Pairing: ZoroLuffy

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece (includes characters, ship and all), it rightfully belongs to Eiichiro Oda-sensei. (If i owned it, there would be too many perverted things happening!)

Please Enjoy!

Death Happens

The rain fell, with ever drop screaming. I walked on down the street, wanting to be left alone. And I was left alone, which made me more upset. My clothes soaked as I walked on without a jacket. I saw people run by, without any umbrellas, going into their houses or a near store. I walked on with arms dangling in front of me. Water dripping down my body.

My thin, smooth body was shaking with anger and sorrow. My fist tight and teeth clenched. I was crying out, but no one could tell. The rain drizzled down painfully with cold. The stinging and banging of the drops made my body feel heavier and heavier than the last drop. My eyes were slit open to see my path, but I could care less. I wanted to dive off a bridge. A high mighty bridge where no one would be able to see me and stop me from doing it.

My luck was going now and I saw the town's bridge not too far away. I walked to it, slowly. Dreading my steps. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. The same rhythm, nothing new. Same old steps, same old… steps. I walked to the side of the bridge next to the railing. I grabbed a lamp post and steady myself on to the ledge. The world spinning beneath my feet and the gravity waiting to pull me down to my death.

It enticed me in some way. I shifted away from the lamp post and stuck my arms out, as if I was a bird about to take flight. I took three deeps breaths with eyes closed. With the rain falling on my head and arms, I let the small drops pound on me. Lightening stroked before my lidded eyes and thunder crashed behind it as my body shifted forward and let my body dive down, but before I could even be away from the bridge an arm was around my waist. I hung by a strong muscled arm and was reeled up. I struggled to get out of the grasp. Lightening and thunder agreeing with me. I wanted to plummet to my watery death. With water being my mortal enemy I wanted to die in it. Showing that it won and I lost… long before now. My body was moved and I was embraced against a strong built chest.

"Let. Me. Go!" I struggled in the arms and the thunder rumbled the sky violently. I was enraged and just wanted to be free; they wouldn't release. Tears pecked my eyes and I sobbed out loudly and grabbed the shirt, leaning into this safe chest. "Why? Why couldn't I save him?!" I sobbed out in whimpers and sorrow.

"It's no--" His husky voice began, but I interrupted.

"Yes it is! I let it happen!" I screamed at him with the weathers support.

"Luffy." I froze at my name and stared at his chest. "It's not your fault. Things happen." He pulled me closer as another round of tears began.

"But, why Usopp, Zoro?" I asked with my hands clutching his shirt. The rain seemed to fall softer than before. The flashing light and rumbling noises left the sky and now it only rain pleasantly over the quiet town.

"Death happens, Luffy. Death happens…" He kissed my forehead and rested his head by mine. His hands rubbed my back as I cried out in his chest. I took in a gust of air and raised my head and screamed.