Heading forward on with a big grin on his face, Mario spotted a green 1-Up Mushroom nearby. He grabbed it and gained an extra life, something he did not really need. Shrugging, Mario headed to his right and entered a maze filled with plenty of Piranha Plants, who fired poison at the red-capped plumber. Grabbing a nearby feather, Mario used his brand new yellow cape to repel the poison back at the Piranha Plants, wounding them as he jumped on top of them with relative ease. As Mario pressed on forward, he jumped up in place, to see that he was three blocks away from exiting the maze. Snapping his fingers, Mario started spinning around in a tornado whirl, spewing our his red hot fireballs like crazy as he started winding his way through the maze, burning down the green hedges as he made his way out of it. As he stopped spinning, Mario took off his red cap and tossed it into the air, catching it with style and smiling as he continued on, leaving behind the strange maze.

Mario jumped over a few water skiers within the nearby small pond, drinking some of the water to quench his thirst after taking in the honey from earlier. Getting back into action, Mario made his way through the thick bushes as he grabbed a branch and climbed on top of it, jumping from branch to branch with precise timing as he reached the top of the birch tree, jumping from the green leaves on its peak and grabbing the red feathers of a flying albatross, hanging on as the bird helplessly took him over the gigantic forest. A few moments later, Mario screamed as a group of Albatrosses began pecking at him, and the red-capped plumber fell several hundred feet into the ground, losing as life as his bones shattered. using the 1-Up he gained earlier, Mario formed himself back together and shook a bit, sighing as he grabbed a red mushroom and ate it up, replenishing his health. Spotting an army of regular ants and spear-wielding ants nearby, Mario charged up his two palms as he then grabbed some Fire Flowers nearby and used it to burn away the bugs, topping it off with his own fireballs (which charged up thanks to the Fire Flower's power). Taking care of the ants, Mario dusted off his hands as he made a right turn around the strangely placed gray boulder and headed eastward.

Nearby, Bowser peeked from the strawberry filled bushes with his two accompanying blue Magikoopas, and hopping inside his green-colored Klown Koopa Kar, the Koopa King and his two minions slyly followed the red-capped plumber into the large oak tree, which had a portal that led to another arena for Mario to fight another boss in.