Pairing: Zoro X Luffy

Rating: M

Genre: Supernatural, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Romance

Warning: Contains sexual content and bad language

Disclaimer: I do not own anything at all!


Demon Experiment

"I don't think learning about demons is a good idea, Sensei." I looked to Usopp as he had stated that to our Mythology teacher.

"Not a good idea? But it is a good idea, Longnose-kun." Robin stated out as she pulled down a poster that many others on it and showed a picture of demons chasing a mundane about. "Demons are part of Mythology and this is Mythology class." She told him and had a smile on her face. "Any other complaints?" She asked out and we all shook our head. "Alright then, let's begin on a lesson about ghouls and vampires, maybe some about werewolves too."

I rose my hand and she pointed out to me. "Yes, Monkey-san?"

"Are we learning only about them?" I asked her and she giggled out.

"Oh no, we are starting out with these. There is many other demons we will learn about, but lets start with well-known legends of these demons and then move on to some other slightly known ones. Good question though." She commented last and I nodded. "Let's begin."

After seventh hour was over it was time to go home. I walked home with my best friend Usopp as we lived in the same dorm house, which was for Juniors like us, and also we were next door neighbors. We were talking about our Mythology class and how he thinks he was going to drop out because of the demons going to come and get him or give him nightmares.

"Usopp, they don't exist, that's why they are legends." I reassured him and he did some type of relief sigh, but I saw muscles tense. "Look, you can stay the night tonight and I will prove to you that they don't exist. I mean surely if I say this then someone would prove it to me, but they don't exist because I have never been proven wrong." I told him and he did relax physically and mentally as he chuckled lightly.

"Neh, Luffy. Ya may be right. I will take you up on that offer. I will come over tonight. A sleepover on a school night sounds fun. Anyways, you can help me on Mythology homework." He did a nervous chuckle as he scratched the back of his head. "I wasn't quite paying attention today."

I chuckled out and soon smiled at him as we reached our building. "Sure, I can bring ya up to speed. Bring your laptop over, too. We have to do some research for the next two days on other myths. We can go to the library or something tomorrow." I stuck my tongue out at the thought of the library and it made him chuckle.


"Yo." I turned to look back at my best friend for the past three years.

"Hey Zoro!" I stated up and jumped him in a hug like usual. He was in a grade higher than me, making him a Senior. I had made friends with him when I was a Freshman, Then an idea popped up as I released him from my hug. "Ya wanna come over this evening? Usopp is staying the night and we are studying legends for Mythology class." I told him and knew he had taken the class last year and wanted to see if he could give pointers.

"Sure. Ya might have to help me find old notes real fast." He muttered and scratched his chin lightly.

"Alright, sounds good." I stated out with a grin as I liked looking at Zoro.

"I will come over to your room around four thirty." I turned to Usopp as he began walking into the building.

"Okay! See ya then!" I shouted up to him and he chuckled as he entered the building. I turned back to Zoro as he had just glanced away as I knew he was staring at me.

Last year I found out that I had large crush on him. I always thought of him more than my friend and my best friend that was an upperclassman. I couldn't shake the feeling that he might like me too, but I didn't want to take the large step and ask if he did. I always caught him glancing once in awhile my way and sometimes he would keep his stare and then just look away like it was nothing. At first I thought something was on my face, but then I realized that he was staring, a lot. So I figured nothing was on my face for him to stare at besides me.

"Shall we get a moving?" Zoro asked me as I was caught staring at him, but he didn't mention it. I felt heat go to my cheeks and I turned towards the Senior dorms.

"Let's go!" I shouted up with a grin and fists pumped into the air.

"So which demon was your favorite?" I asked Zoro as it was him, Usopp and me in my room in the middle of the room on the floor with our laptops open and research browsers open and notes from all our notebooks.

"Truthfully?" He asked me and I nodded before he scratched the back of his head. He then hummed out as he scanned through his notebook and reached a point before looking at it. "It was about the incubi and succubi."

