Sorry peeps… I'll try to update soon but I'm just kinda of tired of people getting the wrong idea and saying I don't know my Fullmetal. I know that Ed is German. I just like using JAPANESE at TIMES. Besides… what I meant by 'China' was (I pay attention in science and history thanks lol) ED'S AN ALCHEMIST, right? Well Alchemy originated or at least occurred there right? I need an real-world country (sorry FMA fans…) that Alchemy occurred in so the Cullens would know of the, well… for the lack of a better word… scent. Sorry for the inconvenience. But for all that don't know… I DO know my Fullmetal well. I just have a tendency to put in complicated plots (kinda… this one isn't… very, I guess lol) Sorry if that sounded harsh… but it just had to be said lol) Ja ne! I will try to update soon… after Major Edward Elric (*shivers* oh… those peeps are sooo pissssed…. I should reeeeally hurry.., *sighs* gomen -.-')