"I'm in love with you."

Bebe's eyes widened to the point that they resembled two moons, full and shinning.

I'm in love with you.


Why did Kyle have to say something so foolish; what they had was perfect the way it was and he totally messed it up! Nothing would be the same after this. Feelings weren't supposed to be part of their agreement. This was purely a physical pleasure agreement between friends. That's all it was.

Still, there Kyle was gazing upon her, hopeful and barren, his feelings scattered across the table, messy and undefined. He hovered over Bebe, his violet eyes searching within the depths of her blue orbs for an answer. He was looking for anything to tell him she loved him too.

Bebe panicked. She couldn't tell him she loved him. No, she wasn't ready yet. She never asked herself if she loved him, he was always just her friend with benefits, not her boyfriend. Kyle couldn't be that to her, could he?

Damnit Kyle…

The blond took a deep breath and reached up to caress Kyle's flushed cheeks with both hands. She knew that she was red as a tomato and, more importantly, half naked. They were well on their way and this was no time to back down because of Kyle saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

"Kiss me." Bebe whispered hoarsely in a voice that she hardly recognized as her own. She prayed desperately for Kyle to accept it as an answer for now and not harm the moment anymore.

Even though it wasn't exactly want he wanted to hear, Kyle obliged to her plea. The Jewish boy couldn't deny her anything. He lowered himself and kissed her lips with his own, his elbows against the mattress for support.

Bebe felt her heart beat faster; had he always kissed her like this?

Kyle's tongue slipped between her lips much more timidly than usual, as if he was kissing her for the first time, and Bebe couldn't help but smile. Bebe's eyes fluttered shut and she melted against him, a spark shooting down from her lips to her toes. His mouth was hot and hungry on hers and yet he tenderly sucked and probed rather than eating her face.

In a languid motion, Bebe moved her right hand to Kyle's unruly locks and her left down his torso until she got to his pant's zipper. Bebe felt her heart skip a beat when she felt the swelled muscle that hid beneath the fabric of Kyle's jeans. Her hand trembled while she brought the zipper down and eventually unbuttoned his pants. All the while Bebe could tell Kyle had been struggling to breath, and when he finally broke away from the kiss, his breathing was heavy and harsh as he gazed upon her, only slightly surprised at her boldness but still taken aback.

"I-I…want these off." Bebe said in that same unfamiliar voice as before, as if her demands weren't clear already. Kyle hurriedly struggled to relieve himself of the restriction of his jeans. However, it was somewhat difficult because he, for whatever reason, would not remove his eyes from the young beauty bellow him. Kyle propped himself up on his knees and finally got his pants off of his legs and on to the floor when Bebe's hands were on his hips, resting on the elastic of his boxer briefs. She was sitting up and her chin was level with his belly button; meanwhile, her eyes were gazing at something else.

"I want these off too." Bebe said, referring to his underwear. Kyle took a hard gulp as his hands traveled downward, only to have them batted away by Bebe. "I'll do it."

Kyle almost lost it and he yanked his arms up with incredible swiftness, not sure what else to do with them but set them on top of Bebe's shoulders and watch her. He gulped again, harder this time as he desperately tried to will his heart to slow its rapid and erratic thumping.

Nervous, on the edge of suffocation, and extremely curious, Bebe quickly but carefully lowered his boxer briefs down until, in the blink of an eye, Kyle's member sprang forth, free from its tight confinements. Kyle suddenly let out a deep groan from the back of his throat and Bebe jumped, not sure if the strange sound had actually come from her lover.

"Did I hurt you?" She asked, worried. Kyle turned the color of a beat as she looked up at him. He couldn't seem to hold eye contact with her anymore and he could not find the words, so he simply shook his head. Bebe let out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding before going back to work getting his underwear down.

Once Kyle's boxer briefs were too his knees, Bebe set her sights back on something much more interesting. As far as looks, it wasn't very beautiful, to say the least; still her core throbbed as she looked at it. The head was a deep purple, almost the color of a bruise. In fact it looked angry. Bebe smirked at the thought.

Bebe could hear Kyle's breathing and she could feel him watching her, desperate to know what she would do next. "I'm going to touch it." She announced, as if Kyle had actually asked. Bebe looked up at Kyle, smiled, and took the shaft in her hands. Kyle's breath caught in his throat.

"Ng…" He choked out. Her fingers, her palms, her skin, touching him, there, was all so amazing. He felt himself twitch in her hands and he bit his lip hard while watching Bebe smiling up at him, his member in her hands. Oh she knew what she was doing to him, how cruel of her. "S-shit…" Kyle cursed, his teeth unable to stop the words when a clear liquid spilling from his member.

Bebe moved her hands over the sensitive organ a few slow times before asking innocently, "Is this okay?" sincere in her concern, but quite sure she was doing a good job.

"Y-yes…" Kyle said painfully, watching Bebe out of one eye, his breath coming out in small gasps.

Bebe's breathing was none too steady either, what with Kyle moaning and writhing by her hands. It surprised her how good if felt to please him in such a manner. She was holding him and he was hot and throbbing and so real. Soon the dampness of her panties as getting unbearable and she had to squeeze her thighs together to sooth the burning.

The blonde girl new it would take more then her hands to finish Kyle. Bebe had heard girls talk about what guys liked. Though the thought wasn't very appealing, she leaned down and, before she even got to his errection, Kyle's breath hitched.

Then her lips were on him, lavishing his hard organ with open mouth kisses at first before she moved to the slick, cut end and opened her plush lips, the warmth of her mouth enveloping the head. Her tongue quickly came out and circled the tip repeatedly.