"What's those?" Usopp asked out and I was looking at Zoro's notebook.

"Sex demons?" I asked out as I read that. Zoro put the notebook close to him and I saw the light blush on his cheeks.

"They are nightmares that give a man or woman sexual pleasure." He stated out and pulled the notebook away and gazed at it. "An incubus is a male and a succubus is a female." He explained and was scanning over his notes.

"So why was this your favorite?" Usopp asked and received a glare from Zoro, making him lightly flinch from the power.

"It was just interesting how you could have nightmares about a sex demon. Though it's said it's not possible, which disappointed everyone in my class. I didn't care, I just also thought it was interesting you can make them look like the one you love." He gave me a sideway glance and I felt a blush on my face as he gave me that look of longing.

"Well I guess that is interesting." Usopp stated out as he typed away on his laptop, not noticing our stare at each other. I finally glanced away and to my laptop as I didn't want to give myself away.

"It's getting late." Zoro stated out and I looked to him again. He shut his laptop and closed his notebook before handing it to me. "You guys can look over it, just don't ruin it. I like to re-look at it sometimes. Mythology was my favorite class last year." He told me and gave me a smile. I grinned and giggled lightly.

"I won't lose it!" I told him with a chirp and he chuckled out before standing up with his laptop.

"I will see ya guys tomorrow." He told us and nodded to us both and then winked at me. I felt a blush on my cheeks as he did so and looked to Usopp as he just now glanced up.

"See ya." Usopp nodded towards Zoro as he received one back and I waved to Zoro.

"Bye-bye." I told him and he merely chuckled before leaving the room. I looked at the notebook and grinned. "Hey Usopp! We should summon a demon!"

"Hell no!" He shouted back with a snap and I rolled around laughing as his face was red and he was turning pale slowly.

"I was joking!" I told him and he sighed out with relief.

"Such a mean joke… why am I your friend again?" He was muttering to himself and I knew he wasn't serious. Though that's why he always cracked me up.

It was finally the holidays as we had a week off. I didn't plan on going anywhere so I stayed at home that evening. Zoro was going to his uncle's house for tonight and then be back tomorrow. Usopp was visiting his father for the next few days. So I was alone for the break for the first night. I was on my laptop checking up on my facebook.

I had some messages from my older brother stating he was having fun in Cancun and wish I could have been there. My Uncle sent me a message saying that he was in Paris and sent love back to me and to my brother, even though he knew my brother wasn't here. I also got one from Zoro stating he was going to be home tomorrow around one in the afternoon. Usopp hasn't messaged me yet and probably won't until tomorrow or something. I looked at wall posts now as it showed that everyone in my dorm was now on vacation or on their way to the beach with friends. I was invited to go, but declined nicely. I wasn't a fan of going to beach with people I don't really know.

I sighed out as my laptop was playing music off of my playlist account. The song Monster by Skillet came on and reminded me of demons. I looked to the notebook on my desk as it was closed, but marked by sticky notes on which subjects interested me, including the Incubus and Succubus.

Recently I have been feeling… well, kinda like I want sex. I want to have it, but I know better, but I can't help it. I have been wanting Zoro more and more and finally I have wet dreams once in awhile about me and him… doing it. I reached over and grasped the notebook carefully before opening it up to the Incubus.

I skimmed and read about it and soon realized I needed to look it up on the internet on how to summon one. I folded the notebook and set it beside me as I went to Bing to search "Summoning Incubus" and wait. It popped up with many results and I avoided the ones on yahoo, people made up stupid answers on there. I finally found a link that sparked my interest and I clicked on it. It popped up with a black background with pink looking goop near other links. I gazed at the pink title as it stated black magic spells and below it stated "black magic spells for you but be careful it will come back to knock your door…". I guess they meant "on your door…" but that didn't matter.

