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Chapter 1

It was a normal rainy day in Forks. Bella Swan walked miserably through the halls of Forks High (please don't murder me. I haven't read the books in awhile so I forgot what the high school's called… what is it?) All of the Cullens had left on a hunting trip and would be back tomorrow. Still, though, she could help but feel depressed and frightened at being alone.

Several students hurried past her completely ignoring her presence in their rush to make it to class. She had English as her first class and was soon to miss it. She looked at her watch and started sprinting towards the classroom. She, however, ran smack into another person. Rubbing her head tenderly, Bella sat on the hard floor. It felt as if she had run into a wall. A gloved hand appeared suddenly before her and helped her to her feet. The boy she had run into was quite short and had blonde hair pulled back into a braid. He had black pants, shirt, jacket, and boots all covered by a long red jacket with a cross intertwined with a snake on the back. But, what frightened her were his eyes… they were gold. And his hand seemed unnaturally hard. The glove he wore prevented her from feeling the temperature but she was sure it was slightly cool.

"Sorry," the boy said with a grin. His voice seemed human enough but it sounded soft and foreign. Bella nodded and ran into the classroom. She was met by several curious stares and a disapproving glare from Mr. Mason. She blushed brightly and hurried to her seat. When she had taken it he returned to what he had been previously saying.

"We will have a new student joining us this year," he began indicating the door, "This is Edward Heindrich." The blonde boy she had run into previously walked in calmly and surveyed the class coolly. He nodded but said nothing. Mr. Mason sent him to a seat in the back of the room, next to Bella. She smiled and welcomed him; his golden eyes surveyed her shortly then returned to the lecture.


In the cafeteria, Bella noticed Edward sitting alone with a bottle of milk sitting in front of him. He glared at it as if it had a threat of it biting him. Soon, however, he chucked it at a nearby wastebasket and stomped out of the room almost exaggeratedly.

"I need to tell Edward… there's another vampire at the school!" She heard a lot of whispers from some girls about how the new kid is as hot as the Cullens. They giggled and dared each other to ask him out. Bella highly doubted that he would accept but… hey, let them dream. She would have to warn the Cullens about him soon.


Bella was lying on her bed when she heard the faint, familiar sound of her window opening. She smiled when she felt cool arms hold her in a close embrace.

"Welcome back," she whispered into his neck. He chuckled softly and stroked her hair tenderly.

"How did it go?" she asked rolling her head back slightly to see his angelic face. He looked away slightly then turned back to her.

"As usual," he answered, "Emmett, of course, had a ball." Bella laughed softly and kissed him delicately.

"We have a new classmate," she began warily.


"He's different than everyone else; he's more…" Edward turned to her and groaned slightly.

"Just tell me; I really hate not being in your mind."

"Make me," she said playfully. Edward sighed and looked at her pointedly. Bella pouted but gave in.

"His name is also Edward… Ithinkhe'savampire," she said quickly and in one breath. She should have known, however, that he would most certainly understand her. He froze and looked her directly in the eye.

"What?" It wasn't a question.


"Bella, please wait!" Edward said stopping in front of her. She scowled at him and attempted to step around him.

"Leave me alone!" she cried. He froze in shock and allowed her to pass.

"Stupid vampire doesn't believe me just because he didn't smell anything!" They had just had an argument over the new kid. School had just ended and he had been missing from class. Edward said that he did not smell anything off. But she was sure that he was a vampire. A soft drizzle began to burst from the gray clouds overhead. She pulled her jacket tighter to herself and glared up at the sky.

"Curse you stupid rain!" A soft rustling was heard next to the sidewalk on which she walked. Freezing, her eyes flew frantically to the spot where she heard the sound. Upon finding nothing, she breathed out a sigh of relief. But her eyes, however, alighted on a figure approaching from the forest. Bella's breath caught when she recognized it as the new boy, Edward.

He stopped before her and gave her a grin that caused the hairs on the back of her head to rise in alarm. The grin did not fit his previous calm demeanor. He approached her and with each step he took, she fell back. His grin widened at this and he surveyed her slowly.

"Do I frighten you?" he whispered softly suddenly appearing behind her. She gasped and spun around and cried out in fear. His hand stifled it and his face appeared inches from her own. Her eyes widened in terror. He seemed to be getting a sick pleasure from this.

He drew her into the forest slightly and out of view from anyone on the path. When he removed his hand she growled at him.

"Edward will find you... you won't get away…" he laughed cutting her off.

"Get away with what? What I'm doing now? No, I am already." She froze and looked at him in horror.

"Now, you know something that I don't… it's about your little friends, the Cullens I presume." She narrowed her eyes and glared defiantly at him.

"I will tell you nothing, you little…"

"Little? Now what do you think I am?" Bella's eyes once more turned to horror. She stumbled backwards.

"You're…Edward…" He laughed.

"Yes of course I'm Edward Elric but what am I?" Before she could answer, his eyes narrowed and he disappeared. She fell to her knees crying as hands grasped her gently.

"Bella?" Edward asked lifting her gently.

"I'm so sorry, Edward! I was so scared…" she broke off crying as he rocked her back and forth. Soon, she fell into a peaceful slumber.


"He didn't smell right," Edward said to his family, "he wasn't human, nor was he a vampire. I didn't recognize the scent." They looked at each other in confusion. And Carlisle's eyebrows pulled together in concentration.

"What was it like?"

"Nothing that I've ever smelled before… well, it's kinda of like a smell I smelled in China a few hundred years ago…" Carlisle's eyes shot open.


"It's much stronger though…"

"China, huh…?

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