This isn't one of my Nikki/Dean miniseries this is just a brotherly love fanfic.


I just like to borrow Sam and Dean from time to time. =D


Sam's POV

"Wow you're so good. The way your fingers move is just amazing!" some seductive woman said hanging all over a long haired curly headed man with a top hat in fact he looked a lot like Slash.

"Yeah, and playing guitar isn't the only thing these fingers can do." The man looked up to reveal that the man wasn't Slash but he was indeed Sam Winchester.

"Why don't we go back to my place and I'll show you just what all I can do." He said pulling her into a kiss.

"oh Slash!" the woman said but just then Slash (Sam) felt like he was being pulled.

"Hey! Guards get these fans off me." He yelled but when he looked towards where his guards should have been Chris Crocker was now standing there mascara and eyeliner running down his…or her face.

"Leave me alone! All you do is tell me what to do! Maybe I have something better to do than pull horny fans off of you! Have you ever thought maybe I have a life too! All you want is more, more, more! I'm only human!" he/she wailed

"What the—" Slash (Sam) said and just then the crazed fans pulled him into the crowed with them and he disappeared

"NOO!" He screamed

"Sam!" the woman screamed

"Sam!" This time sounding muffled

"Sammy! Wake up!" Dean was yelling

"Wha?" he asked groggily

"Sammy! We have a problem, a big problem!" Dean yelled

'Why did he sound so far away' Sam thought as he sat up rubbing his eyes. Nothing prepared him for what he was about to see.

"Holy Shit Dean!" Sam nearly screamed his eyes wide, mouth agape.

Dean's POV

"mmm Carmen, you feisty wild cat you." Dean talked in his sleep

He yawned kicking off his covers only the covers didn't come off.

"What?" he said grabbing a hold of the covers and tried to pull them off.

"How heavy is this damn blanket?" he asked finally opening his eyes.

"Wow! This is on big ass blanket…wait that my pillow?" Dean nearly passed out because where he lay on his belly was a huge ass pillow. Not huge as a fluffy comfy pillow but a small mountain of a pillow.

"Okay, Okay, this…this is just weird. This is wrong. What is wrong with this picture? Gotta get Sammy awake." Dean ranted as he crawled out of the blanket.

"Did I shrink or did everything else get gigantic?" He said I he finally reached the light at the end of this soft and might he say badly stained tunnel

"Uh oh!" he said as he found everything the same as under the blanket

"Sam!" he yelled

'This'll be an obstacle' he thought as he seen this big gap between his bed and the night stand beside both his and Sam's beds.

'No this is going to be a friggin hike.' He thought the gap was at least 6 feet wide or at least it looked 6 feet to him.

"You can do this Dean. Just stretch your long ass legs." He tried to convince himself

'Why the hell is Dean Winchester scared to jump an itsy bitsy gap. It's my job to go after scary things. Wow this is really high' he thought as he looked down the long so very long drop that looked as if he wear on top of a building

"Screw it" he said aloud as he used the springy surface he was standing on to help him jump the gap and he landed sprawled out on top of the night stand.

"Sam!" he yelled again. Thank god the motel provided them with two pens on the night stand because he picked one up, with a little too much effort might I add and threw it hitting his target.

"Sammy! Wake up!" he threw another and to his relief Sam stirred

"Wha?" he asked

"Sammy! We have a problem, a big problem!" he yelled

Sam sat up and rubbed his eyes

"Holy shit Dean! You shrank" Sam yelled at his older but not bigger brother who now looked around 8 inches tall.

"Ya think?" Dean asked speared his arms in that famous 'no shit Sherlock' gesture