Hello this is the sequel to my last story "Everyone makes mistakes" so read that story first or you won't get a clue what's happening.

Chapter 1

Cynder carefully lifted Spyro off the blood stained platform and on to her back. On their way back to the temple she did not cry, for she felt she couldn't. With Spyro gone her life is nothing. "Letting Malefor take control of my life again must have been the biggest stupidest mistake of my entire life" she screamed. "Why did I do something so stupid!" she yelled again. She made it back to the temple; she saw a faint glow on the ground in a room when she entered. As curious as she is she went in to find the little dead dragonfly on the ground. "Why me" she screamed to the heavens. "Why!" She soon found the guardians at the visions room. "Cynder"cried Ignuitis. "You are not welcome here" he spoke again. "Ignuitis this is very important" she scowled. "Uh very well, what is it" he asked. She nodded and moved so they could see the corpse of Spyro. "Cynder what did you do to him" yelled Volteer. "I swear I didn't do anything" she yelled. "How can we trust you Cynder, you just destroyed half our village, and you killed little Sparx" he cried. "I swear I didn't mean to" she cried. "Why would I kill Spyro anyways, he is my friend no matter what" she said. "Why do you think I turned back to normal when I saw him dying?" "I, ugh I guess your right Cynder, we can trust you" sighed ignuitis. "Make one false move and your diminished from these realms" huffed ignuitis. "Ok" she said in agreement. Cynder was walking about the village. What's left of it anyways.

Every time she passed someone they would give her a look of despair and disgust. Her bottom lip started to tremble. Her eyes started to leak tears. She tasted the salty tasting water as the flowed over her mouth. She sank her head deep in close to her chest as she walked by others; she couldn't bare the looks they were giving her. Her life was pretty much nothing without Spyro and the others by her side. Ember was terrified of her and flame doesn't even come outside of his cave anymore. Cynder sighed. She then grew an idea. "I'll go visit Spyro in the well of souls" she thought to herself uncontrollably. But she had no idea who was waiting for her.

Well there's the chapter one.