I went to the next line and read it out loud. "'Incubus and Succubus summoning' just what I was looking for." I whispered out after saying the title out loud. I read it and saw the stuff I needed to summon it on a New Moon and to summon a Succubus first because Incubus were aggressive and harder to get rid of. I didn't want a succubus though, I wanted a incubus. So I ignored that and got my sticky note pad out and began writing down what I needed. I had tonight to do it since tonight was a New Moon, I noticed that when I glanced to the calendar to see when the next one was.

I was in luck.

After getting what I needed from the store, I began setting things up on my floor. I had drew a pentagram with chalk and put five candles in and out of it. I then looked at the talisman and then set them around me. I did not do the herb part because it was optional. I relaxed my body and breathed calmly. As I had calmed, I lit the candles and kept my calmness and then made myself inside the circle, separating me from the rest of the house and world. I then laid down with arms spread out and legs spread. I started to imagine an incubus inside the circle with me. The shape and form, the features and how they were above me and how much I wanted it. I imagined and imagined before…


I opened my eyes with disappointment before sitting up and waving the candles out. "It was worth a shot and it merely was an experiment." I shrugged my shoulders and looked to see it was eleven at night. I got up and decided to clean up my mess in the morning. I nestled myself in bed and couldn't help but shake the feeling on how much I wanted Zoro.

"Do you want more?" I snapped my eyes open and rubbed at my eyes before rolling onto my back. That voice, it sounded like Zoro.

"Zoro?" I whispered out before feeling hands on my hips, gripping tightly. I winced in pain as I grasped the hands that were gripping.

"Mmm, Luffy." The voice was clearer this time and I felt lips along my neck and how it made me groan as I was liking it too much.

"Z-Zoro?" I asked again and then the figure pulled away and I looked up with slight wide eyes. Dark emerald eyes gazed at me as his hair was a bit darker than usual, but that could have been just cause of no light.

"Luffy…" He whispered out and was grinning at me as he leaned down and kissed my cheek. "I want you so bad." He whispered out and I felt as my hands gripped his shirt as I tugged on it as his lips skimmed down to my neck.

"Nnfha," I moaned out as one of his hands squeezed my ass roughly. My back was arching as his lips skimmed to my collarbone and one hand began tugging my shirt off. I felt nails nip at my skin on my collarbone as my shirt was soon ripped off. I knew it wasn't Zoro, I knew it wasn't from the beginning, but I couldn't help but imagine it was. It was only a dream with a fantasy mixed in. I was going to enjoy it while it lasted.

"I love you, Luffy." He whispered out on my chest and I moaned as his lips began sucking on my chest.

"Nha, Zoro…" I moaned out and was gripping onto the bed sheets beneath me as I soon felt a hand on my harden member. A deep moan ripped from my mouth as he began pumping me with his hand fully on my erection.

"So hard…" he whispered out deeply and I arched towards him as he kept stroking.

I felt his free hand go along my backside and go up. I was pulled towards his lips as his soon covered mine in a hot, wet kiss. The heat produced in a higher rate and I moaned with a huff as he continued to kiss my lips passionately with a hand stroking ferociously. I felt the roughness in his movements and groaned when his teeth bit my bottom lip. I tasted the metallic taste of blood on my tongue as he sent his tongue after the blood, so it seemed. He pulled away slowly and sucked lightly on my bottom lip as I released myself into his hand with a cry of pleasure.

"Mmmm," he hummed out as I watched as he slowly licked my cum off his fingers. "You taste delectable." As I gazed up I saw the devil like wings on his back and the crooked grin as he gazed down at me with slight horns appearing out of his hair.

"W-who are you?" I asked out breathlessly. He gazed down at me before leaning down and nuzzling his nose under my chin as his lips touched my neck.

"I am merely a lonely Incubus that was called forth by your pentagram and desire for sex." He told me out and I felt as his hands traveled my body with rough, slightly cold hands. I shuddered in some type of bliss before moaning as he sucked on my neck. "I am your worst nightmare." He told me with a husky breath.

