Super Mario Land 5

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Somewhere in a dark, creepy castle, in the middle of a dark, spooky area that shall be unnamed...

"Grrrr! I hate that pesky plumber! He's always ruining my cunning plans!" Waluigi hissed as he smashed the table with his fists, rubbing his chin as he pondered what to do about Mario. "Hmmm... you know, maybe if I convince all the other bosses to aid me, perhaps I'll finally be able to crush Mario and his happy go lucky attitude once and for all!" He started snickering, and he bursted into evil laughter, exclaiming at the top of his lungs as he stood up, "That's it! I'll rally all the other bosses, and we'll attack Mario like no tomorrow! YEAH!" His fist in the air, Waluigi headed out of his room, and proceeded to call the other defeated bosses.

And apparently, Waluigi was still residing in the castle from the last adventure...

Meanwhile, our red-capped plumbing hero, Mario, was eating some nice, juicy hamburgers as he read one of his favorite books, 'The Mystery of the Golden Mushrooms'. As he took another bite into his burger and placed his golden-covered book down, he recieved a letter from the mail delivering Bullet Bill, who then proceeded to blast his way towards the northern direction. Wiping his hands after placing his burger down, Mario opened the letter up and began reading it, of which he gasped in shock as he knew what it was - a shoutout to battle, from Waluigi, nonetheless.

"Dear Pesky Failure - I refuse to let you go off nice and easy after our last rumble. That wasn't even a fair fight! So now, I have called upon every single possible boss that has gone up against you, and now, with their powers combined with mine, we shall defeat you all! Come back to my castle all the way if you think you can take it.

Unless, that is... you're a coward and refuse to live up being the famed hero who saved all of existance. Wa ha ha ha ha!

Signed, Waluigi."

Fuming in rage upon being called a chicken, Mario tored the letter to pieces and quickly washed up in the bathroom, before bursting through his house in his usual adventuring gear and heading off to the peaceful Mushroom Meadows, which was just west of Mario's house. Another grand adventure was beginning for Mario... but could the tides of change be turned against him this time...?