was just bored and was using them for his own personal entertainment.

Regardless of the reasons behind the Atlantean King's erratic behavior, they left after a week of fruitless searching. Brick had never been more relieved to be leaving somewhere in his entire life. After several years of doing someone's dirty work, that was saying something.

"Brick, are you alright?" a feminine voice whispered into his ear, startling him.

Brick turned his head and was eye to eye with his Queen, who was smirking at him in a familiar way.

"You're falling asleep during a briefing," she wrinkled her nose in a way that Brick knew meant she was messing with him.

"Was not," he countered indignantly.

"Were too," she folded her arms and grinned at him.

Brick started to open his mouth but the sudden silence in the room brought his attention to the others in attendance. They were all staring at him as if he had interrupted them.

"I didn't start it!" he jabbed a finger in the Queen's direction.

Jareth and Grey Wolf both narrowed their eyes at him, while Moon Shadow shook his head. Midnight Hunter and River Wolf snickered, and Raven Claw (his face now bearing three parallel scars across his face) scowled.

He turned to glare at Sarah whom was smiling innocently, "Me? Really now Brick, this is a briefing. I would never interrupt a briefing!"

Turning back to regard the rest of the room he realized that there would be no other place but on his wolfie butt for the blame to reside. So he ground out and apology and folded his arms. A scowl put a wrinkle between his eyebrows and he clenched his teeth.

A moment later Sarah leaned over a bit towards him without taking her eyes off of Grey Wolf, "Amateur," she murmured.

Brick sighed heavily and lifted his eyes skyward, 'God, if you're up there, I just want to apologize ahead of time for anything that might be considered taboo for passing through the pearly gates. I know you don't really like swearing. Also, let me get through this next adventure so I can return and get her back for being such a pain in the as-, butt. Amen.'

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