I groaned out as I awoke the next morning with a sore body. I slowly sat up and scratched my head with a hand noticing my shirt on the floor by some candles. I noticed how it was shredded to pieces. I blinked in confusion before looking down to blush. I had marks on my chest and grip marks on my hips. I got up and went to my mirror to notice markings on my neck, though they weren't that noticeable.

My dream was true? The Incubus really did come out of the circle?

Wait, the pentagram!

I quickly looked to the knocked over candles and how the circle was gone and only the candles remained. I huffed a breath out and looked to the mirror as I saw a reflection begin to form.

"Good morning, Luffy." I flinched away and got out of the bathroom as I didn't want to believe it. I glanced at my computer screen as I saw it flash blue before I saw the face of Zoro. "You can't avoid me." He told me with a serious face and I flinched away before a little ding went off and I knew that was my messenger. "Oh… you got a message." I huffed a breath out as he seemed to minimize himself so I can see the screen.

"Zoro…" I whispered out as the message was from him. I quickly sat down and opened it.

Hey, Luffy.

I'll be back around noon and stop by when I get back. Hope your awake, you remember what happened last time I woke you! Haha, so I will be seeing you soon. Talk to ya when I get back. Also, Perona said Hi…

I chuckled out and had a faint blush from the part where it talked about what happened last time.

"This the guy you called me last night?" I gazed at the little window of the Incubus that kept appearing. I frowned and closed my laptop before picking up my phone. "You can't hide from me." I groaned out as he appeared on my phone.

"What do you want from me?" I asked him and he blinked at me before giving me a hard glare that made me shudder.

"What I want? It's simple really… You summoned an Incubus for sexual pleasure and I appeared because that's what we feast off of. Don't you have any memory?" He asked me and I grunted before laying back on my bed.

"Yeah… yeah." I muttered out and laid there as I stayed calm. I felt a hand go along my hip and I shuddered. I glanced up as he was above me.

"And you, Luffy, carry a lot of sexual tension, just waiting to be released." He told me and slowly bent down to kiss my lips roughly in a short chaste way.

It did say that Incubi were aggressive and that is why you summon a succubus and learn to banish them after you summon them. I totally skipped the banishing part.

"Nnnha…" I moaned out with a muffled voice as I felt a tongue along my chest as his hot breath went over a puckered nipple with his wet tongue. I arched lightly with a groan of protest of why he was teasing me.

"Ask for more…" He told me hotly against a nipple as he bit on it. I flinched from the bite and groaned with a pleasurable moan mixed in with it.

"Mmha, more!" I told him and he chuckled darkly as he licked and nibbled on my nipple.

"No… I want begging." He told me roughly and my hips were lifted as I felt something hard against my growing erection. I grasped his shirt tightly as I moaned out with a stuttering breath.

"P-please, more!" I told him in desperation of release.

I wasn't going to get it though. He paused and looked to the door as a knock resounded.

"Luffy? You awake?" I tried to push the Incubus off of me, but he held me down.

"Yeah!" I told Zoro and looked to the demon as he glared towards the door. "Let me up!" I grunted out and he glared to me before grasping my boyhood roughly. I grasped my mouth and had to hold in or suffocate my moan. I looked up with pleading eyes, but he merely smirked and snapped his fingers.

"He can't come in now." He told me and grasped my pajama pants roughly with a look at me. "Why not let him hear you? Hmm?" He asked and I shook my head as he yanked my pants off. "If he does come in, then he will able to see me attack you. Wouldn't that be marvelous?" He snickered out evilly he lifted my hips up and set my legs on either side of his hips. His own image began to shift and all I could see a lean man with a smaller frame towering over me with curly, black hair back in a ponytail.

"No-!" I tried to stop him by trying to get him off and realized my biggest mistake.

Summoning an Incubus in the first place.

I watched as he smirked at me devilishly and soon the door knob wiggled.

