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"We have our joint session today" she dunked the spoon back into her smoothie, stirring the thick drink in her glass.

"Really?" he wiped his mouth on the back of his hand, putting his toothbrush in the holder.

"Yeah." she pouted her mouth in concentration, taking another spoonful of the pink liquid in her glass "We aren't going to go through with that whole separation thing like we suggested? Because I haven't been discussing it with her in sessions."

"Oh yeah? Well neither have I really."

She waved her spoon at him "How about that?"

"We're done with her right? She's nice and all but..."

"It's kinda over." Addison corrected herself "I mean with her, not with us-"

"I got your pregnancy ramblings Addison, calm down."

She sucked on her spoon, letting it plop from her mouth "I really hate when you put things down to my pregnancy, it doesn't make me feel as if I tricked you into bed."

"You're right, I'm sorry, but then again it makes me feel like I didn't do the same" he moved past her "Trick you into bed that is."

Three months later

"Where is she? I cant find her anywhere!"

"I dont know Derek, calm down."

"Callie, she said she was in labour!"

"Did you check the apartment?"

"Yeah I just came from there, and you just said she's not at the hospital so I don't know where she can..." he trailed off "I'll call you back." he clicked his phone shut turning left in his direction, then slamming his foot down on the pedal.

He got to the trailer, slamming the car door harder than he would have normally done before running the short distance to the door and yanking it open, hearing her groans loud and clear "Addison? Addison are you ok?"

"Derek?"she whined, a low growl coming from her throat, "Derek the baby's coming!"

He shrugged his coat onto the small table that they ate at rushing to her side quickly "Why Addison? Why come to the trailer?"

"Because you weren't home, don't argue with me!" she grabbed his hand, squeezing tightly, her teeth gritted as she forced a scream through. Throwing her head back against the pillows as her contraction subsided she relaxed, breathing deeply.

"We need to go to the hospital." he began pleading with her, despite having the nagging feeling that it was no use.

She shook her head adamantly "I can't." she began puffing her cheeks out, breathing in the pattern she was taught at her classes "The baby's coming now, not at the hospital, not at the house, but in the..." she sighed, lying back onto the pillows "Trailer." her head lolled to the side "Why me?"

"I need to call the hospital."

"And Callie."

"Dr Torres?"

"Yes! What did I say before?!" she let the wave of pain hit her, her face turning red as she tried to suppress her scream.

"Ok, ok Dr Torres it is."


"We don't need therapy anymore."

"We are perfectly fine the way we are, we just seem to click."

"Yeah, click, even though we don't say what we should-"

"We can pretty much guess anyways."

They looked to each other, nodded and in unison "Yeah."

The counsellor's mouth quirked upwards into a smile "I see." she looked at her watch "Well we still have 58 minutes left, anything you want to say to each other?"


"Ow Derek!!"

"I'm coming, just remember to breathe ok?"

She nodded, her cheeks puffing in and out as she clawed at the bedsheets.

He ran around, finding as many towels as possible until he met Addison with armfuls of the thick terry cloth, dropping it on the bed by her feet.

"Derek!" she reached her hand out for him just as he heard of the click of the kettle go off, signalling the hot water they needed. He looked back and forth between the two, a look of distress on his face.

"Just go" she sighed, flopping back onto the bed as she waited for her next contraction "Just remember to dilute it."


"I think...I think I have something to say." Addison put her hand up, letting it drop back when Derek looked at her, his face a mixture of surprise and confusion.

"Ok, go ahead Addison."

"Well..." she turned to Derek, her hands enveloping his "I'm really glad we are us together, but I just...I have those thoughts, and I know I shouldn't but I do" she fell silent, realising the weight of her words "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

"No, Addison, remember this is an open space, there's no need to apologize."

"Especially when she shouldn't have to."


"Derek, I'm sorry, I just want you to know I'm sorry."

"Why? Wh-what for?"

"I'm sorry that I said stupid stuff, and did stupid things, and that I didn't work hard at-" she began crying, gasping as a wave of pain hit her hard. When it had passed she barked at him "Your going to have to deliver."


"The baby is coming and I need you to get down there."

"But I'm a-"

"Brain surgeon, yes I get that, but Derek that baby has to come out of me now!"

"Fine, what do I have to do?"

She gave him a look "You mean I have to deliver my own baby?" she rolled her eyes "Just catch him when he pops out ok?"

Nodding, he swallowed, rolled up his sleeves and positioned himself at Addison's open legs "Lets have our baby."


"Derek?" Addison looked at him then back to the counsellor "Derek please say something."

He sighed "I don't know what Addison, I'm just...I'm just confused with everything."

"Care to explain to us Derek?"

Addison looked back and forth between the two, her eyes finally resting on her husbands face

He sat up and turned to Addison "I think we should do this."

"What? Do what Derek? I don't understand."

"I think we should take some time off, I think I need for you to see that you can trust me, that apart we can what we want us to be again." he took her hands and kissed them "We need the time off."


"No Addison." he rubbed his thumb along her cheek smiling sadly "It wont be that long, and I'll be by your side when you need me, but-" he caught her eye "We should do this."


"I can't, I just cant do this anymore!" she panted, her chest heaving up and down as she flopped backwards onto the matted pillows.

"Addison he's there, he's almost there, you just need to keep going." he kissed the side of her knee "Please, just a couple more pushes ok? That's all just a couple more."

"Derek, I cant!"

"You have to Addie."

She sighed, her hand wiping away the sweaty strands of hair against her forehead. Gritting her teeth, she reached for her thighs and grunted, pushing for all she had.

"Good that's good, keep going."

She took another breath, screaming as she forced herself even harder.

Crying filled the room as Derek held up a small pink body, his eyes watering as he walked to Addison's side soothing the new life in his hands. She was laughing, her arms outstretched as she accepted their baby from Derek.


They sat apart, her hands in her lap, his folded across his chest. They were smiling, but somewhat sadly, almost scared because of what they were going to to.

"So what are we going to be looking at? Addison?"

She cleared her throat "I'm going to spend time by myself, see whether or not I need Derek, apart from the classes we have together, and-" she took another breath "Take things slowly, just figure out what I want when I get it."

"Good, and Derek?"

"Think, go to lamaze classes with Addison and figure out what I can do to solve our insecurities without using sorry as a first resort-" he sighed "See if I can be without Addison." he gave her a regretful smile, and she rubbed his thigh comfortingly.

"So this is it, we're breaking up."

He nodded "We are."


"Do you think he looks more like a Jamie or a Peyton?" she looked up at Derek bouncing the baby gently to keep him quiet.


She shook her head "We'll just keep him baby Shepard for now I guess."

"Yeah" he agreed, to preoccupied with the little fist curled around his forefinger. He waggled it, watching the little hand grip tighter.

"He has your eyes, they aren't as dark as mine." she looked over the little baby in her arms "In fact he's more Derek than Addison."


She nodded, continuing to gently bounce the tiny person in her arms.

They fell silent, just watching their baby watch them.

"So," he cleared this throat "Are know...ok again or is this still part of the separation process?"

"I dunno you tell me." she said, never taking her eyes off the baby

"I don't want it to be."

Siren's wailed outside and they averted their attention to them quickly.

"Ambulance is here." she said softly meeting his eyes, before he went to go and greet them.

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