In the blink of an eye, Bebe was thrown back. Before she could even begin her next move, Kyle had her pinned back against the bad, his body slick against hers, and she could feel what she had just had in her hands pressed hard against her stomach. She gasped as Kyle's lips ravished hers, the kiss nothing like the one they had shared before. This one was wet, lustful, and pressing down on her harshly.

Kyle pulled his head up to stare at her. Bebe parted her lips slightly, noticing his eyes were darker than usual and that his chest was heaving, but still he looked shocked and somewhat afraid, as if he himself was surprised at his actions. "I don't want to cum yet…" Kyle explained himself quickly. Bebe nodded and took a deep breath, her heart slamming against her ribs.

Bebe pushed his last article of clothing the rest of the way down his legs and off the bed. After doing so, he made quick work of the sweat pants that still remained on her legs.

Kyle kissed Bebe repeatedly anywhere he could reach: her cheeks, her forehead, her lips, her neck, her chest.

He placed his hands on her breasts and ran his fingers around the sensitive nubs there. Bebe watched intently, noticing how he was blushing deeply and how his movements were cautious. He was still Kyle under there…She had to reminded herself that it was Kyle who was licking on her nipple. It was Kyle who was biting her. Kyle was the one making her unbelievably wet and driving her crazy with his every move. Oh, and now her skin was on fire and his hands were even hotter then her, his fingertips scorching her skin.

Bebe couldn't stop herself from gripping the sheets harder and arching her back eagerly towards him. Kyle ran his tongue down the valley between her breasts before going to her left breast and biting down lightly on the pert flesh there. Bebe pulled in a shaking breath and her knuckles were turning white. Kyle exhaled against her and looked up, seeing teeth marks on her skin.

"B-Bebe I'm sorry I mean…I didn't mean to…are you okay…?"

Bebe leaned her head back and let out a soft grunt of approval, nodding her head quickly. The boy licked his lips and looked back at Bebe's swollen mountain of flesh. He lowered back to her and took the pink nub in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it cautiously. When Bebe moaned out and flexed against the mattress, Kyle took it as a good sign. He took the tip between his teeth and ran his tongue over it several times. He'd seen her without her shirt before, but now she was bare before him, exposed and out of breath. If was completely different.

It was also so much more amazing.

After Kyle had succeeded in making Bebe's breasts red with love bites he got to his knees again and held her thighs up so that her legs were resting on him, spread far apart. Bebe found she could do nothing but shut her eyes with embarrassment as Kyle took hold of her striped boy short panties, pull them off, and throw them over his shoulder in an instant.

"Look at me." The boy demanded.

Bebe wasn't sure what came over her, but her hands shot from her eyes. Kyle was panting, his cheeks obviously stained with pink, and his eyes were looking into hers. The boy settled over her, nudging her legs apart as he did and settling between them.

Bebe wrapped her arms around him quickly and buried her face into his neck, much like Kyle had done to her previously.

"Do you want this?"

"I want this..."

"…If I start, I won't be able to stop."

"Go slow at first."

"Because you know if you do this, it's done, your first-"

"Now, Kyle."

With that, it was done. He had plunged inside, unable to hold out any longer, pushing in deeper and deeper in until he was engulfed in her.

They both looked like landed fish, mouths gasping. Bebe shut her eyes and clung to Kyle harder. He was stretching her and honestly it was agonizing at first, but over a few moments the pain dulled. Bebe wrapped her legs around Kyle once she was sure the pain was gone. She never really thought about how big Kyle was until now when he was squeezed deeply in her, barely able to fit.

Kyle on the other hand had to restrain himself from climaxing right then and there. She was hot, soaking wet, tight and flexing around him with incredible pressure. "A-are you o-okay?" He was finally able to ask. Bebe nodded slowly.

"Y-yeah you can…uh-s-start moving…" She breathed in his ear, and Kyle took a moment to kiss her lips softly. Then, he moved out slowly before he pushed back in faster than he intended. Bebe threw her head back and made a sound that could be likened to a whimper. Kyle continued, biting his lip to silence his groans.

"O-hh!" Bebe squeaked. Kyle knitted his eyebrows together and gasped Bebe's name. He rested his forehead on Bebe's. Then, he started to pump her in and out of her faster, his body moving in tune with Bebe's. Kyle snaked his arms under her, hands hot and shaking, pressing her body flush against his.

She was everywhere.

Ah...ahh!" Bebe panted against his ear. Kyle knew he was close to exploding. It was nearly surreal; he was inside her. They were technically one person now. They were the closest they could ever be.

Bebe was his.

"Bebe!" He shouted without restraint, not caring weather the neighbors heard. She was clenching around him and Kyle was loosing rhythm now, unable to think about anything else but Bebe around him, her body covered with a fine sheen on sweat.

"Hey Kyle did you have a nice summer vacation?"

She was trembling against him, naked and warm, begging him. Her arms were clinging to him, her nails digging into his back, her body near convulsions. She was kissing him and throwing her head back and moaning incoherently. Meanwhile, he was slamming into her mercilessly. I felt unlike anything he'd ever experienced.

"My mommy got me a new puppy last week, Kyle! Come over, I want to show him to you."

"Faster, Kyle, please! F-faster!" She was pleading with him now, begging for him to make her cum. She was being fed off his very movement. This girl was with him, and she had only ever been with him, and she was his, only his. It made him feel like a man.

"Don't stop!"

"Kyle, I want you to be my valentine."

"Kyle!" Bebe's thrashed and squeezed around Kyle harder than ever, her head going back too hide in his shoulder. "I'm cuming!" She screamed in a high pitched voice.



That was all he needed to send him over the edge.

This is how I was made to feel…