"Luffy? Why locking the door all of a sudden?" Zoro asked out and I gasped at the feel of something being inserted into me. I gazed down to see his hand working on my ass.

"S-stop!" I pleaded in a whisper and heard the door being banged on.

"What the hell, Luffy?" My senior then asked out in anger.

I looked to the door and realized he could get me out of here. "Zo-!" My mouth was covered and I felt him stretch me more, making me whine as I was still pushing him away.

"Now, now…" The Incubus told me and smirked as he pulled the fingers out. "I'm about to make you scream." He told and I shook my head, but he didn't listen. I felt something at my entrance and then suddenly he pushed something much larger into me.

He released my mouth and I leaned back with a scream as tears fell from eyes. "Ah, Zoro! Ple-hease! Help me-he!" I shouted out and heard the door being rammed against.

"I'm coming Luffy!" Zoro's protective voice was heard and then the demon laughed out.

"What is a mere human going to do?" He asked out and I knew that Zoro heard him. I was smacked into and I could feel the tear lengthen as I cried out in pain. The banging stopped and I thought he left me here as I was repeatedly pounded into.

"Stop! No more! I don't want this!" I shouted to the man above me, but he merely laughed with joy. Pure joy.

"Seeing you cry makes me even more harder." He bit down onto my nipple and I gasped out at the sensation of my body being molested.

A crash of glass was made as I glanced over to see Zoro had jumped through my window and tumbled in with a quick reaction. He tumbled up onto his feet and quickly glanced over with wide eyes. My sides were bleeding from the demon's claws and him penetrating me so discreetly.

I reached a hand out as I had tears falling, "Zoro!" I had cried out his name and he quick tried to manuver to us, but the demon held out a hand and he was stuck. He smacked into and inivisible wall.

"Uh, uh, not so fast. I'm having fun." He smacked into me and I cried out into pain as it hurt terribly bad.

"No-ho!" I cried out and he smacked into me roughly. My cry was sharp and I sobbed as it hurt.

"Luffy!" I heard banging noises and had a hand still laying towards him. I reached out with a desperate face. Zoro began searching around and then grinned as he looked to two things. He grabbed my pocket knife of my desk and quickly stabbed the ground where I summoned the Incubus. The man stopped and pulled out and away from as he grabbed his bleeding. I had whined as he pulled out me with more pain.

"You bastard!" The demon shouted and Zoro stabbed in a different spot making a new wound appear. "Fuck!" He quickly took the magic off and quickly dissipated and returned into his circle. Zoro quickly threw the candles out the window, that was somehow just open and not broken, and made sure all them followed. He then closed it and locked my bedroom door before coming over to me, where I had curled up on my side.

"You alright, Luffy?" He asked me and smacked the back of his head. "Stupid! Of course he's not!" He argued with himself and touched my shoulder. "We need to get you bandaged up." He told me and began moving away. I grasped his hand and he looked to me.

"I'm sorry, Zoro. Sniff… I am…" I told him and he smiled down at me.

"It's okay…"

A couple days after I was in an okay zone to move around. I sat with Zoro on bed watching TV.

"Can I ask you why you did it?" I blushed before scratching my chin.

"Experiment." I told him because it mainly was.

"Well… when it first happened… who did you see?" I blushed deeply and sighed out.

"I saw you…" I whispered real low and I felt him freeze in mid-shock.

"Me?" He asked out and I nodded before he started chuckling.

"What? I did because I am in love with you-!" I covered my mouth quickly with a deep blush and I glanced to see him blushing before smiling softly.

"I'm glad this ain't one-sided now." He sighed in relief with a smile.

"You love me too?" I asked after inching my hands away.

"Of course!" He stated and rubbed my hair and I grinned in pure happiness. He turned suddenly serious before smacking me up side the head. "Now, did you learn a lesson?" He asked me sternly and I smiled at him.

"Yes, I learned a very valuable lesson."